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Found 2509 results

  1. before you pick forks and torches let me explain you why i have some ideas why we make our OCs? because we turn ourselves into pony form and interact with the mane 6 or any other character, but, we make more that are capable of do more than the mane 6 and they adapt even more to our likings, is true Hasbro start with the idea and we can expand it, when we rp we love to follow the story of our OC? like it or not you can make thousands of crossovers but in the end it has nothing to do with the original show, is a modification you make for your fav character is true that OCs represents a part of you and you cant deny it, we even fell in love with some and make all kinds of art. Now i would like to know your opinion about it, do you believe general OCs are bettern than MLP itself in one or all ways?
  2. i myself have two. the one i use for my profile picture and this other one (shown below). The profile pic OC is an artist, and the other one can bake, fly her biplane and she owns a tree chopping business. so, do you guys have more than one OC?
  3. °˖✧ Deerie's Requests ✧˖° I will be taking requests here so feel free to leave a comment but please do read the rules Please do not be disappointed if i don't do your request, life still comes first <3 ✧ Rules: ✧ Fill in the request sheet ✧ Do not pester me for updates, I have a job that requires a lot of my attention aswell as other things ✧ Clear references, no text please. I am from a country where english is not the main language so I prefer no text as I cannot always understand what you want this way. ✧ If I add on a watermark then please leave it there, do not edit it out. ✧ Request sheet Character's name: Character's reference: Cutiemark: Other: something I should know about your character > things they like _______________________________________________________ What are my artworks like? Deerie's doodles! My art is never fully stable, my artstyle changes a lot. I prefer to draw cute artworks but I can also do a little bit more serious work. The doodle's page will have more art on it soon to show as an example here.
  4. °˖✧ Deerie's Free OC's ✧˖° I will drop oc's that are free for the taking in this thread but in order to receive.. You must follow the rules that are posted here.. If more than one person want the same OC then I will put your names in a Name picker and the winner from that receives that OC to keep it fair. You may also request custom characters here but beware that I might skip them, I prefer letting my own creativity flow. Rules: 1. Do not take off my watermark 2. Do not sell this character for $ or any other type of currency, Free is Free. You are only allowed to sell a character if you have gotten more art of the character yourself by commissioning an artist. 3. Give credit where it's due, do not take credit - This includes crediting the base artist. To a Mod who sees this: I talked about where i should place this with TheTaZe and I was recommended this folder So if It is not allowed here, I'm very sorry and I'd like to be told.
  5. It's been a while since I last drew a pony, and this time it's not a new OC. I used medibang paint pro. edit- I forgot the cutiemark, but whatever
  6. [The following story is a one-off about the official origin story of my OC, Samurai Equine. It is tied to the origins of Mistmane, but doesn’t change anything about her canon back-story. Likewise, I reserve the right to change my OC’s origins for Roleplay purposes. And for those wondering, it has been confirmed that Mistmane and her home village are not based on specific oriental nationality. Therefore, it is a blend of many asian cultures. So if anyone seems confused about the combining of things like a Japanese-style soldier and a Chinese-style empress in one story, just remember that the show decided to blend it all together, and I'm just trying to make a story that fits within the confines of that show.] A Fire In The Mist In a secluded village to the east, occupied by culture-driven ponies and unicorns with unique curved horns, lived a beloved prodigy. Her name was Mismane. At a young age, she was all ready making a reputation for having gorgeous looks like none have ever seen before, and for having a natural propensity for magic. Elemental magic; specifically earth-based magic. However, despite her talents and looks, she never took her lot in life for granted. She stayed humble and kind whenever possible, and that kindness radiated across the village from pony to pony. And though they all admired her, she always considered Sable Spirit her best friend. "Big sis Mistmane! Look!" Came the voice of a young unicorn colt with no cutie mark, a tan coat, and a brown mane and tail with orange highlights. He runs to her side in the town square. Mistmane, currently in her preteen years, looks in his direction and smiles. "Hello there, Taku. How are you today?" His real name is Crimson Gauntlet; Taku is just a nickname. Likewise, despite both being unicorns, neither of them are related. 