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Found 16 results

  1. Let's play a little thought game. Let's assume for a moment that becoming an alicorn is something that is possible to any pony, earth, unicorn and pegasus alike. They only must reach either a high enough level of ability in their special skill, great level of magical power, or very deep of insight and wisdom, whichever happens first. Which of your OCs would be most likely to accomplish this feat, and by which method?
  2. If there is a background character that is canon, yet never explored in details (maybe a few appearances and lines, but besides that nothing else, with literally zero backstory whatsoever), something tells me that you can't simply call that character an OC by giving the character your idea of his/her backstory and other such information. Is there a specific term for these kind of so called "OCs not built from scratch?" Put this in Everfree because it does not only limit to mlp.
  3. Exactly what the title is, what if your OC was brought to life and gets a chance to learn about you. What would your OC think of you? Edit: Almost forgot, Nit would think "Oh? I'm based off of you? Real original." Based off of Script Dangles thread that I thought was a thread about OCs but actually was about favorite cannon ponies.
  4. For some reson when you or anyone surches MLP creator, or Pony creator. When you click on one of them you are very limmited to what you can do to your charecter OC. but when you were to draw it or have an artist draw it for you. You can put tons, and tons of imagination into it, but with like pony genirator you are very limmited to what that person knows, and usially you cant comment on the genirator to give ideas to the person, and so I think that isn't fair to the people that think they cant draw, and so they reliy on the internet. P.s. I am not being a hater just I think it isn't fair to those people.
  5. So @PonyPal123 & I thought of this idea to make mermaid ponies & we wanted to know what you think of it. We were thinking of calling them Mermares instead of mermaids but we were going to keep the mermen named mermen FYI if anyone has thought of the idea of making mermaid ponies we had no idea & we are not copying anyone, we thought of this idea all on our own & didn't here it anywhere else. Don't be afraid to be honest & please tell us what you think of it, thanks!
  6. Since nobody ever reblogs art on tumblr and DA couldn't seem to give less of a toss, I figured I'd post here and see if anyone had some feedback on these character's designs? They're gonna be the main characters of a webcomic I'm working on in a world populated by mutants, monsters, and modern magic. Still trying to piece together an overarching plot, so it's just gonna start out revolving around Lagtime (L.T.) and Bruce as characters sharing an apartment. /shrug Need to do more art for Bruce, I've got a lot of unfinished junk.
  7. What are good pets for OCs, I mean what are acceptable pets for OCs?
  8. Okay, a disclaimer first and foremost. The tags pretty much sums up what this is all about. I'm kinda in a rut about a new OC I've been trying to develop and instead of the usual approach of just thinking about events to place here and there, it's been decided that I would write a fan fic about a pivotal moment in the character's life. Whatever I get out of writing this will ultimately be incorporated in the character's backstory. So let's see where this takes us... Warning; it does get a little dark and I don't mean it literally. Dark enough to warrant a Dark prefix? I guess not. Why? Suicide is a topic that gets touched on. Prologue: That Fateful Night The night was dark and quiet. Few of the light of stars above made it past the cloudy sky and even fewer got past the trees. Barely audible were the sounds of trotting made by an earth pony trotting along this path. This pony was carrying a stick with a lit lantern at the end. From the light, it could be seen that this pony was a stallion with a dull citric yellow coat, his long mane and tail a pale yellow color and he appeared to be wearing a lemon green tunic that matched the color of his eyes. His eyes told of melancholy. Up ahead there was a bridge connecting both ends of a gorge. His gaze was lowered as the bridge was coming into view but he kept trotting along the path. Finally he had reached the bridge and had crossed it up to about halfway. He then turned his attention along the gorge and beheld how this chasm separates two sides of the forest between the city of Tall Tale and the Smokey Mountain. The dark night made it impossible to see the bottom of the chasm. The pony then blew out the lantern, welcoming darkness’ embrace. Shortly after, sniffling could be heard, followed by brief, random but dulled howls. Minutes pass before these sounds cease. A brief gust made the forest give a heavy and turbulent hiss and it kept on for about a minute. “I guess that’s that,” the citrus-colored pony uttered. Out of nowhere a twinkle came from further ahead into the forest. All was quiet; no creaking of the wood of the bridge, no rustling leaves from the trees. A sigh was uttered in the darkness. An unknown voice pierced the silence. "Hello? Is anypony there?" Silence resumed. "Who's there...?" said the citrus colored pony in a despaired voice. Suddenly a light shone on the citrus pony, overwhelming his eyes. "I-I don't know what you are but if you want to eat me... I won't stop you..." the earth pony said. "What are you talking about?" the other voice responded. As the light got closer to the earth pony and his eyes started to adjust to the light, it could be seen that this other entity was a unicorn. This unicorn was a stallion that had a pale violet coat with a blue but scruffy mane and tail with eyes to match. His cutie mark were two fishes swinning in opposite directions with water appearing to ripple between them. "You're... not a monster..." the earth pony let out sorrowfully. "Last I checked I wasn't," responded the unicorn and continued; "but more importantly, what are you doing here and what were you planning to do?" he asked confrontationally. The earth pony began to sob which made it impossible for him to speak. He attempted to run off but the unicorn used his magic to lift him up just slightly into the air, making it impossible for the earth pony to run off. "I'm not letting you off until I get an answer. Just calm yourself down and I'll listen," the unicorn said. After some time, the earth pony began to settle down just enough for him to speak. "I-I want to d-die. I-I d-don't want to l-live an-anymore." "But why?!" he asked baffled but very concerned. His tone made the earth pony cringe. "You barely look old enough to be an adult. Just how old are you?" "N-nineteen..." the earth pony answered. "Nineteen... Why cut your life so short? There is so much more to life than anypony your age could not possibly have experienced!" The earth pony went silent and could not respond. He was let out of the lifting spell and gently brought to the ground. "Listen," said the unicorn in a candid voice, "It's going to rain soon and we better find shelter. Did you feel the droplets too? Please come with me," he asked. The earth pony nodded in response and followed the unicorn. By a cul de sac somewhere in the forest stood a cabin. It was really pouring down. Inside were the two ponies with their lanterns lighting the inside of the cabin. The unicorn was drying himself off with a piece of cloth. He then started; "how impolite of me to not introduce myself. My name is Snow Perch. I live in these woods as a hermit. What's your name, friend?" The earth pony looked at the unicorn bemusedly yet sad. Friend? "Um... My name is Morning Solitude but most ponies call me Sully," he answered. "Morning Solitude. It's a beautiful name that makes me think of pleasant things," said Snow Perch. "Sully," he addressed, "you should take that tunic off. It's soaked," he advised. "I, uh, don't need to. Yeah, it's alright, it isn't so bad. I'm sure it'll be dry by the time it's morning," he answered and then smiled nervously. Snow Perch, looking unamused clearly saw through that obvious lie. "You're going to get sick if you don't take that off," said Snow Perch. "I, uh... I don't take my clothes off to strangers," replied Sully nervously. Snow Perch facehoofed when he heard that. "Of all the desperate answers... Look, I don't know what is it you're hiding but come on, just what are you so afraid of?" Sully sighed and whimpered. Snow Perch looked at Sully puzzled. Sully raised his voice and said "fine! It's not like I haven't been through this before!" He turned to his side and lifted the tunic to expose his flank. Snow Perch had a look of realization in his eyes. "A blank flank," he said in a bewildered voice. "I see now... Is that why you wanted to end your life?" he asked. "If only that was the most of my problems," Sully answered. "It's okay," said Snow Perch, approaching Sully and placed his hoof on Sully's shoulder. "I promise to listen to whatever you have to say. Is it alright?" asked Snow Perch in a reassuring manner. Morning Solitude nodded his head. "Mhm," he let out. "But first you need to take that tunic off," Snow Perch responded cheekily. --- "I am the youngest of three siblings. My father is chief engineer at the local wine production facility so he's quite respected. My mother works as a manager at that same plant. Considering the corporate hierarchy they're placed in, I'd say I'm born in a privileged family..." Sully started. "I see. Please continue," Snow Perch replied. "Well... At first, it seemed like I excelled in whatever it is I tried my hooves in. Fencing, archery, various other sports, science and math... Teachers and trainers have commented on how quickly I learn, how gifted I am and my parents were always proud of me when they hear about it. But seemingly no matter how good I get, my cutie mark never showed up and when it really matters, I always fall just short. It's like I'm always second best at everything." "So, you were in a lot of competitions then." "That's right." "But you said your parents are proud of you, right?" "Were proud of me... At first, all those silver medals and trophies seemed like I did have something in me but that it was never quite enough. I know this is going to sound selfish but I just feel so overshadowed every time I got beaten AND my opponent gets their cutie mark. If it was just me coming in second I would have been fine with it. The thing is, there'd be a grand celebration for my opponent winning first place and getting his cutie mark and all but it just seems like people forget