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Found 26 results

  1. What grosses you out? I can't stand finding human hair on wet surfaces
  2. In case you do not know what a bug out vehicle is. A bug out vehicle is just a vehicle you'll use when you need to leave in a hurry. You are sitting in front of your computer when you suddenly find out a disaster is going to or has strike. You need to leave in a hurry, with supplies (bug out bag) and usually you have a plan as to where you will go and set up camp or find refugee. There are a few things that are important when it comes to a bug out vehicle. Number one is reliability, number two it has to be tough or at least somewhat durable. Number three, it needs to be ready to go places. So, what's up for discussion? What would be your preferred bug out vehicle and why? I have given this a bit of thought number one would be the Toyota Land cruiser 80. In America it is probably known as something else. Here the Land cruiser is known for it's reliability as well as durability. Considering it endures the harsh environment here, rock climbing, ice and other things it surely will do as a bug out vehicle. So, what's yours?
  3. So last weekend I finally moved out. It's been crazy, but i moved to a different town. Took me a while to un-box everything and arrange things the way i like them (in fact, i'm not quite finished yet, but i have got the most important things right now into working order). My cats have been terrified of moving, but that is understandable. One of them got acclimated rather quickly, the other one still occasionally hisses and spits, but she's getting better. So yeah. This is an old part of town, mostly populated by old people or old couples. I don't really mind though. It's quite clean and quite, and it takes me very close to my current workplace. --- What about you? Any plans on moving out soon or in the future? Or have you moved out recently? Care to share your experiences?
  4. Well, I just got locked out of my house and had to use my experience to break into it. So, that made me think, how many of you guys have ever been locked out of your house, and if so how did you get back in. It was simple for me to get in, because I had left a screwdriver out accidently on the back porch.
  5. Reviews aren't really my thing, and I think my feelings towards the film "Inside Out" can be succinctly condensed into three sentences:
  6. -Snipped content, purging account-
  7. Anypony remember the video series titled "The Greatest Freak Out Ever"? The Youtuber who made them is called Wafflepwn. If so, what do you think of them and which one's your favorite? I thought that the videos were really funny especially when the guy keeps breaking things. At first, I thought it was a YouTube channel that had compilations of people freaking out and each video starred a different person. But when I realized it was the same person in all of the videos, I thought "this guy has anger issues". I even think that the videos are fake and the person freaking out is just acting. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be the first one.
  8. I know in my last entry I said I was going to tough out the semester, but I did the math. To keep my B in Advanced Business statistics, I need a 76.4 on the final exam To raise my C to a B in Marketing Strategy, I need to score a 124.2 on the final exam I finally told my parents I had a C in grad school. It really went over better than I thought it would. I did make my mom promise not to destroy me, though. Instead of being angry with me (like she has done in the past), she instead offered some insight into my situation, which she was correct about. Then she offered suggestions about what I should do going forward. It really was a whole lot easier than I thought it would be. Really, it feels so much better now that I don't have to lie to them about my grades anymore. She helped me make a few decisions: 1. The first thing we decided was that quitting school would not be a smart decision. I do have room to grow with my degree, but I shouldn't plan on getting much further than I currently am if I don't keep pursuing my education. I am comfortable now, but if I were to marry and end up with a family...I'm more financially stable than I have ever been, but I am in no way ready to support a family. 2. We decided was that I should look into a Master of Accounting (MAcc) instead of Business Administration (MBA) because the MAcc would fit my interests much better. So I got on my computer and looked into it. I did find a university that offered an MAcc program. It offers two Becker CPA review courses (which are invaluable to aspiring CPA's), both of which you can use as two of the four electives you need to graduate as well as having a heavy focus on accounting. It is a 30 hour program that has maybe 6 hours of courses that aren't accounting so I really want to check that out before quitting school. 3. Neither of my current classes are listed on their schedule. I can't even use them as electives. So instead of finishing the semester and taking what I have, it'd be best to just drop (which I did today). I've checked in with my financial aid providers. I will owe my student loans back (obviously) but I do not have to pay back any grant money. All the loan money is intact so all they have to do is ask for it and I'll hand it all over in a lumpsum. I even have enough to cover interest. That puts me in an excellent financial situation as far as dropping out of grad school is concerned. 4. I should contact an adviser at the new school. Now I'm probably not going to get in for the spring semester, but that's okay. If I can't get in until August 2015, I can live with that. It'd probably be better anyway. 5. I'm I need to find a counselor. I had already decided upon this before talking to my parents. It's also why I think enrolling for August would be better. It would give me more time to sort things out with myself and get out of this rut. I don't wear sadness well. I guess the thing my mom told me that stuck with me was this: "If it was easy, everyone would be doing it." Well, I guess she's right. For now it is nice to finally not have school for a little while. I actually feel really good about my decision to drop out of these classes. Usually when I feel good about something, I know I made the right choice. And I'm ecstatic about that much, despite my depression. I still have a lot of changes to make in my life to get better but I'll take it a step at a time. I don't expect an overnight turnaround. I haven't been reading self-help books or anything. I just know what I need to do to get where I want to be. I will need help along the way, though. My first objective is to clean everything and reorganize. Let's hope this goes well. [insert "determined" emoticon here] Eh..that'll do lol
  9. Assume this would take place in our / the human world. What if your favorite pony wanted to go out to eat with you? Would you oblige? Would doing so make you feel uncomfortable / self-conscious? Would you be concerned about what others would think? How would this affect / define your relationship with the aforementioned pony? Are you simply really good friends that went out to eat together? Or are you something more? Have you thought of going out to eat with your favorite pony before? I have. A number of times. And finally... Should I bring flowers?
