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Found 13 results

  1. Hello, my fellow bronies and pegasisters. I would really like to know all you guys favorite episodes and moments from those episodes that makes them so great. My favorite episode was without a doubt Sonic Rainboom. The beginning with Fluttershy's Yay was awesome. Rarity Flying was even more awesome. Rarity's self-satisfied laugh when she flies up to the sun for the first time was EVEN more awesome. And still, while i watch the Sonic Rainboom itself, i still get shivers from the epicness. I still watch that episode atleast every other day.
  2. Here is Congratulations (by PewDiePie, Roomie Official and Boyinaband) on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to my patron, (Ultimate Fan) Juke Denton, for supporting me on Patreon. Join him here:
  3. Before I begin, I should give full disclosure: I am not a subscriber of PewDiePie's. I'm not a big fan of his content, and I don't watch his content that often, if at all. I do not condone the use of racial slurs or prejudice based on one's skin color or ethnicity. Anyway, on to the meat of the article. Recently, while PewDiePie was livestreaming PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, he was caught uttering a racial slur. The video is below First of all, as I said above, I don't condone the use of racial slurs, and if Pewds had used it casually, then I would have certainly shook my head and walked away. However, after watching the video, it was clear from the context that PewDiePie was aggravated and wasn't thinking straight. On top of that, there was an immediate apology afterwords. Now, if this was all that happened, then there would be nothing really to say. Some guy said a racial slur in a moment of stress, apologized for it, and everyone moved on. However, I'm sure everyone here can guess that a comment like that simply doesn't slip under the radar of the internet, neither does it slip by the media. In an article by Javy Gwaltney of Game Informer, Sean Vanaman and Campo Santo, the developer and studio behind Firewatch, respectively, have announced on Twitter that they will be taking action against PewDiePie by filing DMCA takedowns of all of his videos which feature their games. This is the part where I become aggravated, myself. Yes, PewDiePie fucked up, and as one of the most popular content creators on Youtube, he should be held accountable for the things that he says and does. I wouldn't be surprised and I also wouldn't care if he loses ad revenue because of this latest scandal. However, what makes me mad is the flagrant, open, and proud abuse of Youtube's DMCA flagging system by a professional developer. I don't think Sean Vanaman understands that his copyright claims are completely illegal and unenforceable, and if he does understand this, then what exactly motivated him to pick a fight with a professional youtuber and millionairre who could easily win a legal battle if Sean decided to double down. On top of that, I think PewDiePie realizes and understands that the media hates him now, and that there's simply no point for damage control. Even more so, following his recent battle with the Wall Street Journal, his fanbase is more fanatical than ever. I can see this ending in one of two ways: One, Sean Vanaman gets a cold, hard slap from reality and learns that his morals don't count for shit when you abuse the legal system, or he gets an even harder slap when PewDiePie hits him with a countersuit when the courts refuse to uphold his copyright strikes. Hell, it could happen different, as well. PewDiePie may actually just get fucked and social justice can applaud at having taken down a youtuber with a titanic fanbase. In the end, however, I'm not really interested in what happens to Pewds. Sean Vanaman's actions have soured whatever opinions I may have had of him, and I sincerely hope that his attempt to abuse an already overabused legal tool will blow up in his face.
  4. I figured we might take a break from waiting a month for a dead meme to pop up, and instead talk about something that has been seriously bugging me as a "brony", not specifically about these forums but a large quantity I'm going to be honest, although I love the general community of this fandom, such as Mike and WoodenToaster, I often feel as if, as time has gone on, respect and general acceptance among people here is based on an elitist criteria, specifically with the arts. Dumbed down, what I'm trying to say is that I see very few people being praised or noticed for work other than visual fanart or music (although music is certainly put off a bit), and I seem to be noticing a small amount of favoritism with involvement amongst the community, based on one's skill in these fields. Granted though, these are just my personal opinions, and could just be the delusions of an outcast. Alongside this, I am constantly bothered with the PC culture amongst the fandom in general (alot of it's here, but...let's not blame anyone inparticular). Everyone is either too child-like and unwilling to speak in a slightly mature basis, stubbornly following self-set guidelines (To be honest, there are actually admins here that do this) , before you get your keyboards crusty though, let me explain what I mean by this. I am not referring to banning someone for inappropriate behaviour, I respect that there is a certain level that things need to be at, but the actual definition of what is acceptable and where is often vague, and in some cases, in threads that are completely fine with an arrangement, admins will swoop in and remove those people's post, not just one, all of them within that thread. It seems odd to me that this would be done, instead of say, just putting a certain rating on something in order to avoid certain people seeing certain things. Then again, this server belongs to you blokes, and if I want a "perfect" forum, I should probably just go and run one myself, because we all know how easy it is to run a forum. Regardless, to break the mood, have a picture of a hot Australian bloke at the beach.
