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Found 40 results

  1. Hi Everypony, I'm wondering what was your first pet? Was it a cat or dog? Maybe it was a bird or fish? My first pet was a cat named Noel (I got her on Christmas Eve).
  2. Well, I've always been fascinated with animals. As a small kid I was never allowed to have a pet (actually I did have a gold fish that I had won from a carnival game but that was it), so I was always jealous of my classmates because most of them had a animal companion. Fast forward 15 years and now I live with the most amazingly wonderful, smart, playful and loyal cat I could ever have. To me he is my furry child. He is more than just a pet, he is my best friend and my companion. If it were not for Domino I doubt I would have survived the last few years (addiction, mental illness among other things). Every time I wake up he is right by my side, every time I come home he is waiting at the door. Yes there are bad days when trashes my apartment, but overall I am glad that I live with Domino. Here is a picture of Domino: Just as the title states, I would love to hear your stories and see your pets. I hope you are all well, Abaddon.
  3. Hey everypony! So I've really been enjoying watching Littlest Pet shop after MLP. It's really intersting and funny. I love how they use some of the same voices from MLP for LPS. It's pretty cool. But why I'm really posting this is to talk about Blythe's style! I mean, it's like amazing! Just look: I wish I could find more pics, but they are limited. These are the only ones with different outfits. Hmm. Maybe I should draw her outfits! I'll try toi get into that.....ANYWAYS. If you are familiar with or watch LPS, you know what I mean, right? Blythe style is amazing!
  4. What your favorite pet? ^^ Or what pet you have?
  5. okay so i have a pet for my OC called Nova she is a fox squirrel like the ones from 'nausicaa of the valley of the wind' here shes is: Isn't she cute i've had a few people tell me that i shouldn't have a pet that isn't cannon :okiedokielokie: so, i ask, what is your opinion? :comeatus:
  6. I have currently never owned a pet snake before, (though I really want to) what are your opinions on owning them, such as ball pythons and cornsnakes (of course with many others)? Do you own one? I love snakes, and I hope I can eventually take care of a ball python/royal python. I find many snakes cute, and adorable, but many people have other opinions on snakes, calling them dangerous. While many snakes can be, most pet snakes like the ball python and cornsnake are harmless (unless you're a rat or something). Examples Ball Python or Royal Python: Cornsnake: Reticulated Python:
  7. I remember this game from on another forum website. Upload a picture of your favourite pet and the next user to post gives you pet a score out of 5(5=super cute, 4=cute, 3=okay, 2=not cute, 1=not at all cute) then uploads a picture of their pet the game continues This is my cat Yui sleeping while I study
  8. This came to me one day. We focused on the princesses' lives in one episode and there was not a hint of Philomena anywhere. She's Celestia's pet so shouldn't she be shown? Did Celestia give her up for some unknown reason? Did she die from something besides old age?
  9. Does your OC have a pet? My OC owns a griffin blue jay hybrid.
  10. I suddenly got a little disturbed recently over Gummy. It seems really strange that he is a toothless alligator. Why is he like that? Only 3 possibilities seem likely. 1. He's young. Party of one shows that Gummy is at least one year old. While I don't know much about alligators I'm pretty sure by a full year there should be at least a few teeth there. 2. His brand of alligators are just naturally without teeth. This seems awfully strange. Going by Twilight's freaked out reaction to him in 'feeling pinkie keen' alligators are still considered a dangerous carnivorous species in equestria. So a species naturally lacking the means to attack and eat their prey doesn't seem likely. 3. Similar to a cat being declawed, Gummy was 'deteethed' so that he'll never be able to grow teeth and be a threat as a pet. This thought is what made me so creeped out as he's specifically introduced as a toothless alligator. After all, at least in the episode he's introduced in, he 'bit' pinkie all over, obviously having no effect because he only has gums. Also, looking at his name, it seems to indicate that Pinkie knows he'll never have teeth, or his name would stop making sense. Also, Gummy is quite 'blank' and reactionless, maybe from the trauma of the procedure. At the same time, Pinkie doesn't seem the type to deliberately cause harm to another creature. I may be looking too much into this, but I'd like some other people's opinions on the matter.
  11. It came to me that MLP has too many petless characters. I wonder what animals would make the best pets for Trixie, Derpy, Shining Armor and even Tirek, Sombra, etc. Share your ideas here!
  12. It is shown that ponies don't eat meat in the show, making the use of a meat industry pointless. It makes sense at first, but there is one problem. There has to be some kind of meat industry or source as many ponies have pets, some which are consumers of meat. Unless they made them vegetarians in the show, I don't see how pets like Opalescence or Gummy would live without it. They never shown them eat things like that, but they must somehow. What do you guys think?
  13. I saw earlier today the "Tanks for the memories" episode, and BOY the liquid pride was real. It has become one of my favourite episodes of the series, and my favourite Rainbow Dash episode overall. It's not one of my favourite ponys, but this episode changes everything I thought about her. You have all my love and appreciation, RD. I know how it feels thinking you'll lose your best friend, and even losing it. The hibernation thing is a beautiful and clever metaphor of death. I like a lot when kids cartoons take these morals and portrait them on an understandable and touching story. Alongside, the real strength of the series is actually this; taking cute characters and then giving us all, kids and adults, a good moral that can be applied in real life. Tanks to the memories and Flutter Brutter are two of my favourites just because that. I surely hope that the incoming season 7 will be at least close to be memorable as these two episodes. Twitter! deviantArt!
