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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everyone! I'm Tedwin, the Chair of Pacifc PonyCon 2017! I'm very happy to welcome everyone to our new forums, brought to you by our kind partners at Poniverse. Feel free to discuss anything related to the con here, and we are looking forward to seeing you in January! Tedwin Chairman, Pacific PonyCon 2017
  2. During the Pacific Ponycon weekend, I drew up 4 digital drawings for the Voice Actress guests: Tabitha St. Germain, Nicole Oliver and Kelly Sheridan. This one is for Kelly Sheridan. It features my character Wanda playing an NES with Starlight Glimmer. This one is for Nicole Oliver. My character Wanda as a Knight alongside Princess Celestia facing the approach of a great evil that may consume Equestria. This is for Tabitha St. Germain. My character Wanda, along with Rarity, Derpy Hooves/Muffins and Princess Luna enjoying some time at the Tasty Treat. And yes, Luna wants more Coffee. XP This went to all three voice actresses. Starlight is sad, Celestia tries to comfort her with Luna and Wanda watching on in worry. I dedicated this drawing in memory of Carrie Fisher and her mother Debbie Reynolds. Because sometimes, love is a powerful emotion. What do you all think? Which of the four drawings is your overall favorite? Post in the Comments. And one more thing, please do me a favor, go to @StTabitha on Twitter, and wish Tabitha St. Germain a speedy recovery. For some reason, she came down with something bad in her gut today.
  3. I left much later than usual due to relatives showing up for breakfast. Thankfully, my first panel didn't start till at least 11:30AM. It was the IDW Comic Artists panel. They talk about their experience on My Little Pony the Comic series, and any advice they gave is all about how to be a better artist. Interestingly, they all have used a Wacom Cintiq(Which I own) Also, during that panel, a mother and her son talked to the panelists. Her son, who has autism, had problems connecting with his mother till My Little Pony came out. I was able to relate to them(since I also have Autism, though it is mild) and I took a picture of the duo. Then came the Voice Actor Panel(Which switched places with the Charity Auction because Nicole had to take off on her plane afterwards). Tabitha couldn't make it because she came down with something bad. But still, it was fun to see the voice cast one last time before sending them on their way. I wandered around for a bit before checking out the Charity Auction just for laughs. Kelly did show up to help with stuff. But some of the auctions did get tense. Rarely do auctions go above $100. I didn't make any bids. I just watched for the heck of it. Finally, after the closing ceremonies(And a final farewell to Kelly "Starlight" Sheridan), the Feedback panel. I asked if they would consider showing episodes of MLP in a future convention. It's possible, but they have to acquire the legal rights from Hasbro to do so. Following the question, I bid farewell to the Con. And now that that's done, my purchases: One Pacific Ponycon T-Shirt A set of MLP Cards and 3 Buttons(Tirek, Ganondorf and Cloud Strife) With that, my Pacific Ponycon talkback is over. Later on, I'll showcase the 4 drawings I gave to Tabitha, Nicole and Kelly.(One for each, and one for all three)
  4. Day two started earlier than usual. After I ate Pancakes at the Claim Jumper, I went over to Mummified's Your OC Sucks panel, where he talks about many elements on how to make a good Original Character for My Little Pony. I did a sketch of a character that was apart of my OC idea. When I showed him, he actually did liked it, but he gave me a suggestion when it came to looks(Which I took to heart and applied it. Now I think it looks perfect) Next came the Tabitha St. Germain panel, where it was just about having fun and all. She still doesn't get a rat because I'm Batman. XP I took a break from the action to do some sketches just for fun from a Ponified version of the late Brother IZ (Israel Kamakawiwo'ole) to Tirek spoiling the Transformers 1986 Film(Yes, he can be a spoiler dick. XP). Nicole Oliver was there reading a story to the children there(Actually two: One was a book version of the "Cutie Mark Chronicles" from the first season of MLP, the second was the Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig) Then there was the Kelly Sheridan panel, where she talked about her time on MLP(And the fact that she tried many times to get into the series and luck finally got to her in the form of Starlight Glimmer). Fun fact: She once lost her voice to Whooping Cough, and she's worked with LA Talent like Andrea Romano and Charlie Adler I took a break to play some Super Smash Bros just for fun. It was a decent fight, and I won at least One Round with Cloud Strife. Man, this guy is too OP. I later decided to go through Hyrule Warriors just so I can unlock Ganondorf Dragmire. I concluded the day with a trip to the "Villains" panel hosted by Silver Quill, who talks about what makes villains like Queen Chrysalis and Lord Tirek great(Chrysalis was the Dark Queen, Sombra was the Dictator, Tirek was the Tyrant). He even went and used characters from other franchises like Starscream from Transformers and Darth Vader from Star Wars as examples of Good villains. Tomorrow is my last day, but I'll be leaving much later due to relatives coming to visit for breakfast.
