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Found 7 results

  1. When I think about fandoms, I think about not only the controversy and theories these fandoms bring up, but I also look at the reasons why we join such groups. Is it for attention and popularity. Is it to seek others with similar interests, or is it something more? Me persoanaly, I see people in the fandoms I join as family. I look beyond what makes them different and treat them as individuals. While we will always have a few classic and expected black sheep, even they play a role in what our fandoms are. I love am one who has been open minded since I began to walk a path spirituality and I've began to see the pros and cons of our world. Fandoms are by far more a positive thing than a negative thing when it comes to what we like and enjoy. We all are together in liking something similarly, if not entirely. Yes fandom war will break out but they rarely harm anything other then the pride and ego of those that do battle. It's not like we all will become unibombers and destroy the world for not seeing our vision. That is what makes me pissed off about those who refuse to understand fandoms. It's a fear of the unknown. No I'm not saying all who are not fond of certain fandoms are bad. Oh no. That is something we as people part of a fandom and those that are not part of one need to understand. Well, enough of my rambling. What do you think? Why did you join the fandoms you did? I kinda gave you my reasoning and a bit of a rant on the basis of fandom. Sorry, I didn't intend on it taking this long.
  2. Now this is just personal because this is the only scene I don't like in Rainbow Rocks. Sure, that's The Sirens plan all along but The Rainbooms didn't know better enough on what there doing in the Battle Of The Bands. I know they start this thing at the beginning of the movie when Rainbow Dash keeps saying that it's her band, but I can let it slide because this was before the Dazzlings show up. But my problem with this is that everyone is under the Sirens Spell and The Mane 7 know this. I'm just going to get this out of the way about Twilight doing the counter spell. On one hand, She does have a reason on why she's in this predicament of doing this for the 1st time. But on the other hand, Her friends act like the Sirens spell never happen at all during the Battle Of The Bands. Look I get bands ALWAYS go through this but in a very serious, they giving The Dazzlings the upper hand here especially when there trying to save the school. Also if you going to say that this show doesn't always take it self seriously all the time, Than that's a poor excuse when this movie is different from any Band movie. Let me talk to you about the 5 characters who make the arguments even worse. Rainbow Dash Even thought she maybe the one showing off most of the competitions but she's just trying to help for the most part. Granted she Pony up but during this time in EG, they don't know how to do it on their own. The thing she seriously needs to understand is everyone is in trouble. If this was just a normal Bands movie then I can let this slide but I'm not done let. Applejack I get she's trying to help but she's the one causing all the arguments to get worse. When you are in a band in the spell situation, you need to be at least kind and keep it calm. The thing I don't like is that no one not even Sunset calls her out on why she started the arguments. To me she's the worse when she make things worse when you have a temper problem (I know Applejack doesn't have a temper problem but in EG I think she does). Rarity She supports to help even she makes the dresses. For 2 reasons, 1 the outfit she wore in the 1st round was unnecessary since no one was wearing anything special. 2, even though it's her Character and she never been in a band before but again, The only time were Bands were special outfits is in the finals and she did that right, but I think the writing on her was way to much. Fluttershy I know she didn't do anything except wanting Rainbow Dash to play her song. (I'm broken record) But there in a serious situation were everyone is not listening to the Mane 7. I know she's supposed to be kind but she's not deaf. Pinkie Pie She wants to have the band to have fun. Um Pinkie Pie? Do you remember anything about the Sirens taking over the school? See this is way I SOMETIMES taking anything like this seriously! The Final Argument This (in my personal opinion) is just to hard to go along with it. The Mane 5 not learning anything about this is just forced writing. When everyone is missing the point of stopping the Sirens and making Twilights counter spell worse makes me not only cringe, but sad and furious at the same time. People like Rarity saying "I wish I never agree to be in it!" (A line that I really hate and takes this way to far) is sick, makes me annoyed, and probably doing this just so The Sirens can win. And here's 3 reasons why this I hate the Mane 5's Final argument. Reason number 1 They never say sorry to