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Found 8 results

  1. This should be an easy question to answer: In what ways are you trying to improve your life? For me, I'm hoping to go on more exercises (walks, in particular) and I've been eating a lot more healthier foods than before.
  2. It's me! =D (Yes, this is a male pony(Stallion ) Yay! Ask me whatever you want, I'm happy to answer! =D (Dangers of asking questions may include but are not limited to: Muffins, Cupcakes, Party Cannons, Laughter, smiling, jokes, and Huggles) ( )
  3. Well, here is a question, are you optimist or a pessimist? Or hell are you neither? Personally I think I'm a bit of a optimist rather than a pessimist since I try to look on the funny side of things.
  4. Okay, let play a game, make the most ridiculous and optimist 'Equestria Girls' predictions. Because everyone has been talking about how shit it's gonna be (and I don't blame them), so lets flip the table, and talk about what gonna be super mega duper AWESOME about Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks. Here are mine: Vinyl Scratch and Octavia will turn out to be neighbors and get several 'HILARIOUS' scenes together. Several homages to Spinal Tap, including references to the black album and 'the amps go 11' scene. Plus, Pinkie Pie will exploding multiple times though out the movie. Rainbow Dash will have a Guitar Duel with Sunset Shimmer...TO THE DEATH! A parody-homages to 'Hot of a Teacher by Van Halen' (Well they did do Bohemian Rhapsody in Littlest Pet Shop, so why not!) A cover of The Four Horsemen by Metallica And finallly (and I think we can all agree this will one happen) Steve Vai will make a cameo near the end of the movie and performance 'Bad Horsie'. And that's it. Now it's your turn!
  5. I have noticed that a lot of antagonist are vary controversial. So feel free to discus you opinions, head canon, and ideas involving them here. I know I will.
  6. I find it odd that I'm the optimistic one for once. Every other person seems to have a gripe with Season 4 so far, but I'm enjoying the ride which is even stranger considering after the sloppy, rushed, Season 3 and irritatingly persistent musical numbers of 'Magical Mystery Cure' rather than plot and exposition the long wait has finally ended. We've got a full 26 episode roster, again! Which means there's still 22 left to air! And so far... We've got a Season-long story arc with a new mystery-so why do so many fans seem disgruntled? I mean-I'm not saying that they're wrong or about their opinions, but I'm curious as to why they feel this way about certain aspects this Season has offered so far.
  7. For the past few days I have seen a particular member on here talk about committing suicide and it has really got me thinking. I have been complaining on here an awful lot about my job and my life in general, sure I haven't talked about scheduling an early meeting with the grim reaper but as I have said before to him and on other occasions here I have considered it in the past so I do know what it is like to have that kind of hopelessness and despair. To clarify I don't plan on doing that myself, so you don't have to send me messages telling me not to do it. I just thought I would take a few minutes to come up with a few things that are actually going right with my life because I have noticed that are a lot of people on here dealing with depression and hopefully what I say can give at least one of them some hope and I could use a bit of reminding myself. 1. I am financially secure: I am no millionaire but I am doing okay for myself, I have perfect credit am in virtually no debt and am able to provide myself the basics and the occasional extras such as video games. 2. I have people that care about me and are looking out for me: I have had a lot of deaths in my family these last 16 years and with that comes changes but I at least have some people left in my life. As I have pointed out there are people at work I want to punch in the face but I have also met a lot of great people there too one of them being the friend that introduced me to ponies. And I have also met some pretty cool people on here too. 3. I have a good chance of turning my life around: I have a plan which I know if it succeeds will end my rut and allow me to live up to my true potential, it is pretty detailed though I went over some of it my blogpost Operation Exodus. 4. I have survived far worse: I have been through family tragedies, two times in my life where I considered suicide, extreme anger issues and have been through many of the challenges that come with being an individual with Autism and have conquered it all.
  8. Here we discuss the nature of people. Do you believe humans are inherently good or bad, and why? Or do you think something entirely different? Is everything circumstantial? Are you an optimist, pessimist, or realist? To start the discussion, I think part of what separates humans from the rest of the animal kingdom is our ability to empathize. We use this to "put ourselves in others' shoes," and this acts as a deterrent to what we consider "morally wrong" actions. People who lack the ability to do this (effectively or at all) wind up being sociopaths of varying degrees. Basically, we are all selfish to a point, but the location of that point depends on who you are. I consider myself to be a loose realist. Discuss