'Big sis' is just a term of endearment, as Mistmane is clearly older and taller. "You were right about all that elemental magic stuff. I read the scrolls and the books, and practiced really hard, and now look!" Crimson Gauntlet holds up a hoof as his horn begins to glow with a red aura. At first, only a few measly sparks fly, much to his surprise. However, with a moment of concentration and mental strain, the aura around his horn flaring up, he manages to make a flame appear over his hoof. A small flame; no bigger than the flame of a cigarette lighter. Seeing this makes Mistmane so excited; she is practically galloping for joy. "Taku! You're a flame elemental! I knew that others could master this kind of magic." Feeling acknowledged, Crimson Gauntlet breathes a sigh of relief and ends the spell. "Yeah, but it’s really hard right now. That little flame is the best I can do. Besides, I still feel like something’s missing. I'm glad I can do this, but I feel like I should be doing something more." It's clear the young colt seems a little lost and confused. Mistmane pets his head to relieve his worries. "Just stick to your magical academics and theoretics, and I know you'll make strides in improving your magic like I did." Just knowing the village's prodigy is rooting for him is enough to brighten his day. One year later... “Hey! Big sis Mistmane!” Crimson calls out. Currently studying in her garden, Mistmane looks up from her scroll to see her younger friend running over. “Yes, Taku?” He stops once he is before her. “I just got my Cutie Mark! See?” Crimson points it out by momentarily turning to his side to show it off. “The local shogun was teaching me some defensive combat maneuvers, and it turns out, I’m really good at it! And then it just appeared!” Crimson Gauntlet explains, which causes Mistmane to frown in surprise. “Combat? I thought you were happy harnessing your magic abilities.” She questions. Crimson simply shrugs, unperturbed. “I’m still doing that, but I can do this at the same time. When I was training, I was able to summon more fire than usual! So I know I can learn how to fight and do fire magic at the same time. What do you think? The shogun says that I have the potential to make a great soldier some day.” Crimson seems quite excited about this. At first, there is a slight hesitation. But then, Mistmane gives a short, gentle giggle and pets his head. “I appreciate your selflessness, but I don’t think that’s really necessary. Princesses Luna and Princess Celestia are perfectly capable of protecting Equestria, and even if they fail, I am sure other champions will rise to make up the difference.” Her caring words are understood, but it’s clearly not what he wanted to hear. Crimson shakes his head left and right stubbornly. “Maybe, but having more guardians is never a bad thing! I’m going to practice and become really good at BOTH magic and combat. You’ll see!” The young colt proclaims. The two of them talk a bit more before parting ways. A few years pass... A young adult Mistmane is seen walking through the village with one destination in mind, but a teenage Crimson Gauntlet is soon seen chasing after her, this time clad in some protective clothes with light traces of armor and a holstered sword tied to his hip. “Mistmane! Big sis, wait!” He calls out, getting her attention and making her stop momentarily. When he runs up to her, he has a proud smile on his face. He takes a moment to cast his spell again, this time summoning a roaring fire over his raised hoof. Crimson does this just long enough to show how far he has come. “See that? The empress saw my progress, and is very proud. She said that I’ll probably be promoted to a full-fledged samurai soon! I’m gonna have a suit of armor and everything. Isn’t that awesome?! ...Mistmane? What’s wrong?” Crimson Gauntlet’s happiness is interrupted when he sees Mistmane trying to put on a happy face, though it’s clearly not sincere. “I see you never did give up on being a soldier after all.” She pets his head once more. “I’m sorry Taku, but I won’t be here to see you graduate. I’ll always love this village, it is my home after all, but it can no longer help me grow as a unicorn. I’ve been offered a scholarship at a magic school that has far more resources than this village ever will. If I am going to achieve my full potential, then I must take this opportunity.” Mistmane explains. Crimson’s ears practically drop as the news sinks in. “Magic school? But... We’re all going to miss you so. Sable Spirit has been getting into politics; she’s poised to become the next empress someday. You’ll miss everything if you’re gone.” However, Mistmane is fully aware of her best friend’s aspirations. She knows exactly what she’ll be missing. Still, she puts on a brave face, determined to make sure this will not be a sad departure. “I promise, I will come back someday soon.” As she