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Found 38 results

  1. So I have an Oc named Dark Blend, his name is based around black tea. (( All my Ocs are tea related )) I can't understand what makes people believe he's edgy. When I draw him, hes smiling. He doesn't have a sad back story nor does he have a crude outlook on life. I think its because of his fur and name. The words Dark always gives of the "ANGST" vibe I would love some ideas on a new name. Something that still matches the black tea idea but doesn't give of the MAD EDGY feel Dark Blend in noble clothing, looking all stylish~
  2. Hello everypony! Amber here. I've been running an OC help thread for some time now, and I've noticed that a lot of people get stuck on the same thing--their OC's cutie mark. So, I decided to scrounge up all of my thoughts and advice and post it here for everyone to use. Here's what I've gathered, on the topic of Cutie marks. ~Meaning~ Most people will tell you that a Cutie Mark is supposed to represent a pony's special talent, but really, it can mean a lot of different things. The mane six are a good example of that! Cutie Marks are meant to represent anything that makes a pony stand out from the rest. Here are a few ideas for you. A Natural Talent A talent is anything that someone is naturally good at. In the case of the Mane Six, Rainbow Dash best represents a pony who's Cutie Mark is all about talent, which she unlocked saving Fluttershy with the Sonic Rainboom. A case could also be made for AJ and Twilight's marks. A Passion Pinkie Pie's cutie mark appeared when she discovered her passion for party planning and making people smile. Sure, she's honed her skill over time, but this cutie mark appeared on her very first party, when she didn't really have any skill or talent for it. Destiny Yes, Twilight Sparkle's cutie mark was, in fact, a premonition. Really! Sure, she's a very powerful magic user, but what her cutie mark really represents is her position as the Element of Magic--and the Princess of Friendship. AppleJack's cutie mark may also be related to her Destiny, as she got it when she returned back home. A Special Ability Aah, Rarity. So many people (including whoever made "What my Cutie mark is Telling Me") forget that her Cutie mark has nothing to do with sewing or fashion or anything like that--it represents the spell she spontaneously discovered. A specialized freebie that allowed her to find gems. This Cutie mark isn't directly related to her talents, but it sure does help. Fluttershy's Cutie mark is also related to a Special Ability--her ability to speak to animals. A Skill The difference between a skill and a talent is that talents come naturally, whereas skills must be developed and honed over time. I place the CMC in this category because they spent almost the entire series obsessing over cutie marks, and throughout season 5, they began honing their skills in helping others with their cutie marks. (Trouble Shoes, Diamond Tiara, etc.) A personality aspect Something about a character's personality that makes them special. This could be their astounding kindness, their wild imagination, their will of steel, their social prowess, or anything in between! In Amber's case, it's her resonating hope, although hers could also be considered a skill, as she's honed it and used it to accomplish goals. ~Design~ A Cutie mark's design is very important. Not only must it match the meaning, but it also has to blend well with the pony's colour scheme and has to be simple enough to distinguish when drawn on a rather small space. Common designs include Bunches of three (Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy) or one larger mark. A cutie mark can be portrayed in one of two ways: Near Literal: Rarity's cutie mark is a good example of a literal design--she has the ability to find gems, so her mark is...gems. Simple enough. The same goes for AJ, who specializes in working with apples. Symbolic: Marks that aren't quite literal, but are pretty easy to guess at. Pinkie Pie and Twilight have symbolic cutie marks. Balloons=parties=party planner, and Star=Magic=Element of Magic (=Princess of Friendship/Harmony). Abstract: Cheerilee's Cutie mark is a good example of an abstract mark--you really need to have it explained to you in order to understand it. This type of design is often used for Cutie Marks that are hard to translate into simple drawings, and require the use of slightly more complex metaphors and symbols. My main OC has this type of mark, but the symbology is a bit obscure because it's symbolism is personal to her rather than widely accepted. Other symbolic cutie marks would be the CMC's, and Rainbow Dash's. ~Keeping it canon~ In the world of MLP, there are some restrictions regarding what your character can have as their "Special Talent"...Make sure that your OC's mark is within the possibilities of the show. Here are some helpful tips that you should consider, Pony Race: A pony's race (Unicorn, Pegasus, Earth Pony) should be considered when deciding