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Found 21 results

  1. Basically what rank you want to get to by the next January 1st. For me it would be Dragon or Changeling, so that I don't look like a newbie with my post count currently.
  2. I could be wrong, but I feel like I have more posts than I should. I noticed when I was suddenly a phoenix, but I don't think I was that close before. I heard spmeone else say they may have been affected too, but others are not. Is this a joke/glitch or just me not paying attention to my post count.
  3. Spike adopted himself a baby phoenix whom he was gonna teach the pony ways to, and then all the sudden, he's gone before he can have an episode. I got nothing against Spike returning him, but that would've been the perfect opportunity for an episode! Why bother putting in Peewee if he was just gonna leave just like that? It's not too late though! Perfect opportunity for a flashback story episode! A good chance to see unicorn Twilight and the Golden Oak Library again! Could be a Spike/Fluttershy episode too! I know after the bond they had in the first episode of the show, they're overdo on one! Also you'll never know! Peewee could come back as an adult phoenix in the future! What do you think? Should this episode happen to tie up loose ends with Peewee?
  4. WanderingPony

    Wandering's Art...A Few Things

    So i'm usually known by a different name; Mercy Antebellum. here's a few bits and pieces (most of these are actually older works, but still)... whooooa okay that's really big...i'll have to look into downsizing a whole bunch of these so i'll only post another two...anyway this is Sliepnir, Grea test of the Changelings. well, my take on him in the mlp universe, anyway... here's one that's a much better size...i've always had a soft spot for young!Celestia, and the idea of her meeting philomena was just a really cute idea okay? this ones nothing flashy, just a sketch/wip piece i thought i'd share.'s another huge one i'll have to work on resizing at some point ^^" anyway...once again, young!celestia - this one does have more of a story to go with it; whilst listening to the song "Winter" by Tori Amos, it brought about the inspiration of a small story about Celestia wanting to refuse her royal duties and in defiance of her father and his gruelling ways of trying to teach his daughters the ways of royalty, Celestia releases the imprisoned Windigo's from beneath her father's castle, bringing about a terrible blizzard that she becomes lost in. She is eventually found by her father and the castle guards, although none of them know why the windigo's didn't devour her for the anger in her heart. Celestia learns to fear and respect the Windigo's for their power, and for allowing her to live, as they sensed the anger in her heart was not true hatred. also, one of the OC's i designed waaaaaay back when i first really got into trying to create my own characters; this is Chamomile Brew; she's always just sorta stuck with me throughout my mlp journey, and i've always had a use for her as a character wherever. she's also one of the 'mane 6' primary characters in my soon-to-be webcomic, which still has yet to even have a working title =_=" however, though her design may change and vary a bit, she's still the same old Chammie i've always had tucked away for good use ^^ so yes...that's a couple of pieces that don't look as terrible as some of the others ^^" let me know if you're interested in seeing any more of my art, or if you're interested in comissioning me in the future ^^ peace to all, -WanderingPony
  5. Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations is the third and final game of the original Ace Attorney trilogy(and was originally intended to be the final game period). After the first two games, this one had the role of wrapping up Phoenix's story line as well as several character arcs that were present during those first two games. Does the game live up to the expectations set by the first two as well as serve as a satisfying conclusion to the original trilogy? Warning, there may be some spoilers.....and this may turn more into a Godot Gushing blog rather than an actual review Gameplay It's the same as the first two games. Investigation(with some Psyche locks) and the trials. Story The game's story focuses a lot on Mia Fey's past and serves as the final chapter in Phoenix's character arc in what it means to deliver justice. The first case(Turnabout Memories) is the game's tutorial case, but a surprisingly strong one at that, and one that is very important as it introduces the game's main villain. The case is a flashback about Mia Fey's earliest cases where she defends none other than Phoenix Wright, who is accused of murdering fellow college student and his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend, Doug Swallow. The second case(the Stolen Turnabout) returns to the present day where Phoenix has to defend Ron DeLite, who is accused of robbery, and then murder. This case also reveals the game's prosecutor, everyone's favorite coffee loving prosecutor Godot who is totally a sexy badass easy the best character in the game. The third case(Recipe for Turnabout) involves Phoenix defending Maggey Byrde who is accused of murder once again, though unknowing to Phoenix, he supposedly already defended her and did a terrible job of doing so. Despite being a filler case like Turnabout Samurai and Turnabout Big Top, this case is surprisingly a lot of fun with despite an odd ending. The fourth case(Turnabout Beginnings) is another flashback, this time being Mia's very first trial where she, along with her boyfriend Diego Armando, defend death