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Found 7 results

  1. With all of the junk that some people spout about it (Overwatch players who claim it's a clone. It's nothing even close. It's like calling Call of Duty a Halo clone, pretty much...), I feel like some of you should at least know of it. Put this thread here because I think there should be at least somebody else on this forum that actually plays this game, and maybe it can be discussed here. I play it on steam, and in-game (I WILL change it to something much better and less nooby when I get the crystals... If only I didn't already spend some on the Infiltrator Pip body skin...) I'm xPurplexx. I mainly play Androxus, Grohk, and Makoa, though recently I've been playing some Ruckus, Mal'Damba, and Drogoz (So that way I can cover most possibilities on my team composition). I've also played a good bit of Pip and Kinessa.
  2. If you want to see my CURRENT tier list, here's a link to the current Sun and Moon version. I will only update it through Guru, unless it won't work, then I will do it through here and post my updated list here.
  3. I am commenting to this video from one of the members of the Association of Champions, which is basically Hi-Rez's PR that instead of being part of the company are established, and mostly somewhat known members of the community. Torvald WILL Die. 100%. Field Study was literally the only thing that gave him something in this meta. Now it's nerfed into the ground. Stupid. Tyra Changes sound good, sort of. I have a feeling the Hunting Party change won't be enough and the other mark changes will just affect her other loadouts more, effectively killing her off, and making Hunting Party her only viable talent and at that only in niche situations. Their logic for not hitting up Luminary is total nonsense. What they did to Torvald might actually kill him, but they're worried about killing Jenos, the best support in the game? Yeah, I call BS. After all of these three changes, I have a feeling Jenos might actually become top tier, because Luminary and maybe Tyra's Hunting Party will be the only viable sources of damage amp. Dredge ult changes to me sound like they might end up being a nerf instead of a buff like intended, but we'll see. Still no CD on Broadside, so I give a thumbs down. Nerfing Khan's damage makes absolutely no sense. Seriously, he does LESS damage than every tank in the game right now with the sole exception of Torvald. No joke. Consider Khan dead. Also, they aren't nerfing Ruckus' so I guess that's a positive? But not really because his durabilty ends up making him deal mediocre damage anyways. Not fixing that, nope. How exactly will they nerf Barik's damage? One way might be a good idea, but the other possibilities I can think of would be terrible and just make it hard to play him. I have to admit, the ideas they have for flanks are pretty decent. But, they're keeping Buck and Talus dead apparently. I have to say, I am so surprised this got POSITIVE feedback from the community. These changes for the most part are BAD for the characters they affect and might actually be bad for the GAME if they go too far with them. I do NOT like these ideas, not at all because some of the ideas are alright. Like the ideas they have for Moji are exactly what she needs. But other than that, I'm pretty negative about these changes. Hopefully they'll really think through them and their consequences before they make the changes.
  4. Of course note my sexuality here. I am gay so I cannot in all good conscience place female characters on this list. I will also only place human characters as well, so no Pip or the et cetera. Since Androxus will also not be on this list due to the curse that afflicted his body turning it into something that is debatably not human as well. Khan WILL be on this list because although you can't see his face or any part of his body through his armor in the base skin, you can with the Amerikhan skin, and he is human. SS: Fernando, Koga S: Jenos, Khan, Sha'Lin A: Strix, Viktor, Buck, Atlas, Lex, B: Zhin, Mal'Damba By the way, the aforementioned stipulations are why the tier list has been placed here instead of on Guru like my tier list by my opinions of how powerful each individual champion is in the current meta. (Here's a link to it if you want to check it out)
  5. I've been aching to start a series of blog posts highlighting mechanical designs of specific games, assessing their problems at an in-depth level and giving critiques. It helps in my own pursuit of creating my own tabletop game (that will have balancing and the meta as a heavily emphasized component), and it's also informative to anyone actually playing the game itself. I will start with a game that's basically become my bread-and-butter: Paladins. I know it's a weird game to start with considering it doesn't have the popularity of games like Overwatch or League of Legends, but bear with me on this. Paladins: Champions of the Realm is a Hero Shooter with MOBA elements designed and published by Hi-Rez Games (Now, specifically Evil Mojo Games). It features four classes that each specialize in specific roles, an intuitive items system, and the ability to customize the playstyle of that champion in specific. The game's main game mode focuses on capturing an objective, and then afterwards