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Found 13 results

  1. Well I'm all caught up on One Piece on Crunchyroll. All 762 episodes (and counting) of one amazing adventure. I'm caught up on Trigun a long time ago and I think that's it on popular animes. Anyway, what animes has anyone else caught up on?
  2. In the Anime series One Piece, who has the saddest Backstory? The Anime, not the Manga. I think it's Robin. I think that Robin has the saddest backstory in One Piece. Either hers, or Brook's. What about you?
  3. Hello. Like I said in the title, I have some problems with my One Piece crossover. I have decided to re-tell the entirety of One Piece with the MLP cast. My first problem is that, Sanji, my favourite character by the way, is pretty forward when it comes to women. Completely gushing over them and not willing to hurt a woman, even if it means that he would die. And I just don't know how I am supposed to translate this into Applejack, Sanji's counterpart. Now it wouldn't be good, if I up and make her gush over every mare, too, since most of the cast is female. Then I thought she could just have a thing for ladies, but what is a lady. How would she recognize one. Then I realized that Nami and Robin, Sanji's primary crushes, are portrayed by Rarity and Twilight, both unicorns. So I thought I can make her have a thing for unicorns. I just don't know what I should do. Please, help me. The other problem I have is that, sometimes I just don't know which characters from MLP, I should pick to play the One Piece characters. Please leave suggestions to who you would chose to play who. Thanks
  4. Ladies and gentlemen of the forums, I have been wanting to show this for a long time. Mostly because I forgot about it. No idea why I would, the premise is where Goku, Toriko, and Luffy enter a tournament to get their hands on the juiciest, most delicious meat on earth. How the hell could I dare forget about this. Shame on you me. Anyway, you guys are thinking "Man, this is some bulls**t anime fan AMV." No, this is a real OVA from japan. I guess the guys in japan were doing all the cocaine and thought that this was a good idea. And what an idea it was. To prove I'm not full of processed meat, here is a link to the video on youtube. No, there isnt a dub version. So, did you guys watch it already. Let me know what you thoughts on this are.
  5. Just thought of a fun way to kill the boredom with a question: What One Piece Devil Fruit power would the show's ponies have? Pinkie would likely have Gum Gum powers and Spitfire would have the Mera Mera no Mi, that's just my thoughts.
  6. In my current former state, I am a member of the Shichibukai. If you need a refresher on what that is let me spell it out for you literally meaning "Royal Seven Warlords of the Sea"), are seven (though this number fluctuates throughout the series) powerful and notorious pirates who have allied themselves with the World Government.[2] So ask me stuff you peasants and you might be lucky to gain a response.
  7. Been quite some time since I last blogged (and it's gotten to a point where I've said this on every blog entry I've done for a while now </3). But nonetheless, a blog is the better option for this particular topic, as I feel trying to put it in Sugarcube would garnish little discussion, as the amount of One Piece fans on here is an unknown, to me. A sad fact, mind you. At any rate, I've started watching One Piece over now that I got caught up with the current episodes. So I had a lot of creative thought about matching devil fruits up to ponies that fit them, today. I'm making a list of these match-ups, and will be explaining not only the devil fruits' powers and images of them for reference (mostly brought from the One Piece wiki), but also why I believe the match-ups individually work. Reference for non-One Piece fans who actually give a shit about any of this: Devil Fruits (One Piece wiki) -- Pika Pika no mi ('Glint Glint Fruit') Allows the user to create, control, and transform into light at will, and enables the user to move at the speed of light and transport him/herself by means of reflection. "Pikapika" is an onomatopoeia of 'glimmering' or 'shining' light. Being the monarch of the sun and thus the light of the shining day, Princess Celestia would wield this power the best. Her very color scheme reflects a vibrant nature in and of itself, with her rainbow mane also being based around light particles causing colors to gleam in various shades. Along with her sisters' fruit, her power matches her responsibilities and general characteristics. Kage Kage no mi ('Shadow Shadow Fruit') Gives the user the ability to manifest and control shadows as a tangible physical form, effectively giving them the capability to manipulate people's movements through their shadows, remove people's shadows entirely so that their owners will disintegrate in sunlight, and create armies of living shadows to do their bidding. 'Kage' means 'Shadow'. Being the co-ruler of Equestria who is in charge of the darkened nights in the light of the moon, princess Luna holding the power over the shadows that are cast from the dim but powerful light of her moon would make the most sense, to me. In the moonlight, shadows are the most widespread and noticeable, giving her a natural advantage in almost any situation, seeing as she's (seemingly) nocturnal, most of the time. Yami Yami no mi ('Dark Dark Fruit') Allows the user to create and control darkness at will, enabling them many of the powers that a black hole has over gravity. They can suck in any number of objects around them, crush them, and then expel them back out again at will. It should go without saying that the king of darkness himself, King Sombra, would hold this fruit the best. He practically was darkness itself in his double episode appearance, already. This fruit, like Sombra, appears to be incredibly evil by nature, partly why I believe it fits Sombra better than Luna, though in a few aspects, Luna could wield it too (as better could Nightmare Moon). Mera Mera no mi (Flame Flame Fruit) Allows the user to manipulate, create and transform into fire at will, making them immune to heat and fire in the process. The user can also absorb existing fire by simply making contact with it via any part of body. 