row convict Terry Fawles, who is accused of murdering his girlfriend's sister and detective, Valerie Hawthorne. This trial is pretty much the one that started it all and serves as a prologue to the final case in the game, it also shows to be one of Miles Edgeworth's earliest cases as a prosecutor. The final case(Bridge to the Turnabout) centers around a girl named Iris, who reminds Phoenix of someone in the past, who is accused of murdering children's book writer Elise Deauxnim. However an accident causes Phoenix to get sick and Godot goes missing so Miles Edgeworth(as the Defense) and Franziska Von Karma(prosecution) has to take it to court and fill the roles for the first day, meanwhile, Maya and Pearl also go missing. This trial pretty much goes all out in the best way possible as most of the major characters in the trials were main characters in the first two games, we get to see more backstory behind Mia's family and the connections she has to the game's villain, we get to see Godot hates Phoenix so much, and despite some parts being a bit complicated, serves as the best possible send off for not just the game, but the original trilogy as a whole. And I'm just gonna get this out there, but the game had me bawling at the end. Also there's a small part where Phoenix and Franziska do the investigation together. And it is hilarious. The cast in this installment is arguably some of the best in the trilogy. The main characters from the first game(Phoenix, Mia, Maya, Edgeworth, Larry and Gumshoe, and even Marvin Grossberg) as well as a few from Justice For All(In particular, Pearl, Franziska, Adrian Andrews, Maggey Byrde, and to a lesser extent, Morgan Fey). And several of the new characters introduced are really hilarious(though I can see some being more annoying with others) with more depth than they let on. And I'm not exaggerating when I say one of the villains is one of the most evil characters I've ever seen in a video game. Though the highlight character is easily Godot. Hot Shot, yet cool and collected(even when he's losing), setting his own guidelines, and his unabashed love for coffee, he's easily the coolest character in not only the game but the entire series, and a very quotable guy. Also I couldn't help but notice that love is a running theme in this game, as romance can be a focal point in every trial. Visuals Much like the first two games, visuals are great. Very detailed backgrounds and very funny and expressive sprite animations. Sound The sound design is again, as great as the other two games, tons of "Hold it!"'s, "Objection!"'s and "Take that!"'s everywhere. The music is something else though. I'm willing to go as far as to say that the OST up there with the first game as the best in the series. Phoenix's theme and the Pressing Pursuit theme rivals those of the original game's, and almost every character in the game gets their own theme song, making them a bit more memorable than some of those in the past, with my favorite themes being Godot's and Furio Tigre's themes. Overall This is easily one of, if not the best, game in the series, and has easily become my favorite. Great music, strong characters, both new and returning, and one of the most emotional stories in the series, it is easily the best possible send off for the Phoenix Wright trilogy. And again, if you have a 3DS, the Ace Attorney Trilogy is the best way to go. Though I highly recommend playing the first two games before trying this game.
  6. The Ace Attorney series by Capcom is one of the most surprising games I have ever played in my life. On paper it just sounds like an absolute bore: a game about a defense attorney defending their client when they're charged with murder. Doesn't sound like anything you can see working as a video game. Yet, leave it to Capcom to turn such a concept into a franchise full of charm, heart, humor and fantastic stories that is still going strong for over a decade. The first game in the series, Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney is actually an enhanced port of the GBA game of the same name that was made to utilize many of the DS's key features and was the first time the series was released outside of Japan. The series would eventually become popular enough to spawn 6 main titles and a few spin-offs. This review may contain a couple of spoilers, but I'll do my best to try to avoid them if I can GAMEPLAY: Gameplay is set into two parts and both are very simple to get. One takes place out of the courtroom where start out going to the Detention Center where you meet the guy that needs your defense and often tells you what happened when the murder took place. Then you begin investigating key areas such as the scene of the crime or areas the murderer/victim/police/witnesses have been and can talk to various people about what happened or what they might know. You also come across key evidence that will prove useful to the courtroom and can help your case. You can also examine places you've which can reveal new areas, evidence or clues on what the to next. You can also present items to other people and look at your court records and see the profiles of the people you've met or see the details of the items and evidence you have in your possession The second part of the gameplay involves the actual trial, where you go up against the prosecutor and prove your client innocent. When you start, you begin by hearing a witness's testimony and then cross-examine them, where you either press the witness to reveal more information of what they know, or you can present evidence that contradict's what the witness says, with some contradictions being harder to find than others. But be