pushing a payload to gain points towards winning a match. Each grants 1 point (and so do successful defenses), and the first to 4 points wins. A comment I already have, and a flaw I've noticed. Okay, so the game has a system that works like earned currency that allows you to buy items. Well, that currency system is different for each role. The flaw in this is that it A. discourages flexibility, and B. gives specific advantages to specific classes, particularly the Damage class that quite literally gets more credits than the rest... by dealing damage. Make credits even across all roles. It may seem like it would be counter-intuitive from a design point of view because it makes characters less graspable for new players, but seriously I hardly knew this EXISTED back when I started out. Plus, you can tell by their kits, their health pools, and even to a degree their movement speed what roles said champions play. Now let's get into the nitty-gritty issues. Anyone who has played this game for a decent amount of time knows that tanks, well, tanks are very powerful. The problem is that a lot of these frontline champions are good both offensively and defensively, regardless of their talent choice. That is a problem. I think the obvious solution would be to design kits where it's obvious that the tank is weaker defensively and is better at zoning instead of taking objectives, and make some that are incapable offensively. This can be done with decisively placed nerfs and buffs in some cases to solidify what kind of tank they are. Whether they're more of an anchor tank or a main tank. I know that there are obvious examples of such, but the issue is that even those tanks are offensively capable. Take Inara for example. She may seem like she isn't a problem offensively, but confusion in her kit lies with her ability to go straight into an enemy's face, CC them, and then even kill them. You see the problem? She shouldn't be able to do that if she's a main tank! I know that certain people will say "but this will make double tank worse, because these bruisers wouldn't be able to tank." And I say that's a load of BS. These bruisers would be plenty capable of it. They'd just have to be more assertive and less passive about it. Take Ruckus for example, a tank that's basically out of the meta because he has no sustain. I actually think his sustain should be BUFFED, but I think that it needs to make him more of an offensive bruiser that gets in your face like he should be designed to function. Right now, he's basically a damage champion that's been misclassified as a frontline. He needs more sustain, but sustain that allows him to be aggressive. Like for example, I think that his ultimate should have much greater fall-off but also a built-in overshield as well as CC immunity. This would allow him to get into the face of enemies and use Hexafire without worrying about getting easily instakilled by the enemy DPSes. That's what is necessary here. On the note of Inara, I agree she needs mobility, but I say make it mobility that's designed with DEFENSE in mind. Like get rid of her stupid Warder's Field and put in an ability that allows her to cast a jutting rock that slows enemies in front of her and launches her backward in the target direction. That may sound like a comical ability, but it would allow her to get away and heal up while the enemy is affected by the slow that would be incurred. Oh, the issue of Cauterize. This card gives up to 90% healing reduction on-hit for 1.5 seconds. This is INSANE, okay. It's affected the game in such a way where healers need TONS of consistently overpowered healing to keep up during the mid-later stages of a match when the enemy DPSes spec into it, which they will early because of how INSANE it is. This NEEDS to be reduced PRONTO. I don't care if it ushers in a high TTK double support meta temporarily, but please NERF it. I say a quick fix would be to nerf the ranks to 25/50/75. But a more INTUITIVE fix would be to nerf it to 15/30/45 and then nerf the necessary healing abilities to compensate. Nerf Seris' heals, Nerf 'Damba's heals, Nerf Jenos' heals, and DEFINITELY nerf Grover's. I would not touch the healing of Grohk or Pip though. It would help them out massively and Pip may become a top tier pick because of it. Then I say nerf his CC and health pool. He has a lot of CC, and he has the smallest hurtbox out of every champion in the game (aside for his big freaking head), so nerfing those would balance him out. As for Grohk, he'd be likely a little powerful, but considering all Lo-Rez has put him through, it's more than acceptable that he becomes a high tier healer. I think I should also make a list of the unnecessary items and the simple fixes to all of them. Deft Hands- just buff 'Damba's reload speed a little, and Buck's plenty and it should be little issue. As for Dredge, yeah him too. Replace it with a card that grants max-health based TRUE damage based on the damage you deal. This would aid in eliminating the double tank meta that's been predominant in the game for a while now. Illuminate- Just nerf stealth mechanics, to make them more of cloaking mechanics. Where you can see a rough outline of them, it rewards those who are aware and punishes those who don't pay attention to it. Replace that for in-combat damage reduction to