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Found 39 results

  1. Hello everypony i am new here, but i like to introduce you to my youtube channel called amys-pmvs. Go to this link at And see a bunch of pmvs i made.
  2. This thread will consist of almost all my video creations(does this count as a mega thread?) For the record, YES, I am deathsia on youtube and just about anywhere else on the net, in fact if you use that user name ANYWHERE online there's a 80% chance its me. Lets start with a couple shorts of mine. The following video was edited by me but voiced by my brother: And now for my collection of Randomness videos! And now for my PMVs: First one is spoilered just in case its a little over the top for this site. Can't believe mandopony gave me permission to do a PMV for this! This is one of my older works and while I'm still proud of it, many people think I could do better. WARNING! IF LADY GAGA PMVS AHEAD! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! And finally, a cover by Lauren Goodnight and Balddumborat I put together and lipsyc'd the audio about a pain in the butt! If you told me that lyscing audio to existing animation was easy, I'd call you a liar!XD I have more videos at my channel but not ones I'd like to showcase here. ^^;
  3. Hi my name is SweetAnimates obviously by the name im a visual artist and graphic designer:D i decided to upload these vids and leave the links their so you guys can judge them and if i should do more? tell me if they are youtube worthy! TrixiePMV: ECE: Fantro!: Deorro five hours pmv: ummm you dont want know this on: my channel:
  4. It is only within the last 4 years that PMVs have become a major trend, but they've been around for a while apparently thanks to fans of the previous gens. From what I've found so far, I believe this to be the oldest PMV on Youtube, if not the first. Could this the first PMV ever? Possibly. Upload date: November 22, 2006. Have you guys encountered any PMVs from past gens? What did you guys think of them? Do you know of any PMVs even older than this?
  5. Hi! I'd like to share this PMV I've been working on since quite some time. I'm very new to video editing, thus it will not look as professional, or as good as most others. I would still love some criticism and tips in terms of editing, because making PMVs is actually very fun. I hope you enjoy!
  6. Hello, I would like to share this new video I have made! It's a PMV with a song "And All That Could Have Been" from Nine Inch Nails. It took me like 2/3 weeks to make or so, I hope you will like the video. Thank you for clicking on this thread and stuff!
  7. I have been circulating this video I edited around for some time, with very little response. I'd love to know what ya'll think! Please be sure to LIKE, COMMENT, & SUBSCRIBE!
  8. This video with the link provided above I sat at work going over it in my head for over 2 weeks. I didn't jot anything down on paper and it took me roughly 4 hours to put together and finalize. Let me know what you think.
  9. So, I'm kind of confused as to what a PMV actually is. I know that it's a pony music video, but there are different styles of PMV and I would like to know which style is which. The one I consider a PMV
  10. I've had this idea for a while now. I didn't have the script I need to let those involved know what they needed to do. Now, I have the script I need to let those who are involved know what they need to do. There's a note at the top for those who do not feel comfortable recording themselves or showing their faces on camera. P.S. The roles will be highlighted when the role is taken and your color will be told to you via PM. Link to the document:
  11. Hello, I just wanted to share my newest PMV I released two weeks ago, after that amazing episode with the Cutie Mark Crusaders. I really tried to visualize their "Journey."
  12. check out my channel and subscribe for more amazing pmv's. thanks
  13. I watched the mini movie "My Little Dashie" based on the popular fanfic. The story was so heartbreaking and touching that I teamed up with SrightryAmiss and we wrote this!!! This is the second song for our debut albmum!!! Since my screamo lyrics or not always the clearest, heres the lyrics: The first day that i saw you My world was coming down The same old life in the same old town I wondered where you came from I’ve watched you live and grow Cause you were just a filly on the street with nowhere to go So do you have to go and leave me here by my self Before i found you my life was a living hell You were always my little girl (You were my crutch, you were my world) so dont believe that this is goodbye because of you these past few years have been the best of my life So can fly through the skies and be free but in my heart you will be my little dashie to me I refuse to let this day end i call up the stairs but you never comedown I know you fear the truth but i know youll come around Just remember theres an open door (you can come in, just tell me when) so dont believe that this is goodbye because of you these past few years have been the best of my life So you can fly through the skies and be free but in my heart you will be my little dashie to me Well can you blame her She finnaly with her kind But dont forget me for this will always be your sky and i will never forget you so dont believe that this is goodbye because of you these past few years have been the best of my life So you can fly through the skies and be free but in my heart you will be my little dashie to me so dont believe that this is goodbye because of you these past few years have been the best of my life So you can fly through the skies and be free but in my heart you will be my little dashie to me The first day that i saw you My world was coming down The same old life in the same old town I wondered where you came from I’ve watched you live and grow Cause you were just a filly on the street with nowhere to go
  14. I just want to know what your favorite pmv is! My personal favorite it is the Fluttershy's Lament PMV by Fluttertree! I think it counts as a pmv...
