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Found 196 results

  1. -It took me half of the first season to become a brony -I didn't hate Mare Do Well -I found the Crystal Empire extremely disappointing -I prefer Celestia over Luna -I hate Just for SIdekicks with a passion
  2. Well there it is. A big change to note is Makoa going down this patch. This is the lowest he's been on any list I've ever made (and I've been into this game since about OB43). He's so low this time around due to a pretty sizeable nerf to Leviathan. Also I'll note Torvald and Koga both seeing a massive decline in position due to Koga's nerfs. In Torvald's case, Atlas is also not a good thing. Atlas seems to be a pretty solid Torvald counter, since he can easily shred a Torvald shield at range with a charged left click plus Wrecker. One of the biggest increases on this list is Terminus, though if you play the game you should understand why. He's been solid for a while now, but he hasn't been quite top tier due to bugs. They have fixed some of those and they also buffed him indirectly with the introduction of Atlas, as Term is a solid counter for him. As for Moji, she seems to be BETTER, but still a ways below average. She may have the highest potential DPS in the entire game now, but she still has one of the worst if not the worst ultimate in the game and she still has issues with her hitbox. From what I can tell the Grover nerfs made a surprisingly large impact on the character's effectiveness. The Rampant Blooming nerf actually seriously knocked down his ability to heal allies for an extremely large amount per second. SS: None S+: Ash, Mal'Damba, Zhin, Terminus, Bomb King, Jenos S_: Atlas, Seris, Skye, Drogoz, Makoa, Cassie, Lian S-: Furia, Khan, Inara, Talus, Dredge, Barik, Pip, Koga A+: Imani, Androxus, Fernando, Maeve, Grohk, Moji, Grover A_: Viktor, Strix, Ying, Torvald, Buck, Sha'Lin, Evie A-: Kinessa, Ruckus, Tyra, Vivian, Lex, Willo ~B: None
  3. Hey, everyone! As you might know, I've recently been returning to websites like this and EqD to get back in touch with my old friends from the Brony fandom, and experience some nostalgia before the inevitable happens with My Little Pony. Since the start of the end is happening soon, now that I have collected my thoughts on the topic, I just wanted to say that, although I might no longer be a Brony, there's no denying that this show and the fandom around it meant a lot to me... Personally, I never expected that the day I decided to watch MLP out of being bored and finding something to do on my mother's old, slow and pink laptop could have lead to such a big part of my life. Since 2014, being in the fandom gave me a place to be in my free time, it helped me discover parts of myself I never previously knew about, I learned a lot of lessons and I became the person I am today, all thanks to the ponies. And so far, nothing, not even my obsession with Splatoon have managed to come close to what MLP was to me. It sounds silly to say but, MLP left a big impression on me, and it influenced me in a lot of ways that I never saw coming (e.g. my art style is quite clearly derived from MLP for the most part). I'm not sure where I would have been without this show, as it has helped me grow, it has helped me mature, and the fandom felt like a second home to me... Because of the kind of mark MLP has left on me in my life, I just wanted to say thank you to Lauren Faust, DHX Media, Hasbro, and of course the Brony fandom for making MLP the thing I remember it as today. To anyone here (or elsewhere) from the fandom that I may have fell out of touch with, I just wanted to say that I'm sorry things couldn't work out and I do wish things were different... I'm sure that in some way, shape or form, if you were my friend during my Brony years, you have definitely left some kind of influence on me. I have really enjoyed my time in the fandom and I wouldn't have my teen to young adult years spent any other way! Personally, for me, MLP wasn't just another popular show to me, but it was also an experience, which lead to many other things in my life and basically branched out into something more than just something to watch when I'm bored. I'll be sure to watch the episodes as they air, and it has been fun being part of the fandom for as long as I have! -Nightfall Samuel. And now, one of the first Brony songs I ever listened to, and also the song I knew would become nostalgic when the time finally came, also no doubt my favourite fandom song:
  4. Which is the better Franchise in your opinion. Legend of Zelda games or Mario games. Cast your votes.
  5. RainbowDashie2000

    Flash Sentry Fan Club

    Welcome to the flash sentry fan club you can say what you like about flash sentry and why I would add more but my computer is broken . What I like about flash sentry is that he is with one of my favorite ponys Twilight and pretty handsome .
  6. Its not necessary to be WORST, but Bored, or disinteresting episode that you have watch, it can be more than one too. For me the most bored episode was S08E24 "Father Knows Beast" The reason is Obvious, very random the way that the "father" of spike appears in the episode, and the way he's gone too.
  7. Out of all the characters in the current generation of MLP, who is the best and worst written in your opinion? Here's mine: Best written: Scootaloo. When I was born, I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, so the fact that Scootaloo is a pegasus who can't fly is extremely relatable to me. In every episode, I find her actions, words, and just everything so real. She feels like the character that in my opinion, could be a real person in real life. She's childish and determined. Brave and easily impressed, yet she has limits. I love the way she's written, and clearly with The Washouts being her newest centric episode, the writers have not failed to bring spirit and charisma to Scoots. Worst written: Fluttershy. All her early episodes, as had been said many times, were just poor rehashes over and over. Now, some have argued, her character has gone past that phase, and while I think that's true, I believe she has entered a worse one. Her episodes are now extremely forgettable, and all memorable/lovable aspects of her personality have vanished. I feel like Fluttershy was never really written all that well, especially with the archetype she's supposed to fit in. I'd love to hear all of your opinions, though, and please specify why.
  8. This may be a slightly controversial opinion, but I think that most of the worst episodes of Friendship is Magic are to be found in the first half. This isn't to say that those seasons are bad, because they're quite good, but most of the really bad episodes are found there. This also isn't to say that S5-S8 don't have awful episodes, because they do. However, they're more spread out and in less frequent. What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree? If so, why?
  9. There are some TV series that just seem to bring out nostalgia in everyone. They may not be as good as we remember them to be, but there's nonetheless a reason to why these shows are classics in our hearts. The Twilight Zone is one of those series for many fans of science fiction as well as those of the macabre and the strange. The writing is usually solid (I do mean usually, since even Rod Serling himself has written a few duds), and the pacing is usually done quite well. Most episodes have an interesting premise, and usually deliver on utilizing the potential to intrigue with heir episodes, with well-written plot twists at the end of episodes that shock the audience into a love of the series. This will be a list of the episodes that did what Twilight Zone does best with nearly flawless execution, and a very short review for each, that may be 2 or 3 lines long giving the gist of why they are ranked where they are. Before we start, let's go through the 6 Honorable Mentions (it was really hard to mention less than that) for this list: These are "On Thursday We Leave for Home", "The New Exhibit", "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet", " The Masks", "Number 12 Looks Just Like You", and "The Invaders." These were all really good episodes, even if they couldn't make this list. This wasn't listed in any particular order, but the closest to the list would probably be "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet." The episode was written extremely well. Probably would have put it in the list if I didn't have a slight bit of a bias against William Shatner as am actor. THE TWENTY BEST EPISODES OF THE TWILIGHT ZONE 20. "Twenty-Two"- This episode is very creepy, and entertaining. It also has a clever way of hiding it's most major plot twist by throwing in a small twist a few times in a way that just works so well with the episode itself. I'm not going to spoil the ending, but that really made it for me. It's amazing, and well thought out, even as Twilight Zone episodes go. 19. "People are Alike All Over"- This episode had an interesting way of sneaking in a premonition at the beginning, that sounded like it was meant positively, but, ironically, actually made for one of the most gripping, dark, and clever plot twists of the entire series. Of course, keeping this spoiler free yet again. 18. "Nothing in the Dark"- As like "Twenty-Two", another very creepy episode with some clever writing, as well as probably some of the better acting in the series. At first we think the old lady is completely crazy (she really seemed that way), but, in another one of the great classic Twilight Zone plot twists, it's actually so revealed she wasn't quite as we thought. 17. "Nick of Time"- Oh great, another good one with Shatner that would have been better if Jack Klugman or the like were in it instead. Nonetheless, the episode was intriguing to say the least, and it had almost perfect pacing and an extremely intriguing premise. But seriously, Shatner must have had an amazing agent to be in this many classics... 16. "The Hitchhiker"- I was really amazed (and sort of but not really creeped out) with this one when I initially watched this one as a kid, and it still is very interesting to this day. Really, I must have watched this one 20 times and the twist ending still gets me. Though it's presented in such a way it makes sense once it's revealed to you. Almost as well paced as "Nick of Time." 15. "It's a Good Life"- Classic and very creepy episode. But since I feel like I may get questions on why it's so low, I'll answer you this: the ending was in no way startling or surprising. I expected that sort of ending from the story considering the boy's powers as well as his narcissistic traits. Also, it was slightly too out there for me to like that much. 14. "Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?"- Another classic. Absolutely amazing episode, and the real plot twist was completely unexpected. I would never have expected the way it ended. It would be top 5 though if it were harder to actually figure out who the martian was. I hadn't watched it in years and knew who it was by the 5 or 6 minute mark. 13. "The Midnight Sun"- Another intriguing Twiight Zone episode. Almost tired of using the word, but it's too much of a match for the episodes and Twilight Zone as a whole. Anyways, a big factor as to why this is above some of the classics everyone likes is how the ending actually turned out. I was legitimately SHOCKED by how it ended. 12. "Where is Everybody?"- An episode with an amazing premise, and amazing acting that really did quite the job of complementing the situation. The ending was like the ending "The Hitchhiker" sort of. It's a twist that still sort of gets me, and it actually makes perfect sense of the entire episode when you think about it. 11. "Eye of the Beholder"- This episode has certifiably the BEST ending of the entire series, that alone justifies it's placement here. But the seamless execution of the whole episode's premise reallt sealed the deal for its spot on this list. I'm actually having trouble not spoiling this one because the ending was so perfect... 10. "And the Sky Was Opened"- This is an odd one out, there's no real twist or shocking ending here. Just an episode that's well paced (it is a tad on the slow side), that's a thrill to watch every time. . It is completely unnerving to watch what happens to the main characters over the course of this episode. Very creepy and weird, but in a good way I promise. 09. "The Obsolete Man"- A cautionary tale against authoritarian government. A well-written masterpiece with an interesting premise, that Burgess Meredith executed almost flawlessly, as the librarian in this episode. What it ended up being is a classic that I've yet to see a bad word about, and after watching it, it's easy to see why. 08. "Living Doll"- An unnerving cautionary tale against bad stepfathers, that borders the line of macabre. The great thing about this episode is that this is one time where a seemingly evil doll is actually acting out of good faith, or so it could seem like. The piece was paced well, with acting that fit the story very well. 07. "Long Distance Call"- This was a weird one to say the least. No real twist at the end, but nonetheless satisfying. Sure it was one of the six episodes done in videotape, but quality scripting and the execution of the script in itself more than accounts for it. Won't spoil anything for you here, and considering there'd be spoilers very early on, can't say much more. 06. "Walking Distance"- A weird episode that involved some timey-wimey things, and a very strange visit of a 30-some year old man into the town of his childhood. The episode was presented fairly well, and the situation presented very well. Literally the only issue keeping it from trumping a similar episode later on is that the pacing could have been a little bit better. 05. "The After Hours"- One of the most creative and properly paced episodes of the series, that has perhaps one of the best endings. I will not spoil it for you, here however. I will just say this: the woman you follow in the story is not exactly what she appears to be, and the 9th floor of that department store is, for all intents and purposes, the Twilight Zone. 04. "To Serve Man"- An absolute classic, and it is not hard to see why. It is the best written episode in the entire series, bar none. The episode also has a very nice twist at the end (that at least SOMEBODY should have been suspicious of all along), that was nonetheless a little bit predictable (why it's only number 4 on this list). 03. "A Stop at Willoughby"- This was the episode I was talking about earlier on in the list. This is basically a better version of "The Walking Distance" with improved pacing, a miserable woman that never deserved the main character's affection, and an ever-so slightly improved premise. I debated where to position this one, I was initially going to put it second actually. 02. "Time Enough at Last"- This episode is considered one of the show's absolute best, for good reason. The plot flows extraordinarily well, and all of the several twists and turns feel highly impactful to the episode's progression. I'm also not spoiling the ending, but after the twist at the end, I feel particularly sorry for the main character of this episode. 01. "The Monsters are Due on Maple Street"- Bar none the best episode in he entire series, that is the best representation of Rod Serling's writing genius, and it has definitively the best acting in the show's entire 156 episode run. This episode is so close to flawless I might as well just say every facet is flawless and among the best in the series. I will end on this note, that this series deserves all of the praise it has gotten over the years. Even with all of the duds in the show's run (JESS-BELLE), the show is in general an absolutely fantastic venture into the unknown that will likely leave you wanting more and wishing it hadn't ended so soon after watching all of the episodes. The show is just about as much of a masterpiece as I remember it being. An impressive show that's probably about a 9/10 in my book, because the stellar outnumber the terrible MASSIVELY. I would have a hard time making a list half this size talking about terrible episodes, and with this list, I had to take some greats out and not even mention them, episodes like "The Dummy" that was absolutely stellar (To be honest, if I had to rank it it would probably be somewhere between 27 and 30). More A+'s than D's or lower, surely. Absolutely wonderful series that I couldn't recommend enough to fans of 60's television, the macabre, or science-fiction.
  10. This might be considered a lazy post. Are the new seasons worth watching? I stopped at 7, and kind of just stopped watching after I heard about all the new characters that were being added, although that isn't the reason I stopped per se. Have you guys enjoyed the new stuff? I guess I'm just feeling a bit timid about giving the new stuff a try!
  11. I recently started watching Tales on DVD from Shout! Factory, and I can't believe I missed out on this one back in the 90's. It has some interesting characters, even though it seems kinda cheesy, but I still like it somehow, despite being a 26 year old male. The theme song is very catchy for me, believe it or not. What does anyone else think of this show?
  12. ChikoritaCheezits