each other. After some mean and load lines from characters which crosses the line for me Should at least say sorry to each other. Look I get they need to get along as a band after this and that's the hole point of the climax of the movie, but no one doesn't even get lines after they stop fighting and before they work together. Also there friends and best friends should always work together to begin with. My point is that the set up they did makes sense, but they took it way too far. Reason number 2 Even thought Twilight was struggling to make a counter spell on The Sirens, I think it could of work better if the others know better. I know the Mane 5 didn't know The Dazzlings were taking there magic but they know that EVERYONE were under there spell. I get there not supposed to be really smart but this is way to obvious for them to understand what there doing. Reason number 3 I got nothing against Sunset Shimmer in this movie at all. But I think this is the main reason why everyone is arguing in the first place. They want to give Sunset Character development and I get what there doing. But that doesn't mean everything was okay. I mean if Sunset or Twilight calls out the Mane 5 nicely about what they did was wrong would of make the scene a bit better but they probably didn't have enough time to do any of that. Sunset Shimmer maybe great in this, but her development was just force because of the agreement. And I still can't get along with it because of everything that happened. Look, I'm not saying I hate Rainbow Rocks, in fact it's the best movie in the Spin Off series. But the Mane 5 Argument to me takes it away from being a Great movie. I know Bands always go though this, but when you add something that involves saving th school, You make this very hard for me to accept. I'm not done let, On Video Fan Art, I'm going to make a video on a Fanfic where someone made a rewrite on the Mane 5 Argument were..... he takes it way too far. P.S. If I was in this situation and I know what I'm doing but still get yelled and getting called at, I'll quit the band and it's there fault for not listening to me.
  3. I would like to know you favorite season and episode is, please feel free to reply below.
  4. Blessings from Equestria to you all and Welcome to my 2nd Blog where I take a look back through the series, find those moments that had my head scratching and talk about it because...Well Why not its something to discuss right? Now I am sure you guys will probably know the answers to these and I welcome you educating me on the said subjects but please remember even if it is really obvious does not mean I should know the answer and does not mean I am stupid for not knowing the answers myself - It just means you are more knowledgeable about the Show than I am and I am not ashamed to admit that. I am also aware that some of what I will question may not be completely correct and I may have been misinformed about it but again that is just a simple mistake in the information that I received and can be easily rectified with a simple correction... I am not perfect as you can guess by this introduction to my blog. But without anymore delays how about we begin The Cutie Mark Crusaders first met at Diamond Tiara Party...Or Did They? At the End of Episode 12, Season 1 we are introduced to the three fillies who would become the popular trio known as The Cutie Mark Crusaders (or CMC for short) and the whole build up was that these three didn't know each other nor had they seemingly met before that day... Yet that is not the truth because they did know each other right from the beginning. This is a image of Applebloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo all hiding (Under a table it seems) when the evil Nightmare Moon arrived in Ponyville all the way back in the very first episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic...So how come these three acted like they were complete strangers with something in common almost 12 episodes later? Are they implying that the three dove under the same table, waited for the threat to disappear and then all walked away from each other without even a word to each other? Is Princess Celestia becoming forgetful in her wise age? This one might be one where the information I heard was not completely correct but for now let us assume that it was correct, At the start of the latest season (Season 6) we are introduced to Shining Armor and Princess Cadance new baby Flurry Heart and during the episode Princess Celestia announces that she has never seen nor heard of an Alicorn being born...which would be ok if it was not for the fact I later heard that a certain someone else was also born a alicorn... Yep...Princess Luna was said to have also been born as an Alicorn. How did Celestia forget that little bit of information? I mean I might forgive not being there for the birth since she was young too but she knew about it very early so she had heard of a Alicorn birth...But as I said this might be something I was misinformed on so please correct