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Found 5 results

  1. It is shown that ponies don't eat meat in the show, making the use of a meat industry pointless. It makes sense at first, but there is one problem. There has to be some kind of meat industry or source as many ponies have pets, some which are consumers of meat. Unless they made them vegetarians in the show, I don't see how pets like Opalescence or Gummy would live without it. They never shown them eat things like that, but they must somehow. What do you guys think?
  2. I mean other than Angel, the Mane Six's pets barely had any appearances in season 6, and some didn't even appear at all! Gummy only had two appearances, so did Opal, and Winona just had one. Tank and Owlowisicious didn't appear AT ALL this season! The closest thing we got to Tank is Rainbow Dash's slippers in AJ's Day Off. We had so many Rainbow episodes this season, it is surprising we didn't see him. He could've had a cameo in Newbie Dash and 28 Pranks Later. I know some of you are thinking of "wasn't he killed off in Tanks for the Memories?" You'd think so wouldn't you! Winter's waaaay past over! Owlowiscious, I think he could've had some cameos in A Hearth's Warming Tale and Every Little Thing She Does. It's bad enough that they got rid of Peewee in the show before he got to do anything, I really hope he comes back in adult form sometime in the future helping Spike out! Also it wouldn't hurt seeing Philomena again! One thing we need when season 7 comes around: more pets appearing (other than Angel).
  3. Did a drawing Of Rarity with Neko ears holding her kitty. I kind of want to draw all the Mane 6 as anthros, using features from the species there pet is (Aj as a Dog, Flutters as a bunny Etc) Tell me what you think and what you all would like to see next! GraceFace
  4. So who's your favorite Owner/Pet pair? Personally mines Rainbow Dash and Tank, Both are complete opposites of each other, but there relationship works. Rainbow Dash, being a very fast speed demon, and Tank being one of the slowest animals around, Granted that with tanks Flying contraption makes him faster. I also like how in Just for sidekicks Rainbow shows affection for him, which is always nice to see. Anyway, Whats yours?
  5. Hello Everypony! Which pet OR EXCUSE ME LITTLE AWESOME PURPLE DRAGON THING THAT IS NOT A PET BESIDES OPAL OR GUMMY do you think is the best?: Spike (Twilight Sparkle's Purple Baby Dragon :3) Opal (Rarity's angry-ass cat) Gummy (Pinkie Pie's alligator) Answer in the poll and post below ----------------------------------------------------------