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Found 28 results

  1. I am surprised not to have found any topics on this, though I may have missed one. What are your OC's scared of/fears? Anything including irrational fears, or fears based off your personality would be okay. Honestly I cannot think of much for my OC, Foxy, except that she is scared of heights.
  2. Title. I'm actually a homosapien, so I call it soda.
  3. So as the title says, which do you prefer more? Spike from MLP FiM or Spike from The Land Before Time Series?
  4. So what are your nicknames? Mine is buddy. But I changed it to Darktronic. It is such a unbelievable name. My other nickname is rellik.
  5. Luna punches a guy or pony on a train?
  6. They look like this, Tastes like coriander with a minty-aftertaste to me. So I love them. Plus, they're beneficial for repressing down anxiety and depression which is a plus in my book. I've heard it also tastes like black licorice though I can't confirm that since I haven't tried licorice in general. What about you all?
  7. I could be wrong, but I feel like I have more posts than I should. I noticed when I was suddenly a phoenix, but I don't think I was that close before. I heard spmeone else say they may have been affected too, but others are not. Is this a joke/glitch or just me not paying attention to my post count.
  8. Like I want to use Linux but iTunes isn't supported and I need to back my phone up and restore it if it goes wrong (hasn't happened yet) But on the other hand Linux is free and I like my geeky stuff, also more stuff is free and Linux looks nicer Also I'm a gamer but Linux fits my gaming needs Which should I use?
  9. Well.. i don´t think i am the most popular member of these forums, or an interesting person, but for those of you who are bored or do want to know something about me, here i go^^ I´d happily answer all questions and i hope you enjoy your stay in this thread^^
  10. Should I get QuakeWorld or Quake Live? I just would like to know your opinions.
  11. I will cut to the chase on this one. There appears to be a problem of some kind with the text box I would use to comment on threads or topics. I cannot post images, gifs or even text. Furthermore, the options above, such as URL or Special BBCode do not work properly. I can access them, but when I try to insert a spoiler or a web address, they do not work. Could somepony help me fix this? It would be much appreciated. EDIT: It appears to be Internet Explorer which is suffering this problem. Everything works fine on other browsers like Safari for instance. Should I shift forum operations to Safari?
  12. *Thought of when replying to this topic! In the topic, a bunch of guys are talking about how they're too thin. Guys are expected to be big, strong, and bulky. (in a good way) Girls, on the other hand, have to look just like the *airbushed* magazine model. Girls have been known to overwork themselves and stp eating in order to be 'perfect.' But so have some guys. Everyone is under pressure to not become overweight, but... who do you think has it worse??
  13. O.K., so here are a couple pairs of headphones I saw and I need help choosing which one. I'm leaning towards the RD ones, but the VS ones are cool, too. I think the VS ones are custom made by someone else, but I need advice! OR: I could make my own but I don't know how...
  14. 'Would You Rather ...?' Thread Hello everypony, the point of this thread to answer my question with one out of two options, and to give an explanation as to why you chose that option. **I will post a new question everyday.** [Revived] Question #7: Would you rather dress in popular clothing from 20 years ago, or how you dressed when you were 10? **New question will be posted on July 12th/13th.**
  15. Basically, how would you react if you came across a pony from the show? Personally, I'd introduce myself, and try my best to not come off as threatening or dangerous. If it was my best pony (Princess Luna) I'd bow like I would to any royal, introduce myself and comment on what a pleasure it is to meet with the princess of the night (while trying not to d'awww at her socially awkward moments) What about you?
  16. So I looked all over, and I couldn't find any previous topics about this specifically. I'm sorry if there is one that I didn't see! I hope there isn't! :'( Anyway, I made this to see what people think. (Not as a poll, but just in general) Who do you guys like more, Discord or Celestia? I personally like Discord a lot better. He's just the right amount of evil (tee hee) and he's hilarious! Celestia always leaves the Mane 6 to take care of everything (Trollestia) and yet she's apparently the most powerful alicorn in Equestria. I still like Celestia, because she's pretty cool, but I love Discord and his chaos! XD So what do you guys think?
  17. Okay, so everpony knows how everypony loves some pony games, right ponies? Well, I'm terrible at keeping up with what's done, what's out, and what's what, so how about we make a pony game thread compilation? Just imagine the free time we could kill and the lols! Small scale games--like a simple flash game-- to bigger scale games like Mega-Pony, Fighting is Magic (I know, it's not out yet.) are all welcome. The more everypony knows about them all, the better. I'll start with Futzi01 and my favorite flash game by him, Pinkie Jump! It's AWESOME little platformer that's incredulously addictive... Edit: Ah, so Media Discussion is the right area. Got it.