on your cutie mark. If you want your pony's special talent to be water-bending or some other form of magic, you'd better make sure they're a unicorn. If you want it to be gardening, they'll need to be an Earth Pony. If you want them to be skilled flyers, get the idea. There has never been a pony in canon who's mark contradicts their species' ability. Context: In a world filled with magic and love and friendship, it's very unlikely that your OC will get a mark for inventing the nuclear bomb or assassinating the royals of a faraway land. Equestria is not a place where characters like mercenaries, assassins, or ghost-hunters would thrive. Power: It's important not to use a Cutie Mark as an excuse to overpower your character. Your character's Cutie mark should never grant Alicorn levels of power--that's just not how it works...especially when you consider that ponies get their marks when they're still rather young. Rarity's Cutie Mark Power is a simple spell that a grown unicorn with a bit of talent could easily imitate. The only difference is that Rarity got hers without needing practice. Age: Cutie Marks are pony puberty. A full-grown blank flank isn't something you'd see in canon, so it isn't something you should do for your OC. A foal born with a cutie mark is even stranger. If your reasoning for making your OC a blank-flank is because you couldn't come up with anything else, don't worry! Just keep working at it and thinking and an idea will eventually come to you. ~Story~ The last step--figuring out how your character actually earned their mark. The Mane Six had a variety of different stories for us to learn from! Just like that: Both Unicorns in the mane six got their Cutie marks via magic outbursts. Rarity's was entirely random, and Twilight's happened when she was straining her magic. This works best with Unicorns whose Cutie marks are related to a specialized spell or ability. Epiphany: Pinkie Pie and AJ both got their cutie marks when they made life-changing personal realizations. Pinkie discovered her love for making ponies smile, and AJ realized that she belonged at home with her family. This kind is my personal favourite, because it shows personal, emotional growth. First Try: Fluttershy got her Mark when she discovered animals for the first time, and found out she had an affinity for speaking with them. Easy-peasy. Overlimit: Rainbow dash got her Cutie mark when she was put in a situation that really tested her limits of flying, and she proved herself capable. Twilight's mark was also a result of pushing her limits. My OC, Amber Dust, got her mark like this, too, although her situation was emotionally intense rather than physically intense. Mastering: Consider it a level-up...this type of story works best with skill-based marks, and would be achieved when a pony finally becomes really good at something. The CMC usually try and get this. ^^' ~FAQ~ These are some of the more common obstacles I've seen people face, and how to surmount them. My OC has more than one talent! Yeah, a lot of people have this problem--their OC is a jack of all trades. Well, remember, Cutie Marks aren't always about talents. It's about what makes your OC stand out from he rest. If you just can't pick what their best talent is, than pick whichever one they like the most, whichever one they're most proud of, or whatever one they're best known for. But really, your character shouldn't be too talented. Make sure they aren't boredering Suedom. My OC is based off of me! Ponysonae are also hard to tag Marks onto--usually because the people who make these OCs aren't sure what they're going to do with their lives--but fear not. Even though this character is based off of you, remember that they grew up in Equestria, and had access to different things than you did. You'll find that it's easier to think up a cutie mark when you think of your Ponysona as a "player character" rather than a carbon copy of yourself. Also, remember...cutie marks do NOT NECESSARILY REPRESENT A TALENT. Tired of hearing that yet? Is my cutie mark too common? So, maybe your OC has a talent for art or music. Yeah, these are pretty common, but you can still keep your cutie mark your own by customizing the way it looks. Instead of going with a plain music note or pencil or something, why not use something a little more personal? An image of your first masterpiece? Your first obstacle? Your instrument of choice? The possibilities are endless, especially if you choose to go Symbolic. But I want my OC to be conflicted about their destiny! Why can't my adult pony be a blank flank? If a conflicted mindset is what your after, then consider giving them an abstract cutie mark. Both Diamond Tiara and Trouble Shoes were confused with regards to their destinies, but still had cutie marks. In fact, I think having a confusing cutie mark might even have more potential for story than not having one at all! Just try it! ~And last of all, remember this all-important fact...~ A cutie mark won't change you, no matter what you get.
