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Found 15 results

  1. The Wunderbar Photo Finish Fan Club There wasn't a Photo Finish Fan Club? Is... Is it because she's German?!? No, no that can't be it. People were simply overwhelmed by "ze magicks!" Something that is perfectly understandable. Photo Finish deserves a fan club because she's a fashion savvy and decisive pony... ...Well, okay: She's a fashion savvy pony. Most people don't know this, but Photo Finish is the only pony who correctly pronounces Fluttershy's name: Floottershy! Her full name is actually Photo von Finishstrauss. Photo Finish always knows how to make an exit. I, too, GO; show your support for occasionally bilingual ponies with the guts to wear crazy eye wear.
  2. Ahhhhhhhh, good evening everypony, and welcome back to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews"! Well, this week's episode review should be shorter and considerably less angry than last week's for a few reasons: (1) this episode was far less infuriating, (2) I'm in a splendid mood after seeing "Wonder Woman" this weekend, and (3) I need to write a shorter episode review in general. So without further ado, let's begin and dive into "Honest Apple." Now, while this episode is far superior to the dreck that we got last week, it was not without its problems. My friend Jeric boiled it down nicely yesterday when he said to me that the main problem is that we had "Season 1 Applejack interacting with Season 7 Rarity," and I have to agree. Applejack was behaving uncharacteristically OOC, and immature even; I'd even say that I'd have a hard time believing Season 1 Applejack would act this way, even with Rarity when they weren't quite as close. It's not simply an issue of not taking her friend or her feelings and concerns into consideration, Applejack just displayed zero tact or discretion whatsoever, and that's just not like her. I could buy Rainbow Dash in earlier seasons behaving like this, but never AJ; her element may be the Element of Honesty, but that doesn't mean she's blunt to the point of not considering the feeling of others. She understands holding one's tongue, in fact, she's always been the small town ideal of just that; if she's uncomfortable with something, she'll usually have a subtle, wry, blunt comment to make about it, or just hold her tongue if the situation calls for it. Whoever wrote this wrote her like a country bumpkin with no appreciation for higher culture (heck, at one point she's flat out insulting the work of Coco Pommel, a genuinely good friend of hers!), and in our current political climate I don't exactly appreciate those stereotypes being displayed when many of those stereotypes are how we got to such a polarized state in our country in the first place, especially when it's a betrayal of who this character is. On top of that, she's uncharacteristically stupid as well; we know that AJ understands the idea of wearing clothes in different contexts and settings, not just for work or practical business (and sometimes fancier dress is required FOR business), because AJ herself has worn such outfits for such special occasions many times, much of it made by Rarity! She may not get the art side of fashion, but she understands its appeal, that it has appeal, and that it's a whole other industry of its very own. She doesn't walk around with this "If I don't get it it must be stupid and irrelevant" attitude that so many people seem to revel in these days. It's a disappointing missed opportunity, because there was a great episode to be had here, it just needed some tweaking is all, especially considering RariJack is my favorite pair of friends in the Mane 6 and can be such a joy to watch when they are done right. So yeah, not happy at all with AJ, and even less so when I consider that it was done in the name of making the lesson the writers had in mind work. Sad AJ is sad, that's what happens when you write her badly, writers! So what is the lesson you might ask? Well, it's basically an indictment of Internet s*** talking. No really, I'm serious, the whole lesson is about watching what you say or how you say something to others, especially when critiquing something they've done or made. You can't just consider your own thoughts or feelings when doing so, you need to take into account how your words are going to affect the person you're talking to as well. Now, normally I'd have no problem with this lesson. I mean, people not knowing how to be civil with each other or even display the most basic decency to each other on the Internet is a big reason people tend to get so heated with each other these days. So on its face, the lesson is a good one. However, here's why it doesn't work in this particular context. The lesson was forced, at the expense of making any sense whatsoever. We already went into how it forced AJ to be incredibly OOC, but it also doesn't make sense in the setting either. The thing about this lesson is that it applies most to Internet communication because it's incredibly easy to dehumanize or become desensitized to the feelings of someone you're talking with online when all you see is a screen in front of you. This episode, however, is