careful as presenting the wrong can result in a penalty, and five penalties will result in a game over. Other elements include looking at pictures to showing contradictions, or pointing out flaws in the witness's or prosecutions arguments. Story Obviously the main draw of the game, you play as newbie defense attorney Phoenix Wright and begin your career with the help of your mentor Mia Fey in five different cases throughout the game. The first case(The First Turnabout) is your usual tutorial case where you learn the basics of the game and defend your best friend Larry Butz(one of the series more prominent characters) who is accused of murdering his girlfriend. The second case(Turnabout Sisters) involves Mia's sister and the second main character in the game Maya Fey, who is accused of murdering Mia Fey. The second case also features many prominent characters in the series like Detective Dick Gumshoe and your and Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth. It also features one of the story's odder elements such as spirit channeling(which is how Mia Few still remains a prominent character through out the series). The third case(Turnabout Samurai) you say...the "filler" case. You see in every game in the series there's always at least one case that really is just kind of...there...and more often than not it's usually a pain to get through. It involves the TV star, Will Powers, of the in-game children's show "The Steel Samurai" who is accused of killing the actor of the show's villain. The fourth case(Turnabout Goodbyes, arguably the game's best trials) involves Miles Edgeworth who is accused of killing a defense attorney from his past. This is also the case where you learn about why Phoenix and Miles chose their careers, the DL-6 Incident(a case from the past that's a big part of Edgeworth's backstory) as well as some more background on Mia and Maya, including their disgraced mother. The final case(Rise From the Ashes) is an all new story exclusive to the DS version of the game, which could serve as a sort of prequel to the fourth game in the series "Apollo Justice. It revolves around Ema Skye(one of AJ's main characters) who is trying to get Phoenix to defend her sister Lana Skye who is accused of murdering one of the police force's major detectives(don't worry it's not Gumshoe). This case also features a lot of the gameplay elements you see in AJ including finger-scanning, forensics, and looking at evidence in a 3D plane which allows you to see more detail. The game also has a large and colorful cast of characters. Phoenix himself is a very funny character that knows when to take his job seriously, while Mia serves as a great mentor for Phoenix who's and has her quirks as well. Maya Fey is an energetic girl with both a a spiritual connection to the supernatural and a love of hamburgers. Gumshoe is a hilariously incompetent goofball but still takes his job very seriously with one moment in the game where he becomes a straight up badass, Miles Edgeworth on the other hand is a pretty cold guy who doesn't care much for other people(though you'll understand him more after Turnabout Goodbyes). The rest of the cast such as the witnesses and the villains for each case range from pretty awesome(Larry Butz, Will Powers, Ema Skye) to downright infuriating(Lotta Hart, Wendy Oldbag, Sal Manella) Visuals The game has some nice visuals, backgrounds are very detail while making it easy for the most part to see oddities. But what everyone remembers the most are the in game sprites which are both very expressive and can be downright hilarious, especially when a character has their breakdown, they're often handled in some of the most hilarious and over the top ways possible. It's no wonder you see people use them on the internet all the time Sound The series has managed to create some of the most memorable, arguably even some to the most iconic sound design in the gaming industry. The series has become known for the over-the-top use of courtroom terms such as "OBJECTION", "HOLD IT!" and "TAKE THAT", as well as various soundbytes that are made when you call out the witnesses or the prosecutor. The soundtrack is also stellar with iconic tunes such as the famous "Cornered" theme or Phoenix's "Objection" theme that plays whenever you correctly point out a contradiction. The soundtrack also pumps out many other tracks that plays with your emotions, whether it be to get your adrenaline pumping, make you feel all happy inside, or tugging your heartstrings, the OST is easily one of the best out there OVERALL Phoenix Wright is a fantastic game that, despite an odd premise, manages to do everything wright. Strong Story, strong characters, charm and humor, it's easily one of the best games of its kind. It's a must-own for DS owners everywhere, and even if you don't have a DS you can still find the game on your iOS device or on the Wii's WiiWare shop. The best way to go is to get the AA on the 3DS eShop which has improved sprites and comes with the other two games in the original Ace Attorney Trilogy. But regardless of how you get it, Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney is a great game to experience
  7. Anybody have one? Mine would have to be the Phoenix.
  8. Welp, I have a feeling watercolor is going to annoy me in my painting class all next week. I hate watercolor with a passion. Such a pain to work with.
  9. While i was surfing you tube i cam across this video, I am somewhat surprised as to how much detail this show gives. It wasn't just a coincidence as to why Celestia has a pet bird and to why it was called the royal bird. Phoenix were almost always connected with royalty.
  10. Passion