me if that is the case. Where is Sunset Shimmer? Going from My Little Pony to Equestria girls next and one slight question that plagued me for all three movie...Where exactly is Sunset Shimmer? No No I don't mean the antagonist turned protagonist from Equestria but the "Other Sunset". It is clear that there is a human version of pretty much every pony from Equestria in the movie expect for Sunset Shimmer which begs the question - Where is their world Sunset gone? Unless they are trying to say that Sunset originated from the Human World, found the portal, Turned into a Pony, Tried to learn Magic from Celestia, Got annoyed at the pace of the lessons and went Rogue hoping to get a chance to return "Home" then clearly there is a missing person in their world. Where is the Episode for Cadance "Coming of Age"? Not really a mistake in the series but more a why not I know Cadance was not born an Alicorn princess but she did something some amazing for her homeland that she was transformed into one and adopted by Celestia as her niece and that is all well and good but...Where is the episode about this incredible moment? I mean lets be honest I for one would love to see an episode showing the incredible moment that a young Cadance did something some incredible she was made a Princess. I mean it is kind of swept under a rug but if Twilight Sparkle can essentially become a Princess because she was able to finish a spell that Star Swirl could not then surely knowing that Cadance SAVED HER HOMETOWN to become one is a story worth hearing about right? Was Pinkie Pie Adopted? Finally this one is one that I have been questioning for a while ever since I originally saw the Pie Family - Was Pinkamena Diane Pie Adopted by the family? I am not going to speculate as to why she would be put up for adoption however you look at the rest of the family with the bland greys and what not and you suddenly start to feel like something is a miss. Now I am not suggesting there is anything wrong, they look like they love each other very much and Pinkie absolutely adores them even if she makes them seem more exciting than they really are (Case in Point Maud Pie) but it just makes me wonder how come she had a different thought process to the rest of the family...Why did that Sonic Rainboom inspire her but not her other "Sisters"? is she aware she is adopted and accepted she would be different to the rest of the family? Anyways that will do for this blog, I hope it was an entertaining read for you all and I hope you will respond favourably to it Take Care and Blessings to you all
  5. 10 Favourite Songs from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Blessings from Equestria each and every one of you and Welcome to my first Blog, right here on MLPForums. Today I thought I would share with you all my favourite Songs from the My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic series in a 10 favourites list which I hope you will all enjoy. Now before we begin there will of course be a few key rules and notes to mention - firstly there will be no “Filler” songs so songs like “Giggle at the Ghosties” and “The Ticket Song” will not be on this list. Secondly there is no limitation to this list - No “Two per Season” or “One per Episode” this is literally all about sharing my opinion on the 10 best songs in my opinion and if by the end of this there is a majority from one season then it is safe to assume I believe that season had the best music in the Show. Finally and most importantly, This is not a Top 10 list but my 10 favourites - I will be cataloguing each song from first heard to last heard during all of My Little Pony 123 episodes and 3 movies (Yes there will probably be a song or two from the movies). However I will save what I believe is the best for Last…The song that IF I was making a Top 10 would be my number 1 no question so stay tuned for that. With that said, Get those vocal cords ready because we are about to “Sing” the praises of the best Songs of My Little Pony. Winter Wrap Up Season 1, Episode 11 (Winter Wrap Up) Starting us off is the song that in my eyes showed the fans that the song writers for the series could be something special as the citizens of Ponyville sung about cleaning up the old to make way for the new season (Sort of like going from Old school MLP to New School Friendship is Magic right?) whilst that one soul standing in the middle wondering what they should be doing in the midst of all of this. This Song may not normally get onto others list but the fact remains that this song was pretty much the first big number for the show and it gave the creators something to consider for future episodes and because of that it deserves our respect and a place on my list. This Day Aria Season 2, Episode 26 (A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2) You know I was debating this song hard but in the end there is no denying it - Queen Chrysalis and Princess Cadance are phenomenal singers and to not include it in this list would have people complaining how I