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Found 153 results

  1. Guest

    Royce's Art Bunker

    WELCOME TO ROYCE'S ART BUNKER - ENJOY YOUR STAY, MORTAL! This is just a little topic where as I dump all my stuff - basically, a punch of pictures, made in either Photoshop or Paint.sai. Some of it old, some of it new. Enjoy! Here's another one - made it in PaintSai, with a touch of
  2. i did another EQG crossover drawing with one of my characters hope ever pony likes it
  3. Pitty Paws took a personality test that told her she was an Earth Pony. It reads: Pony Personality Test. Results: You are an Earth Pony. If you are wondering it is in English, but in my fan universe ponies write in Cyrillic. Why? Why not?
  4. I currently have three OCs and I would love to build on their characters by answering questions as them here. Battenberg: Battenberg is my main OC, she is based mostly off of me, but her design was inspired by Fluttershy and more than myself. She's shy but kind and loves to give out big hugs. She is an excellent baker but a terrible cook and loves to bake her speciality, battenberg cakes. She runs a bakery in Manehatten and owns a second bakery in Fillydelphia, which is run by her apprentice Cupcake Sprinkles. Cupcake Sprinkles: Cupcake Sprinkles, better known as just Sprinkles, is Battenberg's apprentice, she has worked with Battenberg for a long time and has gained enough trust from her to run the Fillydelphia bakery. She is much less timid than Battenberg but loves hugs just as much. She looks out for Battenberg as Battenberg looked out for her and often speaks up for her. Her speciality is cupcakes of any kind. Victoria Sponge: Victoria is Battenberg's older sister. She considers herself elegant and beautiful and so comes off as rather vein. She likes to keep herself to herself and does not like to be touched as she fears it may mess up her style. Despite her attitude she is just as good a baker as her sister and specialises in fancy cakes and icing. Her favourite cake base is of course the regal Victoria sponge and most of her cakes use this as a base. I will use these three colours in my replies so you know who is replying to you, I look forward to any questions and to speaking as these three very different characters
  5. This OC here, is my favourite OC in my huge arsenal, and also my oldest OC that I frequently use on all forms of social media. He has been called well done before in the past, but a page overhaul may have ruined this, I would like some help on if he needs changes, minor or large or not and if he is still a unique OC who isn't over the top. Thanks for reading even if you don't reply /)^3^(\
  6. Please explain your choice below I'm curious if others did the same
  7. I don't know what my cutie mark would be I need some help all I know is that my best subjects are math art geography sciences and history Helping others will make me feel happy and because of these classes I think my cutie mark would be something about details but I'm not so such anymore can you please help me.
  8. Hello! Welcome to my topic thingy! I guess since you are here, you may as well ask me something. I don't mind. Don't worry, I'm open minded, so go ahead and ask anything you want! Cool heh? I'm a nice pony. I'm not Discord, so don't worry, I won't turn you into a cupcake. (I really want, though). Oh, by the way, do you want a cupcake? I have plenty! P.S.: I try to answer in drawings, like in a lot of ask-me tumble pages. So, me replying can take a while. (cause I'm a bit lazy.) If I'm too lazy, or I have too many questions, I will either delay it or answer by boring text. Sorry xD Current answer to-do list: * ZarosianPony (in progress) * Dawn Auroua Important info: I'm currently in vacation in Italy till 3rd September, so I won't be able to reply fast. Sorry
  9. My main OC is going to be a pegasus. Big deal, right? NO. But right now for my main OC, I'm using an alicorn named Princess Navi, as you can tell by my name and profile pic. So, I don't understand why all the hate goes into having an alicorn oc. Okay, so what if most suck? No need to be rude! So my question is: what should I do to fix my OC? My pegasus OC has some design hiccups that need fixing. Here is what I consider to be THE OC GUIDELINES! 1. Don't make it have an amazing special power or be the BFF of all the mane six 2. Evil/sad/emo backstories are a NO-NO 3. Handicaps. Bad. Use in strict moderation. 4. Rainbows are used too much= NO. 5. Recolors are unoriganal. 6. Throwing on a cloak, glasses, 20 hats, and some butterfly wings is just SAD. 7. Be consistent with your color scheme. 8. Have a name that matches your cutie mark and colors. 9. Be VERY careful and tread lightly with alicorn OCs 10. Hrybrids are hard to do. Don't do them if it doesn 't make sense. 11. Make sure your cutie mark makes sense. 12. Sons and daughters of princesses, villains, or the Mane 6 are bad. Okay, that's about it. But one last rule: 13: PONY CREATOR IS ONLY USED TO GET AN IDEA OF THE DESIGN. GOT IT? This really angers me, because artists lose skill (and sometimes money) to this EVIL THING. The PONY CREATOR is the only thing I hate about the Living Tombstone: PONY CREATOR OCS! You are bad and you should feel bad if you have a pony creator OC. DRAW IT, JEEZ. Or at least ask someone to draw it for you. You guys post good/bad OCs below!