compensate for the other new card. This helps the newly formed off-class of bruisers a lot in their pursuit of meta domination. (Muahaha! Terminus will KILL YOU ALL!). Buff most non-tank health pools so that way they also have a degree of sustain so that way tanks have yet another counter-measure and the TTK as a whole goes up to compensate for the healing and tank nerfs I would vouch for and help ESPECIALLY FLANKS. HOWEVER, nerf the F*** out of a few damage champion's bursts (Cassie, Lian, Drogoz, et cetera)… PLEASE? Please, for the love of this game, REWORK Torvald. Just, please. Decide whether he's supposed to be a support or a tank. If he should still be a tank, may I suggest making him tanky and defensive like he used to be until people stupidly complained about his lack of damage (which to be fair he DID have)? With these changes, tanks would not be meta, supports wouldn't be left to sit on the objective unless you have a more offensive bruiser type tank like Terminus, Ruckus, or likely Ash, Damage dealers wouldn't be almost instakilled half of the time with little counter play by their own ranks, and supports would be just as good late as they were early. At least I think. Any recommendations to amend this list would be greatly appreciated. For now, goodbye and thanks for reading this first-of-it's-kind blog post. I hope to do another in the future soon on Team Fortress 2, so stay tuned for that.
  6. Well, I was originally going to vent here, but I got inspiration after watching a YouTube video to do something less simultaneously migraine-inducing and controversial. I'll just discuss some of my favorite characters to play as in video game history, and why I enjoy them so much. The only rules here are one per game. These are not in order. Barik (Paladins)- The Dwarven god among men himself. My main when I played Paladins, he brought me so much enjoyment playing the game that I can hardly contain myself right now with the literal nostalgia I have on the topic. I actually don't know why I enjoy him so much. Maybe it's my signature playstyle of plopping turrets wherever I see fit and destroying everyone? Maybe it's his emphasis on positioning? Maybe it's dashing in circles like a little madman high on drugs? Maybe it's even because I'm playing as the Paladins equivalent of Goldeneye 007's Oddjob? I really don't know. But he's so enjoyable that I managed to play as him in over HALF of all of my matches playing the game. Axton (Borderlands 2)- My recent obsession, Axton has become my favorite Borderlands 2 character to play as. Why? Only one line must be said here. "Have you met the misses?" Are you starting to see a pattern here? Turrets. I freaking like turrets. Axton's turret has great offensive zoning potential building an Engineer build, and it also gives you INSANE buffs to your damage output running the Battlefront skill. Combining this with weapons with high damage potential like the Unkempt Harold results in the DPS being taken to MAXIMUM overdrive. Sure, he has the worst melee in the ENTIRE GAME and I like playing melee builds, but his turret build is even better than Melee Zer0 for me. Yoshi (Smash Bros)- Oh. My. Word. The. SPIKES. I've always found Yoshi a blast to play because there's just so many ways you can burst your opponent into submission. But the most fun will always be spiking straight into volleyball combos. If you're unaware, Yoshi has the capability to pretend you're a volleyball and smack you into the next ZIP code with a combo of chaining down and up airs. They keep saying Villager isn't the face of mercy, but Yoshi is RUTHLESS. He'll knock you into the next ZIP code with his tail, He will throw eggs at your face like grenades. Heck, he will even use his HEAD as a weapon of mass destruction. Seriously, that noggin has some serious kill potential. Sniper (Team Fortress 2)- There's a good reason he was my go-to when I played the game. He's a great example of how a sniper class should be executed. He's got a surprising amount of versatility, and he's got a lot of ranged damage. Sure it's at the expense of close-quarters... but... IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE! Take a Shahanshah. Sure it deals bad damage if you melee somebody at above half health, but when you get flanked, it's super useful because your health pool is going to get low enough to get the damage buff at low health. With that boost, those annoying scouts are history. Also, he's even got support options! Get a Sydney Sleeper and you can mark targets for your team to take down for you! Mordecai (Borderlands 1)- Note that I didn't say one per SERIES. Sure, Bloodwing is a bit of a subpar action skill without investment, but that's more than made up for running him with a Sniper or a Pistol build. Sniper builds on him are BETTER than Zer0 in all honesty. With skills like Trespasser that allow you to have up to a 100% chance to IGNORE SHIELDS and skills like Killer that allow you to consistently chain damage output, it's not hard to see what makes him fun to play but also really good. This isn't to mention his potential with pistols (especially revolvers) running the right build, especially with the right Class Mods along with skills that buff reload speed and DPS. I may add a League of Legends character and a DotA 2 character later on, but this is it.