  3. Hey all, Lunar Glow here... First sentence in and you have my dilemma. Dont get me wrong, I love the name Lunar Glow, but ut just doesn’t fit my OC’s personality or looks: She is a very musical pony and her special talent is, in fact, music. Her cutie mark: Any suggestions?
  4. I like to think I have a sort of special talent when it comes to character creation. But before I start rapid firing off OCs, there's one habit I seem to make frequently that has me wondering. I've heard many a complaint over characters that are too overpowered or too perfect, that some flaws are good, but can this be taken too far the other direction too? If a character is too incompetent, helpless or otherwise ruins pretty much everything they become involved in does that come to grate on the audience after a while? For example, there's Troubleshoes, Silverquill's OC Clutterstep and, dare I mention it, Ditzy-Doo "Muffin" Hooves. That is one major complaint I heard of Troubleshoes's episode is that focusing too much on his clumsiness made the humor & focus of the episode seem a bit too mean-spirited. Not to mention the whole debacle over "Derpy's" perceived offensiveness. Where's the line between an adorable oaf & an open threat to their society & a drag on the story?
  5. Hello Everypony my name is Playful Noon, I have a OC that doesn't have a backstory yet but has everything else, I really appreciate the help.
  6. Welcome to my Character Feedback/Help Thread! My name is Ziel (Zieli on DA), and I am a visual artist in many forms. One of my favorite things to do, however, is create new characters! Character Design, be it starting with a design and building off of it, or starting with a personality and creating a design to fit it, is something I rather enjoy doing. But, I would like to think I have a pretty good handle on what makes a good character story-wise, too! So if you're not sure about your OC, or don't know where to start, feel free to ask and I'll do my best to lend a helping hoof! Rules + General tips for feedback requests: Please let me know what specifically you're seeking help with. If there is anything you DON'T want me to comment on, please also state what that is! (EG: "I need help with my OC's backstory, but I DON'T want any critique on their design.") Please do NOT ask me to design your OC for you! I can give suggestions for the design, or potentially tweak an existing design, but in order to learn, YOU will have to do most of the work! A good place to start is either with the Pony Creator (easiest), or with a Free Base (requires some artistic skill - double check the rules in the submission to make sure you're allowed to use it!). For cutie marks, you can use the Cutie Marker or Cutie Mark Creator (this one doesn't seem to work for me but it might work for you). If you'd like me to transfer your Pony Creator design + Cutie Mark onto a Free Base, I can do that for you - please provide the Creator design, Cutie Mark, and Base you want it on! Please let me know whether or not you're trying to make your OC more "realistic". By this, I mean "Do you want them to fit into the MLP Universe (good for canon RP), or are they just for fun (no serious restrictions)?" In general I will lean towards "more realistic" unless told otherwise, since many people appreciate "realistic" OCs over "unrealistic" OCs! You can also specify whether you want them to lean towards realistic, but it doesn't really matter to you if they're still a little out-of-the-ordinary. Please do NOT get upset at me for my feedback. My feedback is only meant to help - I want you to improve! If I don't like something and think you should change it, that's my opinion - meaning that you don't have to agree with me if you don't want to, and you don't have to change it if you don't want to! But please don't waste both of our time by trying to justify/explain your choices to me - just take it with a grain of salt, and move on.
  7. Can someone help me make this into a male/ stallion
  8. I've been trying to find out if alicorns can be born alicorns or if they can only be made so if anyone could answer my question it will really help out for one of my OC's that i'm making.
