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Found 11 results

  1. Hope they are not huge, i will reupload them if that's the case. This is Ittoni, my changeling OC, and their pony disguise, Smoke Mirror. I haven't draw anything in at least 5 years, so i'm glad i did this.
  2. Writer Rhyme wants your autograph! Wait a minute, this isn't normal. Why does he have hearts-? Ohhhh..... I see. “Oh, um.. nice ‘i love you’ art you got there, W-Writer” Said @Lucky Bolt.
  3. Iree Heaven (left) and Stormlight (Right)
  4. Technically this is a re-make of a re-make. This babe started out as my entry for the original mascot contest, and when she wasn't chosen I didn't just want to abandon the design because the Lisa Frank kid in me still really liked it XD So they became a flutter pony, as flutter ponies were designed back in Gen 1. Came across it today in a drawing mood, and decided I need a faerie pony with extra eyes. These were Larimar's previous designs, decided to include them because why not. I did take off his CM finally because he is more in the realm of Changelings and Saddle Arabians. Not really a pony but he shares their world.
  5. I will be truthful I had no idea where to put this so its here
  6. Sooshi

    Lame Arts

    Hey. I'm going to just casually dump all of the lame art I make here, although I warn y'all that it is rather lame, and it's mainly of my oc King's Keep, since hey. He's my baby. Of course I'll draw him a lot. Ah ha,.. a lot of these are a bit too big in size. Should had resized. The mare in a couple of these is owned by my friend over on PS, Dusty Web. Ramblerambleramble. Finished Work -------------------------------------------------------------------- Paintry Normal Sketches
  7. I will post things here, I'm just trying to get the details down for my ponies.
  8. Guest

    Stag/pony OC

    This is my 2nd time drawing pony poop and i am looking for ways to improve. This is an oc who's a stag/ponyhybrid with unicorn powers. looking for criticism. This is my first version of my OC, Enzo. Drew it irl. Tried my hand at turning a sketch into a vector and then colouring it into the computer. He's a stag/dear/antlerwearinganimal thing that channels magic through his antlers rather than a horn. His cutie mark represents his ability to freely (hence wings) manipulate magic in it's natural form and have control over it( druid reference, eh? ), hence his ability to create wings made of energy/magic. idk whther this counts as a description
  9. Hello evrypony! Today i decided to work on a huge task and that was working on a art painting of my oc, i spend lots and lots of time into making this (please keep in mind that im not a expert artist with such things, so probelly some of you might find it poorly made art ) But anyways, here it is Feedback is really appriciated!
  10. I'll be posting the completed OC art from the request topic. I'm going to use this to keep track of whose art is done. All art was done in Pokémon Art Academy. Like I said in my other post soon of the finer details will be missing. Like most cutie marks. This is because I'm working on my 3DS. I really hope everyone still likes there art. To Do List- @ @@Duster Dawnhorse @ @ @ @@Sweet Pen @[member=Shadowking58 @ @ @ @ @@~Flash Brush~ @ @@BronyGeeks @ @ @@Silver Staff Done-(Pics will be posted soom) This one is mine For Mechanical Doom For Snake For McTreverrMC For TFTails For Blue Moon For Astral BlitzenBlitzen
  11. So about a week ago I posted a question thread asking if a recolor can be considered a OC, and I posted a recolor I did. And after reading the replies to that thread I got pumped. So I tried my hand at vectoring again. I would like to know what you think, I know it isn't professional quality, but I am proud of them nonetheless.