    Chikorita's Top 10 Least Favorite Pokemon

    You might remember in an earlier blog I made that I listed my top 10 favorite Pokemon. Well, now it's time to flip the switch with my top 10 least favorite Pokemon. Before we start, keep in mind that this isn't a list of the top 10 weakest Pokemon. You can find lists like that on bulbapedia or maybe Smogon. These are just my top 10 personal least favorite. 10. Purugly I had a bit a trouble making up this list since there aren't that many Pokemon I don't like. Some Pokemon like this one that are lower on the list I don't hate them, I am just not to fond of them. Purugly always weirded me out. I would get sick of seeing these things since Team Galactic always carried them in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. I also found it strange that one of the things known about it is the fact that it's ugly, especially after evolving from Glameow, who is a rather beautiful Pokemon. Sorry Purugly. 9. Lickylicky I was never really a fan of Licktung in general. It always felt like one of the filler Pokemon since it was always just there and never evolved. Plus, tongues? Really? And people say they newer designs of Pokemon aren't as creative. This thing however is worse due to the fact it managed to get an evolution. This Pokemon just looks all derpy looking. It's design looks odd to me. So this is what happens when you give a tongue Pokemon an evolution. Honestly, if this thing didn't exist then Licktung would be taking this spot. 8. Luvdisc Why does this thing exist? What is its purpose in the series? I mean it doesn't evolve, has terrible stats, and is a water type that looks like a heart for some reason. Don't ask me how those two are related. Yeah this isn't the only Pokemon who's design isn't related to its type on this list. 7. Eggecute/Eggegutor Yeah here it is. Let me get the question out of the way first. How are eggs psychic? I find it slightly worse than Luvdisc since this thing has something else that doesn't make since. How do eggs evolve into a palm tree? I've heard some Pokedex entries say they are actually seeds which would make more since, but they keep that very inconsistent. 6. All those freaking Pikachu clones (Pichu, Plusle, Minun, Pacharisu, Emolga, Dedene) We get it Game Freak, Pikachu is basically the most well known Pokemon so much that you don't even have to know anything about Pokemon and still know who Pikachu is, but really? Do we need a new Pikachu clone every generation? Pichu kind of got away with it in gen 2 since it evolves into Pikachu. But the others? I find Pacharisu adorable but still a Pikachu clone. Plusle and Minun feel like they were only implemented in the games to show off double battles. Emolga and Dedene? Well same issue as Pacharisu. I kind of wish they'd stop introducing a new electric rodent every generation just to ride off of Pikachu's popularity. 5. Patrat Not much to say. You take a Bidoof with Ratatta clone stats and give it creepy eyes that looking totally jarring. 4. Farfetch'd This is another one that falls into the "Why does this exist?" category. I mean we already had much better normal/flying types in gen 1, did this thing really need to exist? The anime made these things out to be really rare and powerful Pokemon. Well, they're only right about one of those things. They're rare cause the only place to get them is an in-game trade for a Spearow. You know, a normal/flying type that is far superior to this thing. Also, I never really liked the look on its face. It always looked like a troll who was constantly teasing me. 3. Delibird Remember when I said that Farfetch'd has a troll look to it? Well, this thing has a derpy look to it. Not to mention, that it's completely useless with its only move having a 20% chance of healing the opponent. We get it you Santa bird, you give out presents, but not to the enemy. Not to mention that there was one that at one point followed Team Rocket in the anime and it was extra annoying. 2. Unown This is the Pokemon I've always had a problem with. It's gimicky in a way where they make you wanna catch all 28 forms of this thing. It's misleading in a way that the 3rd movie made them out to be these powerful beings, when in the games they're freaking useless. And they for some reason take up their entire own ruins for some odd reason. Yeah, turn them to alphabet soup. 1. Spinda There's so many things I don't like about this thing. They have possibly an even dumber gimmick than Unown by having millions of different combinations that the spots could be on their body. Why should I care? They have quite possible the derpiest design ever. In fact, they always looked so miserable to me with the fact that they're eyes are dizzy eyes. And they're totally useless with no evolution and crummy stats. But seriously give this these things a barf bag? Thanks for reading. If I put a Pokemon you like on this list, try not to be offended.
  13. Acoustic Cloud