  18. Sorry if this thread already exists, a quick search didnt yield any results. So, here is the question, would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf and what veriation would you be? Would you change anyone else? Info- You would be the first vampire/werewolf, you will wake up as whatever you decided to be, you can change others if you wish but only in the normal way for your variation (commonly a bite, but there are variations e.g having to drain nearly all the human blood out) Vampires - A few examples of vampire variations would be: The standard living dead vampire, can't go outside, silver and garlic kill you, must consume human blood to live, provided you don't starve or get killed, you live forever. The twilight 'glitter-fairy' vampire, can't touch silver or galic, can survive on animal blood alone, can go outside but skin shines like a glitter fairy, lives forever provided you don't get killed. The trueblood vampire, exactly the same as the standard but with the addition of a form of mind control when looking into a humans eyes and super fast speed, can drink synthetic blood provided someone invents it for you. Werewolfs- A few examples of werewolfs would be: The standard werewolf - normal human untill full moon, during full moon takes on a wolf like form, standing on two legs, driven to hunt and kill, has no recollection of what happened the next morning, lives a normal human lifespan, can only be killed with silver bullets. The wolf - Normal human form, chooses to shift into a wolf whenever they want, appear to be a normal wolf when shifted, great self healing capabity, above average strength, can be killed by normal means but self healing means that they enjoy a slightly higher than average lifespan. The big wolf - same as the wolf, but turns into a large wolf, near enough as big as a car, can telepathically talk to members of their pack while shifted. I personally would choose to be a twilight glitter fairy vampire, purely because they can live off animal blood so I wouldn't have to kill humans to survive. I would turn friends and family if they really wanted to be a vampire but would advise them against it as newborn twilight vampires are very aggressive. (yes I have read the books, they're not as bad as everyone makes them out to be, the movies on the other and are shockingly bad)
  19. Meh, at least I thought it was pretty funny. But hey, quantity over quality right! Or maybe it was the other way around.... Ah well, can't have it all can we?
  20. I heard this contest on the radio, except at this time of year, it's Dead Guy In A Turkey. Basically this is how it goes. I think of a dead person, and you guys try to guess. Simple. Whoever guesses the correct dead guy/girl first will win a free art request. Have fun!
  21. Hello Everypony! Which pet OR EXCUSE ME LITTLE AWESOME PURPLE DRAGON THING THAT IS NOT A PET BESIDES OPAL OR GUMMY do you think is the best?: Spike (Twilight Sparkle's Purple Baby Dragon :3) Opal (Rarity's angry-ass cat) Gummy (Pinkie Pie's alligator) Answer in the poll and post below ----------------------------------------------------------
  22. le Here is how le game works. le person le above you says le Trick or Treat! You put a random item that does not have to be candy, into their bags. Then, you say trick or treat, and so on and so forth. Example: Dumbass1: TRICK OR TREEAAEEAEEAEAEEOOEAEEOEEAAAET! Dumbass2: *Puts a bottle of wine in bag* (Hit enter a couple times) TRICK OR TREAT! Etc. I felt we should have a retarded game like this because it's halloween and it is crawling with 8 - 12 year olds that come out at like 5:30 PM and start ringing your doorbell as you smash a brick over your head and yell, "ITS ONLY 5:30 NOW GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE." let le forum game le begin! TRICK OR TREAT
  23. So which do you think is a better name for Pinkie pies cherry snack consisting of mashed up cherries wrapped in a tortilla then deep fried Help Pinkie solve this age old question.
  24. Have you ever wanted to create your OC in Garrys-mod?Well, now you can! Thanks to ~gonzalolog, There is a Automatic Pony Model making, skinning, and hexer, that he has recently released to the public! Currently it's available as a beta, So there are bugs..Latest Version:Beta 0.6c: are you waiting for? Go out there and make your OC's! (Currently PocM can only create Colts and Stallions, Fillies and Mares will be available in b0.7a)Also be sure to Deviant Watch gonzalolog, Comment, and Favourite his works! He's been working really hard lately and needs our appreciation!Now a Tutorial! YAY!
  25. I shall devote some of my precious time to answer your questions to my best ability. You may ask about facts of general nature or about my fascinating life (fascination guaranteed).