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Found 5 results

  1. So, is it easy for you to get paranoic regarding a certain topic that makes you uneasy easily? Like, say, someone or something breached in your home while you weren't looking, polithical affairs gone wrong that may or may not end in a war, y'know, the usual stuff.
  2. Hello everypony I'm very paranoid since I was a child and I bet I'm not the only one. I just want to ask and compare my experiences to others. Feel free to share them with me, or what caused you to be paranoid, or what you THINK might cause being paranoid. If you have any questions on my paranoia or something (because some of my habits might be interesting ), feel free to ask. There are some of my paranoid events: - I'm always checking the mirror in my room, just in case. - Time to time, I check what's behind my back (while writing this I checked twice). - I shower with the glass door open. - I'm brushing my teeth with a bath behind my back, so I have covered back and I can see the mirror, the door, the shower and the space that would be behind my back if I wouldn't do so. - In the evening/night, I must have all the lights turned on. - When I go to the sleep, I close my eyes before I turn the light off. When I wake up, I keep them closed before I turn the light on. - It can be hot like in hell, but I never sleep with uncovered legs, feet and ear. - When I'm lying in the bath, time to time I check the space next to the tube. - After getting pranked with a screamer, I have constant fear for at least 2 weeks, I try to avoid mirrors and the red lights. - I never go on toilet when I wake up in the night. - I can get myself paranoid just by a though (I used to do this a lot when I was a kid, my mom was sleeping and I said to myself "what if she´s dead" or in the night, I though "what if she was murdered in sleep and now is dead" or "what if there's someone in that dark room which we don't use"... stuff like that) I think this is enough for now. I´ll leave space for the others, in time, I´ll add another.
  3. Hey guys! It's me again. So, I've been feeling overly artistic lately, so, as well as the 'aRegularPony Draws something' thread, you get to see this! I used this base by dashdinomlp on deviantart, so yea. I am pretty proud of this, although it is really simple (And didn't take long to make.). Feel free to leave some constructive criticism and yea. I hope to do more arts soon
  4. So was surfing the net, and while on google, a particular thread caught my attention. I immediately knew it was going to be... interesting. After all, the title of the article was "Bronies: Adult Men Who Like My Little Pony And Why It Disturbs Me". Now I always like to hear what people think, even if I disagree with what they have to say, as I feel it allows for an expansion of perspective. So naturally I clicked the link and read the article that followed. I will post the link below so you can see for yourself, but essentially the article came down to being a rant lableing all "bronies" as sexual deviants that are dangerous, and asking if she (the writer of the article) was alone in thinking this. Below the article, I saw that she had closed the article due to "threatening and hostile comments [that] have only proven to me that this whole bronie trend leaves a bad taste in my mouth". NOW THAT grabbed my attention .So I spent a good 1/2 hour reading the comments, and naturally there were several supposed "bronies" dropping the f-bomb and being disgusting, but i feel that they were trolls being trolls. Actually the majority of the comments were very postive and open-minded as well as being civil. But as I continued to read, I realised it did not matter how polite or civil the comments were. It became apparent that the writer was not truly looking for what people thought, but rather looking for opinions to confirm what she felt. Overall, the saddest thing about the whole deal is that the site the article is on,, has "It's all about the families..." for it's slogan. Really hypocritical if you asked me. Well, anyways i figured the article would make for an interesting read, and wanted your thoughts on it all. The article can be found here : Thanks for reading and as always stay pony my bronies /)
  5. This will be the Ask thread for Naughty Bear, and all the other bears of Paradise Island! It's a place full of happy teddy bears! And ninjas! And the army! And zombies, S.W.A.T., robots, aliens, super-heros, pirates, and even vampires! Either ask a question for a specific bear, or just ask, in which case it could be any of the slightly-over 100 bears available! Maybe even the twisted mind of the Narrator...but enough of that I suppose. I will draw as many of the responses as I can, so I might be a tad slow on returning questions with answers. But alright! Any questions?