    Mane 6's Instruments

    Hey everypony, I hadn't made a topic in a while and I was just thinking. If each of the mane six played an instrument... what would their instrument be? It can be any instrument that exists and is considered an instrument. here are my thoughts. Apple Jack: Acoustic Guitar Fluttershy: Flute Rainbow Dash: Electric guitar. Rarity: Harp Pinkie: One man band (obviously) Twilight: Theremin Share your thoughts.
  14. Sisterhooves Social - 95 The Best Night Ever - 92 The Perfect Pear - 92 Amending Fences - 91 Crusaders of the Lost Mark - 90 Party of One - 90 The Cutie Map - 89 Rarity Takes Manehattan - 89 A Rockhoof and a Hard Place - 88 Sweet and Elite - 88 Sounds of Silence - 87 Twilight Time - 87 Where the Apple Lies - 87 The Cutie Re-Mark - 86 Sleepless in Ponyville - 86 Lesson Zero - 86 Winter Wrap Up - 86 Friendship University - 86 Road to Friendship - 86 The Mane Attraction - 85 Green Isn't Your Color - 85 The Cutie Mark Chronicles - 85 Flutter Brutter - 85 Dragonshy - 85 Suited for Success - 84 Trade Ya! - 84 Marks and Recreation - 84 The Break Up Break Down - 84 Pinkie Pride - 84 Rock Solid Friendship - 84 The Hearth's Warming Club - 83 Horse Play - 83 Scare Master - 83 Grannies Gone Wild - 83 What Lies Beneath - 82 Once Upon a Zeppelin - 82 Secret of My Excess - 82 The Washouts - 82 Top Bolt - 82 Maud Pie - 82 Shadow Play - 82 The Return of Harmony - 81 The Ticket Master - 81 Putting Your Hoof Down - 81 Forever Filly - 80 Hearth's Warming Eve - 80 Surf and/or Turf - 79 P.P.O.V. (Pony Point of View) - 79 Call of the Cutie - 78 Stranger than Fan Fiction - 78 Discordant Harmony - 77 On Your Marks - 77 Simple Ways - 77 Applebuck Season - 77 Hurricane Fluttershy - 76 A Dog and Pony Show - 76 Fall Weather Friends - 75 Hearthbreakers - 75 Castle Mane-ia - 74 Look Before You Sleep - 74 Brotherhooves Social - 74 Dragon Quest - 74 Dungeons & Discords - 73 Twilight's Kingdom - 73 Sonic Rainboom - 73 The Gift of the Maud Pie - 73 A Health of Information - 72 Friendship is Magic - 71 Uncommon Bond - 71 The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone - 71 A Friend in Deed - 70 Appleoosa's Most Wanted - 70 Wonderbolts Academy - 70 Buckball Season - 70 The Parent Map - 70 Equestria Games - 70 Marks for Effort - 70 The End in Friend - 69 The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows - 69 Swarm of the Century - 69 Inspiration Manifestation - 69 Applejack's "Day" Off - 69 Molt Down - 69 Apple Family Reunion - 68 Griffon the Brush Off - 68 Over a Barrel - 68 To Change a Changeling - 68 Rarity Investigates! - 67 Parental Glideance - 66 Hearts and Hooves Day - 66 Castle Sweet Castle - 65 Rainbow Falls - 65 Father Knows Beast - 65 The Last Roundup - 64 Family Appreciation Day - 64 A Royal Problem - 63 It Isn't the Mane Thing About You - 63 Luna Eclipsed - 62 Flight to the Finish - 62 A Hearth's Warming Eve - 61 Somepony to Watch Over Me - 61 Filli Vanilli - 61 School Daze - 60 Campfire Tales - 60 A Flurry of Emotions - 60 The Fault in Our Cutie Marks - 60 Fluttershy Leans In - 60 The Saddle Row Review - 60 Made in Manehattan - 60 Canterlot Boutique - 60 Pinkie Apple Pie - 60 Bats! - 60 The Hoofields and the McColts - 60 Magical Mystery Cure - 59 All Bottled Up - 59 For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils - 59 Stare Master - 59 Make New Friends but Keep Discord - 59 Princess Spike - 59 No Second Prances - 58 A Bird in the Hoof - 58 The Maud Couple - 58 Bloom & Gloom - 57 Feeling Pinkie Keen - 57 Triple Threat - 57 Celestial Advice - 56 Viva Las Pegasus - 56 Hard to Say Anything - 56 Princess Twilight Sparkle - 56 The Crystalling - 55 Leap of Faith - 55 Not Asking for Trouble - 55 Spice Up Your Life - 54 A Canterlot Wedding - 53 28 Pranks Later - 52 Read It and Weep - 52 Games