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Found 2496 results

  1. 'Sup MLP Forums, how are you all doing? For those of you who may already know me, you may already be aware that my site username also happens to be the name of my Ponysona OC (and the name of my Music Channel on YouTube). However, I have started to notice that: 1. It may not make that much sense to use as a male pony name (despite some pony names literally having names that human beings also use, such as Cadence, Octavia, etc.). 2. I honestly feel a little cringy having my Ponysona OC using my real life nickname (and what I also use for personal real life branding), Jonny. It just doesn't sound right and feels out of place. 3. I did not know how to better name my Ponysona OC back then when he "became alive" back in 2014 when I asked someone to create an OC for me. And so because of this, I have been thinking to change my Ponysona OC's name to something else, such as these potential new names I came up with: - Shining Pipe (this might be a good name for my Ponysona OC) [Note, this name was inspired from Shining Armor and the sound producing part of a "pipe" organ] - Silver Pipe (sounds pretty generic to me personally) - Charming Stallion (according to the "Rum & Monkey" Pony name generator, lol) - Wild Pipe (not sure if my Ponysona is "wild" enough for that kind of name, lol) - Tin Pipe (as in the material organ pipes tend to consist of) - Steel Pipe (same as above) - Silver Whistle (<-- crowd favourite right here. Still deciding on making it official or not) (The last 4 were found/inspired from the My Little Pony name generator from the Fantasy Name Generators) UPDATE! (new names!): - Lucky Pipe - Lucky Whistle (The reason for "lucky" is due to the association the colour green (my OC's coat colour) has with luck)) If you have any name suggestions or if you happen to disagree with my thought of changing the name in any way, please feel free to share your thoughts, I'll be looking forward to them. Also for reference, you'll see an updated image of my OC attached.
  2. Lucky Bolt

    Show us your MLP Movie pony!

    Show us the pony you created on the MLP Movie pony OC creator! You can find it here: Here's my pony, tried to get her to look as close to Lucky Bolt as possible
  3. Hi all, Just wondering how I am copyright-wise with regards to Hasbro. I am writing a novel featuring horse like aliens in a futuristic setting. They can walk either quadruped or biped, and change their forehooves into hands when needed. They are also able to use telekinesis. Most have wings, but they can only glide and use them to aid in parkour ect. not fly outright. Would I be okay with copyright as far as Hasbro is concerned? It has no relation to the MLP world in any way, but I know how weird copyright can get at times, as they are pretty much Pegasi in all but name. Hasbro couldn't own the rights to the concept itself? Just thought I'd ask before I have cover art drawn up and everything. I would rather not, but I could change them to have a hybrid bat/feathered wing design instead. Here's a sketch I did of the two leads, the main character on the right, and her 11 year old son on the left. Thanks a bunch.
  4. Stanpai

    Request OC Signature

    Hey Everypony! I am in need of a signature of my OC Sugar Snap! I have added a picture for reference if anyone would be able to do this i would love them forever!! Thank You!!
  5. Stanpai

    Creating an OC

    I have recently been working on mu very first fully fledged OC! As i am sure some of you have seen I have been asking around some RP images and i cannot wait for everyone to hear about my new OC Sugar Snap! While i still need to work out all the kinks and get a full character sheet sorted out I cannot wait to get started and show everyone this pony I've come to love!
  6. I just thought about this one today and I was wondering. How would ponies feel if they see their OC in the background or with one of the Mane 6 of the show? Think about how cool and awesome it would be to see your OC in the show. For example, I would want my OC to hangout with Pinkie Pie while we are both having a fun time dancing, sharing laughs, and becoming friends as we party together at one of her parties🎊🎉🎈!!!!! Or my OC can hangout with trixie and help her with her magic show! Or my OC could chill with one of the background ponies. What does everypony think?
  7. Laina Charm

    Request Shop Free Sketches of your OCs!

    Hi 👋🏻 I’m Laina and I am a bored artist. I will make a sketch of your OCs, free of charge. Just pm me, telling me the following: Their colour scheme. Their race. Their gender. Their cutie mark. A bit of their personality. And any other useful bits of information you may have to offer. I am also a writer and will gladly listen to your OCs’ backstory to provide useful tips or just to listen. Now, these will be simple sketches as I don’t have my apple pen 🍎 🖊. However, I will be getting a new one and if you wish for me to create a proper OC, I would gladly oblige but you will have to wait. Here are some examples of sketches I have done: The Background isn’t mine.
  8. Have you ever wanted your OC in a game? Well, I'm making a RPG maker game that needs background ponies. The OCs will be in towns I made up and will have dialogue, sprites, etc. The sprites of the OCs will be made by me, and the story plot will also be made be me. You will play the Mane 6 as they journey around a new world, going through the OC towns and communities. Naturally, I'll need a ton of OCs. You will be credited for your character and the game will be entirely free. Game updates and the finished project will be posted here. Please keep in mind this is my first game. If you want your OC in the game, you'll have to reply to this with the following: 1. A reference picture or detailed description of the character 2. A good bio of the character 3. The name you'd like me to use in the credits YOU MAY SUMBIT MORE THAN ONE CHARACTER! Please submit your characters! Thank you for reading!
  9. Sig Hoovestrong

    What's worst OC you seen?