  9. So, I am writing an MLP fan fic, but I need to check if my OCs are to Mary Sue (not all of them are mine, so don't blame me for all of them). The fan fic is of a war between the two sisters that's happening but it doesn't launch it straight away, it happens after three or so chapters. My first OC is Princess Noctis, my main OC that I have edited a lot over the past few years. (Please don't judge her on her sister or Spyro Jack, they are my friends' OCs) Basics Name: Princess Noctis Nickname(s): Noctis, Noc Gender: Mare Species: Bat pony alicorn Age: filly Birthday: Dec 21st (longest night) Sexuality: Straight Allegiance: Luna Republic (At first), Peace Corp (Later) Appearance Body colour: Really dark blue Body type: Tall, thin (not too thin though) Mane & tail colour/style: Dark blue, young Luna (bit more ragged, no swirls) Markings (Stripes, spots, whatever): none Eyes: Light, piercing blue Cutie mark: Crescent moons with mane-coloured, sparkly mist and bat wings Accessories: - Height: 1.3m (average fillies are about 1-1.2m) Weight: 13 KG ~ 24 KG Notable features: Bat wings, slitted pupils, fangs Other: - Personality Personality in general: shy, timid, smart, clever, intelligent, claustrophobic, cheeky Fatal flaw: shy Likes: night, the moon, the outdoors, bats, wolves Dislikes: sunlight, bugs, bullies, the colours pink and green, walking Favorite food: Apples Favorite book: Flutterbat Favorite pony: Fluttershy Favorite animal: Bats Favorite song: Twinkle twinkle little star Favorite place: outside (night time) Other favorites: racing, flying, speed, silence Least favorite Food: grass and hay Other least favorites: houses, buildings Daily life Place of residence: Canterlot/ Ponyville Occupation: S.M.I.L.E agent Talents: flying, moon-raising, bats Hobbies: flying, racing Friends and family Mother: Princess Luna Father: Prince Nyx Siblings: Princess Apocalypse Other relatives: Princess Celestia, Princess Solis, Princess Apocalypse Lover/spouse: Spyro Jack Offspring: - Friends: Sky (bat), Figura (changeling), Discord Enemies: King Sombra, Tirek, Princess Solis Pets: A blue phoenix she gains part way through the book Magic Powers: Alicorn magic Super hearing Super sight Can communicate with bats, wolves and other similar creatures Do they like using magic? Yes because it reminds her of her twin Flying Wings: Bat wings Wingspan: 3m Top flying speed: 8000+ mph (rainbow dash flys at about 7600+ mph) Does your character like flying? Yes, being pretty much raised by bats Do they use flying in their daily life? Yes, she prefers flying to walking Other info Theme song: Stop the bats ( )Quote: “YOLO!!” Any other info on your character: she gets tired during the day but awake at night Backstory: Birth Noctis was born the way most other natural born alicorns are. It is a magical event and Luna and Nyx were both ready for it. Magic spiraled up both their horns and then they touched. This sent cosmic fireworks into the air which exploded into thousands of stars that showered down all over Equestria and lit up the sky. This went on for quite a while and then the biggest one exploded far above Luna and Nyx’s head and sent a giant metor-like star slowly descend towards the two lovers. Just as it was 5 or 6 metres above Luna and her husband a group of bats passed through the light. Apon the passing, the star grew brighter. Then it touched the ponies’ horns and knocked them both backwards with an explosion. Now there was a bat shape scorched into the ground and on either wing there was a foal, one with a ragged, dark blue mane and tail and an even darker body and the other with a black and red mane and tail constantly changing colour with her black body. These cute offsprings of Luna and Nyx weren’t normal alicorns though. They had bat wings and fangs. Nyx was shocked and was scared of the child, but Luna being Luna, was kind and caring to her her newborn foal. 2 yrs Noctis had always had speech problems, if it wasn’t for her tutor, Fluttershy, she probably would still be speaking high pitched squeals which only Fluttershy, bats and other bat-ponies understood. You see, this young filly had been having secret midnight outings to see the bats, who had taught her their language. They also taught her to fly. 5 yrs Now she was starting preschool, the filly had learnt most the pony language and could speak it fluently. She now spends most her time with Fluttershy or out at night and now sleeps upside down. She was quite lucky to have such an amazing sister who stood up to the bullies for her. Her twin also teaches her magic. 8 yrs The age she was when she got her cutiemark, she was flying out at sun-set, but Luna, her mum, had overslept so she couldn’t raise the moon. Noctis was worried, so decided to take matters into her own hands and raise it herself. She brought up the large silver ball and when she came down, she noticed something. Her cutiemark! 12 yrs Now, Noctis was at the same social level as the others (pretty much) and is starting school. Luna at first tried to get them into Canterlot High, but they were full. Luna realised that schooling in Ponyville would be the only other option, so she sent them there. Luna told the CMC (they had grown up to about 17 horse years) that they had to help look after the younger counterpart of their club. I might have to edit the backstory a bit, oh and she's the element of peace (new set of elements) (credit to the maker of the form:
