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Found 30 results

  1. Hi everyone! Here's the latest track I've made! As for every of my songs, there's a tiny little story coming with it. Here it is : "Sometimes Twilight Sparkle likes to have a rest enjoying a beautiful landscape from Equestria. But be careful not to overthink Princess!" As this is my first post in Fan Music, just a few words about Mane In Green : I've started making MLP fan music in early november. There are remixes of official songs and instrumental tracks inspired by artworks from the fandom. PS : my favorite color is red, even if I'm green, and I don't like green, but I fully assume this name's choice. :awuh: Voilà! I hope some of you will enjoy, and every feedback is welcome!
  2. Mind giving me some feedback on this? I've been thinking about putting it to music. [PLEASE DO NOT COPY] The Girl 1. Once was a girl 2. With a bright personality. 3. She never meant to hurt 4. And despised brutality. 5. She was eager to help 6. And would ask to play with one other. 7. But when she fell, 8. The girl wasn't held by another. 9. Though her intention was good, 10. She came off as clumsy. 11. She never understood 12. What the problem might be. 13. As the girl got older, 14. Her conflict only grew. 15. "You're broken." They told her. 16. "The world's better off without you." 17. At the age of twelve, 18. Her communications were limited. 19. She'd talk to herself 20. And her nature grew timid. 21. All through middle school, 22. She was taught by a screen. 23. She was seen as a fool 24. The few times she had company. 25. When spending was at minimum 26. And her situation became fruitless, 27. She was thrown to the system 28. In hopes of cleaning her mess. 29. So now at age fourteen, 30. She was expected of more. 31. She knew nothing of scene 32. Or about this 'common core'. 33. No one would talk to her 34. Or stand within half a mile. 35. Though treated like an intruder, 36. She still wore her usual smile. 37. Like a broken record, 38. She'd sing without anyone to admire. 39. "I don't know where to go 40. Or who to be. 41. I wish someone 42. Or anyone would help me. 43. I feel empty inside.” 44. She would plea. 45. “No place to go hide. 46. This world has grown cold. 47. It's suffocating me." 48. She longed to break the mold 49. And needed to break free. 50. Day in and day out, 51. Her fate seemed evident. 52. She was cursed to roam about 53. Without anyone to her feeling significant. 54. She began to build a fortress 55. Out of fear for the demons she faced. 56. Depression became her mistress. 57. She pondered as she across the floor paced, 58. “This is all?” 59. Surely her life weighed more than this. 60. But the truth finally answered her call 61. When another girl offered a hand when she tripped. 62. Along with it, 63. This girl beamed a bright smile. 64. Taken back a bit, 65. She returned the grin with a hint of denial. 66. Little did they know, 67. These two would be inseparable. 68. Some say their friendship is just for show 69. It seems strange for a friendship to be so immeasurable. 70. The girl made more friends 71. Along the way. 72. Not to belittle those relations, 73. But the smiley girl mattered more than she could say. 74. She had replaced her prior feelings 75. She thought she so well knew 76. With a newfound joy. 77. She felt so at ease around these few. 78. Her previous darkness was but her demon’s lost ploy. 79. Instead of murmuring 80. With words of depression, 81. Her voice is now elevating 82. And singing proudly her tale of revelation. 83. “No longer, 84. I won't be held down. 85. Or defined by another.” 86. She sang whether it rained or wind blew. 87. “I'm tired of crying 88. In a corner somewhere. 89. I'd rather be out smiling 90. With people who care. 91. These hard hearted people 92. Can yell all they want. 93. That doesn't mean it gives me a cripple 94. Or I care about their thought.” 95. This whole life of her’s, 96. She didn’t know why she had so much trouble. 97. But after telling her of these disorders, 98. At least she could to lessen the struggle. 99. “Yeah I'm broken. 100. So what? 101. It's my problem. 102. Your point was? 103. If my flaws annoy you that much, 104. Why don't you go look in the mirror for once. 105. There's not one definition of perfect. 