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Found 3 results

  1. So in my YouTube subscriptions, I saw that one reviewer/ranter I follow Pieguyrulz posted this PSA about forums. He mostly discussed how to be in a forum environment where everything is positive and any negative opinion is instantly frowned upon. This makes me wonder: How can we as a community apply some of the things said in PSA to improve the way some of us think? Now, the user discussed 2 different types of forums: The ones that have a variety of different opinions ranging from positive to negative and the ones that are mostly positive. For the most of it, I see this community fall into the former. People will state their opinion on whatever and not get too much hate or flame for it. But I still will see those instances where members are extremely positive where I'm just thinking, "What will happen when they go out and see how negative and cynical the world can be?" Or instances where people will get dog piled for stating an unpopular opinion (partially the reason the thread for it was shut down). What I'm saying is that this forum community really seems to go either or. There are moments where I'll see them clash, but that's usually calmed down within a few days. So how do you think we as a forum can improve in how we express our opinions or how positive/negative we are?
  2. I transcribed the relevant bits for you: We are not self-contained, self-regulating units. We are regulated through our healthy interactions with those to whom we feel safe and close. We are social animals; we need one another. As adults, we become depressed and anxious without enough limbic resonance in our lives. As newborns, we may die; if we don't die, we are going to be damaged by this lack. Let me explain limbic resonance. It refers to the energetic exchange that happens between two people who are interacting in a caring and safe relationship. Their interaction stimulates the release of certain neurochemicals in the limbic region of the brain. These chemicals are necessary for full emotional and physical well-being. Without enough limbic resonance in our lives, over time, we function and feel less and less well. This is why isolation is bad for us. people start associating- their own personal regulation according to what is externally represented to them as children. So for instance, if one has a mother that meets their needs, they cry she comes, she comforts them. That initial dependence in that parent or that caregiver that is teaching them how to coordinate. Eventually that develops into the brain to teach the child how to coordinate themself and as time passes and as that is repeated over and over again, that child learns to be secure in limbic resonance. They learn to feel secure in being vulnerable and making connections. If that's not present in the body then what happens is limbic resonance can actual become a vary frightening thing, being vulnerable can be dangerous and that is exactly what we see happening with Gilda. Gilda's problem snaping at people being unable to trust people isn't something she can solve by herself. It's not going to fix the problem unless somepony does something about it, it needs external help Why Fluttershy should punch Rainbow Dash? because Gilda needs somepony that can understand what she's going through. She needs someone to support her. She need someone who is going to be her friend. Because Rainbow Dash is supposed to be Gilda's friend. And Fluttershy is cutest when she is is opening a can a woopass for somepony.
  3. I was heading to my nearest Toys R' Us location yesterday to see about buying the Favorites Collection. They didn't have it yet and I'm going to check back on Wednesday when a truck is supposed to come in. About two minutes down the road after leaving my driveway, I observe a young lady (about 17) taking a somewhat sharp left curve quite quickly in the pouring rain. She slides completely off the road and hits a tree sidelong. I stopped immediately and went to her car, helping her climb out as it was leaning sharply to the right due to it being on a hill (and she was hysterical), but the airbag deployed and she was uninjured. This situation brought to mind four people I knew from high school who were killed in separate wrecks for driving carelessly or while exhausted. So chill out. Drive sensibly. Adjust your speed according to the weather and take your time. I'd hate to see a post about somebody here getting themselves killed like that. This has been a PSA from the I'm Late For Work Every Day Because Of A Wreck On I95 Association, LLC.