could have ignore it. Beginning with a beautiful Piano solo, The Song captures the emotions of both Chrysalis (Deceit) and Cadance (Love) so majestically and with such passion that by the end of it you don’t know that Cadance Loves Shining Armor but you FEEL it all the way into your very heart and for a song to be able to sit you down and tell you undeniably that this Girl loves this man makes it worthy of being a part of this list. Raise This Barn Season 3, Episode 8 (Apple Family Reunion) Grab a family, tip your hat and do the hoe down because if you don’t love this upbeat song then there is something mighty wrong with you. A whole song about fixing a broken barn shouldn’t be this fun and entertaining but the Apple Family pull it off and don’t deny it you clap along and sing “1,2,3,4″ throughout the entire song am I right? Of course I am . What I loved most about this was the fact that before this the series only really did Pop Songs so for them to break off to a completely different genre of music, write a song that even the most die hard country fan could enjoy and just say to the fans “We can do more” was just a testament to the talent of the people involved. And let us be honest, how many of you wanting to become an Apple because of this song and seeing the family work together as a family? I know I did . Equestria Girls Song (Helping Twilight Sparkle Win the Crown) Equestria Girls The Movie Some may be shocked that I picked this song but allow me to explain my reason in the most simplest of ways possible *Inhales* …I absolutely loved this song and I thought I was a great nod to the old school teen pop songs from the 90s *Exhales*. Seriously though, this song was a whole lot of fun to listen to for many reasons including the upbeat music and the seriously catchy chorus that has had me singing along and almost dancing in public (Yes I listen to the song on my music player). This may be more shocking but I think this is probably the best song from all of the movies including Rainbow Rocks which may have alot of people getting their pitchforks out but I stand by that statement - I found the songs in Rainbow Rocks just too bland for a movie about Music so I probably wont be including any songs from it. Apples to the Core Season 4, Episode 9 (Pinkie Apple Pie) What do you get when you combine two of my personal favourite singers from the Mane 6, Throw in a catchy beat and some surprisingly good vocals from a little sister and a wise old granny? You get this absolute peach...I mean Apple of a song. First of all, I adore the country style songs that My Little Pony does because I feel that they are so close to the original classic country songs that I used to listen to and they always provide that fun toe tapping music that I just can not ignore. Secondly, You got both Pinkie Pie and Applejack singing together and as I mentioned I think they are probably the best two vocal ponies of the mane 6 and this song shows fans why I believe this. Combine this with the animation from the dance routine to the reflections in the river of both Pinkie and Granny just go to show you just how talented the artists were on the episode. You’ll Play Your Part Season 4, Episode 25 (Twilights Kingdom- Part 1) I had to include this song because I felt it was the first time Luna and Celestia were able to properly show their singing talents whilst it was a wonderful return hearing Cadance sing once again. Now I will admit that this song could have been so much better if they had tried and I am sure most would be like “Surely if its not perfect it shouldn’t be on the list” but you would be wrong because just listen to it and tell me honestly even if you know it could have been better that it was not incredible as it is. It was a song that probably hit a cord with some of us who have younger siblings who are eager to just make it on their own but as the older sibling we have to be there to say “Hey Now Just be patient your time will come” but we know that time is coming soon so we can’t wrap them up to keep them safe we can only guide them towards the right road before we have to wave them off on their own journey. Under Our Spell Equestria Girls 2: Rainbow Rocks They got the Music that makes you move it, Got the Song that makes you lose it - How this song is often overlooked for the finale song "Welcome to the Show" is beyond me. I personally find this song to have the better lyrics, catchier music and all round the better performance from the Dazzlings - It is the kind of song you if you secretly being a brony that you could download to your Ipod and listen to in public and even have a little dance to if you are up to it. The Pony I Want To Be Season 5, Episode 18 (Crusaders of the Lost Mark) When was the last time a song managed to take someone so unpopular and in just 2 minutes allow you to get to know them to the point you felt something for them and you began to like them? Well Somehow Diamond Tiara did just that with this Song all about hating the fact that because of her mother attitude