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Found 4 results

  1. Welcome to the events thread! Here we post details of all the events happening on eqtv, including our iconic friday movienight, where we watch movies voted by you guys. Unscripted saturday events, where we often do random livestreams, these can range from gaming events to comic readings. Our episode stream, where we embed a livestream of the newest mlp episode as it premiers. And of course any user-run events that happen in their own channels! Want to know more about Check out the FAQ at the bottom or take a look around our sub-forum, have a question? Ask in 'the lobby', where any of our staff or regular users can answer. Friday Movienight Friday Movienight is the event that started it all, here we watch movies together in our offical channel with lots of fun to be had in chat, so come, grab a cider, and enjoy our fun-filled evening. Tonight will be a night filled with battle. First we have the documentary of eating foo- wait, what? its not a food documentary? well this sucks :c FOLLOWED BY ROBOTS PUNCHING GIANT ALIENS, OH YEEEEAH, IN THE WORLDS BEST WORST FILM EVER! Hunger Games Showtimes 6:00 PM EST 11:00 PM CET Pacific Rim Showtimes 7:30 PM EST 0:30 AM CET Unscripted Saturday Comic Reading! Saturday 2:00 PM EST 7:00 PM CET On Satruday we continue with our priceless comic reading livestreams! With all your favorite staff guests and more Feat. Troblems doing a brilliant rarity voice Feat. Starswirl the Jeric'd Feat. whatever the hell weird noises artemis makes User Events Mr Dash's Anime Nights Every Saturday at 6pm EST More info here <--- FAQ (Non-user events will be taking place in the CMC Clubhouse.)
  2. OC Jaegers I've drawn based off of Pacific Rim. Named pictured left to right: Guillotine Manta (France), Slugger Fortune (Australia), Magnum Athena (United States) Tornado Foxtrot (Spain), Sapphire Hurricane (China) Diamond Leo (Japan), Mach Rose (Germany) Hero Gargantuan (Brazil), Titan Xerxes (United Kingdom) Sero Beta (Russia), Bel Giga (Russia)
  3. Title says it all. I'm thinking of starting a Pacific Rim RP, however I am unsure of whether it would work or not. So, would a Pacific Rim RP work out or not? I'm talking Kaiju, Jaegers, ponies and Equestria involved. Would it work?
  4. Welcome to Equestria.TV Friday Movie Nights, where your fellow Poniverse community members join together to watch movies and chat, and in most cases, the fun doesn't stop there! Tune in the next morning, where we’ll all watch the new episode of Friendship is Magic together on a live stream. And remember, even when there’s no movies or live streams, there’s always something to watch! We keep pony videos and episodes playing non-stop, 24/7! After the films finish we will show various pony videos until the premiere of the new episode the following morning at 10:30 AM EST. We also follow that up with Littlest Pet Shop's newest episode premiere at 11:30 AM EST. Pacific Rim 6:00 PM EST 11:00 AM GMT Frozen 8:11 PM EST 1:11 AM GMT Season 4 Episode 17 Somepony to Watch Over Me 10:30 AM EST 3/8/2014 3:30 PM GMT Join us as we fight giant monsters in equally giant robots. Then we watch the highest grossing Disney film in years. Finally, join us again Saturday morning for Applebloom trying to show Applejack she doesn't need a baby sitter. FAQ Rules If we have last minute technical difficulties, the movies may be delayed for a short period of time, which will alter both of the movies’ starting times, so stay tuned to this thread for updates. If watching the movies becomes an impossibility for some reason, we will watch ponies instead. Also due to the length of these films credits will be skipped entirely. Feel free to contact the ETV staff (which will be viewable in the channel’s Message of the Day box) if you happen to have any further questions on the subject. If not... Join in on the party! (All of these events will be taking place in the CMC Clubhouse.)