  10. Brianna was in Rarity's boutique. Of course, not her regular self. She was disguised as some grey yellow-maned pegasus with strange eyes. Rarity came out of her working room and walked over to Brianna. "Derpy, I'm very surprised that YOU'VE taken an interest in fashion. Why so?" Brianna struggled to find an answer. " just saw some pretty dresses in the window..?" Brianna facehooved. She could do better than that. But Rarity seemed to buy it. "Well, I'm glad you have! I think I have just the right clothes for you!" Rarity started to trot into her working room. "W-wait!" Rarity stopped. "What is it, darling?" "I,um, have a dress in mind." "Oh! what is it?" "I saw a green dress in the window. Could you get it for me? It kinda" Rarity thought for a minute and then went into her room and came back a few minutes later. "This old thing? It's the most disgusting thing I've EVER created!" "It looks...PERFECT!" Rarity was astonished. First, Derpy suddenly had an interest in fashion, and NOW she wants the ugliest dress?? "Are you feeling alright, Derpy?" "Y-yeah!" Then, Brianna saw a mirror in the shop. Was her disguise wrong? She realized that one of her blue left eyes had just revealed itself, and Rarity was staring, mouth wide open. "A-a-CHANGELING!!!"She ran out of the shop to alert Twilight and the rest of the Mane six. Brianna had to act quickly. She cast a quick memory spell on Rarity and teleported out of the boutique with the dress. She was okay...for now. (bum,bum BUUUUM!)
  11. Hello, every-changeling, pony, human, or other! Have fun at my fanclub! I promise I won't do anything bad.>:3 (1st pic drawn by Queen Twii, Second drawn by Sweet Pen :3)
  12. Can someone help me make this into a male/ stallion
  13. Brianna stretched and prepared for her entrance to the Grand Galloping Gala. She wasn't invited, nor expecting an invite. But, she was still going to that party. Whether they liked it or NOT. She wasn't going without a reason, though. Well, not a GOOD reason, but still a reason nonetheless. She didn't bother to transform as she strutted in, earning looks of shock, fear, anger, and disgust. She didn't care. Although love IS the best food, those emotions were still a snack. As she continued trotting in, she caught Princess Celestia and Princess Twilight's eyes. Celestia was enraged, and so was Twilight. Celestia shouted,"You are not welcome here!" Brianna responded with, "Are you? You have never done ANYTHING for this Kingdom that I couldn't do with enough power. All you do is rely on your subjects as they do all the work." Princess Twilight was ANGRY. How could the guards let this happen? And furthermore, she needed to stop this. "What are YOU doing here?" Brianna replied with, "Enjoying the party. And getting free snacks along the way~" Twilight had had enough of this. She fired a beam of magic at the Changeling and just missed. "Gotta go!" Brianna teleported away from the Gala, leaving everypony shocked. (I know it IS rather short, but I just wanted to write a quick story! :3)
  14. Credit to Unicornecious for his Oc's description. Here's the updated one with icy blue eyes. Still credit to Unicornecious for the description! Another updated version, this one with different bangs and strands of hair showing. Still credit to Unicornecious for the description! (:
  15. This is the pony oc I drew for Sunrise Surprise. Credit to Sunrise Surprise for her oc's description.
  16. So here my OC. Its basically styled after me, Without my glasses I gotta add those in tomorrow. Parted hair, boring color, PC cutie mark, Striped sweater, and green eyes which are my real color. Basically what I think I would look like if I somehow was thrown into Equestria. Again, gotta add my glasses tomorrow. And yhea, it looks like garbage, but hey, I suck at drawing, at least an outline was availiable. Honesly, this is probably the best drawing Iv'e ever done, even if it didn't have the outline. Also here's me without my glasses on. Classic 15 year old, pretty fat, and a WHOLE lotta facial anomalies. Pretty much the perfect brony steriotype XD. Hope I don't completely humiliate myself on this one. Be sure to check out my youtube, ill be trying my hand at some simple SFM and 2D animations there soon. Thanks, every... "pony" (That's one thing I gotta get used to around here, its so awkward for me!)
  17. This is one of the first OCs I ever made I started working on her in early 2014. Name : starlight Sapphire Species : pony Race : unicorn Gender : female Age : around 23 Sexuality : bisexual Cutie Mark : waxing gibbous moon Personality : psychotic, angry, rebellious Theme : perfect insanity by disturbed, or sanitarium by Metallica Backstory : Starlight Sapphire is the psychotic daughter of princesses Luna, from a young age she was known to have violent outbursts during which she would often lash out and attack anypony who would get near her including family members, which led to her assaulting her aunt princess Celestia and in the process landing her in the castle dungeon ever since then she has held a deep hatred for Celestia. She has two siblings a brother and a half brother ( the half brother is the son of Celestia, they share the same father ) and neither she nor her siblings know their father who was presumably banished from canterlot by Celestia after she had discovered that Starlight and her older brother's father was the same as her son's. She believes that the citizens of Equestria all deserve to have freedom and equal rights, and that the only way said freedom can be obtained is through violent revolution and she is very loud about her opinion on Celestia's rule. She is also rather sadistic at times, and takes pleasure in causing the suffering of others, despite this she is also known for being fun loving and adventurous. I'm still working on her story but what I said above is a decent summary of the story so far, also the older brother is one of two OCs that represent myself. So, what do you think so far? I am willing to take advice and criticism. And yes I know the picture is sideways, I couldn't figure out how to fix it. Also it looks better in person I had to take the picture with my iPad I might be able to take a better one with my phone.
  18. I have converted my roommate to a brony by watching MLP around him, and he's reached the point where he came up with his own OC in his head. After having him describe it to me and do a rough sketch of the technical details, I designed this image. It took me about twelve hours because I'm picky and OCD about almost every minute detail and pixel. The story behind this character is that he fell out of a tree as a foal and broke his leg in three places. Because of this, he has a bad leg which requires a brace. His love of clockwork inspired him to design a mechanical version. He also makes music boxes when he hears the Mane Six (or anyone else) break into song, so his workshop is filled with musical devices that play tunes like "Winter Wrap Up." He's reclusive because of his bad leg, so he is almost never seen outside of his workshop. When he does go into town, he often rides in a cart pulled by a trusted companion. Because of this, a lot of ponies don't even know that he's disabled. The main body was designed using General Zoi's Pony Creator. The stopwatch was taken from a screen shot of the train conductor. Everything else I designed myself. Though I did use a stock image of a gear from Google Images, it is in a modified form everywhere it appears. That being said, I'm interested in hearing what you guys think, as is my roommate. He's not currently a member of this community, but he plans to be soon. In the meantime, I will pass on any feedback you have about his character.