  15. So I guess I'm BronyDanceParty's 250,000th subscriber. Huh. I just hit the subscribe button, and it was EXACTLY 250,000...
  16. Hey! I just released a new PMV called "On Our Way To Heaven" It was a submission for BronyCon PMV Contest and I got 4th place for it! ^^ Enjoy!
  17. i dont know how to put a video in this post so im just going to post a link hope you all enjoy this little idea :33
  18. In this thread, that I hope is not already existing in this forum, you can post your own little PMVs that you did by yourself (no other PMVs by other people just you!) either to promote yourself or to just share your amazng work with everypony! To start this thread here are two PMVs that I did on my channel, enjoy!
  19. Hey guys, I checked my brony music playlist today and saw that i had added over 2000 videos. I decided to to share the playlist. Its sorted after popularity. If you want to find new music, you have to look at the end of the list. The playlist may contains wrong enties, just report them!
  20. Hello there! I have decided to use my skill in After Effects in making a PMV. I am currently working on two and I would like for someone to collab with me for two reasons: 1. Im kind of running out of crativity here xD 2. I'd really love to meet another brony who is good at making PMV's (using Adobe Flash, After Effects, Sony Vegas...etc). The PMV's im working on are as follows: 1. [PMV] Find You (about 50% complete and ive even made a teaser ) [NOTE: IN THE TEASER IGNORE ANYTHING PAST 0:48] (song: ) 2. [PMV] Fly Away (havent officially started, but i have it planned on paper) (song: ) ================================================================== I'm open to ANYONE with any experience what-so-ever. Even if they dont know what they're doing (not really xD) Since to having very strict parents, if anyone answers this before 18/6/2015, i wont be working 100% as my parents only allow me 1 hour of computer time (sucks right?) and i cant skype during that one hour (REALLY SUCKS RIGHT) but after that date (when my vacation starts) ill be working 24/7. If any of you are willing to collab with me, just say in the comment or skype message me! My skype is shadowblade7536 Stay Brony! /)
  21. Hi everyone. I'm pleased to present my very first PMV. It's to Owl City's "When Can I See You Again?", from the Wreck-It Ralph soundtrack, and it follows the growing relationship between Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash. Unfortunately, YouTube blocked this video as soon as I uploaded it due to the music. I really don't want to have to do something as drastic as change the pitch of the music. But it looks like Vimeo accepted the video, so here's the link. I apologize for not being able to embed it directly in the post - if someone knows how, that'd be awesome. (10:26pm PDT: Video is back online! Thanks for your patience. )
  22. Hello Forums! If you've followed the PMV (something) for a little while you've probably noticed the general style of PMVs change over the years. Modern PMVs have more effects and typography type things but generally don't have some of the more simple things that really add to the quality of a PMV (that's not to say that modern PMVs are bad) like lip syncing, and a 'story' to go along with the PMV. (Though the last one is probably harder to do) Below are some examples of older PMVs and then some newer ones for comparison: Ok for whatever reason the videos don't want to embed sorry.
  23. I am currently in school so I don't have as much time to put out PMV's as I do when summer is around. I need help coming up with ideas for my next PMV, which will contain this song: I want it to be a "big" PMV, such as putting in big events from the show and some fitting effects. I usually have moments from the show tie in with the lyrics, but for this one, I want a mix of literal and metaphorical scenes. I was thinking about using all of the premiers and finales since they're a lot more "big" and "epic" than the typical episode. But I also need scenes with the mane 6 working together on a certain task. The lyrics are in the description of that video. If you want to see my work, go here:
  24. A lot of PMVs seem (to me) just getting the ponies to lip-sync and that's it. I won't put up examples, so as not to hurt the feelings of the artists who may have put a lot of extra thought into their work and I just didn't see it. Am I missing something or is that all. (not that it isn't an impressive feat, just that I don't find it a fulfilling video) [further not that some aren't more fulfilling {to me} for their homage {beat it} or commentary {we didn't start the fire}]
  25. Pretty sure this is the right place for these, please correct me if I'm wrong. I recently made a couple of FiM MVs and figured I'd share them with the community. I only have windows movie maker to work with so they're nothing special, but I enjoyed putting them together. The first one is very short but after hearing this song in the car one day I knew it had to be done. "Dark Horse" (Twilight vs Tirek): The second one is a full song and tribute to my two favorite characters, Fluttershy and Discord. Not meant to be a shipping video, I just love the friendship but no judgement. View it however you want. "Trouble is a Friend": I might make more MVs in the future, it's a fun distraction from the usual chaos that is my life. PS: I keep most of my videos unlisted because YouTube is evil and I'm paranoid.