waved goodbye, part of her wanted to dissuade Crimson Gauntlet from being a soldier once more, but she couldn’t bring herself to speak against somepony’s dreams or aspirations. “Goodbye, Mistmane! I’ll protect the village while you’re gone, big sis!” Crimson Gauntlet calls out and waves as she walks away. Many more years pass... At this point in her life, Mistmane has become an adult mare and has fully embraced her studies and the resources at her hooves. Truly, she has reached a new pinnacle in her mystical, earth elemental abilities. It is at this time she received a letter informing her that things at home have changed. Sable Spirit is empress now, among other exciting pieces of news. In her heart, Mistmane knows that it’s finally time to return home. On the way to the village, as Mistmane follows the beaten path and crosses a few bridges, she cannot ignore a strange ominous feeling that lurks in the atmosphere. It worries her at first, but she shakes her head, hoping it is just some nervousness. Thankfully, the first sight she sees does bring a warm smile to her face and makes her gallop a little faster. A lone samurai pony in a full suit of armor protects the main gate to the village. Though nearly all ponies who wear armor tend to look nearly identical, she could tell right away who it was. “Taku, is that you? The letters were right, you’ve become a full-fledged samurai now!” She says, impressed. Crimson Gauntlet brightens up when he sees her as well. “Big sis Mistmane! You came back, just like you promised!” Crimson is now a young adult who is just as tall as Mistmane now. They share a hug, though she has to be careful not to get poked by his armor. “That’s right. Oh, and no pony calls me Taku anymore. These days, every pony calls me Samurai Equine. I hardly use my real name anymore.” Crimson Gauntlet, or rather Samurai Equine, explains. “Are the villagers doing well? I hope my home has been flourishing in my absence. There’s so many ponies I need to catch up with.” Mistmane’s excited optimism soon brings a sad frown to Samurai’s face. He starts to visibly withdraw. “...Taku? Erh, Samurai Equine? What’s wrong?” She asks, concerned. “...You’ll understand when you step inside the village. Not everything has improved for the better. I’m performing the duty I’ve sworn to uphold, but in all honesty, I wish you had been crowned Empress instead of Sable Spirit. The village deserves better.” Samurai Equine says no more. He steps aside and allows Mistmane to pass. What happens next is the story that has been passed down for many generations. The village has been robbed of beauty, because Sable Spirit has become a jealous, bitter tyrant who lost her own beauty to a misguided magical accident. Though the two unicorns fought, Mistmane sacrifices her own beauty to restore the beauty of her village as well as the beauty of her best friend. Samurai, who is currently busy guarding the border, misses all of it. He only gets to see vegetation and beauty magically returning to the village before his eyes, but in his heart, he knows who is to blame. It brings a smirk to his face “Mistmane... I knew you could do it.” When Mistmane returns to the gate, much to Samurai’s surprise, she now has the form of a senior citizen. But even in this new look, he could tell it was her. Mistmane only gives him a knowing smile as she continues on. She would have left completely if Samurai didn’t promptly speak up. “Big sis Mistmane, wait!” He reaches out. “Are you leaving all ready? You just got home. We need you. This land, our citizens, need you.” However, hearing this does not change the perfectly content look on her face. She goes over to him, and puts a hoof on his helmeted head. “There’s no need to worry about that anymore, Taku. I think you’ll find the land is finally in good hooves. But being away from home, learning as much as I did, has confirmed a hunch I’ve always had. There is a great big world out there, filled with all kinds of possibilities. I’m going to experience as much about magic as I can, and I’m going to spread beauty to those who need it most. Which means, I’ve outgrown this village. The world needs me more, and my magic was meant to be shared.” Her hoof leaves his helmet. “Will you ever return some day? Is this our final farewell?” Samurai asks, afraid it might be so. Looking forward, Mismane shakes her head. “...No. This is not goodbye forever. I could never leave my home for good. I don’t know how long I’ll be gone, but I promise, I will return some day.” Her words fell upon him like a shining beacon of hope. With his spirits lifted, Samurai stands up straighter and with renewed confidence. “Then I will protect your home while you’re gone. No evil will ever harm this place, so long as I am a samurai. That’s my promise to you.” After sharing their promises, Mistmane nods and departs, leaving only a trail of rapidly blooming flowers in her path. Using a calligraphy brush, Samurai Equine writes the words “Safe journey” on