Ponies Play - 51 A Matter of Principals - 51 Bridle Gossip - 51 Yakity-Sax - 51 Keep Calm and Flutter On - 50 Fake It 'Til You Make It - 50 The Cart Before the Ponies - 50 Honest Apple - 50 MMMystery on the Friendship Express - 50 Secrets and Pies - 49 Ponyville Confidential - 49 The Times They Are a Changeling - 49 May the Best Pet Win! - 48 The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 - 47 Daring Done? - 47 It's About Time - 46 The Mean 6 - 46 The Cutie Pox - 45 Newbie Dash - 45 Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep? - 45 Every Little Thing She Does - 44 Just for Sidekicks - 44 Party Pooped - 43 Gauntlet of Fire - 42 Owl's Well That Ends Well - 40 The Show Stoppers - 40 Magic Duel - 40 Too Many Pinkie Pies - 39 Non-Compete Clause - 39 Daring Don't - 38 Boast Busters - 37 The Crystal Empire - 37 Tanks for the Memories - 36 To Where and Back Again - 36 Three's a Crowd - 35 The Mysterious Mare Do Well - 35 Power Ponies - 35 One Bad Apple - 32 Baby Cakes - 30 Testing Testing 1,2,3 - 29 It Ain't Easy Being Breezies - 28 Spike at Your Service - 26 Fame and Misfortune - 23 Slice of Life - 18 What About Discord? - 16
  15. As you know, we probably consume more media then we ever had before. Be it Video Games on our consoles/PC, be it movies on Netflix/Prime, be it the internet, etc. And considering we have all of that and considering it's so easy these days to communicate with others over all kinds of stuff, i am realizing that we totally forgot what it means to actually have a decent discussion about serious things happening in the world, without being put in a corner with people, that you rather don't want to be put with. It's something that dosen't just happen in communities that are mostly filled with people that are from the US, but also in german communities. We just recently had some bad protests here in Chemnitz over a week ago and no matter if you where left leaning or right leaning, both sides where instrumentalising these protests for their own gain and whenever you tried to talk reasonable with any of those people, you are either a stupid nazi who needs to die, or you are a stupid commie who needs to starve. I really hate the fact that these discussions turned into nothing more then a battle of absolutes, instead of both sides coming together and discussing what would be the best for everyone. The Internet has in some way poisoned us, because we forgot what it's like to talk with humans that you can touch, smell, see and you can actually predict. We only talk with letters and we can't see what the other side is looking like, so we just assume what these people look or sound like. That's why i don't wanna engage in any political topics here, because i know that i will just be put in a corner by the end of the day, since some of my opinions might not be loved by certain people here. End of my vent
  16. The word 'beautiful' is not something people would normally use to describe a confident tomboy like Rainbow Dash. But, in my opinion, I think she's just as gorgeous as Rarity or Fluttershy are often seen as. I mean, I can't take my eyes off that amazing rainbow mane and tail and her purpley eyes, and that scratchy voice of hers is SO ADORABLE. Just because she is more boyish than a lot of other mares doesn't mean she has no right to look absolutely drop-dead stunning. <3 Who agrees?
  17. So istarted watching attack on titan a couple of days ago. First I would like to say, I dont like anime that much. However, this show has absolutly hooked me. It is so awesome and I love it so much. The animation is awesome, the writing and story are magnificent and the score is just beautiful, but I would like some body elses opinion on the show. What do you think of Attack on Titan?
  18. Master Blade the Bearded