that I exist. It's happened more than once," said Sully with his head low. "Actually, that's understandable," rebutted Snow Perch. "As social creatures, we do have a need to feel acknowledged so please don't feel ashamed to talk about these sorts of things." Sully scratched his head and got his head back up. "Of course, there's also the thing with me being a blank flank. Everypony thinks less of me because of it. Especially at my age. Most ponies get their cutie marks before or at the latest, just when hitting puberty. But what really got to me was how my parents have been acting around me recently. They don't pay as much attention to me like they used to and I'm too afraid to talk about it," explained Sully. "If you ask me, I think it'd be a good idea to bring this up to them. Let them know how you are feeling," commented Snow Perch. "If only that had worked..." said Sully in a dreadful tone. "Oh... But what happened?" asked Snow Perch. "Whenever I brought this up to either of my parents, they would outright dismiss it as me just being paranoid or imagining things and to just get over it. My mom would lecture me on how I'm not lesser to anyone and my father would just joke about it. When I called out my mother on her example not matching her words, she got pretty furious at me. After that I figured that nobody wants to hear about what I feel." "But don't you have any close friends, Sully?" "Firends...?" he asked sarcastically. "Just like with my parents, they pretty much lost interest in me. I guess having a blank flank around them just seemed to cramp their style," he said very cynically. "Well, you do have a good understanding of what's upsetting you, at least," said Snow Perch. "If only I knew what to do about it though. That's the thing... I'm just trapped..." Sully said, lowering his head again in despair. He raised it back up when Snow Perch began to talk. "Don't fret. We can talk some more in the morning and I'm sure your parents will be worried about you," said Snow Perch optimistically. Sully lowered his head again, looking cynical. "Yeah. You never know you had something until you lost it." "Please," responded Snow Perch. "You can't go on thinking like that. You shouldn't. Things may seem bleak now but if you give up, if you stop trying, that's the surest way to stay stuck!" "I guess," sully replied non-chalantly. "Tell you what, I'll accompany you on your way back home and we could perhaps spend some time at your place," suggested Snow Perch. "I don't know," responded Sully. "You look rather unkempt. I mean... you really do look like a hermit." "I'll be sure to wash up better at the spring then. Problem solved,” he answered confidently. "If you say so..." remarked Sully with doubt in his eyes. Footnote: more to come. Character appearances Morning Solitude (Sully) Snow Perch
  9. Why I made this topic: I made this topic so that people could freely come and tell the community how their OC came to be. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ My OC's back-story: As the brother of Rainbow Dash, FlaringBlade (my OC) thought it was his duty to protect Cloudsdale from evil! Though he knew it would be difficult but he managed to persevere. After the defeat of Tirek, The Wonder Bolts mysteriously went missing with out a trace! No one wondered why, that is until Rainbow Dash started asking questions! Rainbow Dash was determined to find them. She had no luck until one day. There was mention of them at the Crystal Empire! She was ecstatic!!! She went to look for FlaringBlade, as he was the only one who would listen. She told him the entire story. They set off immediately. When they got there. All they could see was a bright light. But what was it?! They waited for their eyes to adjust. Finally it happened. It was none other than Queen Chrysalis! Why was she there? FlaringBlade wondered. She held the Wonder Bolts hostage after their visit to Princess Cadance & Shining Armour! Rainbow Dash said "It's obvious, why you're here Chrysalis. It's to take the Crystal Empire for yourself! Isn't it?!" "Rainbow Dash what a pleasure it is to see you again. Oh and you would have been proud of that Soarin boy he put up quiet a fight." Chrysalis laughed, FlaringBlade turned towards Rainbow Dash. He could see it the pure rage. Just by looking in to her eyes. FlaringBlade tried to tell Rainbow Dash it wasn't worth it but he was scared stiff. All he could do was stand there and watch. As the rage built up. Until... It happened. Rainbow Dash flew full speed towards Chrysalis! All FlaringBlade saw was a rainbow going towards Chrysalis. Suddenly! FlaringBlade hit the ground. As he opened his eyes. All he could see was... Rainbow Dash on the floor!!! He rushed toward her hoping she was alright! He cried as Chrysalis said 'What a waste.' What they didn't know was Rainbow Dash was only unconscious At that single moment. It became clear. He knew what he had to do. He needed to stop Chrysalis once and for all! He knew what that meant. He was scared and excited! He flew towards her so quickly and suddenly! Chrysalis started firing at FlaringBlade! He came to a sudden stop after seeing her struggle so much. She fired at him again! Only this time he stood still and she missed. FlaringBlade started to fly, again he stopped. She fired once more and she missed again! FlaringBlade thought to himself... He finally understood what was happening. At that moment he laughed and Chrysalis stopped! The room went quiet... Suddenly! a bright light FlaringBlade was holding a winged shield and a flaming sword! Chrysalis asked 'How did you do that?!' He flew full speed towards Chrysalis! She fired and hit the shield, the attack backfired and destroyed Chrysalis' horn. She fell to the ground. FlaringBlade said one thing and one thing only. 