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Found 27 results

  1. WonderPie

    A really wonder pie!

    Well very first art, my very first topic. Little nervous here I spent all night making my OC and how all of you can see, her name is Wonder Pie. (*sorry for my english, not really a english speaker but believe, I m not using google tradutor) (** kinda new in drawing ponies, so sorry again! ) anything to help me improve, I will be very thanks! Here we are.
  2. ThatOneComrade

    Night Glider (Digital Painting)

    I wanted to add clouds but they ended up being too advanced for me! :crackle: Critiques are ALWAYS appreciated!
  3. NO IDEA if this is the right place for this. But I'm trying to find a tutorial on the most efficient way of drawing interiors. Practice yes but is there better ways then being too meticulous on backgrounds that would take me weeks to a month to finish? The types of backgrounds I'm trying to make is for my ask blog. However I just want to improve in general.
  4. Life saver thing is located right here You can thank me later. I use it and it works completely. Just thought that I'd share this here since there's a lot of fellow artists here, and I like sharing things.
  5. Blue Moon

    Visual Art Bill Cipher Art

    Hi! I decided to draw a picture of Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls and I really like how it turned out, so I decided to share it here. Let me know what you think and any feedback is welcome; I'm always looking to improve.
  6. Vendi

    My OC in paint tool sai

    So I'm just learning to use paint tool.sai, and I made this.
  7. NonbinaryDuck

    Enby Duck's Art Gallery

    I'll occasionally update this thread with new art :3c Feel free to check some out! The Gemini (Low res due to canvas' original size and resolution) I'll enter more later on, I need to draw Derpy next and a few ocs.
  8. So, i got myself one of those sketch pads or graphics pad things. Took me a while to get used to. ^-^ Hope you like
  9. P-Jay

    OC Animation

    well, iv been getting more and more intersted in animating, so i made a couple experimental gifs of my OC's Caliber, and Violet. Tell me what ya think!
  10. P-Jay

    Caliber Artwork

    Okay, im still drawing pics of caliber. the number is getting too high to keep posting one topic each, so for now on im posting each and every new one of my pictures here! enjoy!
  11. P-Jay

    This Turned Out Good!

    i took this: and made this: it was inspired by the "two sided ponies" collection. if it had text, it would read: "what...have i...become? or "i just get...stronger" let me know which phrase suits him more, and what ya think of it.
  12. P-Jay

    I drew a thing!

    so, i was bored, and decided to draw my oc, caliber. i think it came out good, considering i was forced to use nothing but my mouse, and touchpad.
  13. HunterTSN

    Nymphaea - Kelpie OC

    Another picture of Nymphaea here, a lot happier with this one since you can actually see her without having to turn your computer brightness way up. I do like how she came out, however I sort of half-assed the background and it shows. Critique and suggestions are appreciated, especially regarding the cloven hooves as they were a bit experimental I'm sure there are better ways to do them.
  14. HunterTSN

    Zephyr - new OC

    So I finally caved in to the draw of the EqE and that means a new character. So here she is, feel free to judge to your heart's desire. I'll provide a link to her character profile eventually. Also big thanks to @Kay Dreamer for her shading tips, they were incredibly helpful.
  15. I just got a nib and paint tool sai. I want someone to show me how to use it. ;3; Please!~
  16. Messershmitt

    My Art Dump

    I'll Post some of my art here every so often.
  17. Hey everypony! This is my first attempt drawing Chrysalis, so isn't pretty good. This time, i'll post how I do the drawing, from the first picture, to the results. This is another version of the drawing that I did. A new style :V
  18. I'm gonna need our guys' help with something, because after 3 years learning how to use Photoshop, I'm still iffy on image resolution, and I need to sort this out. Keeping in mind that I plan on drawing line art by hand and then scanning it in for digital tracing and sprucing up, at what DPI should I scan, what DPI should I set my documents in Paint Tool Sai when I'm working on the images, and does anyone have a program for resizing images without loss of quality, seeing as I have no Photoshop?
  19. Hello everyone, I am new here so I tough I could make an art thread to introduce myself... I guess... Haha, but anyway, I also wanted to know what do you think about my drawings ... hehe... Here you go! I hope y'all enjoy them! Some of these are kinda old but its just that I didn't draw a lot of pony recently due to laziness... But now that I joined this forum I am going to draw ponies again! So yeah, feedback is appreciated and expect some more art soon*. * (well... maybe not "soon" but, you know... Someday.) Oh! I totally forgot to mention ill be doing commissions and I will take requests for anyone that would be interested into my drawings and that wanted one. Thank you.
  20. Okay, a big thanks to @@CamRad18, for this piece of art: I requested art, but left it open for him to do what he pleased, so he shortened my OC's (Mist Chaser) lifespan! all jokes aside thanks Cam, awesome work! From there i decided i wanted to digitalize it...sooo I did XD I took a few screen shots along the way to show how i did it. This is just the quick outline of it, traced off the image. Done on Inkscape. This is it when I had neatened it up (notice the lines are no longer straight and jaggered. from their I moved to Paint tool SAI and coloured it blah blah blah... and this.... Is the final product. Please reply what you think, critisizm is welcom as long as it is CONSTRUCTIVE!!! thanks for viewing
  21. I just got PaintTool SAI and to test it out I made a quick drawing of my OC Darts, all I can say is that SAI is MUCH easier to use than anything I've tried in the past, I might actually be able to make good art now! BTW I know the cutie marks are really bad, I'm not very good at drawing it anyway, much less with distortion and at an angle.
  22. Drahgoon


    So after avoiding all preview clips and songs, I finally watched the episode. I loved it, even though it was a little fast. Then I spent the next 5 hours drawing this, by far the most time I've spent on a drawing. About 1 hour spent on sketching and 4 half-focused hours inking and coloring. Used 75 layers, split into 6 folders for each pony. I have to admit, near the end I was getting sick of my drawing. I felt like my art looked odd with black solid outlines. I feel better about it after getting away from it and looking back at it today. Anyways, hope you all enjoy!
  23. Drahgoon

    Valentines Dash and AJ

    Posting these today since I won't be home much tomorrow. I guess it's already Valentine's Day depending on your time zone. Drew these up when I realized that I could draw my own Valentine's Day images instead of requesting others for them for once. Anyways, enjoy!
  24. ~Master~ Button Mash

    Cirrus Painting + SAI questions

    Broke out my old Windows machine and did a little work in Paint Tool SAI. Tried doing a painting of Cirrus. It came out...alright. I have a few questions about SAI, thought. 1) What's the best way to get straight lines and smooth curves? Is it just a matter of practice? I tried experimenting with line-work layers but they're limited in terms of fill capability. 2) What's the best way to add shadowing effects? Thin airbrush? Lighting effects? 3) What's the best tool to use to add more detailed manes? Just a trace of the pony creator image. Took about an hour. I don't mean to bump my thread or anything, but I'm really perplexed with certain parts of Paint Tool SAI and would like some advice.
  25. So I've been drawing quite a lot the past couple of months (compared to my earlier activity, not others~), and so far I'm very satisfied with Paint Tool SAI as my drawing-program... However, I recently heard about Manga Studio. I looked at it, and found the Manga Studio 4 Debut is actually kind of cheap... So what I heard is that Manga Studio is better (in some ways at least). Anyways, my question is: Is it worth getting and at least trying out Manga Studio? Is it any good/better compared to Paint Tool SAI and other programs such as Photoshop?