    Your Opinions on Facial Hair

    Just like the title says. What is your opinion on facial hair? If you are a guy, Do you have facial hair? If so, what kind and why do you? If not, why not? If you are a girl, What do you think about guys with facial hair? Which way do you prefer males, clean-shaven or hairy? (These are just some ideas to get you going. Feel free to express your opinion on the topic.) I personally have facial hair. Have had a full beard for almost four years now. I usually keep it about 1/2 an inch to 3/4 an inch long, but I haven't trimmed it back down since No-Shave-November, so it's quite a bit longer now.
  19. Berry-Bliss-Sundae


    Racism.... controversial question because yes, because ... why not? just to see different opinions ... What is the most racist thing that you have seen in your life? in my case it is a difficult question because I believe that the only racist I have seen in my life has been hatred towards Cubans and now racism towards Venezuelans (this is for socialist reasons in my country) but apart from that I rarely see that someone is racist .... My father once told me that he traveled to Panama and sat in any square, right next to a man with dark skin, this man asked him: why do you sit next to me? you do not see my color? you are white! Whites do not sit with people of my color. (The man spoke feeling bad for his skin color) my dad answered: are you sick in the head? your color its great, I am not the great thing, I am a person, just like you! (Although this was not properly racist, but my dad could see how bad society could be with such a mentality, nobody is inferior or superior to anyone) Having said that, what has been the most racist thing you've seen? Has it been with foreigners? has it been for skin colors? any other? Let's talk about controversy.
  20. I was just listening to some rawstyle music and I thought, what are others minds on this genre of electronic go on and post your opinions and ideas. I'll leave here some links for songs with this genre if you actually never heard about this or don't know how it sounds...
  21. I watched Coco recently and it was really accurate, and that's coming from someone who celebrates day of the dead. But what do you guys think? Could there have been some improvements or was it perfect the way it was?
  22. I have avoided the ToonKriticY2K thread for the past several days. I noticed that it very much turned into a Debate Pit-esque thread in which a few members of our forum community (who will not be named) have lashed out. And it is completely understandable that they are having difficulty dealing with the disgusting actions of a prominent member of the fandom as a whole. I wanted to let all of this process for a bit before saying something apart from merely condemning ToonKritic's actions, which I have already done on a few occasions. About a week ago, I first learned about Toon's actions via a video that gave a basic rundown of the situation. I have been a brony for over 3 and a half years now. I often took to the internet for my fix of pony-related content long before I even made a Poniverse account. During that time, I grew to enjoy the brony analysis community on YouTube: their personalities, their unique insights, and above all, their passion for what they love. While I wasn't really a fan of ToonKritic's content from his own channel, I certainly recognized him from the wide array of collaborations that he did with other people in the analysis community. I even came across some of his writing on Fimfiction and enjoyed what he brought to the table. It pained me to find out what Toon has been doing behind the scenes. And at first, I didn't even know the full extent of what had been happening. I looked into the situation even more and eventually I learned that ToonKritic had been engaging in similar illicit acts with minors for more than a decade. I already knew that what he had done was heinous and has no place in not only this fandom, but a civil society. But as I dug deeper, things began to look even worse. I am incredibly ashamed of members of this fandom who have allowed such perverse activities, no matter how serious they actually were, to continue for a long time. I am ashamed of members of the fandom, specifically the analysis community, who learned about the full extent of ToonKritic's sexual abuse of minors, and kept their mouths shut about it until a Skype call and various screenshots of Toon's interactions with his victims were leaked. Pedophilia, and indeed ALL forms of sexual abuse or harassment, are not something to be taken lightly. There are victims whose livelihoods were shattered by the actions of a manipulative child sexual predator. They will forever have to live with the memories of this man taking advantage of them. Justice needs to be served, but that alone is not enough. What about other people who have suffered at the hands of members of this fandom? It is an odd coincidence that a thread about pedophilia and underage dating in the MLP Forums community showed up in the Feedback section over a week before ToonKritic's behavior was made public. And this reminded me that incidents of a similar nature have happened close to home. This community is made up of people from their teens all the way to their 40s. In a setting where adults are grouped with and allowed to interact with minors, then there is a risk of abuse. I'm not saying that the majority of adult users of this forum would do such a thing. I'm not stereotyping adult users of the site, because I myself am a 20 year old. But it appears to me that in some way, shape, or form, there have been underage members of this very community who were victimized by older users (who were then given appropriate consequences). And that hurts. Yes, the fandom has proven time and time again to be a force for good and positivity in the world. It has broken down barriers. It has changed lives for the better, like my own. It has been a light in the lives of many people in this dark world. But every group is going to have its bad apples. If we won't bring to light and discuss the truth that sexual abuse can and does exist within this fandom, then how are we going to fix the problem? While the fandom has been a wonderful thing for many people, staying silent about a problem we are aware of for the sake of preventing controversy is a disaster waiting to happen. What do you care about more? The public's view of a fandom that is honestly already stigmatized to begin with, or the innocent young people who have fallen victim to abusers who just so happened to be bronies? So in light of the ToonKritic mess, I have this to say to the members of this forum, and indeed all members of this fandom who may happen to lurk on the site without being active contributers. If you are being victimized by a member of this forum, this fandom, or anybody else, then there are people you can reach out to for support. We have administrators and other staff here who have dealt with abusive situations within the community before. There are authorities who can help you get out of an unsafe situation. And I honestly believe that there are good people within this very community who you can talk to and who will be there to support you. You are not alone. As for myself? I have noticed quite a bit of talk--not just here, but indeed across all places on the internet where bronies congregate--about leaving the fandom behind in light of the controversy. I will not be leaving the fandom as a result of the actions of people like ToonKritic. I believe that it is your choice, and your choice alone, to stay or to leave. If you no longer feel comfortable in the fandom, then I respect that. But I am incredibly ashamed of the members of the community who have committed such acts of abuse, and who let such things slide without making it clear that there is a problem. I sincerely hope that together, we can tackle this problem head-on, and foster not just a forum community, but a fandom with no tolerance for sexual abuse, harassment, or misconduct in any form, as well as a positive culture that seeks to empower the individual fans in the community and make a positive difference in their lives. -------------------------------------- So, with that, I thank you for reading this. I didn't plan on it being this long, but I needed to vent and express my thoughts on the matter.
  23. Honeysuckle