'Your time here is through Chrysalis!' He swung the sword. At that moment Chrysalis let out a blood curdling scream... She was no more! Rainbow Dash was now awake. FlaringBlade sprinted towards her and helped her up. They went looking through the castle. The two found Princess Cadance close to death in the throne room. They soon found Shining Armour! He told them that they would find the Wonder Bolts in the castle dungeon. It took forever but finally they found them. Rainbow Dash flew towards Soarin and freed him. FlaringBlade freed the others. The Wonder Bolts complimented FlaringBlade on his cutie mark. He said "What cutie mark?" then he looked at his flank, he let out tears of joy as he shouted "I have a cutie mark!!!" The End! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Cannon: No (unfortunately.
  10. “Oh Astraea,” The princess spoke as she gazed upon the azure furred filly as her heart sank to a familiar pit in her stomach. “There are reasons as to why the practice of dark magic is strictly forbidden.” Looking at the young mare as the inky black tendrils of darkness began to crawl from her horn and turn her starry coat dark as the night itself, she bit back the guilt that rose within her, mustering all her strength to speak. “...reasons such as this.” This guilt was felt deeper than even the guilt she had felt all those many years ago when she witnessed the same thing happen to her dear sister. It stung her with the vigor of a fresh wound – for which it was – and what made it worse was the fact that this, like before, was yet again, all her fault. The dark magic she had warned her dear niece to never tamper with and the resulting corruption that came from her doing just that, had been her own doing though all she had wanted to do was familiarize her with it and protect her from it if it so happened to latch itself onto her. Part of the reason she came to believe Luna had fallen victim to the dark forces was her ignorance to it as even back when the two of them were young fillies, not yet princesses even, the art had been an arcane practice. Instead, it seemed that she had single hoofly led her down this path by showing her the forbidden tomes and teaching her basic defense spells after attacking her with a bit of dark magic in the hopes that that would be enough to guard her from it. “By dabbling in the dark arts, you've opened yourself to the dark forces that transformed your mother into Nightmare Moon. I am sorry my dear niece, but there is nothing that I can do for you now.” Lowering her gaze and her head, unable to watch her failure unfold before her for a second time, she involuntarily began to take a few steps back, her hooves clacking against the marble floor as her withers rippled in response to the vileness that seeped from her young niece, her body instinctively not wanting anything to do with it. Tears pooled in her magenta colored eyes and fell from her lashes as the image of Astraea's golden colored orbs was burned into her mind. Just the remembrance of the wave upon wave of negative emotions she saw reflected in them turned her stomach and brought a deep rooted sorrow out of its hiding place that she had thought, since her sister's return, had been long settled. Emotions such as jealousy, inadequacy, pride, and a lust for power, were all emotions she remembered seeing in the eyes of the young mare's mother just before she banished her to the moon. With Luna, she had been blindsided by her sister's sudden desire to blanket Equestria in her eternal night and stand as the land's only princess, though that had not been the case with her niece. She had had warnings with Astraea and while now her earlier theories to dismiss them were clear to have been nothing but her foalish attempt to not see what had been happening directly under her very eyes, with every memory of their past conversations running through her head as she found her flank pressed against a wall, it became obvious that her wishful thinking had led something like this to pass under her nose. She should have seen this coming and it frustrated her even more knowing that subconsciously, she had, yet had done nothing to prevent it. With the coolness of the stone at her backside, she gasped with the sudden jolt of a phantom pain of a wound that had long healed. The arching lightning bolt shaped scar still remained under her pristine coat, invisible to all minus herself and Luna, that faded mark nopony knew lay under white fur thanks to her amazing regenerative abilities that healed her from the most serious of injuries. It was with that, that she found herself and her eyes narrowed as she lifted her head and held it with the character of the immortal alicorn princess she had forgotten herself to be. “I command that the dark forces that have so taken the body of my niece hostage, leave at once less I am forced to remove it at the risk of causing harm