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Found 29 results

  1. I can safely say that I'm happy with the life I have so far. I have a roof over my head, I have freedom to work on hobbies such as reading, writing, or exercise, my dad is helping me learn how to drive and I feel like my skills are improving rapidly Overall, I've been feeling so relaxed these past couple of weeks. Life is just beautiful. The worries and doubts I used to always have are now nonexistent Every now and then shit still happens and I face problems like every human being but I manage to get through them and work things out with little to no trouble What about you? Are you happy with life? Have you found your inner peace yet? Do tell
  2. What are those special things that make you happy or calm? When I'm frustrated sad or stressed I have those certain things I can do and feel almost immediately better. It doesn't have to be something you do either it can be a smell or a sound too, just anything that gives you tranquility. Those things for me would probably overall have to be Drawing or painting, I find it very meditative and I could never be anything but happy when doing it. Also Ice cream on a hot day, And cuddling my cats.
  3. Music is great! I love it so much! Some music makes me feel so many emotions that I cry happy tears. I want to know what songs does the same for you all! Here are some of my picks for peaceful thoughts: TheFatRat - The Calling and Luna, Please Fill My Empty Sky and bejeweled 2 -original soundtrack
  4. You know, whenever I look around on the Internet, school, or anywhere else, I see a lot of intolerance when it comes to other people's religious views. Frankly, I think if there were more tolerance and less hatred, this world would be a much better place. Anyways, this thread is dedicated to those of us who are tired of such ignorance, and want to help others learn about certain religious views and (hopefully) clear up any misunderstandings and stereotypes. What I want you to do is state your views, explain a little bit about it (a brief description will do), and try to debunk at least one misunderstanding about your religious view. I also ask that if anyone here disagrees with someone, either PM them, or keep it to yourself, because we don't want any petty flamey/passive aggressive wars here. I'll start us off: I am a Christian, and I believe that my duty in life is to remain loyal to my Lord and also try to be the best person I can be. I have no specific denomination. I just want to apologize for any homophobic, dishonest, oppressive "Christians" you may come across. I assure you that our religion does NOT encourage rudeness, or threatening people with Hell...
  5. What a summer treat! After two months of care, that beautiful stripey watermelon in the corner of the garden tells me its ready! Its amazing that something so big and heavy came from a little black seed that I poked into the ground. My husband and I slice it up and eat it outside on the porch and spit seeds. My dog even enjoys a slice and my garden hens eat the rinds. Nothing is wasted. Guess who will be making melon margaritas tonight This is one of the things that just makes my heart beam What are some things that make you happy, unwind, restart the clock or jump for joy?
  6. It is getting harder and harder to fully understand where I fall categorically in regards to politics, and other aspects as well. After watching this video I'm really at a loss for words, and at a loss for thoughts. Even bearing in mind no human is infallible beforehand, I've almost come to believe every human is bound to succumb to hypocrisy because there is no foreseeable way to exit the system, and no way to get along with others who won't allow themselves to fall farther from the apple tree than they need to.
  7. I started this blog hoping to inspire others to find peace, comfort, and calm amid their worrisome storms. Because life is too short to worry about little things that won't matter years from now. Chill and be happy that you're alive. Take a step back, look at today and compare it to ten or twenty years from now. The little things bothering you right now will pass. Bad days will come and go. Just look toward the rising sun or moon; look upward to the constellations or ahead to the eastern and western horizons with no end. Distract yourself with the everyday beauty of the universe. Relax and find serenity under the trees, under the stars, or under the moon. I'm just here to share thoughts, quotes, music, etc.
  8. Though the title says otherwise, this topic is not limited to the Kashmir conflict. There are problems in other parts also like Palestine. Being from India myself, this episode made me think about the conflict in Kashmir. Here is a brief overview of it: While we are not officially in war, ceasefires have been violated almost every day. There almost seems to be no solution. Or is there....? Like yesterday's episode, the ones who suffer the most are the people of Kashmir. Kashmir is a beautiful valley with greater climate, and wildlife. It has great tourism potential. This is however being wasted. What do you think we can learn from The Hooffields and McColts? And what should be done to make it again the Switzerland of Asia.
  9. God bless this man. God bless him.
  10. So I was like, thinking about bronydom, and how strong a fandom we have, and it is awesome. I feel so close to people who love this show. Even though I don't think the actual cartoon is that good. It's more about the characters and settings. I love Octavia and Derpy, and all the fanon characters.