  14. I am new to the Brony community but have been a fan of the show for a long time alone with loving the show I have long wanted to create my own oc but I don't in all honest think a pony best describes who I am as a person so I got to thinking what else could I use. when it comes to the show most pet are like that's of cats, dogs, birds ect but we have also seen that they in a sense are not typical animals most show signs of intelligence as well as personality, the same goes for wild animals such as the ones Fluttershy cares for, so my question is could an oc have to be an earth, Pegasus or unicorn heck even an alicorn? what do you think
  15. Can I have some help with a name for my OC's pet ferret? Just keep it cute. Thanks
  16. What a smart little bird! I live far away from the ocean but seagulls seem so cute.
  17. Ok, so now that every pony of the mane cast has a pet, it's time to have a poll to decide which one is your favorite! Here are the candidates: ...May the best pet win!
  18. So, here's some good news! (Continuing from my previous post), that we managed to find a home for Roxy the Pug, and Sophie the Cat has come back out of her shell! When I came home from school, Sophie came out immediately and started purring, and let me hold her like a baby again! c: I asked mom what happened to Roxy, and she told me we found a home for her. She was really happy to go home with them. She said when Roxy left, Sophie watched her leave out the window, as if to say; "Muahahaha this house is MINE now!" Thanks everyone for the advice you gave me! I'm not a pet expert, despite being around pets that came and gone all my life. haha Seriously! You guys were really helpful!
  19. Hey guys! It's been a really long while since I posted in this blog in particular, but I need some advice. Several days ago, my mom saved a pug from getting euthanized at 10 AM the next evening. They were going to euthanize her for no apparent reason, because no one came and took her in. Mom felt sorry for Roxy (that's her name), and now she lives over here temporarily since we are moving into an apartment soon. Now here's the problem. As of two days ago, let's just say my cat, Sophie, isn't taking this so well. We had a dog in the house before, but I am afraid this has blossomed her deep distaste for dogs since all the dog did was try to "play" with her. Anyways, the first time Sophie saw Roxy, she immediately hissed at her and started growling. I know this is typical cat behavior, but i'm worried for my cat. Sophie hasn't came out of my room since, because Roxy keeps chasing her and barking. I literally realized that today when I noticed her food bowl hasn't been touched, so I literally had to bring in her food bowl in my room. As I speak, she is still eating and I gave her the food 10 minutes ago. She hasn't purred or looked me in the eye since, and i'm afraid my cat may be upset or depressed about there being another dog in the house since she is used to all the attention since our previous dog, Maggie, left. She won't even let me cradle her like a baby as usual! Is she mad at me, and will she adjust to the fact of there being another animal in the house. We have a bird too, but she doesn't mind her because she's in a cage.
  20. Hi there! Welcome to the Opalescence Fan Club! Opal is the feline companion of best pony and my waifu, Rarity She didn't have a fan club, and every other character in the show seems to, including one for Maud Pie's Pet Rock, Boulder, than why shouldn't best pet? - Global Rules apply - Common sense does too - this is the Opal Fan Club, so don't post Winona. Opal is best pet. Only post best pet Have fun!
  21. I specifically refer to the TV cartoon. So, is anyone else following it? Season 3 is happening right now! I have seen every episode and every LPS Hasbro Studios Short! My favorite episodes are Gailbreak!, Bad Hair Day, Dumb Dumbwaiter, So Interesting, The Secret Recipe, Sunil's Sick Day, What's So Scary About the Jungle? Everything!, What's in the Batter, Door-Jammed, and War of the Weirds. I also wonder if anyone has read the IDW comics. It seems like there are five issues now. I haven't read them yet. I went over to various sites, including the IDW site and am thinking of getting them, the digital versions.
  22. Lol- I couldn't think of a better title. The plan of this thread is to have a more serious tone. * edit * it looks like a mod has put a better title You're in your living room or whatever (watching TV or something) and notice movement out of the corner of your eye. You look and HOLY $#!% it's one of the mane 6 just randomly standing there as a living creature with their same personality (and looks for the most part) from the show. They do not look like a normal "real" pony/horse. They're just as surprised to be there as you are to see them. AND NO- THEY'RE NOT JUST ALL SMILES HAPPILY RUSHING UP TO GREET YOU. Small talk is probably the least of their concerns at the moment. Put yourself in their "hooves" for a second. They don't know where they are or why, They also DON'T know who, let alone what you are. (Equestria Girls doesn't count please, LOL) So what would you do? How would you calm them down (if even needed)? Let's say they end up stuck with you for a few weeks before Celestia somehow comes to the rescue- how would things go? Something to keep in mind- our world is far different than theirs and they haven't a clue. If you're not careful they WILL get taken away and probably locked up for study and/or killed and dissected. I'm not saying that in a joking/sarcastic way either. I'm hoping to see some thought out responses on what you think would happen- and it's affect on the pony over the few weeks. *EDIT* I would approach the situation as a harboring a fugitive type matter. I'll post my other thoughts (and why I came up with this idea) later on- I don't want this initial post too long.
  23. Am I the only one who still collects these and plays with them? I absolutely love these. The characters are soo adorable. :3 For those of you who remember them, they still make them in Japan. They have color screens! They're also bringing it back in the US! Just look how adorable the new characters are!
  24. I mean, come on! Just look at how adorable Derpys are . Whooosa Derpy in a box ?! Have you pet yours today? Don't forget to pet your Derpy daily!! Otherwise, feel free to visit your local Derpy Petting Zoo!