to the vessel you've claimed.” It was a bluff but she had hoped that her words rang with enough power to scare the darkness into letting her niece's body go. Even as the words left her mouth, she instantly regretted saying them knowing that she would not be able to harm a hair in the main or the tail of her beloved niece. If she couldn't fight Luna when she openly attacked her, how could she point her horn at Astraea when she had done less? The young mare still stood in the same spot, kneeling as her face twisted, her eyes flickering back and forth between large, rounded pupils and cat-like ones signaling that the transformation was far from complete. How far was a question she had no answers for but she could judge that the process would remain unfinished as long as bits and pieces of Astraea's coat remained untouched by the darkness that crawled over her body. Her wings, lower legs, and her rump all remained their original color but the tendrils were advancing so she had to act fast. Even with her understanding that she had to do something – anything – she knew not what she could do to save her, her earlier words having been the complete truth. Her horn glowed with a brilliant yellow light as she readied her magic. She was preparing herself with numerous deflective and protective spells as she was against using offensive magic to subdue her at this point unless the situation developed to where she had no choice but to use it. However, as her magic called out for the assistance of the three Elements of Harmony that used to belong to her in the time before she lost her connection with them, she remembered that she could not reach them or channel their power anymore as the six elements now belonged to new bearers. Her heart sank to a new low and she swallowed realizing this. “There is nothing I can do for her.” Watching with a careful eye, she saw how jerky the young mare's movements were becoming. Robotically, she moved to crane her neck to look up at Celestia, her eyes just barely meeting hers with her sudden increase in height. The tip of her horn glow with a faint, blood red light, a drastic change from the light pink glow of her magic she had grown accustomed to since her niece's horn regrew with the gaining of her cutie mark just a few months prior. She made no movements to suggest that she was frightened by this even though deep down, she was quaking with fear. Fear of what she would do to prevent her niece from harming her precious ponies. Astraea's mouth opened and from inside she could see sharp, carnivorous teeth peering from her lips – a truly unnatural dentition for the herbivorous creature she was. She continued to watch as her throat constricted in response to the wicked smile that appeared. “Does...thou...wish...” Her voice came out low, changed, deeper than before with a rattle of something that made Celestia's stomach cut flips. Her ears rotated to the front of her head as she strained to catch the last bit of what she was saying. Astraea's eyes settled into their slitted appearance as the sinister smile grew wider only making the princess panic. Without warning and too quick before she had the chance to respond, there was a blinding flash of red colored magic and a searing pain that struck her side. Screaming at the blow that had been dealt to her side, there was no need to strain to hear her niece once the words boomed out of her mouth and echoed around the palace corridors following the fading sound of her own earlier outburst. “DOES THOU WISH TO SEE THE STARS FALL?!?” Even as she reeled from the blow, her ears ringing from the loudness of the usage of a corrupt version of the Royal Canterlot Voice, Celestia began to find her footing and rose to her hooves, her horn blazing and more than ready to unleash a fury of magic upon the being that dare strike her down in such a demeaning manner. As she got Astraea in her sights and planned to target her side to give her a matching scar to the one Luna had given her long ago, in the mists of her diabolical laughter, the shadows enveloped her and in another bright flash of crimson magic, Astraea's form disappeared from view leaving only an echo of thunder. With wide eyes and a gaping jaw, she stared at the blackened spot before her and cursed to herself in a very unprincipled manner as she shook from rage and fatigue. Her nostrils flared and she reared back on her hind legs, the adrenalin coursing through her veins dulling the pain she felt as she kicked angrily at the spot where her niece had been seconds before. Mighty hooves came crashing down onto the marble floor with all the strength of an earth pony and sounding like rolling thunder as she repeating the action several times more as her anger only rose. The final time her hooves struck the ground she took in a deep breath and felt the pain of her wound slightly with the stretching of her abdomen. “ASTRAEA!” She yelled to the ceiling of the palace as her voice was carried throughout the large dwelling and drawing in those who may have not previously heard the thunder of Astraea's escape or her one-pony stampede. Breathless and with black spots dotting the edges of her vision, she stood on her strong legs with blood dripping from the jagged wound as she made her way for the door where she was met by the concerned face of her dear sister. “My stars, what