106. There's not one word for me. 107. I'd rather be a clipped bird 108. And continue to sing. 109. Than be a beautiful butterfly 110. That'll be forgotten in a week. 111. It won't matter what I wore 112. 10 years from now. 113. But I'll stay torn 114. If I blindly wander around. 115. With no opinion of myself 116. Besides the lies you've told my head? 117. As if I'd leave my feelings on a shelf 118. And take your word instead. 119. Sorry little miss. 120. Guess I'm not as weak as you thought. 121. You've shown me my feelings don’t deserve a dismiss 122. And why you shouldn't tease and cause distraught.” 123. These lessons she’s learned 124. Will give her strength every day. 125. She’s met people who’ll be concerned 126. And pick her up when she feels dismay. 127. It’s now been a year 128. Since the girl was brought into this environment. 129. She’s matured greatly here 130. Despite her rough settlement. 131. Without these few youth 132. She’s met in this place, 133. She may have stayed aloof 134. With a fake smile upon her face. 135. As time has passed, 136. The world continues to spin. 137. Just as hurtful comments do not last 138. Against a sincere and joyful grin. 139. Though the girl still faces daily problems, 140. It’s much easier to deal. 141. She will achieve excellence 142. If these people continue to help in ordeal. 143. The story doesn’t end right away 144. For it has only just begun. 145. Even to this day, 146. This girl still sings of past transgression. 147. She’s helped many without personally knowing them 148. With her tale of victory. 149. But she cannot irradiate the problem. 150. Her actions will not be enough only. 151. It will take the everyday person 152. To change this society. 153. Not with large scale projects to immerse in. 154. But with average people like you and me.
  3. Happy December! We are 25 days away from Christmas, and we are on a great pace to meet or exceed our goal! As of right now, we're at $1,179, and until 12/7, I personally am running a matching promotion, So let's drive to get there. We can have our goal met two and a half weeks before Christmas! Also, to help kick off December and Christmas month, I would like to present to you an original song composed by @C. Thunder Dash. It is called "Everlasting Joy" and is the official theme song to Making Christmas Merrier V. Enjoy!
  4. Having been around the fandom for a while I thought I had heard most of the genres people had made pony themed music from, well I was wrong as I have found some awesome ska/punk music.
  5. Hello, everypony. Bo Cherry/Strat Attack here. I have a new song here for you all. Earlier today, I was wondering how Spike would feel if he ever left Twilight and how he would cope with moving on in his life. This track is basically a soundtrack to that concept. This track has (digital) piano, strings, and bass from the 4beats iPad app. I like to think of this song as an auditory look into Spike's thought process after he leaves Twilight. He keeps thinking back to all the good times (the first little melody we hear in the track) but is determined to move forward (the weary but strong second piano melody we hear). I sincerely hope you all enjoy it, and if you like what you hear, feel free to check out my other tracks on, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Thanks for listening and have a good day! Bo
  6. Taken down for improvments, Will update here So, after about 8-10hrs, I finished this... I would call this "melodic dubstep", however it is a rather broad term and some will disagree, but Anyway, take a listen and let me know what you think (I really need to improve on the mixing in vocals...) There is a free download at both sites if you reaaaally want it, I don't really think its that great though.
  7. Lyrics: He looks at me like I'm not worth a damn, thinks to himself I should be another man. Well sorry son, that's not the way it goes; they've fastened these fetters from my head down to my toes. And time molds the clay irreversibly, an effigy was unveiled of the face of me. I love you no matter what they say. If you're buried in darkness you'll find the light of day. So come closer my dear, for I see no other way. For everything that's been done, I guess you might say: It's irreversible.
