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Found 5 results

  1. This show is awesome. I've only watched two episodes, but it is quite awesome. Who agrees with me?
  2. I have been anxiously anticipating the PPg reboot and while I'm so glad the reboot isn't as bad as I thought it was, I still feel aweful that my idea for a reboot is competent shattered, because of this series. ever since I saw the original again on Netflix a year ago, I always wondered won't it be cool If I continue the story of the original PPG? Won't it be cool to see the Girls grow up and learn more about themselves and their powers? How their roles as superheroes affect them? I just wanted to explore it. Explore more of their character, more about what is everything nice, what is Chemical X. So now the reboot has come out and the opportunity of a lifetime failed. This reboot I planned all year and a half writing, scripting, planning was to help me boost my career as an artist and I was planning to make animations of them so I can boost my animation portfolio and get a reputation. But no, the network unknowingly fucks up everything and becomes praised by all while my story is regarded as stupid fanfiction. Seriously whenever some own LOOKs at my artwork and my Epistories (mixture of episode and story) for PPG, they just say cool and that's it. They never question or analysis anything else. I posted my series and my artwork TWICE on this forums as advertising so people can at least give a shit to listen and maybe in the incredibly off chance they'll like it All my life I wanted people to take me seriously. I just want to show the world my ideas and the original content I have made myself as well as remakes on classic shows I love. The reason why I've been so on and off about the PPg reboot is I want to like it, but I can't help but feel horrible that all the time, hard work is all for Nothing. People say do it! Who cares what they think? Well I care becuase all my life I never knew if people cared about me or not. So why bother you know, this reboot is great, but something inside of me is jealous. Jealous that the reboot Is going to be more popular than me. I know it's stupid but I just wanted to continue the story and seeing how the reboot is supposed doing that, seeing how it's showed they are preteens. I just want people to treat me seriously ;( No one does and i want to work for Cartoon Network some day as a creator and animator But until the I'm just a stupid fangirl with her hard work which people think are mediocre. Can you guys help me? Do you guys think I'm good if i show you my work?
  3. As you know, I'm a huge fan of PPg and Transformers. So much so that I want to create my own versions of it. Not fan fiction or fan animation. I want to do the Lauren Faust way and make a different version based on each franchise I love. Don't get me wrong, I have tons of original ideas of my own. But in order for me to get a job in the animation industry, I want to put all my passion in all my works. I want to create Sugar, Spice, Nice. A continuation of the original PPG but of course this isn't form a fan animation. I wish for it to be on Cartoon Netowrk some day. Maybe after the reboot coming soon has ended? In my series, the Ppg are teenagers and reunite after being apart for 5 years due to life problems and teenage issues. Now They fight crime and protect Townsville and it's supposed to be darker and more dramatic than the original and I have loads of stories processed. Same goes for Trnasformers, it's been my childhood dream to create a animated series on the Transformers franchise because I loved t shows I grew up with and I have tons of ideas to show about the universe and how I have changed the typical Trnasformers formula and introduce new characters that can change everyone's view on Trnasformers. It's where the Trnasformers need to find the Divine Spark, the power source of Cybertron and the whole universe and it turns out to be inside a teenage autistic girl named Aura and they have to find another way to restore Cubertron and stop the Decepticons from obtaining the Divine Spark, because if Aura dies, the universe will be unstable (I have got more details but we'll be here all day) here, I want to make it more accepting to all genders and age. I want to make a show both men and women can enjoy. But I don't know where to start. Should I make webcomics or should I do my original works first THEN do the others when I pitch them to Cartoon Network? Should I be ashamed that I'm using copyrighted characters and making a remake series based on both PPg and Trnasformers because I have put so much passion and creativity? Will I get blacklisted and cease and desist like JanAniamtioms?! I do have my own ideas and I put as much passion into those as I have for the remake I have planned. But I loved these shows and I want to expand and show these sources material from a new perspective. I want to show how good i can be at creating stories and ideas But I'm scared of getting copyright, I'm worried studios will go cease and desist on me and I fear that all my hard work and effort will go to waste. I don't want to be banned and sued just because I wanted to do unique twists on certain shows I love?! What should I do?!