has happened? You are bleeding. Celestia, what on earth –“ “Astraea,” She spoke in one word as she walked past Luna not even looking at her as she continued on her way. Pausing hearing her daughter's name, her ears lowering with the thought of what – if anything – she had to do with the wounds sustained to her sister. She swallowed as one thought came to mind before she trotted beside Celestia once more. “No. No, it cannot be. Sister please, tell me 'tis not as it seems. P-perhaps you are mistaken. P-perhaps – “ “No Luna, I am not mistaken. As much as we both may wish otherwise, it is true.” Her voice came out more harshly that she had intended and she instantly regretted directing her frustrations at her. Luna stood, her blue eyes fearful, hurt, and ashamed all at the same time. Celestia softened her own eyes as she turned to her from the perch of the balcony and bowed in apology. “I am sorry, Luna. 'Tis not your fault and I know it. I will find her and I will do whatever needs to be done to right this. I will not send her to the moon as I did with you if I can so help it. Again, I am sorry it has come to this. I am–“ She wavered and her apology was cut short by a sharp intake of breath as she extended her wings against the darkness of the night sky. Luna saw how her eyes narrowed and how her brows knitted over them. Her legs stood strongly but it wasn't long before they buckled under her. Seeing her sister fall, Luna ran to her as the light blue aura of her magic wrapped around Celestia's form. Fat, burning tears rolled down her cheeks as she looked at her sister as they slowly began to close even as her face held a defiant look that told her that she was fighting the black out that was approaching. Calling for her guards to assist her as the warmth of her sister's blood began to seep into her own coat, her ears caught the sound of laughter from above. Luna looked up at her beautiful night sky littered with the articulately crafted constellations as she saw a glowing, winged form fly past the moon. Lightning struck and thunder rolled while she caught sight of other bodies streaking the sky and heading towards the ground below. “Falling stars.” The princess thought to herself with a touch of awe at seeing so many of them descend from the heavens all at once, brought down by a foal who had only recently discovered she had the ability to arrange them. The sound of thirty or more sets of hooves came clattering to the two of them along with the fluttering wing strokes of both Day and Night guard ponies as they filled out around the two princesses. A collective gasp fell over them before they cleared their throats and began to form a protective circle around their fallen leader and co-ruler. “Get her to the infirmary, quickly!” She demanded as she levitated her sister's crumpled body onto the chariot that awaited her. Sweat already beading on her brow at the effort, she looked to the sky once more as she nestled herself beside her sister as the guards pulled the chariot through the doors that lead them away from the balcony's edge. “What is it that I have done?” Luna asked herself as she looked down at her sister, the sound of falling stars echoing in her ears along with the sound of wretched laughter. And it was with that final image did the princess of the night awoke from her dream, her fur dampened by sweat, her cheeks and the fabric of her pillows stained by her tears. Confused and panicked, she lept from her bed and made her way to look out her window only to be greeted by the dawning light of the rising morning sun. Finding little comfort in merely seeing the sun rise, she bolted out of her chambers and down to the platform that was attached to the wing of her sister's to confirm that she was indeed alright. Her heart beat in her chest with the same thundering of her hooves as she made the rather short journey and with a flick of her magic, she threw open the heavy double doors of her sister's chambers to the surprise of the two guards that stood to either side of the doors, and ran full speed into Celestia as she was returning from having done her duty of guiding the sun into the sky. “Oh, well good morning, Luna. It is quite a surprise to see you up so early,” Celestia said with a chuckle in her voice as she looked down at her sister after recovering from being startled by her sudden appearance. It didn't take long before Celestia noticed the way her sister trembled in front of her. Her fur was damp and there were dark tracks of tears turning the light blue fur of her cheeks a darker shade. She smelled of stale sweat and of fear. Her smile dropped as she lowered her head and wrapped both her neck and her wing around her baby sister offering her comfort from whatever troubled her. “Luna, what is wrong? Are you alright?” She asked as she nuzzled her affectionately like a mother would their newborn foal. Luna merely shook her head as a new stream of tears began to fall from her eyes as she pressed her face into the side of her dear sister. Celestia held her for as long as Luna allowed her to before she sniffled and pulled herself together. She looked into her eyes which were now puffy and red but she saw the determined look she had known her sister having return to her face. Without either having to utter another word, they both knew that they had much to talk about.
