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Found 79 results

  1. What is your favourite E3 upcoming video game mine is shadow of war cause im a huge fan of the lord of the ring trilogy
  2. PAYDAY 2 is out now on steam Payday is a first-person heist game by Overkill. what are your opinions of this? feel free to discuss the game
  3. Hello everypony! Not everything should be focused on PC, and thats why I made this thread today, so we ps3 players can find times and plan on when to play. Lets have a lot of fun playing Minecraft on the Ps3! Please let me know by telling me in the thread if your interested!
  4. Whether it's Steam, GameFAQs, or private message someone at a browser game I play, I barely get any replies about anyone has this game for the console. Maybe I'm stupid and have an ugly personality, I don't know but I'm always angry to know I barely get a response, or if anyone has that game at least to play with. I haven't thought of asking this here but seeing this is a big community, I'm giving a shot if someone here must have the game still. If you have that game for PS3, let me know.
  5. Hi, I got my new PS3, because the last one mas damaged (I'm not planning on getting a PS4 until 1.5 years at least). But I forgot my PSN account's password and can't recover it because once I send my birth date, it also claims it's invalid. I dunno what to do to get my account back, aside from checking my PSP which should still have that account open and check my data, but I would really appreciate any further help since I got tons of donwloaded stuff there (INCLUDING MY BELOVED TERRARIA ) Nevermind, I finally figured it out, turns out the WHOLE FUCKING PROBLEM WAS THE WHOLE INTERNET AND THEIR PASSWORD POLICIES . I guess we are all familiar with it: just think back when you were new on the internet, and create your first account and ask a pass of a minimum of 6 characters... ok, cool. Then, you make an account in another site and you be like: "I'll use the same pass ", but then, the pass requirements are now 8 chars. Then you make more and more and more accounts, each with more complicated requirements like an you end up modifying your old passes, which you'll eventually forget the simpler one. Well, that's it, everything is fine for me and stuff, I just wanted to vent and maybe get a laught out of some of you, but there's no point in keeping open this thread, it can be closed now
  6. Hi I haven't posted for a long time here, but I was wondering if anyone had a PS4. Mainly. I mean, PS3 too but I have PS4 and could use a lot more Brony friends on Playstation. My name is AdmiralCrunch222. Send me a PM or post in this topic if you guys don't mind. Please include that you are from the forums if you send me a friend request on PSN ALL HAIL FRIENDSHIP!
  7. Hey everyone Feather Hooves here! So I've been pretty bored online lately, and i'm looking for new friends to play games with. I'll add a list of games that i play below. Also open to game suggestions as well as questions. Thanks! Feather Hooves -GTA5 -Destiny -Skyrim -COD Black Ops 2 (mostly zombies) -Sims 3 -Fallout 3 -Fallout New Vegas -Also open to talk about many other games!
  8. Hello everypony! This thread is for CoD Bronies and Pegisisters to come play some call of duty, I hope to make a Clan and have fun! Please use this thread for Ps3 only, and not XBOX. I hope to get some good games in!
  9. Hi! Not sure if this belongs in the gamertag sharing thread, but I was wondering if there were any active brony call of duty clans on the PSN. All of the clans Ive seen have been on Xbox so far and its been tough trying to find one still active. My PSN's "DiTzyy-" encase anyone wants to add me. Just say youre a brony and ill gladly accept.