his armored gauntlet, magically creates ceremonial sparks from said gauntlet, and waves his hoof as she leaves. And so, the years pass by... Just as Mistmane told him, Sable Spirit became a much greater empress. She was kind and giving, always honoring her friend’s sacrifice, and becoming the kind of leader Samurai Equine was proud to serve under. And in that time, Samurai gained many chances to strengthen his fire magic and combat abilities to astonishing new heights. Soon, he served as yet another example to encourage young unicorns to study the elemental arts of magic. If Mistmane could do it, if he could do it, then any unicorn could. Missions would come and go. Sometimes Samurai Equine would be given orders that take him outside of the village for a while, other times his orders helped him maintain the peace from within. There were a few minor threats along the way: A blizzard-summoning snow leopard, random bandits, unhappy woodland creatures, would-be tyrants. However, Samurai was always able to handle it with charm, elegance, friendship, stun-tactics, and very little extreme violence. No matter how dangerous, these threats were always manageable; nothing at all compared to what the Pillars or the Princesses would have to face in their life. And for the most part, Samurai Equine would be at the front gate of the village, ready to respond to any threat, ready to keep out any evil invaders. He would wait, and guard, and wait some more, and guard some more. For years, he did this, and grew older doing so. A young adult soon turn into a full adult stallion. From there, a middle-aged adult. And from there, a senior citizen. Even when every part of his coat, mane, tail, and adulthood mustache had turned grey... Even when his armor’s color and polish had begun to fade, and every part of the village had changed with the times; he still stood watch as the ever vigilant protector. In some ways, Mistmane was right. There was hardly a need for a soldier; and as time went on, there was less and less of a need. Ponies began to show less interest, and the few that did were happy with the easy-going role of palace guard. Still, even if he was alone, Samurai Equine would never give up on his purpose in life. For over a thousand years, this was the status quo... A new day rises as we see an extremely old and crippled Samurai Equine, still standing at the entrance of his village. His coat sagging and wrinkled, his body shaking uncontrollably, his eyes tired and barely open, and his limbs withered to skinny little stalks. He can’t even stand on all fours anymore; he is sitting on his haunches and kneeling on his sheathed sword like a walking cane. But his involuntary shaking seems to slow as his tired ears pick up the sound of a familiar set of hooves approaching, bring a sweet spring bliss. Carefully, he lifts his head, and his eyes open as wide as he can muster. “M-Mistmane? Is that you?” He asks in an elderly, breathy, tired voice. As his blurry vision clears, it is indeed her, and she hasn’t changed at all since the day she left. Her smile is still as warm and comforting as it ever was. “Oh Taku, you brave fool. You really did it, didn’t you? You kept your promise after all these years.” A stray tear falls from Samurai’s eye as his old heart swells with delight. “That’s right. I kept my promise, just like I said I would. I protected this village, counting the days... til you’d come back...” As he explains, Samurai’s head drifts downwards and his eyes shut once more, too tired to keep them up. Mistmane closes her eyes and bows out of respect. “And I’m here to keep my promise. I’m finally home again. Rest easy now, Samurai Equine. You’ve earned it.” As she rises up and trots into her home village, the elder soldier is no longer there. In his place is a grave marker that has been turned into a shrine, a shrine that houses his armor and was built in his honor. It stands as a memorial dedicated to a brave pony who protected the village till his final days; made to commemorate the legacy of his fiery, eternally heroic spirit for all time. THE END
  7. Hey, everyone! I don't make art as much or as often as others do, but I've been pretty busy lately and I plan to make more art. You can find my work at My DeviantArt Page. For now, here is the newest, first batch of vectors I just finished making. These are images of my OC, Samurai Equine! High-res versions of each vector, including the custom logo in the corner, are available upon demand. I also have something fun and interactive for everyone here! Do you have an OC? Do you have a drawing, image, or vector of your OC? Would you like our characters to hang out? Just send your fan character image to me, and I'll edit them as best I can into this image! It'll be a gift just for you. The personal friends I've made here on this forum get first dibs, so don't be surprised if you get put in a waiting list behind other people. Thanks for viewing my art, and have a great day! Woo-hoo~!