  11. So your interested, guess that is why you click on the thread. here are the details. Story - main aspect. Set in the era of Equestrian history where Discord first took control of Equestria, a team of ponies trained in samurai combat are chosen to bring Harmony by defeating Discord, Each pony selected are unique in their abilities and suit the job greatly, Hyper and Eice are the first ponies chosen for this task. But when fighting chaos you are not going to remain the same afterwards. everypony has their secrets, their weaknesses and their breaking points; chaos will reveal them to us even if it needs to be revealed in fire, blood and anguish. above is the jist of it, if you want the full detail then you can see a little extract of the opening here! Story - Time and place Details on time and place are as listed. Time - Equestria's early years when Discord first ever had full control. Place - Equestria as normal, starting in Eastern Equestria and then following the regular setting Place 2 - The afterlife, the world Necra controls, ponies here are ones who have died. Story - Current primary characters -Hyper - a samurai pyromancer who is selected for the mission -Eice - a samurai cyromancer, a friend to Hyper who is also selected for this mission - Amber Aura - a ghost that serves as the team's scout. -Princess Necra - guardian of the afterlife, has special connections to a certain pony in the team -Princess Celestia - Guardian of Equestria, the mind behind the mission and researcher of the Elements -Princess Luna - Guardian of Equestria, Commander of Canterlot's royal military unit. -Discord - Evil ruler of Equestria, must be stopped at all costs! Story - Current Secondary characters - Diane - family friend to Hyper, motherly attitude and uplifting smile. - Griffin - Teacher of alternate magic, taught Hyper and Eice their abilities - infinity - Combat advisor and secondary commander of Canterlot's Royal military unit. -Your OC could be this one! -Your OC could be this one! -Your OC could be this one! Other placements If your OC does not fit into any of the two categories above there are placements for other encounters, these encounters are only short term and will not be sen throughout the entire story, these characters can include - hostiles - ponies and other creatures that the team have to combat, these can be full out fighters or drunken brawlers. OCs in this listing - Citizens - Ponies and other creatures who live in the secure towns as normal, interactions with the team are brief. OCs in this listing - The Dead version 1 - regular dead, killed by hostiles for example, they are used for purposes such as atmosphere builders or moral messages. OCs in this listing - The Dead version 2 - residents of Necra's world, ponies already passed and their spirits live out new lives in this special land. OC's in this listing those are the primary details, now onto submission rules - OC must be listed in the character log in the roleplay section, and linked with the application - OC must match time and setting, no point having a modern pony trapped in time plot along with the current story - OC must be your own! dont post other OCs that are not yours! Other notes on submissions Do not post them in this thread, you must private message me your applications or they will not be read or accepted! Well that's about it everypony, submit if you wish and you can also support the story in development by posting constructive criticism bellow as I will be posting little extracts from the work in progress as it goes! Character OC links and credits Amber Aura Is owned by Hyper Bastion Is owned by Eice, Princess Necra, Diane, Griffin and Infinity are all characters created By Hyper for use in this story
  12. So I finally finished my Ponysona! You can check out the rough version here: I had a lot of fun creating her! I'm looking to open up commissions soon. I'll post a link to the thread once I've been approved and I have prices and such posted!