    Well i would just like, to hear of the worst OC, you seen out there, if this either is cause of looks, like for example horrible color scheme. Our just bad in general characters story, that just want to make you wanna vomit all over it. I sure people have far share of bad OC story's out there. So, show me what got.
  10. CinnamonPop

    Ask Cinnamon Pop (OC)

    Hi everypony! as the title says, i'll be taking questions!
  11. SteampunkLlama

    Drew my ponysona!!

    been wanting to experiment with a more painted/lineless style to my current one and id say thjs turned out pretty well!! :DD
  12. ambergerr

    Ambergerr's Art Shop [OPEN]

    Hi! If you're interested in commissioning me, go to my shop here: So, before we get into the pricing and such, a few terms to consider: I WILL: Draw any canon MLP species (ponies, griffons, dragons, zebras, etc.) Draw felines or canines not related to the MLP universe Draw couples of any orientation Draw kissing, cuddling, hugging Draw OCs Draw humanized pony-related characters ONLY IF you have a reference Draw mild gore/violence (discuss with me to determine limits - I'm pretty open with this one) I WILL NOT: Draw pornography/sexually explicit content or fetishes Draw very complicated machines or related items (just not good at it) Other rules/info: All prices are in USD. All works include a free simple background (see examples below). Highly detailed backgrounds will cost an extra $5-10 depending on the complexity. Each extra character costs an additional $5 (for sketch and line art commissions, an extra $3). I can draw traditionally (pencil, pen, colored pencil, watercolor) or digitally -- please specify which you would prefer! I can draw either in my own style or in a show-accurate style -- please specify which you would prefer! Here is what I mean: Okay! Now that all that's out of the way, here are your options! $6 Sketch examples: (Last one would be $9 because it's +$3/extra character in a sketch) $12 Line art examples: (CMC would be $18 because it's +$3/extra character in line art) $15 Headshot examples: $25 Flat Colors examples: $35 Shading examples: (the CMC and "Happy Birthday" ones have free simple backgrounds; two unicorns with the rainbow have a $5 bg; other pieces have $10 bgs) $60 Reference Sheet examples: I think that just about covers everything! If you're interested in any of these please let me know and we can discuss! ^^ Of course the more I have to do the longer your commission may take depending on where you are on the list and how detailed you want your piece to be. Thanks for taking a look! If you want more examples of my work, or want to see the work above at a higher quality, you can look at my DeviantArt! Current queue: Full piece (shaded, complex background) - Status: Coloring Headshot 1 - Status: Sketched Headshot 2 - Status: Sketched Reference Sheet: Status - Preparing info
  13. Pucksterv

    Slumber (Ponysona)

    This is my new ponysona, the cutest sleepiest bat. She is female but prefer they/them pronouns Bisexual bat <3
  14. Pucksterv

    Eleos O'Marey

    This is Eleos, she is my old ponysona I still love her to bits <3 but batpone is better She is just a smol ball of floof. Link to refs:
  15. Alexshy