  10. howdy you've probably seen me around in various RP's or other forms with my OC Cresent the vampony. for a while he's been a batpony, mostly because he is a pure vampony. now iv noticed the vampony thing could scare some fellow rpers away which isn't a bad thing I understand we are all here because of a kids show. So most of us try to stay close to those styles in story's if not a twisted dark version of it. (fall out EQ to name a few) Also he's as iv tried to basically be a ponyisa of me with the fandom as much as possible with out him being a gary sue. So an idea popped up what if I change his coat color, how could I mold him more into me then something im im not a vamp relax lol but any ways. I'm looking for idea's and tips really, i'll let you all take a look at his profile to look at to help out hes in my sig. Or if all else fail we could brain storm a fun RP to try out lets bite in
  11. Hi everypony! For a while I have been working on my mane 6 ponies & I'm having some trouble figuring out what I should do with my main pony - Starlight Shimmer. I have always been really, really happy with her name but I hate the fact of how simular it sounds to the characters Sunset Shimmer & Starlight Glimmer & even though I didn't copy any of those names (in fact I made my pony Starlight before I even heard of Sunset Shimmer & Starlight Glimmer, honest!) I want my pony to sound unique & different since those characters are both main characters now. So I would like some help figuring a new name that isn't too simular to the ponies from the show so what I am looking for is a starry name, for example Glitter Shine (please tell me what you think of that name because I am actually thinking of using it) but if you have any other suggestions I would love to hear them, thanks! If you would like to know some info about her, I have written a few more facts here. Race: Pegasus Appearance: She has a white coat & a pair of unique looking wings. She also has a rainbow mane & tail that's all layered in spikes & also has green eyes that are styled like Cloud Chasers but with 2 more eyelashes. Also has 3 little ear rings on each ear. Cutie mark: 3 shooting stars that are sparkling. Represents her talent of stargazing & astronomy. Personality: She is a soft pony & also a little bit shy but still very kind. She loves gazing in the stars & studying astronomy & of course, taking time to spend around her good friends. Thanks everypony!
  12. Hi, my name is Joshua and for some time I been using AKAlphawolf for my Oc but I have decided that I need something unique that shows his personality and skills. My Oc will be based around music and gaming as I have a Soundcloud account/youtube on the subject. Its the same Land Stallion I used for my Profile pic, green Mane grey coat. I will consider all names given as long as they are not already being used. If your interested in my channel to grab idea's here is the link -
  13. My OC that I have created is called Ferric Bromide (FeBr3). He is a chemist and enjoys longs days of work in the lab performing crazy experiments. When he is not working, he can either be found at the bowling alley or spending time with his lovely wife, Starlet Harmony(My girlfriend's OC). His best friends are Big McIntosh and Applejack. Favorites: Color- Yellow Food- Pizza Music- Jazz Sport- Hoofball Movie- Star Wars IV: A New Hoof Lately I have been having second thoughts about his name and his cutie mark. I original choose the name Ferric Bromide by randomly naming chemical molecules until I found a name that I liked. His cutie mark was chosen because I was wanting it to be something that people who know chemistry would think it was funny, while knowing that most people wouldn't understand. By the way, the cutie mark is the chemical symbol for alcohol. I would love any suggestions and recommendations on how I should edit my OC. Thank you for reading! Ferric Bromide Starlet Harmony