and influence she became judgemental and thought she was better than everyone else when all she wanted was to break away from her mothers shadow and be her own Foal. This song does break grounds for learning about why some kids bully others at school - Just the idea of a parent making them feel they are superior to the other children can make them go to school and assert that dominance even if it is not necessary. The Magic Inside Season 5, Episode 24 (The Mane Attraction) Whilst alot of people were in awe of “The Spectacle” I was more drawn to this song and for good reason - I mean listen to it and tell me you don’t feel the passion and emotion that the singer for this song was trying to portray to us, the audience. But it is alot more than that, it is a song all about accepting who you are and not being afraid nor ashamed of what you want to do or what you love to do…in a way this song is almost dedicated to the Brony community who may feel with all the judgement from the outside world against the idea of older people (both male and female) enjoying “a girls cartoon show” that it is ok to like what you like and its not up to the others to judge you for what you enjoy. I would honestly say hand on heart that this is one of the best song in the entire show but also the most underrated because so many look at The Spectacle as the hit song of this season but don’t take my word for it - you listen to the song and tell me that it is not something special. So you have Listen to 9 of my favourite Songs from My Little Pony but I am sure you are wanting to know the final one right? The one that I proclaimed would be my number 1 if I had made this a ‘Top 10 List’ but I am sure the most eagle eyed of you may have already guessed what is coming right? Bronies Everywhere I give to you MY Number 1 Song in all of My Little Pony… Smile, Smile, Smile Season 2, Episode 18 (A Friend in Deed) This Song was incredible there is no denying it, Firstly it gave the fans of the show an inside look inside Pinkie Pie and her character as a whole so that you could grow to love and appreciate her even more. Then you got the singing which made alot of fans even after all of the singing she had done in previous episodes to take off their fictional glasses and be like “My God, She can actually sing well”. Finally you got the placement of the song, I will admit that the episode that had this song, yes the song I am calling the best in the entire show ABSOLUTELY SUCKED and was the worst episode ever in my opinion because it made Pinkie Pie to be an annoying, self centered and disrespectful to other feelings which if you knew her character couldn’t be further from the truth…But because of this song being in that Episode you were given a big reminder of that and because of that it saved Pinkie Pie from being made into an annoying character. it is also probably one of the few songs in the series that felt like a proper song - it had verses, choruses and its own music video and because of all of that that is why Smile is my Number 1 song. Well What did you think of my list? Do you like it? Do you agree with my views? do you believe I left out better songs? Let me know in the comment section below or you can hit me up at @SoulHarmonyMLP on twitter to give me your views personally. Until Next Time - Blessings from Equestria and Good Bye!!
  6. I've been thinking: how does a person personally define something is the greatest movie/show/book/song/whatever ever? I know these things are inherently subjective things and everyone is going to have a different opinion on it. Obviously everyone has their own personal tastes on what they exactly want but I don't know if quality is something that should be approached psychologically or sociologically because a part of me want to generate something worthwhile, you know. So, tell me bronies, how do you define "the greatest?"
  7. I'll make this blog entry short and sweet. These are my personal Pros and Cons Pros of using SFM: All of the models and props are presented to you right at the get go. Camera and lightning are easy to work with No need to use 2 or 3 other programs for special effects. Posing is easier Cons of using SFM: Want a specific model or prop that would make a scene 50x better and no one else thought of this? Too bad. Pose to pose can be a giant pain, especially a lot of movement Sometimes the presented maps are not good enough for certain scenes Pros of using Adobe Flash: You draw everything Pose to pose is easier You don't have to render everything to see the complete project It's the #1 2D animation program Cons of using Adobe Flash: My drawing skills are TERRIBLE A lot of work just to make a line look perfect Camera work is kind of a pain Interface is very odd I have experience in both SFM and Flash, but I would go with SFM every time. I know there are Pony Puppets for Flash so a person wouldn't need to draw anything but if I wanted to make something non pony related, I'm up a creek without a paddle. That's my personal outlook on those two.