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Found 7 results

  1. hey guys. I'm working on a new My Little Pony video and I need some help . it's a pony analysis on the magic of Equestria (so original) and I need a list of strong instances of magic explained, demonstrated, exemplified. examples I have so far ~ Sombra in general Twilight using dark magic after Celestia showed her Twilight using dark magic as alicorn Twilight's rant in "Feeling Pinkie Keen" the Trixie episode the princesses transferring their magic to Twilight Tirek in general the little ponies in general the Everfree forest all the stuff Starlight Glimmer can do​ Cutie-marks in general.. if I missed any I'll appreciate it if you help me find more instances of the behavior of magical in the show.
  2. Have you seen anything posted on Facebook that you found bad or disgraceful? My Facebook account is deactivated now but during the times when it was active, I saw: - People kissing/making out with each other: I'm sorry, but I don't like it when people post pictures like that on social media. It makes me think that they're doing it for none other than the likes and attention. - Relationship Statuses: I hate relationship status updates because they violate privacy. Is it necessary to tell the world that you are in a relationship with someone? Shouldn't it be kept mostly personal? - Picture of someone in the hospital: I once looked into my mom's account and I saw one of my relatives posting a picture of her mom (who is very old and in serious condition) in the hospital. I found that extremely offensive and also makes me think that people want everything to be public. There are other things I saw but these three took the cake.
  3. Simply put has there ever been anything in the show, or even the fandom for that matter, that you find ironic or contradictory? Not necessarily in a bad way either. Here's a classic example between Applejack and Rarity: Its even more uniquely ironic because, even more ironically, Applejack is the only one of the Mane 6 to consistently wear ANY clothes at all - that being her stetson hat. Its also further ironic because Applejack is the person of the Mane 6 that cares the least about clothes and wearing it, unlike Rarity, and yet she more than likely has an attachment to her hat, whereas Rarity consistently wears no clothes at all, despite having a career in designing and making clothes. Have at it ya'll.
  4. I'm probably going to get a little backlash for this, but don't judge until you read the entire paragraph... A lot of people, both inside and outside the fandom, talk about how male Bronies are basically defying gender roles. They're watching a show about colorful ponies, after all, in a society where men are expected to like violence, blood, and boobs. It's a good point, of course. But what I've noticed is that male Bronies (most of them) aren't really defying gender roles at all. Let me elaborate: Yes, they watch a show full of colorful ponies, something thought to be for females only. But I've seen Bronies trying to defend their love for the show by pointing out how manly it supposedly is underneath the girly stuff. Remember that Twilight vs. Tirek battle from the season 4 finale? Half the comments on YouTube were something along the lines of "If it has an epic battle in it, there's no way it's for little girls", heavily implying that anything with a cool battle scene in it is automatically masculine and "proves" that the show can be for men as well. The same thing happens with all battle scenes in MLP that are posted on YouTube. At least half of the comments are male Bronies trying to use the battle scene as proof that the show can be enjoyed by men. In other words, they're just aiding the traditional idea that men are supposed to like violence and explosions, rather than pointing to the show at large and saying "This show is well-written". I know not all Bronies are like this, but there are a decent few. My main point is that not all Bronies are defying gender roles. Quite a large number of them are just trying to make the show fit into their gender role. Your thoughts?
  5. I recently realized that Dave Polsky and Corey Powell seem to often link their episodes together in some form. For example: -Just For Sidekicks links directly to Games Ponies Play. -Games Ponies Play, Rainbow Falls, and Equestria Games are linked via the arc. -Sleepless in Ponyville and For Whom the Sweetie Bell Toils are linked via Luna. -Twilight Time and Inspiration Manifestation show Twilight taking on more of her princess role. Do you think this is likely? Do you think it might just be that all writers are now a working together a bit more closely? Or maybe both? Feel free to leave your thoughts below!
  6. Okay, there has been one thing on my mind for a duration of my time being active on MLPForums again. Overanalyzing of the TV Show. For goodness sake, people! What kind of idiots would think these things of a CHILDREN'S TV SHOW? No. Just, no. What kind of sick imaginations do you people have? Why the hell would you call it an observation, or even make a topic about it if you have no backing evidence or proof. Honestly, these are the same types of people that call out every music artist's videos for supporting Illuminati. Just because they use simple 2D shapes does not mean they're working with Satan. It's the same people that are quick to judge everything and thinks it's all related to Satan. This pisses me off. It honestly does. All of these unnecessary and dumb topics on MLPForums that do not need to exist. It annoys me how you're trying to start a discussion or a debate without any backing evidence to support your theory. It's like going to a science laboratory and calling Science "fake" just because you don't believe in it. It's like buying a lamborghini without paying for it at the dealership's because you say you're a millionaire. It makes no sense, and you wouldn't do it without proof. Sorry for this crappy blog post, I just wanted to state my opinion on almost 50% of the topics being posted on MLPForums that aren't RP, art, or something related to the media.
  7. On my last blog entry, I wrote about taking part of a successful roleplay by being the individual character you can become with creativity and flair. On this entry, I write about what I learned about roleplaying as a group. Being on "A Tropical Odyssey" was an amazing journey. It felt so great that I felt I was with 7 of the best roleplayers as I delved in for my first roleplay experience. Each of the characters the other roleplayers took were unique in their own way. For example, one of the characters is extremely shy and is talented with illusion spells. Another character was very outgoing, almost a party mare of sorts. All the other characters also had their own background and personality that contributed to the adventure's success. Although my character, Sterling Crimson, had so many other characters to work with for interactions, some of the richest character developments occurred in personal relationships where my character focused on his close circle of friends. In this case, it was Evening Glory (the mare on my avatar) and DJ-BRONI3. Being able to interact with other roleplayers who were very skilled at their roles really helped me give a sense of what I wanted my character to be and become. That sense of direction helped propel the roleplay further and make it all the more creative and interesting! I know there's still a lot for me to learn as I roleplay more often, but from my first experience, I knew that two things were needed to have a good time at roleplaying: making sure you're actively making posts that reflect your character's thoughts and feelings well AND making sure that your group can mesh well with each other, both as a whole and with specific characters. If either of these factors is gone, the roleplay can become hectic and die pretty quickly.