  4. I. Powerpuff Girls Powerpuff Girls have become a bit of a pop culture icon since its movie back in 2006, heck they were ever popular during its time on the air with 5 seasons under its belt. While ever since they were off the air they got even more popular. So IDW comic had the idea to rejuvenate the series into comic form. So this launch to my pros and cons of the series; Pro +Faithful to the show(art style and characters) +First storyline; I won't spoil it, but it’s tragic +Included all the classic PPG villains Cons -After the first storyline, the stories felt hollow, at best -Only 10 issues -An okay ending, at least we got the RRBs (RowdyRuffBoys; FYI Lauren Faust's favorite characters from the show) to send us off. Overall thoughts on the comic: This was again sadly the last time we will, probably ever see the girls that a good chunk of people grew up and it still didn't get its conclusion, it deserved. Yes, I know there's a reboot on the way and just that a reboot, a fresh new take on the series. So that means the original PPGs run ended in 2014 with these comics. I will be making a blog soon on my thoughts on the Original PPGs series and the reboot, once a trailer of it gets out. Amway, this comic is really good for the first few issues and we get to the RRBs again in the last issue, if you can find I do suggest you read the first storyline and the last one but isn't as good as the next comic, though. Final Rating: 81% ________________________________________________________________________ II. Samurai Jack Okay again a little history, before we get started. In 2001, Genndy Tartakovsk made a series that umm.. you know allow Mako to take over for me So yeah this series was fantastic and it won 4 Primetime Emmy Awards, 6 Annie Awards, and 1 OIAF Award. Plus this art style and storytelling haven’t aged a day I recommended check out the series and I might do a top 10 Samurai Jack episode, one day. With that, the show only survived for 4 seasons and ended on a cliffhanger for years. There were plans for a movie for about over 5 years, but the movie has been pre-production since 2009 or 6, take your pick. So I team of artist and writer, fans of the show had enough time of wait and made this comic. With said here's my review on the comic Pros +Sticks to the original style of the show of storytelling. +Each story feels like an episode from the show; The Quest of the Broken Blade being the one that stands above most. I will say this to get you hooked: Jack's sword breaks. +Good for new comic readers; won't feel lost picking up one story +The art style +Has a conclusion for the show Cons -End too soon for its time Overall thoughts This comic shows there is still hope in the comic book industry in terms of storytellers and artist. The fact that it went to 20 issue is still good compared to other cartoon network shows that they rejuvenate with maybe only 10 issues. I seriously think this IDW’s golden egg and heck, it could have been IDW’s “Hellboy” or flagship series. I understand why the ended it because they couldn't financially support them anymore. I seriously think you should buy the entire comic series and its worth every penny and it won't regret reading one issue. Be thankful that we finally got an end to this outstanding series. Final Rating: 98% ___________________________________________________________________________ III. Thoughts on IDW and their X-files series I Think that IDW is one of the most underrated and criminally underheard of comic book companies. These people have really good intentions and I suggest that you support them and look into some their comics and spread the word about them. They deserve to be recognized for the good they are doing and that is reboot/ rejuvenating old 90s show. If anything their actions has, in a way, made the Invader Zim comic come into being that is launching this July. Again support them and check them out is all I am asking. Now, their X-files series. In my opinion, it’s good for what they had to work with and some storylines are good and all, but some others let’s just say show why the X-files should have died with its 2nd movie. Again, can’t you blame IDW? Imagine being put into their shoes, with the wreckage that was the series X-files and trying to get it to former glory, that isn’t an easy task to do. Yes, they may have a few bad storylines, but that comes with the territory. I recommended you check this storyline out and if you hate it, I understand. We can all agree they tried their damn hardest with the X-files license. So, do you read IDW’s comic if so what you favorite series from them and tell about it in the comments below
  5. Well, somepony here was interested to see my Powerpuff Girls fanart, but I've done so many... over 400 pictures I think. So I will only put the best I've done here, including the pictures of my puffed self. Here goes, from oldest to newest. Enjoy. Edit: Oh and for the rest of my pictures, including my manga, anime and game fanart, visit my dA page . WARNING: Some of the pictures in my gallery are rated R for blood and death (All in this thread, though, are safe) The Powerpuff Girls © Craig McCracken Timo, Susan and Aamu © me