  7. This is a post a LONG time coming. Paladins vs Overwatch. Considering that I have perspective on both games (I've played over 600 hours of Paladins, and my brother last I heard climbed to Diamond in Overwatch and I've been watching Overwatch pretty closely), I think it's more than appropriate for me to make the comparisons here. Paladins and Overwatch both have their own sort of appeal behind them to me, and honestly I would love to play Overwatch. But I don't think it's nearly as good as Paladins. Why? I have my reasons. Mechanical Design Overwatch, mechanically, is a game flawed on a very fundamental level... Overwatch does have things like stuns and slows, along with shields and armor, but they lack so much. They don't have things like Healing Reduction, Damage Reduction, CC Reduction, Damage Types, or anything remotely like Androxus' Reversal (well, there are similarities to Genji's Deflect, but Zhin's Counter is much closer to it in functionality). This makes the game seem very basic in that regard. Not even to mention that the aforementioned shield and armor mechanics sort of feel redundant, as they accomplish the exact same thing in a way that doesn't really feel that different.. I'll also bring up another couple of things here: switching and the structure of Overwatch's premier game mode. Character switching is BAD for a variety of reasons. First off, it removes the entire strategy of picking a character that does well on the map or the real impact of counter-picking the enemy team (as they can just switch after they die!). Secondly, It actually encourages trolling, because it allows people to pick a full damage comp with almost zero consequence (as they can change it to a 3-0-3 or whatever is meta in OW right now). And lastly, they also FORCE it on you! That really p***es me off. I've literally heard no real arguments why this is a good thing. I've heard "because one-tricks" but they AREN'T A PROBLEM ANYWHERE ELSE! In Paladins, no problem. In League of Legends, it's done by a LOT of people including streamers, and it's been zero issue. As for the structure of the game-mode, that's an absurdly obvious one. The problem is that Attack and Defense are NOT the same! In Paladins Siege, both teams compete for an objective and whoever captures it then pushes a payload. Here, you either push a payload or defend! That creates a lot of issues, because it polarizes characters like Torbjorn (even new Torb is to a degree) that are good at doing one thing (In Torb's case, defense) but not as good at the other. And these issues are furthered by character switching. Character Customization I don't mean the skins here. I mean how much you can actually tweak your character (hero, or champion in Paladins) and their stats to best suit a certain playstyle. I'll take Barik and Torbjorn for example. Torbjorn is stuck in an offensive playstyle centered around shredding tanks and taking advantage of chokes, while Barik can literally do ALL KINDS OF THINGS. By picking from Talents and building decks of Cards, you can make Barik either the king of area denial, a flanker, a mid-range DPS, or heck you could even make him a defensive tank if you wanted to (although it's not a not even remotely viable option). He can do any of those things if you build him a certain way. Also, not to mention, there are items in the game that allow you to gain stats that could be vital and game-changing, such as Healing Reduction on weapon shots or you could opt for Cooldown Reduction (which is also not in Overwatch!), or you could make your ultimate charge faster, or you can even increase the healing you get from your healers. Those aren't the only options, but a few examples. Character Designs I say this more from a creative standpoint considering that I'm developing my own game (it's a tabletop game, but nonetheless) with it's own characters, Overwatch's characters are a little less creative than Paladins' in design. A good example of this can be made with a comparison between McCree and Androxus. McCree may be a well designed character, but he's really not that creative. He's just a modern-day version of the likes of Wild Bill. Androxus' design was a lot more inspired. He's supposed to be a lawman, that became corrupted with an evil curse that requires him to kill to sate it. I don't even think I've heard of that concept before. Also, not even to mention that the designs of Paladins characters actually make it feel like there are (however much I hate to critique games like this) actual stakes in the real universe. With Overwatch, there doesn't actually seem to be that much of a stake in the actual lore. Maybe a few more places could look like Australia. Not as much as Paladins, where it