  13. Well. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and my dragons bid to you all a Happy Hunger Moon 8D Top row, left to right: Sylvia, Pax, Sapphire, Fletcher, Martin, Cadance (named her prior to watching MLP) Bottom row: Simmer, Brooklynn. There are so many mistakes in here, omg XD
  14. Here's an example, using my OC Pony, Rain Dancer! Rain Dancer was standing at the door waiting. It was Saturday. Of course, this is no ordinary Saturday. This day is special. Yes, indeed it is. Today is the day her brother comes back from the 'trip'. She never knew why her parents called it that, but Rain thought it was normal. Maybe he went to see the queen! No, no. Not with how hidden the family is. She thinks about it, then stomps her hoofs. Maybe if I could fly, I could have come with him! Rain thinks to herself. Children have such short patience. Rain decides to go to the kitchen and get a snack while awaiting her brother's return. Apple slices with buttercream, yum! Nothing to ease a mind at work. She sits down to think about the brother's where-about's. Maybe he got a girlfriend? "Ew." Rain disgusts herself thinking about that. Maybe he got a new job? Maybe he got her a new pony doll-house? Maybe he- "No! Stop!" Calls mother from the living room. Rain jogs over to the hallway, leading into the living room when she sees both her and father on the floor covering their stomachs whist blood flows out from the gushy organs that she wish she never saw. Not until the unknown pony jumps out the window does she notice him. *Sigh* Wish she paid attention more to the fire the pony started. Rain gallops to the window, then slips a peek at her now-burning parents. She backs up slowly, her burning and blood covered parents crawling towards her. They grab at her legs chanting an unknown sentence. Join-unknown talking-keep her-jibber jabber-never leave... Rain notices the fire spreads as it in gulfs the curtains, then the carpet and the dresser. She flees to the kitchen. Water, she needs water. But she also needs something to hold the water. A cup? To small! The sink? Can't carry it! The bucket? To b-wait, yes! The bucket, the bucket! She grabs for the handle and quickly fills up the metal pail with clear, wet water. Water. Rain dashes to threw the hallway and into the now-fire infested room and throws without caution. Again, again, again, it won't calm the fire down! Half of the downstairs is now on fire, leaving her to retreat upstairs with the bucket. Slowly, the fire comes up the stairs, as she huddles in a corner between two walls. The only options are die in the fire, or jump out the window. Rain can't fly, Rain can't fly! She remembers how the crowds mocked at the Best Young Flyers Competition. She closes her eyes, not wanting to jump out of the two story house. Rain sneaks a peek out the window whist pulling her tail away from the burning inferno. She looks back and-wait, was that a pool? She jumps up to look at the window again, thinking about how she could jump out and land in the pool! No, that's crazy! I could drown, or, miss the pool, or, or... She opens the window and leaps without thinking about it. Time slows with every second she falls. Rain can't fly, Rain can't fly! Voices mock her pounding head with the force of a thousand knives. No, no, I can, Rain whispers. I can, I can fly! I- She lands. The pool was not actually there. But it's to late. Rain hits her head and gets knocked out cold. Cold. Water. Her mother and father die, brother never returning. She wakes up being carried in a medical vehicle, about to take off. She has a mask on and is heavily drugged. Rain panics and struggles against the nurse. Kick, punch, kick, punch, Rain breaks herself out and opens the doors of the now-moving vehicle. She tucks and rolls out to a field, running into a forest. She ran into a town called Ponyville, small and simple. Rain is now on the down low so no one will recognize her. After she bought new clothes and rented a tidy little house, she noticed she no longer had a blank flank. She had a cutie mark. It was a water drop. Water.
  15. I recorded myself doing a picture, and wanted to spread it all over the internet. Woo. This is my bobcat character, Cara, as some of you may know. She's been adapted to an anthro version for a graphic comic that my friend R is doing Sorry for how ridiculously fast the vid is D8 I wanted it to last the whole length of the song, so I had to speed up the recording a whole bunch >.< I'll draw faster next time? ...oh sweetheart, what have you done to yourself...
  16. I don't think I've ever drawn these two D8 What a shame! These are my characters Orphan and Custodian. Orphan is the blue one and Custodian is the green one ^-^ I used these guys as a lore building exercise a while ago, and I just kind of adopted them as my favorite pony OC's lol xD I'm not too sure if I like how Orphan's colors came out... I'll tinker with his color scheme some other time I suppose >.>