    Sad Tuning the melody

    I messed the topic, guess I'm still not arrant in the flow. Apologies. Tis another story about mine OC Dawn, written as the response to the social experiment by Flutterpriest on FimFiction: More than two years passed since Bittersweet story, Dawn passed fire and ice and trumpets. One day she got a strange letter. After reading and prolonged hesitation whether to reply or not, she grasps her nerves and... Hither goeth: --- Hi Melody! Nice to meet a beautiful pony (I think everypony making art is beautiful and I’m not talking about the looks only… and mostly) with a beautiful name. It sings. No need to call me Penny… Heh! My name is Dawn. Quite optimistic, isn’t it? I would like to match that name completely… Anyway, that should lessen the awkwardness, shouldn’t it? Awkwardness… For an IT mare, which spends more time with machines than living ponies, it’s almost the second name. Your letter is pretty normal; believe me – the one who reads the fault notifications (with user suggestions) daily. For one who came through an incident with a stalker, awkwardness tends to become the first name even. The same reason makes me the last pony to judge you, completely open or not. I stopped judging ponies since long ago… So, I’m a mare, as I have already said. As for the looks… I have a few scars from the less happy years with my husband my previous life. Nothing too critical though. Truth be told, I learned to judge ponies by the look not. I wish I learned it earlier the easier way. I live in Ponyville. Currently… Actually, I’ve driven half of Equestria hiding from several years ago. Canterlot. A beautiful city… Well, it depends. I’ve seen both sides of it, Melody. I think, regardless of where you are – big city or some village, troubles can find you, even if you don’t seek for them. Sometimes at the least expected moment. And the shady ponies aren’t the worst of them. When the one you lived happily with for a few years turns shady… or I think it’s simply easier to overcome all those, staying closer to Nature… Have you ever thought of moving to Canterlot outskirts at least? It’s not much of a difference for the delivery and agents. But the look, the air. You are lucky, having a beautiful tree under your window, Melody. I remember, we had a brick wall, when we [blot] Well, about me… I live alone in my house. Never thought I could return to that place after the cli two years ago. But that’s all I have and… it brings happy memories. More than Even if it’s too big for a single mare. Employment in a big IT company has its undoubted advantages: I can work remotely, rarely hitting the road to Canterlot or Manehettan branch office. I prefer driving; can’t make myself enter a train compartment for quite a while. In practice, the remote work means typing, typing and again… typing. All day long. Which, with my hobby – writing (although, I don’t have much time for it, unfortunately), gives even more typing at the end of the day. You can’t imagine Writing to you was such a relief. Pen, paper… I hope my hoofwriting is readable at least. Haha! I signed for that Penpal service, because I feel lonely, more and more each day. Even in the middle of the large herd which I’m not a fan of, even if almost everypony here is friendly, despite… I get along with a few mares here, but I’m still behind the glass, sorta… We were going to be open with each other. Well! Do you want to know what I fear most of all, Melody? Not silence. There is a much scarier sound. The sound of the storm and rain drumming the house, when you are inside [blot] The worst thing in my life happened under that “music” Alas, I can’t avoid it, when I’d like to, most often I curl under my blanket hoofing my ears shut. When it’s warm outside, I ran to the open. The rain is not scary there. Often to the field nearby. You can see everything around It is more bearable that way. I know how you feel, Melody. Maybe not to the letter, but… Interesting fact, the most awful things in my life happened to me inside, in the “tranquil and homely” atmosphere, when those I supposed to trust, were near. If you want, I will tell you someday. I’m still working on my trust issues I need to grasp my nerves for that. Outside… It’s big indeed. Enough space for one to escape expect for some help, if it’s needed. Although, I admit it turns out weird sometimes. Even with lots of nice ponies I think I have too much space in my house as well. But that’s different. Never mind. I love how dedicated and inspire you sound, when it comes to your art, Melody. How responsible. I always valued responsibility high, maybe even to it becoming my weakness some tried to abuse Still, it awesome how involved you are in your artwork. Please, Melody, don’t be too involved all the time. No art is too dark, Melody. Even for Equestria. Maybe it’s your agent, failing to track the target audience, not the art. Threatening is not an option, regardless of the situation. Anyway! I got an idea. I happen to know a few art agents The only useful legacy of my husband I’m still on good terms with two of them. Well, if a few e-mails a year can be called that way. Still, they used the company service and… I’ll write you the names, being a painter you know them well most likely. If you are okay with that idea, I’ll suggest them to have a look at your art. Then, well, it will depend on your agent. Any autumn tree painted with soul and feel involved is unique, even if there are millions of them. Mind that coming from an IT mare. The idea with the night scene is… I don’t know how you make the accents visible in night light, but, well, I’m not an artist. I believe you can do that. Although, I see the scene a little differently. I’ll elaborate later. One more idea… Two unrelated to IT ideas a day! Ohhhh, that makes my coat crawl. So, to the point, right? I’m going to be in Canterlot that weekend. Under the certain tree. Simply being there. You won’t mistake. You can see me then. I can’t promise, my lungs allow you to hear me, nor I assume you want that. Do you? You can use that rope properly then, Melody… Throwing one end out of the window, so I can clip another letter to it. Screw that post service. From hoof to hoof. I’m taking a sketchpad with me, a nice change from the keyboard. I’ll tell you my story what I can I can’t promise to be lighter. And then we’ll see. Maybe you want to paint that autumn tree in the moonlight then. And two mares under that tree. Talking. That, of course, doesn’t mean that you and I shouldn’t write any more letters meanwhile. Right now I need at least one. A single word is enough, if you are okay with that idea – simply yes or no. While I have nerves to go You have a friend now, Melody! I’m not pretending to be the best one or simply a good one, only time will show. Just keep going. I care, Dawn P.S.: Speaking of scratched out parts… It took me some effort to actually dare to send this We could make a contest someday!
  16. This is art I made last night of Pinkie Pie and my OC MoonPetal!
  17. qwerE


