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Found 12 results

  1. This is some good news for 5/6 generation gamers like me. Now my brother asked me if I would buy a PS4. How about you?
  2. *based on the 3DS version* Tales of the Abyss is the eighth installment in Namco's popular "Tales of" series, and was first released on the PS2 in 2005/2006(and rereleased on the 3DS in 2011/2012, coming to Europe and Australia for the first time). When it was released, Tales of the Abyss had a lot to live up to following the huge success of one of the previous titles Tales of Symphonia(not to mention Legendia fell short for many people). Despite some of flaws Tales of the Abyss is an excellent addition to the series that sits up their with Symphonia as one of my favorites in the series and of the best games on it's respective platforms library The story and characters are fun and engaging for the most part despite adhering to several cliche's common among JRPG storytelling. The world in Tales of the Abyss follows a society that depends on a a "Score", or prophecy, read by a historical figure in the game, Yulia, that foretells the destiny of the world and the people who live in it. Meanwhile the game's main character and nephew to the king of Kimlasca, the immature and incredibly selfish Luke Von Fabre, is still confined(for his safety) in his manor after he was kidnapped and lost his memory. While he still gets regular visits from his loyal friend, the woman-fearing Guy Cecil and his teacher, Master Van Grants, things go awry when an attempt to assassinate Van causes Luke to accidentally teleport himself and the assailant, the battle-hardened sister to Van Tear Grants to a different country, and along their travels they meet many allies along the way, including the really fucking pessimist and sarcastuc yet awesome Jade Curtiss, a general of Malkuth, Fon Master Ion and one of his guardians Anise Tatlin, and Princess Natalia of Kimlasca, and Mieu, a cheagle who is basically the game's cute animal mascot. They also face many foes mainly involving the Order of Lorelai, who is obsessed with fulfilling Yulia's score(though the Six, The Order's main faction, has plans of their own). The game has a pretty strong cast for the most part, with Luke though it really depends if your willing to put up with him throughout the first 4th of the game, as he is absolutely unlikeable with almost no redeeming values(and his abusive behavior towards Mieu doesn't help). However, after a certain point he vows to change, and throughout the game he changes from a spoiled brat you never want to deal with a game to a guy that you really don't want to depart with, and is easily one of the best characters in the game. The other characters are also really awesome like Tear, Guy and Natalia, and I already gushed over Jade, as he's up there with Kratos as one of my favorite characters in the Tales series. The only character I never really cared for was Anise, who only reminds me why I dislike most child characters in video games. The game also has a strong set of antagonists, the most notable one being Ashe, who serves as Luke's Rival, but the others are also strong each with their own distinct personalities and goals that do a good job of putting them in a sympathetic light. Again the only antagonist I don't care much for was Mohs, as he pretty much serves as the game's religious nutjob. Gameplay-wise, the battle system got a bit of an overhaul from Symphonia, with every character being fun and easier to use. On top of this, it's the first game that allows you to run freely while choosing your enemies. Techniques(now called Artes) work the same as previous games, certain artes cam be mapped to certain button placements to allow you to execute them in battle, and short cuts allow you to use any skill quickly(including your allies). Also, whenever an elemental ability is used, an elemental circle called "Field of Fonons" and can change your artes attack depending on the FOF and which arte is used. At a certain level, when you go to Overlimit, you can use an attack called "Mystic Artes" which is basically a Limit Break. Each character also has their own set of skills(called AD Skills) that amplify certain actions, and each character can fit artes with something called Capacity cores that does different effects for them. Many key features from previous Tales games such as Cooking, Titles, Grade and Skits return and work exactly how they should. Only problem I have with cooking is that Wonder Chef doesn't make an appearance, which I find inexcusable The soundtrack, while not as memorable compared to other JRPG soundtracks imo, is still really solid with its share of standout songs. The voice acting is also fairly strong, which is actually pretty amazing compared to the Voice Acting you hear in other JRPGs. The game is also packed with content. The main story should take about 30-40 hours to complete, and that's not even including the plethora of sidequests to do, which range from pretty mundane tasks like being a waiter and rearranging boxes in warehouses, to fighting in the coliseum, learning more earning powerful new artes and learning more about your character's backstories. Some sidequests also include getting alternate outfits for your characters. One thing I feel the game falls short in is replayability, again coming after Symphonia where you can have different paths, even if only slightly different, this game doesn't really change during different replays. That said there are still plenty of things to do that you will either miss on your first playthrough or you can only get on subsequent playthroughs, and there's still a ton to do if your a completionist. In all, Tales of the Abyss is an awesome game that's a welcome addition to the Tales franchise and is one of the must-haves on the PS2 or the 3DS, two platforms already lauded for having a strong JRPG library. If you have either platform, I highly recommend getting this game
  3. OK, so here is a problem I have on my PS2. I got Burnout 3 today, brilliant game it is, but when I try to save it says ''No Memory Card inserted'' and even if it is, it says ''Save Failed''. It's a common problem And currently no one has really thought of a solution, is it Corrupted Data? The Disk? Or the card. Mine's an official Sony 8MB by the way. Sony don't do customer support for PS2 anymore don't they? Is it also an Online Connection problem? Please help.