  10. Want just a quick summary? Head to the Final Verdict for that and my rating! Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Platform: Playstation 3 Genre: Third person shooter/adventure Publisher/Developer: Sony/Naughty Dog ESRB: T Uncharted Drake's Fortune was a title that took many by surprise when it first released in 2008. It had charm, some interesting gameplay elements and very good graphics. It was a good title in a sea of not so good titles at the time for the PS3, even though I was not overly fond with this particular game. Uncharted ended up getting a sequel though in the following year and it quickly became one of my favorite video game experiences of all time. The first level in the entire game will set the tone for one of gaming's greatest adventures. Uncharted 2 has you playing as Nathan Drake (voiced by Nolan North), like the first game. He is a cocky, sarcastic, and witty treasure hunter that is an expert at breaking into places and being a smartass while doing it. In this game he (as well as a couple of partners) are trying to find the lost fleet of Marco Polo and the treasure that it hides. This begins an adventure of intrigue, deception, and an something truly astounding. Uncharted 2 is a third person shooter for starters and this aspect it far improved upon the first game. the controls and aiming are very good here and pulling off headshots is very satisfying. Taking cover is simple and switching and jumping over cover works like a breeze. It is a control scheme that is very easy to get into and it very often is satisfying to use, minus some very minor quirky moments. Then the game also features platforming and climbing. Drake must traverse through many different obstacles and deathtraps and this requires climbing, jumping, and more non-shooter aspects. Surprisingly, for the most part, this works just as well as the shooting mechanics. The platforming provides such a great diversity from the shooting and creates some of the most memorable moments of the game for me. The controls here work very well and like the third person shooting, it is easy to get into but also can be a little finicky at times. Uncharted 2 has one of the greatest first levels ever in gaming. The locales that Uncharted 2 will take you to is absolutely marvelous. Throughout the 26 or so chapters, you will be going to many different areas and each are so lushly detailed and unique from each other. These areas provide their own sets of challenges to overcome and they also have treasures to find. The sheer variety in the levels combined with the game's superb graphics and sound make for a surreal experience that feels very cinematic but also insanely immersive. As an example, one of my favorite levels in video game history is in this game and that level has no enemies whatsoever. Just pure atmosphere. This stage is one of my favorites in gaming history. Speaking of the graphics and sound, this game has some of the best I have ever seen. Even though the game came out over 5 years ago, it still holds up completely and will most likely continue to hold up for years to come. The graphical detail in the environments, the character models, the cutscenes, everything here feels polished down to every pixel and I cannot praise this enough. The sound design is equally wonderful with excellent music that fits the mood, fantastic sound design in each level, and excellent voice acting for every character that further makes you feel like you are in an amazing adventure film, only it is YOU that is experiencing it yourself. Naughty Dog stepped up the bar in almost every aspect with this game. The game also features multiplayer which was the first of this series. It was definitely a fun romp even if the balance is not always there and I found it to be a nice little bonus. You can unlock plenty of stuff as you play and it has a nice variety of modes. The multiplayer, while not perfect by any means, is a fun time waster and I see it as a bonus in the overall package. There is also a horde mode that is pretty standard but fun. Honestly, the only two complaints I have with this game are this, the generic enemies and lackluster weapons. While the weapons are definitely fun to use and there is some variety, they are all mostly standard fair from an AK to an RPG to a Grenade Launcher to others. They work just fine, but still, it is pretty standard fair but perhaps it works for the real world setting. The other thing is the generic enemies. These are mostly really bland mercenary types that purely exist for cannon fodder and none of them have any kind of personality of their own. One particular enemy, the armored shotgun brutes, they are the one enemy type that I consider to be frustrating as well. These little complaints just cannot take away from the overall experience though, it is that good. Final Verdict: /end gushing. Thank you so much for reading this week's Turbo Review! This is easily one of my favorite games of all time and I am glad I was able to share this with you. This game made me have a feeling of wonder and adventure that I rarely ever get from most types of media. Go out and give it a try if you have a PS3, it is quite cheap now. Until next week, Turbo out!
  11. Welcome one and all. On this site I'm called Wake N Bake but on Battlefield Hardline I go by xamitlu47. I created a platoon for the Battlefield series. I created this group so that fans have a CONSISTENT platoon that is more open and keeps their members in the loop! Here is a link to the Battlelog page! This blog will features update for and from the platoon and directly linked to the Battlelog page. We are currently accepting members so if you wanna join or if you have any questions fell free to ask!
  12. Where would I find on this site a place for ponies to share there gamer tags and such stuff in order that we may play games together. I feel like a dedicated place for those that want to can post info like gamer tags and social media links if they desire Is needed. Thanks.