  8. Here is the what if baby of my OC Daphnes and my friend @chaosprincess sona Laurel. I did manage to figure out details about him. So I figured I'm going to write them down below. Name: Daphnes Jr. Age: few months Nicknames: DJ, and little shadow Abilities: All he can do for now is teleport and create small shadow portals. Which he thinks sinking his father into his little portals is a riot. He is still trying to get a hang of the whole making wings appear thing like his father though. Hobbies: Teleporting himself into odd locations to see if his parents will find him and hiding on the ceiling to sneak attack any unsuspecting passerby who just so happens to walk underneath him. Personality: For the most part, he is a lot like his momma but he definitely has daddy's bad attitude when he doesn't get his way. Parents will be shown below
  9. Hey its me again and lookie here its another sleeping pony. I know I have done about a million of these but who could resist the cuteness of a tiny Laurel sleeping on a cloud. Of course this lovely character is not mine but my very good friend @chaosprincess
  10. (Posted in General Discussion because I hope most characters posted here aren't ponies) What is the most original character you think you have ever made? Basically, what character that you have thought of is based off of the least things possible? For me, it would be a character I named Deotasli Va Gerphole, or less formally known as "Gaseous" It is an alteration of an alien species I called Muteox. The Muteox themselves are worshiped by the Onesismeaga, another alien creature, because they are the only things on their entire planet that can produce the planet's atmosphere. Deotasli Va Gerphole is a kind of Muteox who combined two gaseous chemicals in its planet's atmosphere at birth in a way that nothing ever has before. The chemicals (sentousuw and opasdeun) came together to create a chemical which it called "apexquiluw." When one inhales apexquiluw, the apexquiluw melts down all the organs inside of the thing that inhaled it, and replaces them with a much more powerful and advanced organ that enhances the inhaler's performance in almost every way. When Deotasli Va Gerphole produced it, it melted down all of its innards, and detached most of its skin, leaving behind mostly just its skeleton. It wanted to be killed by the Onesismeaga, since it was disrupting the balance of the atmosphere. Since the apexquiluw made it so it was immortal, it was then taken as a major threat by the Onesismeaga. It became enraged when it was constantly being killed by them, so it went off into the nearest city built by them, and produced a poisonous and very flammable gas (which you can see in the picture above) that spread throughout the city. The poisonous aspect of the gas didn't kill much, but, even though it didn't know that it could do so, it called upon a Pterotaum, a naga-like creature with a flaming scalp, to ignite the gas and send it into a raging inferno. Once it returned to its place of birth, it noticed that some of the apexquiluw it produced leaked into the other Muteox, causing them to become slightly more sentient, and it drove them to shun it. Deotasli Va Gerphole then left the planet in search of another species it could bring back to its planet to convince its species to let him return home. After a few thousand years, It went to Earth, found a certain human to do so, and returned to the planet, only to find it in ruins due to the solar system's star's supernova. From the rubble that was once its planet came the spirit of a Pterotaum. The Pterotaum then followed Deotasli Va Gerphole around the universe with the human and his friends. And that is it. Do you have any really, really original characters? I would love to see them!
  11. Just a random question that came to mind these days, i ship my main oc with Rarity, i think they have somewhat similar personalities, how about you guys?
  12. So.If your Own OC could be voiced by anyone.Who would it be and why? Or would you do the voice yourself? I personally have Steve Downs do my OC's voice.(He's the guy who voiced Master Cheif on Halo)
  13. Recently, I decided to redesign my Vesper Flare because she was either too saturated or too dark, making the colours clash with one another's and not easy on the eyes. Here's an art of the old design : As a matter of fact, I redesigned her with a more soft and pastel colour. I also added complexity to the hat. Here're some follow-up arts of her : (I swear I will resume studying from now on lol)
  14. I am surprised not to have found any topics on this, though I may have missed one. What are your OC's scared of/fears? Anything including irrational fears, or fears based off your personality would be okay. Honestly I cannot think of much for my OC, Foxy, except that she is scared of heights.
  15. So there's a "What's Your Sexuality" topic, why not make one for your OC/Ponysona? My Ponysona, Lucky Bolt, is a heterosexual female, like me. But one of my other OC ponies, named Thunder Bird, is asexual. I don't have a pic of her, but here's a picture of Lucky Bolt:
  16. What are your thoughts on Alicorn OCs, are there to many OP one or too many royal? I'd like to know what you think.
  17. Lucky Bolt’s pet is a black rabbit named Alice (after my irl pet rabbit). Here’s a picture of them together! What about y’all?
