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Found 5 results

  1. You can read about them in the rp character database ouo Chamomile: Star Catcher:
  2. I have recently posted a forum on here not to long ago about my recent OC Pony I have made and didn't get the exact responses I've been expecting. I've read literally...5-10 different little posts/guides about making a OC Pony and have been having quiet abit of difficulty still and Id like to get some help if possible. The issues I've been having mainly have been picking good colors that would compliment eachother, a cutie mark, accessories and weather it should be pegasus, earth pony or unicorn. I sadly am not the greatest at drawing due to the fact it takes me a long while for me to get motivated, so I've been needing to rely on Generalzoi's pony creator. If anyone here has any tips on how to make a good OC please let me know. It will be greatly appreciated. Thanks everypony. PS. I decided to post my current OC here so I can get some more help and tips with my example of my admitted bad first OC. Also, I apologize if this is in the wrong forum, it's only my second day here. Bro Hoof (\
  3. Finally got his full, complete bio up! Plus some artwork is from members here on the forums! Please check it out and feedback is appreciated!
  4. Hey guys. I've been writing this for a while, wondering if I should ever post it. I decided I was going to. It's about an OC pony of mine, Caramel Strike, firstborn of Applejack and Rainbow Dash. Please, no hate if this isn't the kind of story for you. Better to just hit the back button instead of making a mess. But seriously, thank you for taking the time to read my fanfic. I plan to update every so often, with unorganized intervals. Sorry if paragraph format isn't quite correct; I'm not awake enough to deal with it now. I will later when I post more though~ Enjoy! Taking Flight By Sandwhisper When I was little, I had wings. “Caramel Strike, please come down from your room,” her voice would echo up the steps. But I never answered. I came down whenever I was good and ready; momma Dash knew that. She also knew her calls would be fruitless. I glared at my door as the cries were no more. She’d probably flown away. Wish I could. When I was little, I had wings. ~*TWELVE YEARS AGO*~ Nothing. It was nothing. I tried to see, and I saw nothing. Tried to walk, I felt nothing. Tried to fly. I felt pain. Why can’t I fly…? I could feel my life slowly flow back into my limbs. Everywhere, every limb… except for my wings. I could smell again, but it was not a pleasant reunion. The scents of cleansing alcohol and various medications spilled into my nostrils and burned my senses, as if they were acidic to me and only me. Murmurs were starting to ring out louder as the feeling of my ears being shut tight began to evaporate. My back – more specifically, shoulder area – stung more than I ever believed was possible. “We had to remove them.” “What?! What do you mean, remove?!” I knew that voice. It had an ashy, raspy tone to it, with a certain… masculine femininity, you could say. “Ah dun believe it!” I recognized that voice too: a thick, Southern drawl that threaded through a clear, husky voice. Momma Jack and momma Dash. But who were the others? I certainly didn’t recognize them, and there were many of them. “But she’s a Pegasus! She NEEDS them!” cried who could be none other than momma Dash. I now could open my eyes, and realized I was face down in what seemed to be a bed. I peeled open my eyes, bracing the pain that lashed through my skull and the aching that buzzing through my every limb. Except my wings. I quickly blinked away the blur in my eyes, turning to face my parents. They both bore surprised (and perhaps dreaded) looks, while staring right into the cold marine eyes of an official in a blinding white. “Where… Am I?” I managed to squeak out. Every syllable hurt worse than the last. The aching was simply indescribable. I let my eyes steady and position themselves to my cyan mother, very round in her middle section. Her spectrum-hued mane drizzled slightly over her bold, yet passionate and determined, magenta eyes. Her name was Rainbow Dash. “Strike!” She cried out in the voice that I’d surely heard just before. She scampered over, tears forming in her eyes, instantly heading to nuzzle me. “Yer awake! Mah little Striker!” cried the other voice that I’d recognized. She was a basic, sandy orange in color, with a dusty blonde mane yanked quickly into crimson ties near the edges; it was undeniably my other mother, Applejack. Her Southern drawl (which I didn’t really inherit, but sometimes I get moments where it slips out) had given it away. I was the daughter (and soon to be first of two fillies) of two lovely mares. And, in my unbelievable, painful daze, I was unbearably happy to see them. “Where am I? What’s going on?” I managed to spill out, despite my six-year-old limitations in understanding things. I was only a filly, and other than visiting Nurse Redheart for checkups, I’d never been in such a place. I looked behind me to get a better look around, as I was on my stomach. But once I looked, an ominous, sickish-feeling pit grew inside my stomach. “Mommy, where are my wings?”
  5. Everypony post their "Pony Creator" ponies here for everypony to see. Here's the link -> "generalzoi's "Pony Creator". This is the OC I created. She's named Fable Dreams. Intended to mirror my own personality! Cutie mark is a single white cloud and parchment.