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Found 19 results

  1. We are 4 months away from getting Ace Attorney 6, so I thought this would be a great time to open an Ace Attorney poll. It's pretty simple, really. What is your favorite Ace Attorney game? What is your least favorite Ace Attorney game?
  2. It's really happening! People have been talking about it for years but Ace Attorney is finally being adapted into an anime. I'm so hyped I can't even describe it <3 Any other fans of the series excited for this?
  3. The voice actors have been confirmed, and I took it upon myself to see if the voice actors have acted for any other famous animes/games. Yuuki Kaji as Phoenix Wright Yuki Kaji also plays Eren Jeager from Attack on Titan! That means you'll be hearing "OBJECTION!" from this guy: Aoi Yuuki as Maya Fey also plays Yuki Konno in Sword Art Online 2, and plays Tornado of Terror in One Punch man. Masashi Tamaki as Miles Edgeworth played Zant in Hyrule Warriors Chie Nakamuara as Mia Fey also played Sakura Haruno in Naruto. Masami Iwasaki as Dick Gumshoe also played Roland in Yu-Gi-Oh. Tooru Nara as Larry Butz played Gorota Kumashima in Yo-Kai Watch
  4. The title explains it all, these are my personal favorites of many things in the Phoenix Wright series! Favorite Music (seperated into different categories) Favorite Game: Dual Destinies Favorite Item-Based Mechanic (Apollo's bracelet, Phoenix's magatama, etc.) The Psyche-Locks Favorite Character: Apollo Justice (AA5)
  5. Does anyone remember this notorious YouTube crossover series? For those who don't, here is the 1st part to recap (or if you have never heard of this crossover series before): For those who do remember watching this crossover series from the beginning to the end (if you have not finished it yet, then do so by clicking to check out the official playlist!), why not discuss down below what you liked and did not like about the series and your overall thoughts? I personally loved this crossover. It's hands-down my most favourite fan-made crossovers to date! Go ahead and post away!
  6. So this is something I made a month ago. I'm working on this fanmade sequel to a popular series called Turnabout Storm, a crossover of Phoenix Wright and MLP. It's one if my favorite fanmade things in the Brony community.
  7. This is for thoughts on Phoenix Wright, not your favorite Phoenix Wright things. To post your favorite things about Phoenix Wright, go to my other topic here: This can include thoughts on... -Any Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney game -Upcoming PW:AA titles -The PW:AA series in general -PW:AA Characters If you want to discuss anything else besides this, please PM me and I will get back to you as fast as I can. If I agree, I will add it to the list. Otherwise, please stick to these rules. Anyhow, discuss away!
  8. This is a topic seeing what is your favorite case, character, and game is. Hopefully there will not be an My personal favorites are these: Favorite Case: Turnabout Goodbyes Favorite Character: Apollo Justice and Ron DeLite Favorite Game: Phoenix Wirght Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies Favorite Objection Theme: Favorite Cornered Theme: Favorite Cross Examination Theme:
  9. INTRODUCTION Hello, everypony, and welcome to another edition of Bloggingwithtwilight. I have a couple of things to cover, so listen here. ---- NAME CHANGE This is still Dancingwithtwilight here, so don't worry. I decided to change my name to Ludicrous.Speed because I love the movie Spaceballs. Anyone else seen it? ---- LUDICROUS WRIGHT: ACE BRONY "Ludicrous Wright: Ace Brony" will be a series of blog posts centered around the game Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney as I play it. I will add pictures, so don't worry. This will be a sort of a humorous Let's Play to entertain the best of MLP fans. ---- FALLOUT: EQUESTRIA CHALLENGE I will be taking the F:EQ Challenge, where I have to read the fanfiction and give a review of a group of chapters at a time. Since it's over a million words long (about 10 times the length of the Middle-Earth series put together), this could take a long time.
