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Found 15 results

  1. This has only been a little irksome for me to deal with for a while now, now but this incident has really pushed my patience over the line. To explain as calmly and clearly as I can, I want to know, why text cannot be saved in PMs? Why is it only actual posts and blogs that have the auto save function? ...and not PMs? That blank text box used to be a huge essay worth of text to my girlfriend by the way. That was... until I accidentally clicked the dreaded enter button. Such genuineness of words that I can never get back now. I really need a good explanation for this. -_-
  2. Well this is weird. That box is the Fast Reply box, which is supposed to be blank. I didn't click on it or anything...but when I scrolled down I saw the forums banner, and discovered a second MLPForums page, exactly the same as the one I had open, inside the reply box. Wat??
  3. I have found myself getting excited when I see a red number on my notifications. When I open the tab I hope I find quote on a post I made. I decided that I like quotes more than brohoofs, because I get more than just validation.What's your favorite kind of notification?Brohoofs?Quotes?PMs?Status comments?Something else?
  4. Would it be possible to give users the option to only receive PM's from users they follow? This would save some people from having to deal with unsolicited PMs from people they don't know, and having to delete the PM or block the user each and every time. Thanks, ChB
  5. I have noticed that for some reason you can't upload images in private messages, even though everywhere else, including status updates, you can. The only thing available is to post previously uploaded images, but it is both a pain and limiting. I have to upload an image on another place, such as on the testing forum, just so I can post it. Is there any way to resolve this?
  6. I'm currently writing a fimfic that is 4 chapters long and I've just completed the first chapter. I don't want to reveal anything about it on the board just yet. But I would like to help edit the fic and have any suggestions as to what I should change about it. If you would like to help me, please PM me and I will send you a copy of the fic. It is a docx file so you may need a word processor that can read a docx file. You can post any constructive criticism here on the board without revealing anything. Thanks. I'd appreciate the help.
  7. This has been happening for me multiple times these days, in some PM conversations. What happens is that when the 20th message of the page has been made and the other member of the message posts starting a new page, the new page or the message wont show up until there has been posted another messages into that page. So what iim saying is that when i see notification I click it it doesnt take me to the new message that should start the new page instead it takes me to that earlier page and the new page is not visible, its like those messages were never sent in the first place and when you post again so that there are multiple messages on that new page suddenly after you press post you can see all those replies
  8. It's a Christian Bronies Small Group PM Thingy! If you want to join, post saying that you want to join (duhhh) I wanted to create a nice, open environment for us all.
  9. Feel free to post your stuff up here. My stuff? Skype: sasponential Tumblr: kingsaspo PM if you want.
  10. There have been a number of events lately involving inappropriate sexual content in private roleplays here, enough to the point where I need to touch on a few important points with the community at large. The Global Rules are truly global, so they extend to personal messages as well. For the most part, personal messages are private, and the staff doesn't monitor them. However, if someone reports a message, or if we have a strong reason to believe that something harmful is going on, that privacy is voided and we will review the situation. Roleplaying via PM is welcome here, but please keep the content in PG-13 territory or milder. This is not the place to carry out pornographic roleplays and/or cybersex with others. There are many sites that allow such interaction, and we aren't passing a negative judgement on it by any means. We just want this site to be safe and appropriate for a more general audience. On that note, engaging in sexual relations with a minor is never appropriate. This includes cybersex and sexually-fueled fictional roleplays. This does not extend to romantic roleplays with little or no focus on sexuality. Engaging in any form of sexual interaction with a minor here, including through fictional roleplays, will get you permanently banned immediately. You could also potentially face legal trouble. It doesn't matter if it's public or in a personal message. Don't do it. On a more general note: sexual harassment of any form is not tolerated here, and any instances of it will result in harsher penalties than simply breaking the NSFW content rule. To summarize, MLP Forums is not the place for sexually explicit roleplays regardless of whether or not they are private. Romantic roleplays are welcome, but please keep it PG-13. Do not get into any form of sexual relations with a minor, including sexually-oriented fictional roleplays. Do not sexually harass anyone, and respect people's boundaries. Please remember that some members of this community are as young as 13 years old. They should be able to have a safe and friendly experience here, as should everyone else. Thank you.
  11. I just cleared out my PM system and found this pm. Unclickable, unable to see a name, and just there. What is it?
  12. Is there any way I can re-invite someone to a personal conversation who has left it?
  13. I'm sure this has already been answered somewhere but, despite a good faith effort, I wasn't able to find it. :/ Regular members are allowed 250 messages in their inbox while subscribers and donors have 500. What happens if I have, say, 270 messages when my donor status runs out? Are the 20 oldest conversations automatically erased or what?
  14. So I just got the automated welcome PM after signing in. I have had this account for at least 4-6 months now, is it because I haven't signed in for a while? I forgot about these forums for about a month or two, haven't posted here since June or July I think.
  15. I was wondering if we could be granted the ability to brohoof private messages. I would like this added because usually when I'm chatting with someone, and they bring up a good point, or just something I like/agree with, I want to brohoof their message as a sign of saying "Yes" or "okay" or something along those lines. I believe it would just be faster, and another way for people to earn brohoofs (brohooves?). Thank you, if this is implemented. c: