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Found 4 results

  1. To celebrate this launch let's have old stuff! xD
  2. Me and my lovely girlfriend (Who you might have seen recently, she's been posting a lot of drawings here) have decided to make a joint art blog, all of the stuff we have posted in this section will be moved into there and whoever made the pieces shown will be in the title surrounded by [] (Example: [ORYX]) See you guys/gals around! Check it out here: ~OryxTheFillicorn
  3. IMPORTANT NOTE: I AM NOT THE CREATOR OF THE SHEET BELOW, I SIMPLY PUT THAT THERE TO SHOW YOU THE STYLE THE PONIES WILL BE IN. Okay, I'm taking requests for ultra low-res pony sprites. Hopefully, I'll be able to get the whole forum in on this, but meh, whatever. Just post your OC. BTW the sprites are in this style. (I love low-res. 8x8 pixels FTW!)
  4. Okay, I've been playing this game 'Realm of the Mad God' for a while now, and I had a great idea: Getting together as many Bronies as I can and raiding a server. (sweeping through, destroying everything, max leveling, etc...) For those of you who have never played RotMG before, don't worry, we'll start with basic tier enemies and bosses, working as a pack. Here's a gameplay video so you can check it out. It's like a bullet hell MMORPG. After I get some people on board, we'll set a date and time.