    I used to draw for fun, but for the past year or so I didn't because I couldn't find anything interesting to draw. However, after recently finding out MLP:FiM and watching other people's OCs, I got my interest in drawing again. It just looked like so much fun! I don't consider this OC to be a representation of myself. I just drew what felt interesting to me. Character description Name: Whirlwind Ability: Corrupts files in your PC
  18. Catpone Cerberus

    Wild Bellflower (OC)

    Name: Wild Bellflower Gender: Female Species: Unicorn Talent: Magic Personality and morals: As herself, Bellflower is kind and friendly pony, generally happy, doesn't like harming anyone. When taken over by magic, she's pretty much the opposite Skills outside talent: Reading old ponyish and other ancient languages. Source of income: - Backstory in short: Potion's twin-sister. Was brought up by her foster family as their own in Manehattan. Her childhood was as normal as it could be for an unicorn, school, friends, and learning magic. At some point during that time she got interested in old languages and started to self-study them. After coming to right age, she moved away from her parents, still staying in Manehattan, and focused on learning new magic. After undefined amount of of studying, Bellflower found herself becoming more and more hungry for new, more powerful magic, until one day, a new unspecified spell she tested was too much for her, and the magic quite literally broke out of her through several points in her body, causing her to fall unconscious for a day. After Bellflower woke up, she didn't quite remember what had happened, but when she walked to a mirror, she realized that she was missing a piece of her horn, and that there was blue and red wound like marks around her body. Naturally she went to see a doctor, but regardless of several tests over several weeks, they weren't able to figure out what they were. Bellflower spend her next week trying to figure out what happened, but with no avail, any of the spells she had studied that day had nothing about weird marks around the body, and it seemed that for some reason, she hadn't written down anything to her journals before testing the unspecified spell. Then, one late evening when she was going to wash up after busy day of things not going like she would have liked them to, she suddenly felt a rush of magic inside her, and her body ignited with magic pouring out of her horn and from the mysterious marks. She could only stare into the mirror where there was now gray pony staring back at her with white glowing eyes, red mane flowing like it was made of fire, and flaming armor and pair of flaming wings. But there was something that scared her more than the monster in the was the fact that she couldn't control that monster, she tried to move, but she couldn't budge, and instead, an uncontrollable grin rose to her face, a satisfied grin.... After that point Bellflower's life revolved around finding a solution to her problem, and doing the best to try stop from it doing any harm to anyone, which unfortunately didn't always succeed. At some point Bellflower went through his father's journals, where she found out that her parents weren't her biological parents, and most importantly, that she has a twin-brother named Magic Potion. After learning that and bunch of other things about her actual origins, she set to find this brother, and thanks to a help of an stranger, a weird cat-pony hybrid that seemed to know more than he should, she knew to go to Ponyville, where she learned his brother's location... OCs who she has met but aren't in backstory: She
  19. Coming over from MLPArena, which is a lot more focused on collecting and real ponies from what I've seen, I've so far only tended to see ponysona OCs, not vast amounts of OCs in general. I even made my own ponysona, Sabina! But thats it. So if you are either an avid OC maker, or just happy with your own little ponysona (or both!) what are you reasons behind it either way? Why do you create characters, and what do you use them for? Art, stories? And who is your ponysona, if you have one? Do they reflect you as a person, or just a bunch of things you like! I'll add my ponysona, Sabina! She's a Sparkle Pony from the G1 line (and Ive decided a G4 Crystal Pony).
  20. Catpone Cerberus

    Magic Potion (OC)