  19. This is an oc i made, in my head she is a combination of Fluttershy and Countess Coloratura as a crystal pony.
  20. I will be truthful I had no idea where to put this so its here
  21. I was looking through some of my own entries for my OC's and I noticed a few things that could be easily added (I think) that would help me and other RP's around here on this sight. There is no bat pony race, still no merponies either. Both of them are canon too Also a free type box for race may also not be a bad idea, or the option to chose multiple options. One fella I know he plays with an OC that can be any race so his OC pic is a alicorn. Yet again some things I have noticed and thought I'd bring up.
  22. Hi everypony! For a while I have been working on my mane 6 ponies & I'm having some trouble figuring out what I should do with my main pony - Starlight Shimmer. I have always been really, really happy with her name but I hate the fact of how simular it sounds to the characters Sunset Shimmer & Starlight Glimmer & even though I didn't copy any of those names (in fact I made my pony Starlight before I even heard of Sunset Shimmer & Starlight Glimmer, honest!) I want my pony to sound unique & different since those characters are both main characters now. So I would like some help figuring a new name that isn't too simular to the ponies from the show so what I am looking for is a starry name, for example Glitter Shine (please tell me what you think of that name because I am actually thinking of using it) but if you have any other suggestions I would love to hear them, thanks! If you would like to know some info about her, I have written a few more facts here. Race: Pegasus Appearance: She has a white coat & a pair of unique looking wings. She also has a rainbow mane & tail that's all layered in spikes & also has green eyes that are styled like Cloud Chasers but with 2 more eyelashes. Also has 3 little ear rings on each ear. Cutie mark: 3 shooting stars that are sparkling. Represents her talent of stargazing & astronomy. Personality: She is a soft pony & also a little bit shy but still very kind. She loves gazing in the stars & studying astronomy & of course, taking time to spend around her good friends. Thanks everypony!
  23. *UPDATE - the character has been scrapped* Greetings and salutations, fellow pony enthusiasts! Today, I'd like to ask for your assistance in making the OC I devised, seaworthy. Or atleast more or less believeable. So, without further ado, here's the link to the OC database entry: *UPDATE - the character has been scrapped* I admit I'm rather bad with names, so I would appreciate any suggestions in this area. The current one is more of a placeholder really. I'm interested in Your opinions, from general impressions to specific issues that you may notice. For example, if the backstory holds any water, if the personality doesn't seem like a couple shipwrecks bolted together, or if the colour pallette is an eyesore like a viciously pink sail in high noon. Also, please keep in mind that, while making the OC, I played heavily to the Affably Evil trope (External link to TV Tropes, SFW), hence the unusual, a bit double sided personality. Now, since the OC itself is a griffon, I'd like to ask You, whenever I should use facial expressions with this toon or not. Canon griffon characters in-show do emote with their faces, but those teeth look weird. Plus, real beaks don't smile (thanks, Cpt. Obvious!), so... I'm in a bit of a rut. While RP-ing a stone faced character could be fun, making him a friendly sort without seeming aloof could be tricky. I'm curious what's the general consensus in this area. Last but not least, I'm not very emotionally invested in this toon, and it's not a ponyso I-I mean, griffonsona? So if some part is leaking badly, I'll just remake it. Honestly I expect atleast a few holes in his hull. So, yeah, I think that's about it. I eagerly await for any replies. And remember - in this case, I appreciate Honesty over Kindness. *UPDATE - the character has been scrapped*
  24. So awhile back I took a poll on seeing a group tumblr was possible, and now here we are, I am looking for a mid skilled artiest who has time to help me on this project, The project is going to be a comic/askblog type thing following an OC of mine, here is the short description: Welcome to equestria, no longer the magical land you once knew. 500 years ago the elements, the princesses, and crystal empire vanished. Unicorn both rate has dropped to nearly zero. Both earth and pegasus ponies filled the gap with a rushed technical age. On the edge of the small town one called ponyville, a rift opened in the sky and an alicorn foal fell from it, can they raise her to be the ruler that she meant to be? I have a basic out line of cast and stuff, willing to add Other OCs into it. any questions feel free to ask.