  14. Ok so I am making another OC and she is a filly she doesn't have her cutie mark yet and she is lost and unsure of what her talent is so I don't want her name to be to obvious but I am going to make her a dancer She has a long high up ponytail and a side fringe that covers half of one of her eyes, she is a Pegasus and I am not certain on her colours yet but I am thinking of maybe a light tan colour for her coat and then maybe a burgundy colour for her mane. She is quite a tom-boy and she loves her wings which will benefit her as a dancer. She is really good at fitting in and she is great with friends. Hope that's enough info so feel free to post any ideas
  15. This oc's been in my head for a while and thought to give him a it of life, its just the bare bones mostly and thought of getting some feedback on what I have done and his design: MoonHowl Age: 23-30 depending in Role Play Type: Unicorn Sexual Standing: Gay Magic Aura: A whitish shade with sparks of gold mixed in. Cutie Mark: A Waning Moon with a white wolf's paw next to it flowing softly. Talent: Understanding none-ponies creatures: He can understand what a Timberwolf is saying like its talking basic English to his ears while other ponies cannot. From: Born in Trottingham but mostly grew up in Ponyville and lives in a rented cottage on the edge of Apple farm close to the Everfree Forest. Job: Wildezoology (Study of wild and magic creatures in the world)/ Cryptozoology Notes: He also pushes for equal rights for the none-pony races of the world and tends to act as a go between for none-pony and ponies as a bit of a Ambassador when called into help. He urges to protect the Everfree forest from those who want to get rid of it, including the “wild and magic” areas. Personality: Moonhowl tends to be a bit shy like around large groups of ponies given he spends a lot of time on his own in his research and wanderings around the whole world. Mostly he tends to relax and get along with none-ponies better and with a few ponies who understand his quite and laid back. Just do not think this stallion is a push over, he is more than willing to take a stand if pushed and can hold is own in a fight. He has been given some harassment is being gay stallion in some of his family don't get why he would be gay with so many mares around of good breeding. Still he is proud of who he is and what he does in also having published many papers and teaching a class now and than on the study of Wildezoology (Study of wild and magic creatures in the world) in which is a leading voice in. Bit of nerd if anything, he can talk for hours on this subject and the creatures of the Everfree Forest. Friends: Iron Will Big Mac Stoneroot (Timberwolf) Spike Fancy Pants Blueblood Fleur Dis Lee Fluttershy Discord
  16. Ok so I know the does and don'ts for an alicorn but I had an a watching MLP and that was making a sister for Princess Cadence. I was thinking of making a little younger that Twilight Sparkle and she was going to have a purple mane and a blue or cream body and I was going to name her Purple Nova Purple because its means belonging to or befitting a supreme ruler and Nova because it means a star that ejects some of its material in the form of a cloud and becomes brighter in the process. Her cutie mark is not certain yet but I was thinking of a simple star with a cloud/ fog mist thing behind it She is very funny and loves adventures,she is good at both flying and magic but not overly good on the magic part so that's why she studies to get better. I haven't come up with all the details yet but I wanted to know what you guys think before I go further and I you have any tips on what I should and shouldn't do then feel free to tell me but please try not to go overboard if you don't like my idea
  17. OK everypony so I have an OC named Sugarplum and I have her design worked out in my head (being drawn now) I have her personality and backstory everything except a cutie mark and that is where I need your help Here is some basic info about her: Gender: Female Race: Earth Pony Likes: Anything to do with cooking and baking, animals (she has two cats) she loves jokes and pranks and caring for other ponies. She has two sisters Honey Bun and Peppermint Cream and they all run a coffee shop (somewhere in equestria) anyway she loves being able to cook for ponies and she is also very giving and not always the bravest pony. I was originally going to make her cutie mark a chefs hat but I don't really like that idea anymore it just seemed a bit boring but I also don't want anything over the top like for example 3 cupcakes shaped as cats with streamers and a soda just something simple will do but not to simple. So any suggestions will be greatly appreciated
  18. not sure if i ut this in the right topic..if not someone please tell! ^^; anyway. I need some help making a good oc, because lately..well my oc's..don't do it for me. they're all so..eeeh. Now, i need help with race and other stuff. Like job and stuff (I'm tempted to make maybe pirate.) but my deal is choosing a race as well, as I..don't wanna use a pegasi (Tad overused for me) hell, i'd be fine with having an Alicorn oc (I'm good with making bad traits to even it out. though i'd rather not..cause Alicorn...) but, i need a LOT of help making an oc, because..i have no creativity except for a few things..So, can someone give me some help? if i get the help i need, i can make the oc! thanks! if you need more info. feel free to ask