    by Pripyat pony. Name: Magic Potion Gender: Male Species: Unicorn Talent: Potions, poisons, acids, bottled magic.... Personality and morals: Rather deadpan/passive, Strong follower/believer of "You reap what you sow.", Loner, Fearless, Potions=life. Doesn't have morals, makes decisions based on what is best choice for him. Skills outside talent: fighting/combat, sensing magic, knowledge about creatures, plants and magic. other things. Source of income: Random favors and such, studying magic too risky to be studied by more important ponies (like princesses.), selling potions etc. Backstory in short: Parents are Unicorn and Pegasus. Has a twin-sister, but she was adopted pretty much right away to other family so for most of his life, Potion has been unaware about this fact. His childhood was mostly normal, only differences being that he was that he was home-schooled and that his father basically brainwashed him to what he is now. In his bloodline the first unicorn born to the family gets the name Potion, and after the father dies, the son gains the name Magic in front of Potion. Lived his childhood in unnamed town, and there he met and became friends with Gleaming Grin and The Wanderer. After reaching the age to move out, Potion headed to Ponyville, but after few months, he came to the conclusion that it was hard to work on his potions there and moved to abandoned house that was carved into a tree deep in the Everfree forest, and lives there still. After undefined amount of years of him moving there, his father passed, thus giving him his first name, and forwarding 300-400 years old family curse to him. During his time there lot has happened, he met his childhood friends several times, working with them in various things, but one of them (GG) was eventually taken over by sentient mask, the same mask that 300-400 years ago had caused the chain of events that had lead to the Potion's bloodline's curse. He also at some point met mysterious cat-pony hybrid, who helped him with some things and knew oddly lot. Said hybrid disappeared from his life as quickly as he had appeared, leaving Potion with only unexplained appreciation towards cats and lot of questions. At some point, Potion also met a red dragon from outside Equestria with ability to transform into a pony (Ruby Shine) but that didn't lead to anything else than he getting some dragon-based ingredients in exchange for some favors.The last noticeable event in his life was when he met his sister for the first time. OCs who he has met but aren't in backstory: All but Staunch Fidelity and Nada.
  21. Catpone Cerberus

    Bit of Backstory for She(OC)