    season 8 leaks

    so after the My Little Pony official YouTube channel uploading a song from season 8 spread, i went to find it on daily motion, I AM OT GOING TO GIVE SPOILERS! but i am going to say i saw the song, and another one while looking for the song in question, and i witnessed a short spoiler clip i wish i hadn't seen, AND FOUND A FULL SEASON 8 EPISODE specifically episode 7, which is far enough in i wouldn't know what's going on! so here's my question, should i watch it? I'm very curious, and of course i WANT TO SEE IT but i just want to see SOMETHING NEW MLP related. i dont wanna ruin anything for myself but is there really that much harm in watching or am i overreacting?
  24. PuddingPonyPal

    General Bad shopping experiences?

    Have you ever had bad shopping experiences? Like at a grocery store or mall??? If so, tell us your stories! Maybe someone will have the same experience as you? One of my stories: It was around BlackFriday this year and my mom and I decided to go to Wal-Mart a few days before the big BF antics start. A lot of things were on sale so at first we though we would get some good stuff. Boy, were we WRONG. Almost every good product was either sold out or broken because people fought over them. Not only that, everyone around us kept running into each other being really rude. The worst part was that it was really hard to escape the madness! Every time we tried to leave certain areas, people would crowd around and block our way out. We FINALLY made it out with nothing but a few rolls of toilet paper and a few pens.
  25. Will Guide

    What is your opinion of me?

    Simply put, just say what you think of me as WiiGuy the Forums Member. I'm curious about that.