  19. I have my ponysona mostly figured out, but I can't think of a name for the life of me (which is ridiculous, because I can figure out regular oc names in a snap). So I'm gonna give some info on her and anyone who has ideas, feel free to please pitch in and help me brainstorm! This is the only drawing I have of her so far. It's a little messy, but I liked the chalky/watercolor contrast it had when I was doing it so I kept it that way. Now on to the info: Species: Earth Pony Cutie mark: brain with a keyhole (symbolizes my love of psychology and 'unlocking' the secrets of the mind) Talent: knowledge of psychology/analysis Personality: Like me, she's smart, but not exactly...bright. She can be pretty slow on the uptake at times, quite forgetful, and gets tongue-tied when she tries to speak. She is really passionate about learning though, especially if it involves psychology and philosophy. Other: she wears bandage wraps on her back hooves. As an earth pony she is on her feet constantly, and I have the misfortune of having the worst ankles so she has to share my pain. If you need any other info, just ask and I will gladly give it. Otherwise, if you have any ideas for a name, please share!
  20. hello and welcome cwhip making another form as iv been drawing and reediting my OC Cresent I keep running into walls whether writing or drawing him out in ether RP or the ongoing backstory. This is where you come in the link to him is in my signature. Note I tried to put myself into him probably hence the trouble I'm running into aaand. GO (jumps behind couch awaiting reactions) and because I cant upload the pic on here for some reason -_- here the link to my drawing of him
  21. Remember my old post about my ponysona, well I have improved her/zeir a lot since I made that post. I have been using the name Fine Line for her, but I found out there was already a pony in the show with that name ,so its out of the question. Here's her/zeir current design I also developed a bit of a backstory for her. She was abused as a filly by her mother and her mother's coltfriend. She doesn't try to dwell on it though, because she's much happier now and prefers to think in the present. She likes to help other ponies with problems whatever they may have, but her true calling is art and magic. She's clumsy,blunt, shy, very self conscious,and because of the abuse she/ze has a anger problem but she's getting better at that. She's chubbier and taller than the average mare, but I couldn't really show that using a base. TLDR: I need a new name for her/zeir so any help would be appreciated.
  22. Ok so the OC below is a 19 year old female story writer, she is shy when it comes to meeting new ponies but when you get to know her she is kind with a bubbly personality. She has dreams of becoming a famous writer and that her writings will become movies and her favourite kinds of books are romantic funny and adventerous. The only thing is i dont have a name, cutie mark or a colour scheme for her so that is were i need your help and any suggestions will be aprecciated.
  23. So I have a hunch I'm not the only airsofting brony on here, as iv been catching up and helping my team get ready for our upcoming big game (look up rednecks and gentleman airsoft team if your curious, or anything related to airsoft if you don't know anything on it) an fan fic for my OC is kicking in my head and I keep hitting a wall. what's the wall cwhip9? the pony equivalent to airsoft is______ so far the only thing I can think up is jousting and even then we don't see that in the show. cement away and hopefully we can help each other out if I'm not the only one trying to find this answer much thanks and brony on
  24. It seems that everyone is setting up a shop for this, so I guess I might as well too. Be warned, I may be a bit rough, but I will be honest with you about what I think. All the same, it is your OC and you should be happy with it. I'll help with names, possible cutie marks and overall evaluations.
  25. I'm currently trying to design a new OC and I want your opinion! Star Jammer is the Captain of the Manehatten roller derby team! So I want her to look bad ass but I want her colours to be sensible with a punk streak. So here's what I'm asking you.. Which mane style do you think looks best? Which colours do you prefer or find most appealing? (The mane and tail depicted is not permanent) Feel free to suggest other styles and colours. These are just the starting ideas I chose based on my original idea. :3