  10. Hahaha! Okay, this'll be a thing. I've been working an idea that basically uses the mane 6 as a fighting team a la Final Fantasy (y'know, the older ones). I've got more than a few key concepts going for each individual pony, but I'm having trouble coming up with fitting classes (job classes, like FFIII or FFV) evenly. So far, I've got a few that I know I'm going to use for sure, but I don't know if I should allow some classes to be shared and which ones to keep to one specific pony. Welcoming any ideas! Current "For Sure"s Twilight Sparkle: Scholar/Sage/Healer Pinkie Pie: Mime/Chemist/"Bluemage" Applejack: Beserker/Gladiator/Monk Rainbowdash:"Archer"/Assassin/"Black Mage"/Monk Rarity:Smith/"Redmage"/"Mysticknight" Fluttershy: Beastmaster/Summoner/Healer Anything in quotes is for comparison's sake. There would be clear differences (like RD wouldn't actually be practicing arcana, but using weather based attacks e.g. Thunder, Ice, Aero, etc.) Also welcoming original concepts, if you're so inclined!
  11. This isn't exactly a forum game per say but still a little something fun to do here. We have 4 seasons worth of episode dialogue that we can pull from so I wanna see what you come up with. Basically post a quote from a MLP: FiM episode that can be funny when taken out of context. This can relate to any number of subtle "suggestions" that would be funny to imply from based on the dialogue. Hopefully this will stay PG-13 since the subjects wont be too explicit. I'll start: "Spike, I'm worried about you. You're usually not so...grabby!" -Twilight Sparkle (Secret of my Excess)
  12. Hi guys! Well, I thought I'd do some shameless self-promotion here and get you guys' opinions of mah new song... It's not the most interesting or engaging, perhaps, but still. It was probably inspired by Aquatic Ambience from Donkey Kong Country somehow, but don't let that make you think it'll be near as good. xD So yeah, here it is... Underwater Mountaintops... So what's your opinion on both this song and chill-out music in general?
  13. Random buttonwise words of wisdom for the day are Is everything ok? If not try checking your preconceptions of objective reality. Wow this got me thinking thank you random button I have a blog post! lol But in all seriousness it is right I have been feeling useless, even down right stupid. It is my perception that needs to change. Not life itself. I need to stop fighting life and change my view. So the random button has taught me perception. Thank you random button. What did you take from this???
  14. This is something I think is worth sharing.
  15. Say, your friend, was a brony *Or pegasister*. Then one day, she/he says he is now an Anti-Brony, what do you do? I know its not really a big deal, but how would you react?
  16. Well, I haven't actually started any new projects in a month or two (I don't even remember, that's how long it's been), so I wanted to do something to see if I still had some artistic "talent" left in me. I decided to draw Rarity, which I have never attempted to do before. Sorry for the poor camera quality; My scanner is incompatible with my new computer :/ Outline: Lemme know what you think. It's probably not too good considering the amount of time it took for me to be able to start something fresh. I'll bounce back
  17. If you could buy a company for a set price. What would it be and which one would it be? This is an interesting question for me because I've always been fascinated by the concept and I want to discuss it with all you guys! Don't forget to add a reason! Also, make it reasonable!
  18. Hello, guys. Today I'm going to be talking about an awesome user, Pink Mist. She is rather new to the site, but has already made it clear that she is a great person, with her sig request shop. Her sigs are high quality, I personally think she is very talented. Not just that, but she likes to write, which is something I can appreciate, being a fellow writer. In addition, but she has made an that shows a tour of these very forums, which is amazing. You should check that out, give her a like, and a subscribe. From what I've seen, she's a really nice person and I'm really looking forward to her future participation in the forums. Brohoof to you, Pink Mist.
  19. Well, I've noticed 75% of the brony fandom follows either Princess Celestia, or Princess Luna. But, why not Princess Cadence? Is it because Luna/Celestia have had more screen-time? Is it because Luna and Celestia control the moon/sun which is 'godlike'? Please explain. I believe Cadence is equal to both of them, (on a more personal note, I think she has the best colour scheme. )
  20. Some of you are familiar with my OC: Blue Moon. Here is a picture below: Anyway, I decided to give him a wife and daughter so he would have a family. Here are the pictures. EDIT: I have gotten a name for this one already. Clear Sky. Wife: EDIT: I have chosen the name, Spearmint, for her. My only problem is that I need names for them. The daughter is kind of shy, but has a love for the stars, like her dad. The wife is a very bubbly kind of pony and always has a smile. But she sometimes is a bit stubborn. She loves to run and play outdoors. She has the special talent in track. As for the cutie marks, the daughter doesn't have one yet and I'll make one for the wife after I get a name for her.