  10. So, I have been thinking about starting my own Turnabout crossover for MLP, set to follow up the story line of the original (a continuation). As I am currently in college, I am still in the brainstorming phase, writing down background information and back story for new characters, as well as invent a convincing and perplexing crime whilst staying believable and logical. I figured I would take this time to try to drum up some support for a full on project similar to Turnabout Storm. If I can get voice actors, some musicians (though given enough time, I could write my own music), artists, and at least one animator, I think this could turn out very interesting. I will work on this project periodically until Summer, where I will spend plenty of time writing and revising the story. If I don't get enough people, I will just write a fanfic version of my idea, and perhaps someday someone with the resources will be inspired to adapt it. If you are interested, just say so in the comments. State what you would like to do, and we will see if this goes somewhere! If you want to be a voice actor, you must have a good mike and you must be able to emote. If you think can differentiate your voice without sacrificing you ability to emote, feel free to try for multiple parts (which of course, you don't know about yet...). For now, you should just get a good mike though, and even if this project fizzles out, you will have a good mike for a different project! I will post an update for specific vocal roles needing to be filled. **It should be noted that I want characters from Turnabout Storm with an established voice to be played by their original VAs if possible. This means the parts for Phoenix Wright, Sonata, Cruise Control, and a few others may not be available. If I cannot achieve this, however, I am more than willing to let you voice as any character, provided you've got the stuff! There are some voices I DON'T want from the original, also (Applejack's comes to mind...). Don't be afraid to audition just cause you think a voice is taken though! I am open to new possibilities! If you want to write music, I only will need a few original compositions. I imagine having Sonata as the defense attorney for a large portion of this story, so she will need her own theme during the "cross-examination" phases of the story. Ideally, the music should sound characteristic of the Phoenix Wright games, but I leave creative freedom beyond that to the musicians. This is something that could be started right now, actually! Of course, there need to be a few themes, where some build suspense with a faster tempo and whatnot. Just have fun with it, and I will select my favorites. If you want to draw for this project, I will need some original characters and backgrounds. The new characters will all be ponies (as far as I am aware...), so once I decide on what new characters will be needed, I can let you all have fun with it. Eventually, these characters will need "sprites" for the animator to use. Background need to be characteristic of MLP's style. Additionally, "evidence" will need to be drawn, but this is a small order. Also, being able to slightly alter preexisting sprites may come in handy. If you want to animate it, I need to see what you can do beforehand. I haven't animated anything before, but I imagine that the style of animation in Turnabout Storm is probably less difficult that other styles. In any case, if you could create a little snippet showcasing your talent as an animator, I can judge what will look good, and what won't. The main focus is quality, though animation style is a prevalent factor as well. And FINALLY, I love the show, but there are plenty of references and jokes out there that would make people laugh that I simply just don't know. I will not try to force anything into my story, as that would be distracting, but feel free to suggest a popular fanfic, animation, or related material about either MLP or Phoenix Wright, and I will give it consideration. This is not necessarily a definite project. I am just seeing if such a project is feasible. IF I get enough volunteers, I will take the next step into making this project a reality!
  11. It's the question that has plagued mankind for centuries. Many great men and women have died in search of an answer. Now, friends, I need your help to decide... Is it a ladder, or a step ladder?
  12. THIS CASTING CALL IS NOW CLOSED. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT AUDITIONS. But feel free to check out the project itself, of course. Any and all support shown is very much appreciated! Good day to y'all! Turnabout Trio is a MLP/Phoenix Wright crossover project that I am directing. It's already heavily in development; in fact, we just need some voice actors and we'll be firing on all cylinders. To avoid a TL;DR situation, you can find out more if you're interested by listening to one of the files below. Turnabout Trio Information (High Quality Version).aiff Turnabout Trio Information (Weird, inexplicable-echo-effect-in-the-background Version).mp3 To see what roles are available, check out the links below. The first will take you to the MLP;FiM canon characters that need voicing; the second will launch you into a world of Pony OCs and Ace Attorney canon characters who want you speaking for them. MLP;FiM Canon Characters Pony OCs & PWAA Canon Characters To see a brief summary of the case, follow this link: Case Summary This project involves two OCs that need voice actors. Their appearances, combined with the general style of simple animation that will be applied to every character, can be seen in the nifty spoilers below. Trident Cross Cistron Symmetry I've done my best to answer potential questions, but of course, ask away if there's anything I haven't covered. Have fun and good luck!