    (Repost due changing blogs) Just for starters, I'd like you to know that, this is m First ever story of any kind in English. It's kinda a backstory to my OC, She. Or at least some history about Her. Warning: Slightly dark, includes death. But not in detail. Characters: Daisychain: White pegasus mare with beautiful blonde mane and tail. Magic Potion: Dark blue stallion with short brown mane and tail. Unicorn. Potion junior (Called Junior): Male unicorn baby. The nameless mare (also known as She): 300-400 years ago from present day... Potion was heading home, he had been collecting some plants around close by forest for his potion research. He had focused to collecting so much that he had forgotten to check time, and now it was getting late. As he approached the house, he could tell that something wasn't right. From window next to the front door, light was shining through like usual, but the window seemed to be frosty from inside. Potion opened the front door carefully, ”Daisychain?” cold air hit his face and when he entered the hallway, he froze. The hallway, no, the whole house was filled with fog. From the living room Daisychain's scared voice was heard. ”Potion?” ”Daisychain!?” Potion rushed to the living room and was met with strange light blue mare looking at a picture of his family, and Daisychain in the corner of the room standing over Junior, staring at the mare. Potion lit his horn, ”Who are you? And what are you doing in our house?”. The mare turned towards Potion ”I'm not surprised you don't recognize me Potion” ”My appearance has changed quite bit since we last met.” Potion took step forward ”Answer to my question!”. The mare looked towards Daisychain with her empty eyes, ”You have beautiful family Potion, something I always wanted.” ”Potion...?” Potion shook his head slowly, ”I have no idea what you are talking about.” ”Two years ago....I was so happy Potion” The mare looked sad as she turned back at Potion ”We were made for each other.”. Daisychain looked at Potion confused ”Potion, what is she talking about?” Potion shot magic at the mare. ”Cut the nonsense! Daisychain, get Junior safe.” The mare moved to block the door with unnaturally quick dash, ”oh no, I don't think so Potion, she'll have to hear the truth.”, ”truth?” Potion stared at the mare, he was angry, ”There is no 'truth', mare she are talking about is long dead.””Dead? You haven't told....” ”Of course he haven't, he killed me!” Daisychain was shocked, ”What! I-is that true Potion” ”Of course n...!” ”Lies!” The mare dashed towards Daisychain sending her flying to another side of the room and was now standing over Junior who was so terrified that he didn't even cry. ”Tell me Potion, are your secrets more important than your family...” She raised her hoof, like she was preparing to attack Junior ”Stop!” Potion shouted ”If you are who you say you are, how?” ”The Mask” ”That mask...” Daisychain got herself back to her hoofs and in mix of panic and anger looked at Potion. ”Who is she Potion? Why is she here?” ”I...” ”I explain” The mare carried Junior to Daisychain before turning towards Potion, ”Two years ago Potion and I were like you two are now.” ”Then he poisoned me.” ”You can't imagine what it feels like, to wake up and feel nothing but cold, to find out you're dead.” ”I didn't know what happened to me first, but when I got to know, I could't believe it first” she was rather hostile towards Potion now ”I thought he loved me, I gave him everything!” Potion tried to explain ”I did...But that mask corrupted you, it was best for everyone.” The mare launched at him throwing him over, ”Who are you to choose what is best for me! You stole my life!” Potion slowly lifted himself back up, the attack had hurt. He spoke quietly, ”And every night and day I have been filled with regret bigger than you can imagine.” The mare then got closer and whispered to Potion's ear, ”It's too late for apologizes, goodbye my love.” She then kicked him, killing him. ”Potion!” Daisychain ran next to Potion, ”No!”. The mare looked at Potion's body, ”He paid the price from his actions.” She then turned towards Magic Potion Junior, ”From this point on, shall Potion's name be cursed with my presence.” Then she and the fog disappeared leaving only baby and his mother with Potion's lifeless body. THE END It's far from perfect, I know that, but it's what it it, and will be.
  22. (repost due moving from blog to another) Now, just so you know, I'm not a writer, so don't expect a masterpiece, only thing I do related to writing is RPs, thus next story is written almost like a roleplay. Is there mistakes, grammar or otherwise? probably, will I fix them? probably not, I made this mostly for myself. Story about Magic Potion and his sister meeting for the first time. Characters: Magic Potion "Dialogue" Thinking. Wild Bellflower "Dialogue" "Also dialogue" 'She' "Dialogue" It was calm evening in Everfree forest, Potion was just finishing up his notes for a day when he heard sound of magic and single grunt of frustration from outside. He immediately left his notes and looked out from the only window his house had, and saw a mare who looked oddly similar to him, in fact, she looked just like Potion, light blue coat, blonde short mane, and blue eyes, a perfect clone, except for being a mare. She's stuck outside the barrier, that's not a good sign. Potion had created a magical barrier around his home to keep out a certain pain in a flank, a ghost that had swore to haunt the stallions of his family until end of time, something about his ancestor from little over 300 years ago poisoning her, that aside, said barrier also kept any other magical threat outside it, meaning that this lookalike had something in her she didn't let to show outside. Potion was just going to ignore the mare but then she called for him "Hey, you in the window!" "Do you happen to know somepony called Magic Potion around here?!" and potion froze, that voice, it sounded just like his mother's, he shook his head, impossible, he had to be just imagining it, but the mare continued "I have been searching for a week now, and your house is only house around here!" and only sounded more and more familiar by every word. Potion grunted as he walked to the door, he had to see what this mare had to say, if nothing else, he wanted to know why she looked like him