  11. Bronies I come with a message of grave importance. The Realm of Xbox-Live has become a warground, instead of Fighting for Peace and Harmony, people fight only for Glory and Bragging rights. I call upon you, Loyal Bronies of Equestria, To take up arms and fight back against the Tide of War and Chaos. This Also includes other Brony Gamer Groups they know not of the truth, they fight only for fun, we must be the ones to sacrifice everything, for we shall Unite all under one banner. If you are willing to Fight the Good fight, Please add my Gamertag, to build up a Reputation, we shall start on Black Ops 2 and we shall move on to others, such as Halo, Battlefield, and World of Tanks, also Minecraft, but even if you do play other games, please still feel free to join. GamerTag: BRONY KNIGHT Now Join The Death Korps, for a Brighter future. ~ I Live To Die. And I Die So they May Live Free ~
  12. HELLO FELLOW BROS AND BRONIES Today I want to RESTORE FAITH IN HUMANITY!!!!! *music from " Independence Day ' plays* Tell us good things that have happened to you or your friend, or talk about cool things people do for the homeless, the poor, and the down-hearted. to kick it off....
  13. Here is a few I have but I like songs that are for peace and love! Country Joe & The Fish - Feel Like I'm Fixin' To Die Buffy Sainte Marie - Universal Soldier The Zombies - Butchers Tale (Western Front 1914) Paul McCartney - Pipes of Peace The Kinks - Some Mothers Son Love - The Red Telephone
  14. Does anyone like fan fictions where Human and Ponies are at peace? As in stories where Human and Ponies aren't at war. I like them, because xenophilia stuff happening and story. OK that's heresy and the Inquisition would hunt me down for loving xenos. I like them, because I don't just like reading every story being the same when Humanity meets the Ponies, and Human vs Pony war happens, and Humans be jerks from Warhammer 40k and declare exterminatus on Equestria.
  15. Today I saw a status, one that I feel is important to share. Since I'm not sure if someone else will. I wanted to let everyone know. I'll be honest I didn't know Natasha well but I do remember seeing her on the forums and I know she was a good person. I'll always remember her by her first signature, the first thing I did was to use it. She was happy about it. It is very sad that his happened, hopefully she found peace. Rest in peace Natasha.
  16. Peace and What it Means Peace is our own intuitive notion of understanding people; aspects which consist of what they have to offer and accepting them for their inherent nature. Without being able to understand one another, how people feel act and think, we will never be truly able to be at peace with one another, and even with one's own self. I believe that violence is a cycle of hatred toward one another. People don't even see other people as human beings. We are all human beings and that alone sets us out to be different from every other animal in the animal kingdom. We as human beings have the tools and intellect to be smarter than resorting to killing each other. We can survive without having violence and war unlike our ancestors, which says a lot in how we have come since the cavemen scene. Since we are humans and we have become smarter over the ages I believe is an insult to all of humanity to condone in any violence to resolve any issue. Who are we to have come so far that we have the most advanced society set up with languages, traveling and culture to resort to killing another human being and essentially erasing their existence off of the Earth? We have no right to play God (assuming God exists) and we certainly do not have all of answers to begin with. Much still remains unknown and we have no right to kill one another. Looking into black on black violence “Since 1964, approximately half of the violent crime committed each year in the United States is attributable to young Black males, who represent less than 3 percent of the total population.” There are many reasons for black on black violence however, such as lack of resources, education, environment and culture. In about looking at all of those different factors it's hard to think that there isn't a lack of understanding in the black community. That's just one example however. If young black men see more value into gaining possessions which are idealized by the American public and media than how can peace even be achieved. Peace starts with us. When we have inner peace we can than expand out toward our families and friends, our dear loved ones. Once we have peace within out circle of people we can have peace with other groups of people connected. Since we are all connected in essence we would all be connected in a system or network of peace. When this hypothetical network of connections is made then we all truly be at peace. A lot of peace also has to deal with forgiveness. If we cannot forgive one another than we cannot truly be at peace, even when people try to convince themselves that they are. Forgiving someone is harder said than done especially when dealing with things such as violence, abuse and god forbid, death. When the topics are trivial it's easier to forgive but that is the first step however. Learning how to forgive one another even with the smallest things, such as borrow a shirt or breaking something that wasn't originally yours. If we hold grudges we wont be able to advance anywhere in life.