  5. So Day One of Pacific Ponycon just came and went. Here's how it went for me. First panel I went to was the "Bronies React" panel. It's where Bronies take alook at videos on Youtube, mostly My Little Pony related, and they react to it(Like Kids React to or Teens React to). Surprisingly, they know about Ghost of True Capitalist Radio and the little remix that Alex S did(Melting Pot of Alcohol) I had lunch at the Claim Jumper later on, and I had a bowl of Creamy Chicken Tortilla Soup. Tasted alot like those Tex Mex Enchiladas I ate back on Maui at Las Pinatas. And then there are my meetings with The voice Actresses Tabitha St Germain(The one who me and I enjoy trolling. I last saw her at last year's Comic-Con) Nicole Oliver(Personally, I look rather scruffy next to her) Kelly Sheridan(Apparently, she recognized one of the artworks I did: Starlight vs Tirek) Later on, I'll show you the art I did for the guests. Speaking of, they did a script reading with some of the other fan guests like Saberspark, ACRacebest and Bloo. Which apparently was weird as it involved garbled spells, pigs, a giant twister, and a mirror. I ended the day with two back to back panels. One involving Getting involved with Voice Acting(They brought in some recommendations for Voice Actor Research. I mentioned Rob Paulsen's Talkin Toons and they were familiar with it) and Twilight's Redeemed villains(A Cosplay-based panel featuring fan actors playing Twilight sparkle, Sunset Shimmer, Starlight Glimmer, Trixie and Moondancer). That's it for Day One(Though it seems Nicole has a habit of showing up when I least expect it . XP) Tomorrow is Day Two. I'm gonna leave early to have breakfast at the Claim Jumper before heading to my panels.
  6. Original Post and More information about Gardens of Equestria and The Manehattan Project The Manehattan Project will be hosting our first-ever convention panel at Pacific PonyCon 2017 on the weekend of January 6-8, 2017 in San Diego, California! At the GoE Panel, you’ll get a world-exclusive first look at the Prologue of Gardens of Equestria: This Coming Storm including our brand-new cover artwork by Blue Nova, featuring music by Corvus Productions and custom voicework! But that’s not all. During the panel, you’ll actually get a chance to speak with four members of The Manehattan Project itself! Our line-up includes: Ebon Quill – Quest Designer & Worldbuilding Writer! Silver Chord – Worldbuilding Writer & FimFiction Author! Polyphonic – Former Vocal Director and the Voice Actress for Velvet Remedy, Candi and more! Novel Idea – Project Lead & Creative Director as well as author of the Wavelengths Timeline series. Not only will you get a live demo of the Prologue including the epic opening slideshow for Gardens of Equestria: This Coming Storm, but you’ll also get to hear about the challenges of writing for a game project of such an enormous scope, the design challenges of managing a team that spans half the planet as well as the immense task of organizing a team of over twenty voice actors while performing a variety of voice acting roles! In addition, our panel will be moderated by the one and only LiamNeighson, author and veteran of countless pony conventions across the United States as a moderator, volunteer and general pony enthusiast! There’s still plenty of time to register as well! Head on over to Pacific PonyCon’s website today and get registered to experience this first-ever reveal! Plus, you’ll get to see MLP legends as Nicole Oliver (Celestia & Cheerilee), Tabitha St. Germain (Rarity & Luna), Kelly Sheridan (Starlight Glimmer), comic artists Sarah Richards, Tony Fleecs and illustrator Marry Bellamy, plus amazing cosplayers and more community guests! We look forward to seeing you in January in San Diego! -Novel Idea & The Manehattan Project