    Princesses' pets?

    So yeah, we've all seen quite clearly that Celestia has her Philomena Phoenix pet. It took me quite a while to realize that there were episodes destined to fill in gaps with some of Mane 6 not having them, read Tank & Owlicious. And then I've started wondering: Pre-Twicorn Celestia was the only one to own a pet. Truth to be said, only reason that two princesses have pets now is most probably the fact that Twilight ascended already possessing one. So I wonder, why doesn't Luna or Cadence have one? If they had one, what kind of pets would those be and what would their personalities be? Will we see those two in S4 perhaps, would that be interesting? Go.
  11. child of the night

    Philomena the Phoenix

    There is nothing that i found on the wiki about Filamina the Phoenix and i want to know what everyone thinks about the backstory and life of her.
  12. So I was wandering around youtube when I came across this trailer for Gyakuten Saiban 5... I've seen the old teaser trailer for the new Phoenix Wright game, but I haven't seen this one until just today. After watching it, my response was pretty much this:
  13. True Rarity

    My Newest OC!

    Behold, the OC that my brother requested! He gave me the colors, the name, and the cutie mark. However, his mane/tail shape was inspired by Rainbow Dash! His name is Phoenix Wing!
  14. I'm really excited that there is a con sort of near me, (actually its pretty far but I have family in Phoenix) I really hope I can go to this when it rolls around. This is a new con and if it doesn't do so well they might not have it again next year, so if you are'er in or near the valley of the sun you should defiantly consider going to this con. and even if you don't go tell your friends about it. Details on the con can be found here Oh, and I almost forgot, this con will be benefiting the Phoenix Children's Hospital.
  15. I've been having a lot of trouble finding any stores that sell MLP merchandise in Phoenix AZ, where I live. I'm also going to San Francisco in two days, so, I was hoping that a larger city might have a higher number of stores that I can find MLP (not necessarily a place that is solely dedicated to MLP, anything with a decent selection) merchandise at. So, for my question: Do any of you know of stores/a store where I can find MLP merchandise?
  16. I was just wondering if anypony was planning on going to Appleloosa in Phoenix this year (it's going to be from 19.April through 21.April) It would be neat to meet others from the forums! I'm going!
  17. Edit : I just realized I misspelled Barnabas's name in the topic title. Good job, me. Anyhoo, this is Barnabas Kelvin, my first MLP OC. His character page (in the roleplay section) is here-- Any constructive criticism on anything -- the colour, design, his character background, his personality -- is GREATLY appreciated!
  18. *Not my work* There is a series on YouTube that crosses the Phoenix Wright and MLP universe. The story in a nutshell is that Phoenix is sent to Ponyville by Twilight who was looking for an Attorney to help Rainbow Dash because of a crime she didn't commit. The crime is the death of a Wonderbolt athlete called Ace Swift. Twilight accidentally used a spell that searches for the great Attorney in the universe instead of Equestria. Phoenix decides to help after some convincing since Phoenix refused to help at first. The first story the creator is doing is called: "Turnabout Storm" which is the story I described above. Its 4 parts, and only 2 were made so far. Part 1 was in Oct. 2011, and Part 2 was in Dec. 2011. There may not be a Part 3 for a while, but I imagine it takes alot of work to make this, so I don't blame the creator for taking so long. It takes time to make something as great as this. I've seen both parts, and the series is amazing so far. The dialogue is so close to the Ace Attorney games, it looks like it was done by Capcom themselves. The characters were very accurate too. Phoenix, Twilight, Fluttershy, etc. Instead of just having text like the Ace Attorney games, voices were added in, and Im glad they did that because its alot more enjoyable to watch. Videos are down below. Part 1 is 30 minutes, and Part 2 is 1 hr, 30 mins. What do you think of the series so far?
  19. Why did many people complain about Spike "stealing" the Phoenix egg? What the hell is wrong with it? Put yourselves in the situation: You grab an egg that didn't hatch and had fallen from it's nest. The parents and the other babies all left to an unkown place and you are about to be beaten up by some dragons that already proved to be waY stronger than you. Do you: A ) Fight the dragons and chase the birds and give the egg back. B ) Run with the egg and raise it as your own giving lots of love and care to it. C ) Ditch it and run. Honestly, most of us would choose C, and maybe a really small percentage could choose B, but no one would choose A. It's true that maybe Twilight could have defeated the dragons, but the parents had already gotten away, how was she supposed to find them?
  20. AnonyPoni

    Mia Fey, in MLP?

    So I was watching the MLP episode "A Friend In Deed". During Pinkie's famous Smile Smile song, I noticed something familiar, but I couldn't put my hoof on it. The green pony I swear I've seen that before... EDIT: In case you don't get it, this is Mia Fey from Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Yeah, the jacket and shirt they are wearing seem the same. They even look a bit the same (I said a bit) The pony has a Gavel as a Cutie Mark, so maybe she's a judge. Just for the shirt and the Legal connection, we should call the pony Mia Neigh!
  21. Not Robin

    Wright VS. Trixie Wallpaper

    Based on the popular Phoenix Wright & MLP crossover, this wallpaper demonstrates a once in a lifetime fight. Who will win?.... I have no freaking Idea, but I made this wallpaper anyway Thanks for looking mates, to show your support you can always just "like" this post or "fave" it on my deviant art, both show that I have people that want to watch me keep going