  13. The newest game in the Ace Attorney series, "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies" is here today on the Nintendo eShop for 3DS! (Sadly, not in brick-and-mortar stores) To celebrate, I decided to make a thread about the series. I don't think I've been nearly as much of a fanatic of other series nearly as much as I have been for Phoenix Wright. For those unaware, the game is largely a "visual novel" style, in which you admittedly have little to no control over the basic direction of the story. You play as a defense attorney attempting to clear your client of wrongful charge. Some things you can generally assert from each case: -Someone was murdered -The REAL killer attempted to frame your client, or the prosecution did a horrible job of picking a perpetrator. -The real killer will take the stand as a witness and lie about their lack of involvement with the crime, or say things to blame the defendant. -The judge will not grant you a "Not Guilty" verdict until you have proved the identity of the real killer beyond any possible doubt. (Yeah, it's a bit unfair against you) The core of the game takes place in "Testimony", in which a witness makes a series of statements that you can scroll back and forth over. You can "Press" a statement to have Phoenix ask further questions about it. If you think you've found a contradiction in the evidence, then you pick the contradicting statement, select a piece of evidence, and then tap the Present button to hear the game's most signature line. The series has been known for its over-the-top plot twists, and genuinely unique characters; as a rule, it seems like every character has at the very least, some very unusual character-quirk to them, and some sort of alliteration or joke to their name, to help you remember each of them. Each game has between 4 or 5 cases. The first tends to be a shorter, courtroom-only case to get you the hang of things. But each game normally leaves its mark with its final case. This is the case where plot twists are piled up wherever they can; in some cases going so ridiculous as to nearly double the length of the game all on its own. If you have an iOS device, the earlier games in the series are available there; even letting you play the first case at no charge! For all its fame, I have a hard time finding people to talk about the series with, so I'm always begging people to give it a try. Be prepared for lots of reading and dialogue - but as long as you're aware of that and okay with it, the game can present a lot of fun and really involve you in each of the cases.
  14. Tuenabout storm, a story of how Phoenix Wright is teleported to ponyville to defend Rainbow Dash, had it's finale released on Friday. If you haven't seen it yet, you should. For those who have I want to hear what you thought it. I thought it was an awesome trial with a beautiful ending. What do you think?
  15. Yet again attempting to hone my wallpaper skills, I'm really pleased with this one. This is a (belated >_>') birthday gift for a very special friend, @! I really hope you like it!
  16. So we all know the age old question of "Who is your favourite pony?" as a common first question to ask someone when you first find out they are a brony. Now it's time to get to a more important, more serious version of this question: Who is your favourite Ace Attorney title character? Is it the original ace, Phoenix Wright, the rookie defender, Apollo Justice, or the cool, calm and collected, Miles Edgeworth? After answering that, why not tell us why the said title character is your favourite? Or even tell us who your favourite villain is!
  17. Phoenix Wright has just proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that you killed that person. How do you react? For me, something like this: *crosses arms, looks down, shakes head, and kinda laughs* "Crap. Didn't wanna have to do this, but... *sigh* oh well." *pulls out syringe of strange substance, injects it into sternum. Cringes and cries out in pain, then drops needle breathing heavily* "You got your justice, Mr. Wright. I'll admit, it was me. But it was for science. I could have saved lives. But, as far as you care, there's only one less scumbag on the Earth. Are you happy, Mr. Wright? Frankly, if so much as one person dies of X, you're as much a killer as I am. I'll let that haunt you for eternity. *smug smile* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" *DED*
  18. Someone else has gotten permission from the author of the Phoenix Wright Crossovers and has started their own crossover of that. Miles Edgeworth will also be included and will appear in the next episode. Basically a crossover of a crossover [media=] [/media]
  19. Phoenix Wright That's right people they are making a Phoenix Wright movie be afraid be very afraid o-o.. http-~~-//