  13. Do you play Battlefield Hardline and wish to play with fellow bronies? Well look no more and join the "Canterlot Heists" platoon! About The Canterlot Heists platoon is a new platoon for Battlefield Hardline that was created as a way for fellow fans of the great show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic to play and chat with each other in the battlefield. If you ever feel lonely and wish to play with someone then this platoon is for you! We are currently RECRUITING members to join. We are based in North America (Canada and USA) but we accept anyone worldwide! Although we are primarily a Playstation 4 clan, we also accept anyone on ANY PLATFORM. This means if you have any of the following you are eligible to join: Playstation 4 Xbox One PC Playstation 3 Xbox 360 How to apply *Must have a battlelog account in order to apply* 1. Simply click on the following link to be redirected to the platoon overview 2. Click the "Apply" button on the top right Rules Just play nice! Leaders @Noire Panzer | Noire_Panzer (PS4) @FadedSkies | FadedSkies_ (PS4) See you on the battlefield!
  14. Well, I spent quite a bit getting this done. Hopefully after this, I can take a small break for the month of April, and just live life a little. Nevertheless, today, we're going to review the PS3/PS4 exclusive, The Last of Us. If you guys enjoy it, please go the extra mile and leave a like on the video page. Also, tell me what you think about this game if you've ever experienced it! I'd love to discuss it with you.
  15. Did you really think I wouldn't post this? Anyways, this thread is for discussing the recently released game, Dragon Ball Xenoverse for PS3/4, Xbox 360/ One, and PC! Talk about what you did/didn't like about the game, talk about and show us your custom character (if you can), anything! But first, a quick overview: DBX's story follows your custom character as they join the Tme Patrol, a group of people who go throughout time fixing the timeline when something wrong happens, and fight the evil duo Mira and Towa, who are traveling throughout time to mess things up and destroy history! The game has borrowed MANY story and gameplay elements from Battle of Z, the failed Korean game Dragon Ball Online, and the Japanese arcade game Dragon Ball Heroes. When creating your character, you have 5 choices of race, Human, Saiyan, Namekian, Majin, and Frieza's Race (Frieza's Race isn't given an official name, they actually just call it "Frieza Race"). You can also choose your gender (unless you're Namekian or Frieza Race, since both races are all males), change the physical apperance, and even the color of your clothes! I liked the awesome gameplay, good graphics, music, and the customization of your own character! However, it does have it's flaws. 1. Dialogue. I can't tell you how many times I found errors in the English subtitles, heck, sometimes the wrong words would show! Also, what the characters say don't always make sense, such as certain people refering to you by the wrong gender, saying things at the wrong time, and sometimes their words don't match their body language. 2. Cast of characters. This isn't a huge problem, but there are a few minor things that suck about the roster. 1. No normal form Teen Gohan. 2. No Frieza 2nd or 3rd form. 3. Inability to change Frieza or Cell's forms mid-battle (don't worry, you can still go Super Saiyan). 4. No Cell 1st or 2nd form. 5. You can't choose to be Super Saiyan before you start the battle like you could in most other games. 6. Not enough characters in general. Especially movie characters. 7. No regular or SS1 version of a certain character who I don't want to spoil. 8. Frieza Race custom characters don't have any transformations (but you can make them look like they're in a certain form. 9. Not enough characters in general (to me at least). I know that was a lot, but they're all small problems to me. 3. Difficulty. The game isn't that hard, but certain missions have UNFORGIVING CPUs! Mainly Parallel quest: "Super Saiyan Bargain Sale". Sometimes, your allies are morons. This especially sucks if you're doing a mission where you HAVE to protect them. But those faults are mostly outdone by their successes! Anyways, let the discussion begin! By the way, here's my character, Solare: Level: 90 Moves I usually use: Supers: Kamehameha Perfect Shot Maximum Charge Deadly Dance Ultimates: Super Spirit Bomb Ultra Fighting Bomber Evasives: Exlosive Wave
  16. Hi, all! I, myself, am a big Playstation fan, and currently own the PS3. I'll get the PS4 when I can afford such a sudden big expense and there are more games out, though. Does any other pony play the PS3? It seems everywhere I look it's XBOX 360; nothing against them or the company, but it's just not my scene. Thanks!