  17. Do you like war fan fictions or peace fan fictions of Humans and Ponies? War stories, where Humans and Ponies are at each other throats like many TCB fan fictions, where we kill each other and threat of genocide is a possibility. With various different groups, some with Humans and Ponies side by side fighting "evil" (if there's really such thing as evil or good) Ponies, that want to kill all Humanity and Humans groups like Cerberus from Mass Effect. Or just stories where it's just Humans Vs Ponies. Peace, Humans and Ponies are not killing each other? All? War stories, but Humans and Ponies are friends and allies. Like Mass Effect or something. None? --- Me? I like them all. Sometimes a like a little action in my stories and sometimes I just want to see Humans interacting with the Ponies peacefully.
  18. You will never see the world through my eyes. Or I through yours. What right is there to call anyone strange, stupid, or misguided? Every action and decision is individually justified, but you would never know that by looking at everyone as though looking at a mirror. I have somewhat of a motto, which I have posted and shared around frequently; some of you may have seen it before: “With patience comes understanding, with understanding comes peace.” I would now like to alter and add to it to be a bit more specific “With comprehensive patience in observation and learning comes comprehensive understanding, and with understanding comes peaceful relations.” Sometimes it takes more than the submissive “Let’s agree to disagree” approach to be truly at peace with the world. Why not agree to seek understanding, and agree not only to be of a differing opinion but to take the opposing completely into account, allowing it to influence and move your own approach, therefore settling upon a harmonious medium with our fellow people? “With understanding comes peace,” I have found this to be true time and time again. If peace can ever truly be realised, it cannot be through closing doors.
  19. I just recently began watching MLP, and, while I am still very dubious about clippers, I have come to really enjoy the fandom. I have recently started writing a screenplay for a hypothetical MLP movie. Come and check it out at the following link: I am posting this via google drive because I am constantly making updates, and so that you can see my latest updates at your convenience. Please keep any comments limited to constructive criticisms only. If you think I should make a change, post it in the comments. I hope you enjoy. -2nd LT [uSMCav8r]
  20. I ask this because I recently had a personal realization that I was feeding my god of anger (Mars) more often than my other gods/goddesses. We're so quick to feed our "Mars" instead of "Venus" that it almost seems natural. Are you feeding your jealous, hyper-masculine god, like Jehova? Or your goddess of rage, Lyssa? Maybe it's time to step back and just evoke your goddess of loonacy and sillyness, Eris? Sometimes, we just have to question what gods we're truly feeding.
  21. I wasn't sure if anyone had done this before, so I took it upon myself to create it. I've been on one heck of a 60's kick as of late. Incidentally, this is actually my first attempt at drawing a whole pony, up until now all I've needed has been heads and upper torsos. It is also my first attempt at a male. I'm not too terribly satisfied with the mane, but whatever man... it's all groovy... I'll just give you guys a bit to soak in all this grooviness...
  22. It should be noted that this entry will contain a bit more blasphemy to Christian ears than most of my other entries. Let's look at these two characters: Jesus of Nazareth and Eris - Goddess of Discord. There is plenty of speculation surrounding Jesus; some believe him to be nothing more than a man who became the Christ after accomplishing the Great Work. Others thought of him as the bringer of salvation (or to the Gnostics a bringer of illumination; and we'll touch on this in a bit). Eris was a vengeful woman and the bringer of Chaos. She loved watching mortals destroy one another. In the Gospel of Thomas Jesus said to his disciples, "I have cast fire upon the world, and see, I am guarding it until it blazes." Jesus openly acknowledges that there is going to be war and destruction, in both the macrocosm and microcosm. Now, to the Gnostic, the Garden of Eden is completely metaphorical. Adam and Eve are the male and female aspect of each human being. The Fruit of Knowledge is referencing a Qliphoth from the Tree of Knowledge, or Tree of Death. This Fruit caused a separation and disagreement between the male and female, thus destroying the pure sexual energy that bound them together. This was an aspect of Chaos, something that even Jesus seemed to condone. But why? Why would the Christ allow such a thing to occur? Well, without Chaos how would we know Peace? If we only knew Peace, how could we learn to appreciate it? The reoccurring theme with Fruit signifies a divide - both encouraging the clients to partake of it in order to become "better". In order to rebind this separation, we must understand that the energy to do so is sexual energy. Thus, there is a sexual connection between Peace and Chaos; Jesus and Eris have a sexual connection. This energy is what originates from your spine, allowing clairvoyance to develop and to open the third eye. In order to see this rebinding take place, you must understand both Chaos and Peace in yourself - they are part of you. Attempting to destroy Chaos will not result in Light, but a depreciation of the Light. For Light cannot exist without Darkness as cold cannot exist without warmth. Chaos is the Temple, Light is the Path.
