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Found 2 results

  1. In the episode "Molt Down" Rarity's ears became clogged by some effect of Peewee's feathers. But in season 1 and 3 "A bird in the Hoof" and "Just for Sidekicks", Celestia's pet Philomena didn't seem to have any effect on anypony including giving Fluttershy one of her feathers, and we don't see much but a few pictures of Peewee as a baby phoenix with Spike and Twilight. The possible reasons as of to why is: 1. Maybe there is a difference between wild and domesticated phoenixes, that wild phoenixes need to defend (themselves, eggs, nest, family, etc) and therefore develop genes as a defence where domesticated don't, Peewee for being so young when Spike returned him to his family didn't have as much time being with Spike compared to being in the wild with his family. 2. Another is that Rarity might be allergic to them. It might be a very rare allergy (pun not intended) which is why we have never herd of it until now except for Zecora. And both could clear what Zecora said "Ah, the feathers of that bird can affect ponies' ears", the keyword being "can" as though it possible to but not 100% that it will. 3. One other that might explain Philomena but not Peewee is that Celestia might have some kind of spell on Philomena to have her feathers not have an effect on ponies.
  2. I see certain people in the fandom speak up, from time to time, about wanting an episode around the Royal Sisters. And while I, too, am one of those people– although not much a fan of Sunbutt- who would like maybe a Sisterhooves Social or Family Appreciation Day episode around Sunbutt and best princess and champion pollbreaker, Luna, I have to wonder.....what about Philomena, Sunbutt's pet bird? Does anyone care about HER? Sure, she got an episode (Kinda), in “A Bird in the Hoof” (it was mostly a Flutterbutt episode, let's face it), but we haven't seen her since. Does no one wonder just how long Philomena has been with Sunbutt? My own personal opinion is that Sunbutt got her- either raising her from an egg, or finding her near dragon territory, as a hatchling that fell out the nest, and was abandoned by its parents- after she banished Nightmare Moon. Perhaps taking egg/ hatchling Philomena in to try and ease her lonliness from losing her sister, and to serve as a personal reminder from the phoenix’s nature that when hours seem bleakest (as the phoenix dies), a new light of hope is sure to come (from the phoenix's rebirth), and hold to that hope for 1k years that her own sister wasn't beyond saving. Or maybe Philomena was (or supposed to be) a gift and apprentice to Sunset Shimmer from Sunbutt, before she abandoned her studies, but Sunbutt kept Philomena around after Sunset Shimmer left for the human world, and cared for her as her own pet, in memory of her former apprentice. Sunset Shimmer does, later reference- and gain phoenix wings and a tail- in “My Past is Not Today”, short by Hasbro. And moving on from Philomena's past to her future, do you think we'll be seeing more of her in future episodes? (along with Tiberius, Luna's pet possum?) Do you think we could find out more about Sunbutt through Philomena, herself? (since some say that owners starts to look like their pets, and vice-versa, after a time. We've seen Philomena behave playfully, like Sunbutt herself) I think a Philomena and Owlicious episode could prove to be entertaining, since it seems like Owlie doesn't have a playmate. Or maybe a Philomena and Spike episode, since we've already seen Spike with Owlicious a few times. Where Owlicious acts as sort of a conscious for Spike, perhaps Philomena could act more as a mentor, somehow; silently guiding him through what character development some people say that he needs to work on? Or Philomena and Pinkie hijinks? An episode centered around competitive sport with Rainbow Dash and Philomena (can a phoenix fly faster than Dashie?). Perhaps just a Philomena slice of life episode where we can see how Sunbutt might be, through the actions of her pet, as she interacts with each of the Mane 6 and Spike? What are your thoughts on Philomena, her past, her (potential) future, and how Sunbutt might be portrayed through the pet's own actions?