and sounded like his mother. He opened the door and walked face to face with the mare, still staying inside the protective barrier just in case. Now that he had a closer look, Potion noticed few odd details about this mare, first was her broken horn, she seemed to be missing a piece from tip of her horn, not big enough to interfere with her magic usage, but still noticeable chunk. But what quickly took his attention, were the several marks on the mares body, from which one was red and rest were blue, they looked almost like open wounds, but they were shut and like said, blue. "So, what do you want?" Potion's voice was cold, he wasn't known for being the kindest pony around, not that there was too many ponies in the Everfree forest. The mare looked almost stunned when she realized that Potion was who she had been looking for, her voice was now careful but excited "Potion?!" she reached her hoof slowly towards Potion, but it was stopped by the barrier, which made her visibly sad. "Who are you, and what do you want?" the mare pulled her hoof away and spoke with lot less excitement "My name is Wild Bellflower, and I'm your twin sister..." she sighed "...and I assume our parents never talked about me." Potion was shocked, a twin sister? 'She' had mentioned something about a sister, but he had figured it was just one of its usual lies, he didn't want to believe Bellflower, not that he was against the idea of having a sister, but this mare, there was something wrong with her, this could easily be a trap, Potion had quite a list of enemies after all. "No, they haven't, though somepony else has mentioned that being a possibility." he looked Bellflower in the eye "But why would I believe you're her?" "Why would my sister be stopped by a barrier made specially to block threat's?" "What are you hiding?" Bellflower looked heartbroken at Potion's words "T-threat..." "What do you mean?" she was tearing up, but before she could continue, another voice echoed around her.... "It's simple really..." fog started building around Bellflower, only area clear from fog being inside the barrier where Potion was "....Potion has made a barrier to stop me from bothering him by stopping any creatures of powerful magic entering without his permission..." a light blue mare formed from the fog and walked next to Bellflower, pulling her head with her ice cold hooves towards herself until their snouts touched, causing Bellflower to try pull herself away from the mare, unsuccessfully, as her tears froze solid on her cheek from the cold ".....And you....the unwanted failure of the Potion family tree....there's something you're not showing."Bellflower was terrified, and she tried to push the painfully-cold mare away, but her hooves only went through her foggy body and she could feel the frostbites forming as they passed the most outer layer of the mare. "Aright, that's enough." Potion's voice came through and the mare let Bellflower go, who collapsed sitting, holding her painfully-cold snout with her hooves "So you suddenly care about your sister?" Bellflower too looked towards potion with mixture of hearthbroke and fear "So you're saying she is my sister?" the fog had started forming tighter around Bellflower, and it started forming hooves that wrapped their ice-cold form around the blue mare, she tried to get away but this time the barrier blocked her only escape route,"Answer me!" Bellflower pleaded Potion to let her through, she would have cried, but her tears froze before they could formed "Please Potion, I beg you, please..." she went silent for a bit, then new voice came out of her mouth "Get off me!" and wave of magic was sent around her, it caused the ghostly mare and her fog to disappear completely, and it was strong enough to visibly crack the magical barrier around Potion, and to throw him off balance. It took few seconds for Potion to clear regain his balance and thoughts after the blast, he got up and turned towards the direction where Bellflower had been when the wave of magic happened, and to his shock, it was totally different mare who was standing there, in place of Potion's lookalike, there was purple-gray pony with red flaming mane and white glowing eyes, her broken horn was in red flames and her hooves and and body were surrounded by blue flames, and finally, there were the wings, wings of blue flame. She was just standing there, staring at him with blank expression on her face, there was something too familiar about that expression, it was the soulless expression of his father. The magic flames were coming from the wound like marks. Suddenly, Bellflower slammed her hooves against the barrier "Why you do this to me!?" Potion had to back up few steps, he could feel the power from the slam, but that wasn't the only reason, her voice also made Potion feel tightening in his heart , it sounded just like his mother, but with great amount of feeling betrayed mixed in "I have been searching for you since I first heard you existed, and you cast me out?!" "Leave me to sadistic ghost to play with?!" she slammed again, the cracks grew bigger "Is this how you treat family?" "Who am I kidding, Of course it is! That's how father taught you! That's why we were separated in the first place!" she slammed the barrier again, this time with her whole body, it caused the ground next to it to crack, her hostile tone got hint of sadness mixed in "Is it too much to ask to have a family!?" next slam, this time she came through and started walking towards Potion, her horn getting lit with magic, Potion backed up until his house came in the way, he closed his eyes, he found it funny, he had more enemies he could count, yet he would meet his doom in hoofs of his sister, only because he didn't want to listen what she had to say....such a fitting fate..... Suddenly Bellflower let out a scream and Potion opened his eyes, she was back to normal, though she was full on tears "No...that's not me..." she looked Potion into his eyes, and he saw his mother's eyes pleading to him "Please me." The end.
  23. This is my ponysona! Its my first art piece of her that I made myself. It didn't take very long to make (her back legs took the longest) and I know I can improve so any criticism is welcomed! I hope you all enjoy!!
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    Romance You Make My Heart Flutter