  21. it's here. the largest, hardest, most epic collaboration project between brony musicians: it's finally out: - 45 tracks, by brony musicians well-known and less known, as well as several newcomers in here too. - 17 bonus items. i haven't downloaded it all, yet, but i can only tell that iit won't disappoint. - the hardest of brony music in existence. hard-hitting collaborating fusions between electronic and metal styles is sure to be found in here. all for free. download the most epic compilation of brony music now over here. for the Balloon Party, has finally arrived!
  22. So every morning my school has a little 5-10 minute broadcast on the TVs in each classroom. The program is run by the students; teachers are very little involved in the broadcast. There's two students who talk about upcoming activities/sports/anything else going on. After they finish that, they move on to the birthdays. This is where the fun started.. While they're saying the birthdays, the TV just has "Happy Birthday!" on it. There is music played in the background, and a kid announces who's birthday it is. Now, at this moment, I was half asleep (this happened today). I heard the first few notes of the song, then my eyes widened, and I was like, "Hey, this sounds like Tomb's remix of Discord. Neat.". Then, THE VOCALS CAME IN. I SHOT straight up, and my face must have been like !@!#!@#$!@$! ! It WAS Tomb's remix of Discord! I was flipping out, and then the song faded away, and the announcements continued. So, that moment was just amazing. I was thinking, "Is there a brony on the announcement team?!", and I'm actually trying to contact the director of the broadcast to see if she knows who picked that song to be played. I only know of two other bronies at my school, and they are both freshmen, like me. If this guy/girl is a brony, then that would be so awesome, because I don't know any senior bronies. If I find out who chose Discord to be played, I am going to ask him to play Party With Pinkie (because it's more obvious that it's related to MLP). I just thought that I should share this with you all, and forgive me if this post sounds confusing in any way; I am STILL excited xD! UPDATE: This school is in a town near Fillydelphia, but not in Filly itself. And I found out who chose the song! He's actually a sophomore, and he IS a brony! We had a small conversation on Facebook, and we're friends now. Another one of his friends is a brony as well, and well, now we're friends too! So today, I gained 2 new brony friends! I say this day went well!
  23. So was surfing the net, and while on google, a particular thread caught my attention. I immediately knew it was going to be... interesting. After all, the title of the article was "Bronies: Adult Men Who Like My Little Pony And Why It Disturbs Me". Now I always like to hear what people think, even if I disagree with what they have to say, as I feel it allows for an expansion of perspective. So naturally I clicked the link and read the article that followed. I will post the link below so you can see for yourself, but essentially the article came down to being a rant lableing all "bronies" as sexual deviants that are dangerous, and asking if she (the writer of the article) was alone in thinking this. Below the article, I saw that she had closed the article due to "threatening and hostile comments [that] have only proven to me that this whole bronie trend leaves a bad taste in my mouth". NOW THAT grabbed my attention .So I spent a good 1/2 hour reading the comments, and naturally there were several supposed "bronies" dropping the f-bomb and being disgusting, but i feel that they were trolls being trolls. Actually the majority of the comments were very postive and open-minded as well as being civil. But as I continued to read, I realised it did not matter how polite or civil the comments were. It became apparent that the writer was not truly looking for what people thought, but rather looking for opinions to confirm what she felt. Overall, the saddest thing about the whole deal is that the site the article is on,, has "It's all about the families..." for it's slogan. Really hypocritical if you asked me. Well, anyways i figured the article would make for an interesting read, and wanted your thoughts on it all. The article can be found here : Thanks for reading and as always stay pony my bronies /)
  24. although the drawing of twlight sparkle belongs to hotdiggedydemon i made the background myself! (and ofcourse i added the color) so tell me what you think!!!
  25. Guest

    Anypony a Singer?

    A while back Hinochi (火の皇帝の血), Vex3d, and I wrote this song ponyfication: I also wrote this ponyfication of a song: If you're going to Equestria Be sure to show love and tolerance there If you're going to Equestria You're gonna meet some gentle ponies there For those who come to Equestria All the time will be kindness to share In the land of Equestria Gentle ponies who all love and care All across the nation A new pony sensation Bronies in motion There's a whole Brony nation With a new explanation Bronies in motion Bronies in motion For those who come to Equestria Be sure to show love and tolerance there If you come to Equestria All the time will be kindness there If you come to Equestria All the time will be kindness there Song: http-~~-// Lyrics: http://www.songmeani...22107858539777/ I think there were plans to get people to sing Mrs. Pinkie Pie, but nothing came out of it. I was just wondering if anypony out there would be interested in singing either of the songs? As long as we are given credit for the lyrics you could even try your hand at uploading a youtube video if you want! If anypony wanted to do some of the instrumentals that would be awesome too!