  17. Hey Everypony I started this topic in order to obtain more friends on PSN; preferably on PS3. Lately I haven't been playing online on PSN for a while, and I'd really feel better if I played with other players that share some of my interests. My PSN name: Wildpelt Games I play: Minecraft Defiance Destiny Uncharted 3 The Last of Us I don't care how good or bad you are at the games above, I just to have other players that I know somewhat about them to play with. Anyway, I'll be awaiting your request. Plus, if it's too much trouble to send me a request; just post your PSN name and I'll send you a request. Thanks in advance!!!
  18. I searched for a existing thread about Farcry 4, but didn't find one, so I am starting one. If I made a mistake again, and this thread gets locked, I will deal with it. Anyway, this is basically a thread to discuss Farcry 4, but please, no spoilers, or if you are using spoilers, make it so people know ahead of time that will be spoilers. Well, I just got Farcry 4 two days ago, and played quite a bit of it. It is fun, but challenging, but I like a challenge.
  19. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag has had a feature sitting in the main menu for awhile. It had sat dormant for a couple years, being not that open and popular, but now it has been open to U-Play members officially since October 2013, opening into it's Omega state. That feature is called AC: Initiates. If you remember Project Legacy on Facebook, it is not that different, but it has a cool twist: You can do missions FROM Initiates in-game in AC4. And you get rewards for them. What's cool about it is that on 21 December 2012, the site crashed and then came back up in January 2013 asking members one question per day so that it may be restored. They crashed it as if the website was actually inside the game when the event happened. What are your thoughts? Oh, and the Alpha stage is only for PS3, PC, and PS4 as of now I believe.
  20. Hello Everypony, Who is Playing Defiance on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. I am Inpressed because it is Really great, If you wanna help add me.
  21. I'm a gamer. I also play Call of Duty. I also have an Xbox 360. I also have a PS3. Well, you get the point. Well, since around 5 months ago or so, I got a PS3 used, I have a question. Which version of Call of Duty:Ghosts runs better, the PS3 or 360 version? And, do the games (disc versions) require installs? I think the 360 does, but I don't know... So, yeah, also, which version has less hackers, because of course, just as everyone else, I can't stand 'em. They're so annoying.
  22. Hi all, I just finished Fairy Fencer F. I'm gonna write a review up for the website I work at, but I was curious if anyone else played it and what they thought of it. Here's a link to NIS America's site about the game for those who aren't sure what it is: Gameplay wise, it seemed like a lot of other Compile Heart games because it used the same engine, but I thought it was designed a little better. The fighting system seemed better than Hyperdimension Neptunia, though it was mostly just a re-skin of the Neptunia system. I think what impressed me most was that they showed they could write a better story than I thought. Now, I like Neptunia, Agarest War, and yes, even Cross Edge, but the story telling was rarely that strong of a feature in those games. While there were still some flaws, I feel like they tried to tell something a little more mature and developed this time. What did you guys think?
  23. I play competitive COD and Counter Strike. I invest hundreds of dollars in equipment. I use my own custom controller. I love it. Huge thank you to my good friend for doing this. Here is her deviantart. Please note she does not do commissions at this time, but if you look at her stuff, like, comment, it'll mean a lot to her.
  24. I'm just curious... does anybody else play Yu Gi Oh Millenium duels? I've recently gotten into the game a month or so ago, and I'm wondering if anybody else plays it. I play the game via PS3. I feel as if I'm the only one that plays the game here I could be wrong, meh.
  25. Im having trouble choosing what console should i choose for GTA 5. should i wait for PC or get it for PS3? the thing is, most of my friends are on PS3, but i have trouble aiming and stuff for PC, i'm much better at controlling but i will be more lonely since i have no friends on PC What should i choose?