actually feels like the fate of the Realm rests in your hands. Balancing The balancing in Overwatch at the moment is downright terrible. Literally every tank and support is in the meta right now (after Roadhog got buffed), but only half of the DPSes are (not McCree, not Soldier: 76, not Tracer, not Symmetra...) Doesn't that just seem like bad balancing to you or am I alone on that? Sure, Paladins has had it's issues, but not everyone of a single class is meta. Terminus is pretty weak right now and Ruckus is also on the tank side. On the support end, Jenos has been pretty mediocre lately (Even though I think that will change next patch), Furia's been struggling to compete, and Grohk hasn't been meta since Patch OB48 (in other words1 and a half YEARS). As for Damage champions, Vivian has always been garbage (except on release when she was absurdly overpowered), Tyra's pretty freaking terrible, Kinessa's going to get badly outclassed after nerfs, and now Willo is going to be absolutely miserable since her nerf last patch. And Flanks... Well, I can't argue that most of them (aside from Androxus, Talus, and Evie) are downright unviable in the current competitive metagame. Although Lex may be added to that list next patch because of a slight meta-shift that I see happening in the next patch along with buffs to his sustained output at range. However, I will note a couple of important things Overwatch has over Paladins. I'm trying to be as objective as I can with this, after all. Lore I just have to say that the current Paladins lore kind of SUCKS. Most of the lore feels generic, and some of it doesn't even make sense. Mostly it's just about a fight between the Magistrate and the Resistance, which feels like something I recognize from... EVERYWHERE... Overwatch is a far different story. I find Overwatch's lore really interesting to say the least. The whole war between humans and omnics is quite interesting, and I am especially intrigued by the story of Reaper. Considering he used to be the equivalent of an undercover agent working for Overwatch (as the leader of "Blackwatch", and then something slowly snaps in him that Talon (who if you didn't know are terrorist faction that the Overwatch is trying to stop) is better than Overwatch. Sure I left out a lot of details, but even without them. That makes a far more interesting lore story than "This guy knew this guy and they were both cops and then suddenly one of them went raving mad" (that's Androxus' lore in a nutshell...) The old lore of Paladins was better than it is now, as it had a lot of worldbuilding, but it still wasn't good because there were so few strands actually connecting the characters... Bugs! As anyone who's actually played Paladins knows, the game has had a HUGE issue with bugs. Terminus has had some game-breaking bugs (at least on PC) for a long time now that haven't been fixed. Pip has bugs that literally affect his VIABILITY in the meta (getting rid of them would buff him a LOT), and Evie has had issues with bugs for the longest time. Not to mention Grover had a bug for MONTHS that could CRASH THE GAME! In Overwatch, on the other hand, I don't notice these when I watch other people play nearly as much. In Paladins, on a bad patch, you may even get a game where you see a game-breaking bug in action once every 10 matches or so... But I'm pretty sure I haven't once heard something like an Overwatch hero having a bug so bad, let alone so prolifically bad from YouTubers like Stylosa, Tyrodin, or Your Overwatch (although I've heard a lot of pointless bickering over dumbness that doesn't even matter...). Sure, I know the game has bugs, but it's nothing like Paladins where I've seen Terminus's shattered body moving around the map, or Barik spontaneously get spaghettified on death, or a movement ability crashing the game... So there it is. Overwatch is worse than Paladins. Overwatch may be a game with a lot less bugs and lore that's actually interesting, but Paladins isn't mechanically flawed on a fundamental level, it has actual character customization in the sense of adjusting mechanical functionality, the character designs are more interesting, and the meta doesn't literally discourage people from playing an entire role that encompasses HALF OF THE ROSTER... (Competitive meta from what I've seen is 3 tanks and 3 supports, with the occasional DPS before teamfighting starts...). I really have been toying with the idea of buying Overwatch whenever I get a computer of my own (because I haven't had one for a YEAR now) and internet (that's hopefully good enough to play on, because I had a hard time playing Paladins on my old internet with a f***ing 1Mbps download and upload...) nonetheless. It may be worth it.