  18. Which one do you wanna see? Panda or Brown bear. Other oc: name a color, race etc Hint: the oc which is asked for will be shown >:3 /i don’t know where this thread goes, i’m sorry mods/
  19. Arrow Range in bed 5 days after getting bitten by a 'crazy' mare. This will took place in Dead Zone: Ponyville, however as long as Dead Equestria isn't complete, this story won't be available.
  20. From late teen Windy Breeze to young adult Windy Breeze. Note: Fix error in Windy wearing Royal Palm Resort receptionist uniform.
  21. This is the younger version of Windy Breeze before she moved to Ponyville. She was raised by a beach resort manager who found her unconscious on a plank at sea. Windy became the receptionist and the weather manager of her non-biological mother. Version 1: Version 2: her uniform added which she used when on duty. The fate of Windy's biological family and the cause how she was found unconscious at sea is left unknown.
  22. I made a new OC named Death Wish and drew a portrait of her. Here's the picture. The text was just a quick afterthought, so it might not be great, though it was kind of meant to look sketchy. What do you think?
  23. After all these years of being in the fandom and reading a lot of the fan fiction I now decided to really get going and make a story(and not give up on it after months of writers block). Hopefully it’ll be to others likings. Oh and, if you may not mind, should you find anything that needs critiquing, I’m all ears. Danke schoen. FimFiction link:
  24. Hi everypony! I hope you are doing well. I need a little help with my OC. Well, maybe more than "a little." So first things first. I'm still debating on color concepts. I narrowed it down to a bat pony since I think I can relate to being a night owl and can put more love and detail into the character. I want her to be a bat pony. Not a fruit bat pony like Fluttershy was. Though I love her wings. I need help deciding on the wings since both look nice. I've been wanting to do night time / cool color palettes since they make her cutie mark pop, but I don’t want to be another purple pony though. There are already too many Twilight like ponies out there. I’ve tweaked the colors to be a bit of an ombre color effect for a unique look for both coat and hair. The one thing I want to really keep is her burgundy hair. In shorts here is what I want: Keep the Burgundy hair (burgundy can range from a dark purple to red shades) Cool tones Don’t want another purple pony/ twilight clones Here are is a couple images of the ideas I have. I’m switching and swapping colors and win types around on both samples: For base A, she is leaning more towards warmer tones to go with her cutie mark. Her burgundy hair is leaning more to a reddish tone and darker colors. I was trying to steer away from Twilights soft purple coat. I’ve put the bat wings on this one since Luna’s bat ponies seem to portray more bat like qualities. Base B I was going more of a bluish purple for a cooler tone. Both her hair and coat are leaning more towards blue. I added more blue to her hair. I add fluttershy’s bat wings with how pretty they are and with a faint transparency to them like in the show. Last thing I want to talk about is her occupancy. Maybe she can be an artist. Are there such things are graphic designers in the MLP universe? I mean, someone who helps create banners, fliers, labels that go on bottles and glasses. Maybe she can be a freelance artist. I honestly have no idea what kind of job she could have besides being a guard for Luna. I don’t want her to be a fighter really. Here is a bit about her to help with ideas: Personality: A bit of an introvert. Would like to spend her nights quietly on a cloud or in her home. She gets easily stressed out when too many things come her way, which is why she would rather stay away from a lot of ponies if possible or tries to take on one assignment at a time so she doesn’t put too much stuff on her plate. She can also get distracted easily with other things and can lose track of time. She likes to draw, play video games, or watch movies at home. When she does go out, she likes to go to late night cafes, libraries, hiking through forest, or other quiet places with not many ponies. Likes: Quiet nights, music, drawing, gaming, cool breezes, walking in wooded trails in the late evening, animals of all kinds, rainy days inside, hot drinks, and cafes. Dislikes: Loud ponies, crowds, having to do multiple things at once, spiders (anything with a lot of legs really) Cutie Mark: What do you ponies think? Any suggest would be nice since I just can’t make up my mind on which wings or colors I like best. I think more detail about her might be needed, but I'm not sure. Do bat ponies come from Cloudsdale?
  25. Hey guys ^^ I was just wondering what your first OC's were? For me, I'm still developing my first, but I helped my mate design his if that counts for anything