  8. When my old Dr.Marehorror topic came up from my old topic results, I decided that it was time I made a Dr.Marehorror parody song cover. This song takes place sometime after the film "Dr.Horrible's sing-along blog," just after the Master died. So, in short I want singers for Dr.Marehorror and the Master. Update: I will no longer need music composers or songwriters, since I know these roles are hard to get and the song might take longer to make. (I only have two more days left till school.) Note that any voice I choose for Dr.Marehorror won't be canon in this song. However I do want her voice higher than in this animation I made: As for the singers, these are the rules: High quality mic: Little or no background noise. Files must be sent in mp3 format. If any of you win auditions, or if any of you get picked as a different role we will talk about this in pm. There will be a voice example of the Master below. I think you get the idea. Anyway, good luck! The Master Voice Example.mp3
  9. Here is a Christian vocal song I wrote and recorded. Free download on Youtube page. I actually composed the song over a year ago, but I have just gotten around to recording it.
  10. Hello everypony! I made a theme song of Midnight Sparkle!!! It is a weird theme song, but i hope you guys like it! The music has different moods because it shows the theme's of the event of the scene of EG Midnight sparkle . ( From start to end) I don't know if this is supposed to be in the non-pony artwork topic list because there are no MLP related vocals in it. On the other hand, it has the scene in audio. I like to get some feedback. Thanks in advance!!!! Greetings from me, Dashner! ( Triple Shock) The link to the song:
  11. I would love some feedback on a song i wrote right after the release of the 100th episode. I was a bit scared to show it to anyone so I never released it. I would love some Critique on basically any part of it. Please excuse my shaky/off key ness I was super nervous! Eep! Thanks!! Please do not use this song or cover it with out my permission. Please do not take credit for it! (if there is even anything you would want to steal lol. I doubt it.) This is a work in progress
  12. Princess Cadence and Shining Armor get a love song in this acoustic track on my second album
  13. Hi there DjFlareDash here.... I have just released a new song on sound cloud check it out tell me what you think
  14. Before I say anything, I'd just like to clear up that rather than making this topic to promote my music, I'd really rather feedback So that aside, hiya, I wrote a ballad for Scootaloo...Yeh, I know, Scoots song...oh well have another If anypony has any feedback, comments, criticisms...feel free to share Download, Lyrics and stuff like that in vid description. My YouTube channel's in the sig if you are interested in finding the vid description. - Strigidae
  15. Wrote this song based on the episode "Inspiration Manifestation". Been listening to too much melodic hardcore music lately lol . Feedback please?
  16. Happy Wednesday again! Here a sadder song this time so don't cry
  17. Another week has passed and another song is posted. Enjoy some Fallout Equestria themed industrial music this time. Hope you enjoy! /)
  18. Hey y'all! Have some pony blues music for your listening pleasure:
  19. Hey all! Here's my Wednesday song post! Wish That I Were More Thanks for listening!
  20. This is a song I wrote a little while ago but finally got around to making a decent recording. Thanks for checking it out!
  21. When I first joined MLPForums, @Antismurf9001 encouraged me to post my music. I posted what I believe is my best song - The Spacefarer (, but I never got around to posting anything else. So here's another one I did a while back - a minimalist techno piece called "Snow Mixed With Rain". I had been experimenting with Acid Music at the time, and this song basically wrote itself. Please let me know what you think. NOTE: The attachment link below is broken - the forum apparently can't handle MP3s. Use this link instead: KieferSkunk_-_Snow_Mixed_With_Rain.mp3
  22. Hey every pony! I'm Josh, and am brand new to the brony social world (you could say that I'm just coming out of the MLP closet!) I love to write and record music so I though of doing that in pony form. My first song is called Luna's Dreams. It's about how Luna felt during her thousand years in the moon. My second is about when Derpy and The Doctor finally go their separate ways. Here's Ditzy's Heartbreak. I'd love to have some pony produce my music if any pony is interested. I welcome feedback, critiques, compliments, and gifts .
  23. Hey guys, this is a song I just made I want all my fellow Bronies to hear it. If you like it, there is a link to a FREE download in the description. Enjoy!
  24. So I did a cover of Beyond Her Garden last night. I'm also just going to post my latest original since I uploaded that only a few days ago.
  25. Just a song I made. I was listening to Zerg music from StarCraft 2 and got inspired to make a theme for the changelings. Soundcloud link EqBeats If you enjoy it, feel free to like and subscribe and that kind of stuff.