'Mera Mera' is a Japanese onomatopoeia of the noise fire makes when it burns. Naturally, the spicy and flame colored-schemed Spitfire fits the tangy powers of the fire fruit the best. Her mane especially would flow so well with the fruits' powers, that all I can picture is her mane going from how it normally is, to suddenly burning as a flickering flame, all in a flawless motion. Mero Mero no mi (Love Love Fruit) Allows a range of attacks which use emotions of lust or perversion to transform opponents into stone, effectively giving users the ability to obliterate enemies after having subdued them with charms and false traps of leading on. "Mero mero" is an onomatopoeia of "to fall down drunk", including being overcome with emotion such as love or lust. Though hardly the type to lead people on and then crush them (literally!), Cadence is the princess of love, and somehow I see her having a ruthless side for enemies and opponents who would dare harm Equestria, the Crystal Empire, or her Shiny. I mean hey, she did cause Sombra to explode :3 Ope Ope no mi (Op Op Fruit) Allows the user to create a spherical space or "room", where the user has complete control over the placement and orientation of the objects inside, including intangible things like people's personalities, effectively making the person a near-warper of reality inside their "room". "Ope" comes from the word "Operation", as the space the user creates is compared to an "operating room" and the user to a surgeon. One of the more noticeably powerful fruits that gives the user to do whatever they want, like a god in a sandbox, I felt this fruit would match Discord the best. Snapping his fingers, causing a large circular dome, and then shifting objects around, reattaching things to other things, levitation and even switching moods and personalities is practically what he does, already. Mane Mane no mi (Clone Clone Fruit) Allows the user to turn into a physical double of anyone he or she has touched, copying the appearance, voice and characteristics of the person perfectly. They can change to someone else by touching their face with their right hand and switch back to their normal state by touching their face with their left hand. Naturally, Chrysalis, who's ability already matches that of turning into someone else, matches this fruits' ability. I admit, it'd be rather funny to see Chrysalis constantly poking the side of her face with her swiss-cheese hooves, in order to change into Cadence and other ponies. -- Those are as many as I care to create xP At least at the moment. So yeah. If you're a One Piece fan, make yourself known, and give some ideas for others I didn't cover, yourself
  8. Out of the characters listed in the poll above, which one had the saddest anime death? One Piece: While spoilers in a topic titled "Saddest death in anime..." are a given, don't forget that not everyone has seen every anime, and that simply attempting to scroll past the spoilers may not be enough. Label and hide your spoilers (with the
  9. I'm looking for an artist skilled anough, to draw my OC crimson...with a small twist, I would like for him to be drawn in the same pose monkey D. Luffy from one piece was standing in when he first used gear 2nd, except for three differences. 1. He has to be covered in golden flames, with a speaking bubble that says "ragestar" 2. He WILL NOT be pink...but he still has smoke coming from his body... 3. His hat will be shown flying off his head as he looks at the screen instead of having it on a string like luffy. I'm hoping for this picture to come out amazingly badass, so I really hope somone accepts this...whoever does accept, goodluck!
  10. Greetings My Little Victims. It is I the Yonko Pirate Kaidou of 100 beasts. Ask me anything Before I rip off your chin.
  11. Okay, so I recently watched One Piece Movie Ten: Strong World. Monkey D. Luffy with a gun. Oh my god. We're all gonna die. So, then this idea came to mind. If your favorite animated character doesn't already have a gun and suddenly obtains one, what could possibly go wrong? Or what could possibly go RIGHT? Kamina from Gurren Lagaan had already tried to use a gun. He then failed, though I think he got better with it later on... Pinkie Pie with a gun? RAINBOW DASH WITH A GUN? OH THE MUTINY. This forum is rated PG-13, viewer digression is advised (not really).
  12. This is the One Piece/MLP:FIM Opening AMV that I feel should have way more views. I do not watch One Piece, and I find this opening to be perfect for the MLP:FIM series.
  13. If any of you are One Piece fans, I'm sure you've heard of the newest game coming out of the One Piece franchise. This game is done in the style of Dynasty Warriors and is so far looking pretty awesome! So far we only know that the game is coming out in Japan in March, but the UK and the US both has rights to the game title, so we may get the game yet. Discuss your hopes and what you are expecting from the game. This thread can also be used as a general thread for all things One Piece, so feel free to bring pirate related up!