  23. Life, located in the bottom left, supports nature and keeping the land suitable for life. Health, located in the upper left, supports the creatures who live in nature and keeps them healthy. Peace, located in the upper right, keeps the animals from fighting each other to maintain peace and prosperity Feast, located in the bottom right, gives the creatures enough food and water to last through their lives. (Backstory) After God Returned to check upon his planet, he was devastated to find out that the gods he left to take care of the Earth didn't fulfill their job. Therefore, the human world became a terrible place. For their wrongdoing, they were punished, and sent to Satan. However, he did not send the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypses' Horses to Hell. He heard that they wanted to keep the world at harmony, ironically. When the world didn't turn out as God wanted it to, they told their riders that they needed to ride off into the world to wipe out all of mankind, but their riders refused. Becuase of this, they were given the powers of the apocalypse so they could be sent off into the world by God to reset mankind. Once the deed was done, God tried something other than just putting humans back on the Earth. He instead distributed sentience into the wildlife, and giving more to the horses. Since the Four Horses of the Apocalypse knew what was right, God granted the horses on Earth with wings and horns in return for the majority of their sizes. Although, God could not stay on Earth for long, and he couldn't let the world be run by the Gods of the Apocalypse, so he created four more horses to keep their apocalyptic powers at bay. He Created the Four Horses of Benevolence. Life Countered Death, Feast Countered Famine, Peace Countered War, and Health Countered Pestilence. He let the Four Horses of Benevolence roam the Earth to help the horses and ponies adjust to the world.
  24. Well this is what I decided to do when I heard about the elementary school shooting in Newtown.... I felt like pinkie should be in it for some just fit. it is: R.I.P What I think about this When I first heard about this I didn't know how to react...but then when I read the details and about how many people and little children died tears fell from my eyes. I just couldn't take the fact that so many people died...from some insane person. It's sad how people can just do that. Go into an elementary school and just open fire on poor innocent little kids. It makes no sense. That's it on what I have to say.... ~Wubs~
  25. I'm so scared to post this...but it won't get out of my mind until I do. Here goes. So a guy made a thread saying he was leaving MLP, and I replied to it. I should have known better. The fact that he had only ten posts to begin with, and was starting a topic about it instead of just disappearing, should have told me that something was amiss. Right after my reply, I watched the Discord episodes for the first time. Well, leave it to MLP to show me how wrong I had been. I realized that by responding to mock the guy's stated reasons for "leaving," I was just playing into a disjointed debate that would only get bigger. I was wrong. Anyone who supported that post has my blessing--no, my plea--to unhoof it. And to anyone reading this I also ask for your help. If you have ever felt sick of the debates about what it means to be an MLP fan or whatever, if you're tired of seeing all these divisions between a bunch of people who love a show based on harmony and friendship, there's hope. I have found my answer. The answer is to not argue about it! Don't get me wrong, differences over the show itself, video games, toilet paper up or down and such are fine. But about the community itself...have you ever wished we could all just take a break from those discussions? I may be new here, but seven years of forum battles have taught me that they don't go anywhere and they don't leave me feeling any better. I said a few things about that before, but it was hypocritical, because I gave in to my itchy fingers and added my own words of "wisdom" to those topics anyway. And every time, it just left me feeling...gray. Like the ponies. So this is my promise. As long as I am a part of MLP, I will never bring discord (lowercase) into a thread about the community or the fandom again. Grimdark writers, Trixie fans, critics, cloppers...from now on you are just other fans to me, and I embrace all of you. I will not argue about the My Little Pony fandom itself, or slice it up to fit my own values, ever again. *extremely red face* So, er...that's just me. If it sounds good to you, you can do it too. I am sealing my vow with the word "harmony" in my sig; so can you. It's not a command, because that would be wrong and I have no right. It's just the most genuine advice that I've ever offered online. There's a thin line between advice of this sort and backseat modding, and I hope I haven't crossed it because this is so important to me. If one person who read it understands me, it's all been worth it in my mind. So I'll stop preaching now. But my promise still stands. And it's not all about me, it doesn't just have to be my promise. I'm willing to share it.