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Found 13 results

  1. Hey guys! This is something I made for my friend meson bold. I think it turned out really cuteh I hope you guys like it too. Critique is always welcome as long as it's nice Xox summer
  2. this is an orange pony it has an evil cloud mane or something and there is a light idk i thought it would look cool
  3. This is just something I noticed in the show. I can only think of three characters in the show that have orange as a primary color. Scootaloo, Apple Jack, and Cheeses Sandwich. What do you think, is orange a under used color in MLP character designs?
  4. Blue - Song made in 1 Hr This song took me and my good friend Tim about 1 hour to make, Tim and I make songs from time to time and when we showed this song to one of are good friends they said they liked it so after talking to Tim for about another hour we finally uploaded the song! I Hope You Enjoy Thank You For Any Feed Back!!
  5. chillin at school and found a moldy orange in my lacker, daum right
  6. Today we are here to talk a little bit about a movie called A Clockwork Orange. It is based on a book by Anthony Burgess of the same name and as the title unceremoniously spoils it my ultimate goal here is to convince you to give this movie a chance! Reading that I know what question comes to your mind ,Oh my Brothers and Only Friends! Your question is: Why? Fear not my little droogies for all shall be reveled soon by your humble narrator. You see, A Clockwork Orange takes place in the close future. A future which will seem very retro to today’s viewer since the movie was made in 1971. The story is about a person called Alex DeLarge. Alex is ,in almost every possible way, a horrible person. One of his greatest joys in life is doing wrong. He is also fifteen years old. But hey, a little of the ol’ ultra-violence can get anybody’s blood pumping right? Despite that however Alex is a very relateable character. He is intelligent, well spoken, he enjoys classical music. He is very charismatic and his diabolical enjoyment of what he does is almost infectious. No matter how despicable the act he is committing may seem you still reluctantly cheer him on and when he falls on hard times you genuinely feel sorry for him. However, one day as most people, Alex will have to pay for his sins. This character is portrayed very well by Malcolm McDowell. His performance and director Stanley Kubrick’s direction, help you see a morally bankrupt world where the young go out to prey on others at night and where politics seems to be way to caught up in it’s own game of thrones to be able to handle to problems of the common people. A world where today’s society could very well be heading. The story of our dear Alex DeLarge however is not the only interesting thing about A Clockwork Orange. The events of the movie raise many interesting question. What is a man when his ability to make his own choices is taken away? What makes a person enjoy causing harm to others? Just how much can somebody like that ever realize the error of his ways and redeem himself? This story asks all these question and many more like them and it might just make you question yourselves ,Oh my Brothers and Only Friends! That is what elevates this piece of cinema above a lot of others.This story is not just about one man but an exploration of human nature in general. Asking questions about ourselves and the nature of things around us is what drives our lives forward after all ,my little droogies. And few things can make you ask questions better than good fiction. The last few things of note I’d like to mention about this movie are connected to it’s history. It was very controversial back in it’s own time. It won’t shock today’s viewer much of course, but back then this was one of the boldest and most violent movies in cinemas. Unfortunately, that led to some people trying to copy the ill chosen past times of our dear Alex in real life. That’s why Stanley Kubrick asked for this movie to not be distributed to the public in the United Kingdom and until his death it remained unavailable in that country. This is one of the events that lead to it’s relative obscurity today. You have seen Clockwork Orange parodied and/or referenced in other works of fiction (The Simpsons, South Park, Tenacious D just to name a few) countless times already ,have no doubt about that my dear reader. And you have surely felt it’s impact on our culture. A Clockwork Orange is a remarkable movie in the history of cinema which stood the test of time. I hope I managed to convince you to give it a chance my dear reader and if not I thank you for making it this far all the same. If you do decide to see „our hero’s” story through grab a glass of milk and get ready for a bit of the ol’ Ultra-Violence...
  7. I think i really knocked over the bucket here.I never drew a stallion so Good in my life!! I may start practicing more at this skill i seem to be good at! Cheers To Drawing!
  8. Just something I was a little curious about. Manehatten is supposed to be like a copy of new york, hence why babs seed speaks with a brooklyn accent. However, the oranges, who live in the same town, seem out of place, acting more like the canterlot nobility than anything else. On a side note, a post I saw on another site made a good point. If they're not farm workers, then why do they have orange related cutie marks?
  9. Scootaloo is best CMC. Anyway, I love this wallpaper so much I'm using it as my desktop background now. You guys can use it too, the dimensions are 1920x1080. Turthfully, I didn't put too much effort into this one, I was just kind of screwing around but it ended up looking pretty good if I say so myself.
  10. So pretty simple question, I just figured i'd ask, whats your favorite flavor of gatorade? There is plenty of flavors around, some are more uncommon, some are more common, i'm just gonna go off the ones that haven't been discontinued, and hope I don't miss any. So yeah I'll try and include as many as possible in the poll, if i miss any please tell me and i'll add it ASAP ok? Anyways, my personal favorite is orange, dunno why, i just love orange it tastes so good, despite being a bit harder to find for me, i don't drink it as common as i do blue and red, but its just.. idk gatorade and orange mixes well i guess. . Ps.(I didn't know half these flavors existed , wikipedia be my guide!)
  11. So I decided to shoot for an album. and it just so happens that I made the cover art for it tonight. Just one problem...there are a few visual arrangements that look good. So I thought I'd ask you guys! If you like a different combination of these 4, let me know what you think would look good. EDIT: ADDITIONS!!! I've added 4 more based on the suggestions (or the best of my ability to imagine them) and some new ones made up on the spot. CLICK! 1. 2. 3. 4. (Yes, there is one inconsistency in that I forgot the paint bucket's shadow until the last one) 5. 6. 7. 8. or... Personally, I'm liking 8. 9.
  12. This is the assonance game, where you have to type out a word and the following poster will have to think of another word that almost rhymes with the previous one -- that is, its vowel sounds are identical to that of the previous word. For example, "rhyme" and "mine" are assonances because they have the "i" vowel sound, but they don't rhyme fully. In contrast, a full rhyme to the word "rhyme" would be "crime", and a full rhyme for the word "mine" is "nine". So it goes like this: Poster 1: The word is "rate"! Poster 2: An assonance for this would be "rain". After this, Poster 2 will have to think of another word for another poster to make an assonance of. Repeat this. Let's start off now! The first word is proud.
  13. oh look, its good ole solrac, brony dance party, and colorful creations (my mod) and they all have orange hooves.... ohhh boyyyyyyy