  5. Anyone here seen the new Minions movie ? I just saw this hilarious parody video of it where the guy dresses up as a Minion and runs around the city. So hilarious (What's your opinnion about the actual movie ?)
  6. Hey everypony. I just wanted to know if there are any PewDiePie fans in here. Myself im a huge fan of him. If you dont know who he is then check his channel in youtube Also i wanted to know what are your opinions of him. If you like him then tell why and if you dont then tell why.
  7. H-h-hows it goin bros? This post's about PEEWWWWWdiepahhh, and what I want to know is: Are you a bro? How many people out there are bros? How many people haven't heard of him? Do you have bro friends? Do you know any barrels? And more importantly, why do you like pewds? (If you do) Not all these questions need to be answered but answer what you can! ^-^ 1. Yes, I am a bro. 2. I don't know, over 22 million apparently are bros 3. Lots haven't heard of him believe it or not 4. I have one bro-friend, and my gf is a bro 5 I DO know barrels, and they suck, because they are BARRELS 6. I like pewds because when I'm upset and I DON'T have access to MLP at the time, I watch his vids and within a few minutes I'm already laughing my ass off, instantly brightening up that moment, much like MLP actually, but realistic and swearing. So, I'd like to see some of you talk about pewds! ^-^ As long as you don't personally insult anyone here... Thanks!
  8. Oh, this is so adorable how stupid people run good things to the ground. So, since Google thought that changing the entire layout and shoving Google + down every-fucking-YouTuber's throats wasn't enough, they decided to throw content ID abroad the website and changed YouTube's copyright policy. Said new policy can prevent many YouTube channels from trying to make new gaming content, smaller YouTube channels trying to become popular let's players, and it can hurt their YouTube partners that mostly do Let's Plays. Don't get me wrong, I understand the importance of copyright laws. I wouldn't want someone to be running off with something I've originally made without my permission and get away with it. But the way Google is doing it with YouTube is only going to end up hurting the people who still use YouTube, especially for the ones who still makes videos there at this point. Want an example of how exactly it can hurt YouTube channels? Well, pretend I'm PewDiePie. I'm one of the biggest YouTube personalities ever, and it's not just an opinion or an ego problem, it's a fact. Just about everyone knows who I'm am and what I do. Love me or hate me, you at least know who exactly I am. I decided that I wanted to do a Let's Play of a very well known game, like GTA V. I've gotten done with everything I needed to do to get this Let's Play series started, now it's time to watch those views com- Now you can stop pretending that I'm Pewdiepie. Obviously, this is going to work less than well with their gaming partners. And if this policy doesn't get fix (which it may not), the partners aren't going to be happy campers off-screen, and some of them might end up taking business elsewhere. Classic Game Room has already done this. And the worse thing is this doesn't applies to just video games, it applies to just about every category. This is probably the worst change they made since they brought YouTube. You can now go back to what you were originally doing. You can comment on what you think about this if you want.
  9. For all the fans of the 5, which of all the 5 do you like the most. For me, I like all 5 because they're entertaining a lot. But I'm a long time bro of PewDie and Smosh, I like all 5 of them.
  10. Well, i've noticed some people on here, making entries about him.. Yes, i'm a Bro. DEAL WITH IT. Wat? He does it for the money? Haha, no. He actually cares about his watchers. And i don't give a fuck if you say anything mean about Pewds, like that he isn't funny. It's your opinion anyway, do you think the bro army would respect it? Nope. Pewdie has a fucked-up fandom, seriously.
  11. So after wathing countless pewdiepie videos i got the thought of hey, anyone can do this, in my head. All i need is a full version of Fraps and i will bet set. Hopefully. Now i know there are hundreds of people on youtube trying to do the same thing but failing horribly. I know how to do this successfully. step one is to have an entertaining personality, which i do have when im not around people. Be good looking, which im not; i will be wearing a mask so i don't have to worry about that. Im pretty sure when i start out there will be a lot of people hating on me and writing me malicious things in the comments. In fact, im pretty sure thats all the comments are going to be. I'm still going to go through with it. Just for the Lulz.
  12. Here's me doing some Pewdiepie voices after class: just for you guys <3