  4. Hoping to stick with this game and complete it, it's one of my childhood favourites. Making a thread for it in case anyone here would be interested in seeing me play it. Episode 1 was posted today:
  5. So everyone says that gta 3 was the worst gta out there but there is something important about it to the gta series i know it had tons of bugs in the PC Version but the console version didnt have that so that's why it was bad but that's not it! Gta 3 started the first 3D Graphics to gta without it gta wouldnt exist with this HD Graphics now wouldnt it? so that's why it's important even the trailer song was sweet but the feel that your feeling now is called nostalgia and this game is filled with the nostalgia that's what makes it fun and classic and yes DMA Designs was Rockstar North however they changed their name from DMA Design to Rockstar North
  6. So this year marks the 10 year anniversary to one of my all time favorite games Burnout 3: Takedown. I had just great times with this game years and years after its release it was probably the game I played the most as a kid. But also this game's soundtrack was another one of the reasons I am into the music I am into today. They simply do not make games like this anymore in my opinion. So if you remember this game this is my tribute to all the great times I spent with this game . A video of me playing this years back. The entire Burnout 3 Soundtrack in its entirety. 2004 was one of the best years around :3 crazy its been 10 years since then... This is DJ ATOMIKA and always remember Risk = Reward
  7. My friends stopped playing PS2 some time ago, and the game is not the same thing alone, so does anyone of you guys play it or have a group that I could join? Hope to see you guys in the battlefield!
  8. So this trailer was just announced for the Ratchet & Clank movie! ohmygodohmygodohmygod They say they are looking for a 2015 release. But I hope they don't cancel this and I hope they fix Ratchet's look. They had his look nailed down in Tools of Destruction, he just looks to ridiculous now. I personally hope they get David Bergeaud to do the soundtrack for this movie like he did all the other Ratchet & Clank games.
  9. So who else here absolutely LOVES the Ratchet & Clank series like me here? I personally cannot get over them and they will always remain my favorite games. I very much enjoyed the newer ps3 ones but the ps2 ones will always remain the best. I was also very dissapointed in the way the handled the HD collection, I love the new HD visuals of it but there are far too many game breaking glitches packed in it that were never in the original games. So post anything R&C related here, your favorite piece of the soundtracks, images, or experiences with these games. And here are my 2 favorite tracks from all of the games together.
  10. I would like to know your favorite video game from the PS2 ERA. These games have to be for the ps2. Mine was Kingdom Hearts 2. Oh! and also include a pic of the cover art of the game. Ok, since everypony is listing a top five, i will do so myself..oh and don't forget the box art! 1. Kingdom Hearts II 2. Star Wars: Battlefront 2 3. Star Wars: Battlefront 1 4. Jak and Daxter 5. Spiderman 3
  11. So, what was your favourite past time game when you were younger or little? Was it by Nintendo? Sega, or another Company? This could probably incolve Halo: CE or Halo 2 too because those are pretty old games Maybe Halo 3 now, or others game similiar. Mine has to be Halo 3 tops, just all I have to say, it brings back my enitre middle-school childhood, and Highschool too! Something besides that has to be Sonic Adventure 2: Battle I loved everything about the game, I loved the upgrades, the multiplayer, story-line, but mainly what I loved the most about it is the Chao World ! I miss my Chaos, they're still probably in Chao heaven playing with their expensive toys or some Chaos I might've left in Chao school for 7-8+ years.