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Found 7 results

  1. Are there any moments in the show or episodes involving your favorite pony that dissapointed you or just made you go seriously WTF? For me it is Somepony To Watch Over Me because of how insanely out of character Applejack was in that episode. We know Applejack can in some circumstances be overprotective but that side was exaggerated way more than was justified without even the slightest semblance of a proper buildup to make any of it believable. I haven't had an episode piss me off this much since Magical Mystery Cure though to be fair this episode thankfully isn't as craptastic as that one.
  2. Y'know how sometimes ponies have that thing where they're eyes go crazy, they do a crooked smile, their voices go all funny, their manes are messed up and they start acting all OOC? Like Twilight in "Lesson Zero", Pinkie Pie in "Party of One", and Fluttershy in "Best Night Ever"? Well, a lot of people say that the ponies are "going insane" from the "stress", but psychological problems like insanity and stress are a bit heavy for a kids' show, especially the idea that something fairly common (like loneliness in Pinkie's case) could cause them, added to the fact that MLP is generally utopian and the fact that insanity doesn't just come and go. My theory is that it's a certain psychological trait unique to those ponies when they experience a great deal of an emotion they do not usually experience. For Pinkie Pie it was loneliness and for Fluttershy it was disappointment (she was disappointed that the animals were running away; the anger came later, possibly as a part of being in "freaky-mode"). Now, for a while I thought "but what about Twilight? Anxiety is an emotion she experiences on the regular", but then I thought maybe it wasn't the anxiety that set her into that state, it was desperation. When she was just worried, that didn't set her off but she got set off when she started getting desperate and doing things like putting the "want-it-need-it" spell on Smarty Pants. If the theory is true, then the state goes away when the emotion goes away. But I have two queries about this. Would Applejack's craziness in "Applebuck Season" have anything to do with this? She did look out of sorts and was acting OOC, but did this stem from an unusual emotion and would, therefore, be in the same category or was she just tired from lack of sleep (ie had she been working at night etc and missed out on sleep?) Could this be the reason for Luna turning into Nightmare Moon? Is this character change what could happen if the state went on for too long or the emotion was too intense or too out-of-the-ordinary? Or is it what happens when an Alicorn goes through it? Or is the Nightmare Moon thing completely different? But, as many fan theorists say, it's just a theory. Or as Twilight might say "Just a hypothesis". Let me know your thoughts.
  3. Say a fan fiction if a character is out of character... or just generally unlikeable. If a character let's say Twilight Sparkle was in character (very close in character) and behaves in a manner very similar to the show and something hurtful happened to her. Or she got killed in the story. I would feel upset, because that's the Twilight I know and love. However, (this personally would be my most hated fandom version of her) if she had become out of character (very out of character) in certain stories (you can guess the ones I'm talking about) where she's a xenophobic, condescending elitist, misanthropic, hate mongering violent brute that treats other people (especially humans) horribly.... yet she's 'good' somehow as described by the author. And she dies in said story... I don't really care and sometime I am even glad she died, for as far as I'm concerned that wasn't Twilight Sparkle... but an another pony ('evil' pony) that was using her name in that story. Do you feel the same? Or do you have any other points or other opinions?
  4. Would you like the ponies if they treated you horribly? How would you feel after the following ordeal? Yeah, human in equestria scenario... but these (clearly not canon ponies) ponies immediately hate you and the first thing they do when they see you walk into Ponyville is beat you to a pulp. They don't give you a chance to speak they just dog pile on you and ignore your cries for them to stop and continue to beat you. After knocking you unconscious, they bring you to a hospital, heal you up a little and then throw you in a small dark cell to live the rest of your life behind bars. The give you very little food and water, just enough to live. The only answer you got while behind bars as to why they did this was. "You are human. Therefore you deserved this. You should be thankful we didn't just kill you."
  5. Does it annoy you that in so many fan fictions the characters are out of character? As in the characters do horrible thing that their canon counterparts would never even dream of doing and would be horrified that their counterparts could do such a thing. Like there's often not even any explanation why suddenly Rainbow Dash or Fluttershy turn into a psychopath. Or an overpowered, specist, egotistic Celestia goes Reaper from Mass Effect on an entire sapient species. Congrats, you just turned Celestia from a compassionate and merciful leader into Harbinger from Mass Effect. It's like in some of these fan fictions the characters have the same names, but they aren't the characters from the show. I find it infuriating that sweet and kind canon versions of the characters are turned into monstrous abominations that bare no resemblance to the characters other than the names.
  6. After watching the episodes from season 4, I have to say: RD seems out of character So do some of the other characters I know I'm probably judging to quick since there is only eight episodes so far But RD... She just seems out of character... Please don't hate me for saying that, it's just that, all of a sudden she loves musicals, that seems a bit to forced, and in Daring Don't, she also seemed out of character. It may just be me thinking this, but idk.
  7. Does anyone dislike Celestia bashing in this fandom? Let me give you quite possibly the highest caliber of extreme Celestia bashing, there actually fan fictions/fanworks that make Celestia behave like Adolf Hitler. I can sorta understand if it's a Conversion Bureau story, but most stories don't explain why Celestia had become so out of character and literally turned into Pony version of Harbinger from Mass Effect on the Human race. Oh and Molestia, enough said. I like to think canon Celestia is kind and does her best for her people and does not behave like a Reaper from Mass Effect or a purvert. Edit: Wait, meant to post in Sugarcube Corner. Sorry.