    My Equestria Girls fanfic with Fluttershy and my OC is now on Fimfiction! Sky Scraper's life has hit a low point. He's just broken another boy's jaw and as a result has found himself kicked out of Crystal Prep Academy. When he transfers to Canterlot High, he hopes that he will enjoy his new school much more than his old one. He's always been somewhat of a loner, but upon starting anew at CHS, he instantly feels like he belongs. After all, why wouldn't he? He's found a group of friends to hang out with, met some old ones as well, and on top of all that, has one gigantic crush. Can Sky Scraper overcome his awkwardness and get the girl of his dreams? Find out in You Make My Heart Flutter!
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    Spacey's Shop Welcome to my shop, feel free to roam around and check out my art. You can also check out my art on my DA account HERE. Rules: 1. Must adhere to when things are opened and closed 2. Art time ranges from a week to months to finish, please be patient 3. Any ponies from show and/or your own OC 4. You must have a pose in mind Requests (PM me) Art Trades (OPEN) Collabs (OPEN) Livestream (OFFLINE) (Link below) l V Form Layout: (provide this when you propose a trade or a pm request) OC's Name: References for color or color you want OC to be: Extras: (can add things like hats/glasses/bows/flowers etc...) Pose: Previous artwork examples: (If you want to trade) If you have any questions feel free to ask. Request List -Sapphiredragoon's Sapphire Radiance- (100%) -lightning flash's Lightning Flash- (100%) -Thunder-Wing's Thunderwing- (100%) -Sterling Crimson's Sterling Crimson and Blue Note- (100%) -Gemini Eclipsed's Celcius- (100%) -nioniosbbbb's Artemis Featherclaw- (100%) -Auriel's Skyshot-(100%) -TheAmazingPinkito's OC-(100%) -Alicornification's Lightning Spark-(100%) -Boo's Petal Spell-(100%) -C. Thunder Dash's Addie-(100%) -Silverhope's Ocean Lily-(100%) -Pripyat Pony's Melody-(100%) -Everleaf's Everleaf-(100%) -Frozen Timelord's Midnight Frost-(100%) -Flooter Do's Sound Off- (100%) -Vitani's Midnight Shade-(100%) -Tone Shift's Kaymen Blooblood-(100%) -SuperCat's darkleroy10-(100%) -Alicorn Fluttershy's OC & Friend-(100%) -Damonater's Dam -(100%) -Dovashy's Steller Nova-(100%) -Hibiscus Bloom's Hibiscus Bloom-(100%) -Midnight Starfall's Skyla & Destiny-(100%) -BinaryPony's OC-(100%) -Sapphiredragoon's Star Dancer-(100%) -JennaBun's Jennabun-(100%) -Penny Senpai's Sweet Pen-(100%) -Pinkie Fazbear v1.6's OC-(100%) -TrevorGoesBrony's Green Dart-(100%) -Tao's North-(100%) -Sonata Dusk's Dove & Spark-(100%) -Maxwell237's Carter (Deviantart)-(100%) -Midnight Starfall's Stoneheart-(100%) -DJ Shy-3's DJ Shy-3 & Zamkin-(100%) -InvaderZen1234's Silvia (Deviantart)-(100%) -SonicRainboom2.0's Pin Point & Ed Ponies-(100%) -Cadance's OC(Private Message)-(100%) -Discordsboomboom's oc's- (100%) -Shadowking58's Moonlit Ace-(Shaded)(100%) -Pat.Rio.T.'s Pat-(100%) -Monotoneinkwell's Monotone Inkwell (Deviantart)-(100%) -Kagome235's Cocanut Cake-(100%) -Stormlight's Stormlight-(100%) -SopranoAurora's Soprano-(100%) -Houndoom's Hurricane-(100%) -Hyperhooves Request (Private message)-(100%) -Photon Jet's Photon Jet-(100%) -Pixie Doodle's Pixie Doodle-(100%) -nx9100's Ennex-(Custom Sketch)(100%) -WheatleyCore's Puzzle Piece-(100%) -Midnight Muse's OC's-(100%) -TwilyFan13's OC- (100%) -KingF1@m31990's OC-(100%) -Paladin's OC-(100%) -Pucksterv's Trivy-(100%) -TwilyFan's13's OC-(100%) -TwilightAqua's Aqua-(100%) -Buzz's Buzz-(100%) -Twisted Cyclone's Twisted Cyclone-(100%) -DJ Neon's OC & Pokemon-(100%) -Twilyfan13's OC-(100%) -JonasDarkmane's OC-(100%) -C. Thunder Dashe's OC-(100%) -Miss Tesla Rae's OC- (100%) -DJ Neon's DJ Neon-(100%) -DwhitetheGamer's Copper Strikes-(100%) -Stormlight's Stormlight-(100%) -Shadow Strike's Night Shadow-(100%) -DJ Gumball's DJ Gumball & Bass Berry-(100%) -TwilyFan13's OC-(100%) -Prophet's Camellia-(100%) -Sweet Pen's Eireli-(100%) -Auriel's Windshear-(100%) -Spark Thunderbass's OC-(100%) -DaughterofAvalons's Moonshine Melody-(100%) -El Duderino's Treble-(100%) -Moon Surgar's OC- Christmas Gift(100%) -Devinisme's OC- Christmas Gift(100%) -Mentis Soliloquy's OC-(100%) -Stormy Ventures's Umbra (Discord)-(100%) -Nightmare Star's OC-(100%) -GlimGlam04's Starlight Glimmer-(100%) -Chystal Snow's OC-(100%) -C. Thunder Dash's OC-(100%) -Flying's OC's (Discord)-(100%) -Stormy Ventures OC (Discord)-(100%) -Kitsune's OC (Discord)-(100%) -BIO675's OC's (DA)-(100%) -Caramel Gust's OC (Discord)-(100%) Trixie the Evil's OC (100%) Tilgoreth's OC (100%) Techno Universal's OC (100%) Lucky Bolt's OC (100%) Pixel Dusk's OC (100%) RDFan89's OC (100%) Trade List -Mistpelt's Ponysona-(100%) -Nai's Ponysona-(100%) -Scourge707's OC-(100%) -SpectraDust's OC-(100%) -Pirpyat Pony OC-(100%) -Changling Neon's OC-(100%) -StarNote's OC-(100%) -C. Thunder Dash's OC-(100%) -icyfire888's OC-(100%) MaryxMelody's OC (100%) Ezerona's OC (100%) Collab List -ginkoandlulu's OC(DA)-(100%) Smash that brohoof if you like! l l l V