all about face-to-face interactions, and the thing about face-to-face interactions is that people, especially genuinely decent people like AJ, tend to be far more sensitive to the feelings of others when talking in person to someone. Only people who genuinely have no lid on what they say, either because they're that insensitive or have some kind of personality disorder, have no filter when talking directly to others. So really, while the lesson was good, it just made no sense that it had to be taught to AJ of all people under these circumstances. This troll, however, was HILARIOUS! So now that the biggest issues are out of the way, what worked in this episode? Well Rarity is the most obvious choice. Her choice of AJ as a judge was creative but also showed her trust of her arguably closest friend (as well as understanding of her strengths), it was incredibly generous of her to organize an event like this to help others break into the fashion industry she loves so much, and her level of maturity displayed the whole episode was great. She reprimanded AJ when she deserved it, but wasn't unduly harsh, plus her way of teaching AJ how she bucked up was hilarious and witty (also, Strawberry Sunrise is a hilarious s*** talker when it comes to apples). Her biggest issue is that this conflict should not have been one sided; the ideal situation would have been both AJ and Rarity made mistakes to a certain extent. AJ should have been uncomfortable with the judging and not sure what to say since she didn't know how to fit in, and Rarity should have not been aware of AJ's concerns for most of the episode. That way they would have had something to teach each other. She wasn't quite Mary Sue levels here, I can buy Rarity being this mature, it's just the conflict felt forced since one character suffered so much in order to make it happen, and it didn't do Rarity any favors either in doing so. But oh well, the episode more than made up for it by giving Rarity the most amazing 10 seconds of the episode! I have no idea where the buck that came from, but I want more of it!!! All I know is that Rarity apparently has FANTASTIC methods of stress relief and venting! SHRED GIRL, SHRED!!! As for the rest of the episode, it was pleasant enough. I enjoyed that it was largely set in Ponyville, specifically the Canterlot Boutique and the Ponyville business district. The return of Photo Finish and Hoity Toity (in speaking roles, no less) was positively delightful, and I very much liked all three of the up and coming fashion designer ponies as well (especially, for some odd reason, the valley girl one; very strange for me since I usually hate that character type in cartoon shows, but here for some reason I thought it was adorable and hilarious. Possibly because the writers seemed aware of the stereotypes of the valley girl trope and seemed to playfully be poking fun at them while still making the character endearing by, you know, actually being good at stuff). 'Lit'rally' intensifies!!! The set up and conclusion for the episode were both lovely, and the fashion show (along with the instrumentals that sounded very reminiscent of the fashion show in Season 1's "Suited for Success") made this episode feel like a spiritual successor to some extent to "Suited for Success" even. But because of the problems that I cited earlier with both AJ and the forced nature of the lesson, what should have been a good to even great episode ended up just OK. That's a damn shame, but it's nowhere near as infuriating as last week's wretchedness. That's all I've got for ya tonight, everypony! Until next week, this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off!!! *cue dramatic exit* To end things off, let's just have a bunch of pics from the better moments of the episode... And finally, the 10 seconds we will always remember from this episode Beautiful
  3. We all have characters on this show that most certainly get a lot of lot of love and others just doesn't seem to get enough. Who do you think is the most overrated/underrated character in MLP:FiM? For me: Underrated: Applejack, for some reason she doesn't get a lot of love as much as the others... Overrated: Probably Derpy, I fail to see the obsession with this character, though she is a cutie. And maybe Fluttershy a little.
  4. Photo Finish returns in the newest Equestria Girls: Friendship Games short. How does she compare to her My Little Pony counterpart? To subscribe:
  5. Spanish dubbed shorts from Friendship Games have been leaked. Sadly, no Shadowbolts nor human Twi yet, but there are some Lyra and Bon Bon, Luna, and Photo Finish, and I can't wait for some Tabitha talking to herself in that one
  6. Well, yes she is in my opinion. Taking a break from what I planned and doing a fluffier piece after seeing an argument on /mlp/ about this. While I planned on this just being a fluff piece I think it is the longest blog I have done. In support of this are the following: Faust made her character with that in mind (and since departing nothing has gone against that), official material supports this, and various in show elements exist to further support it. But it is not weird to see the contrary argued. In order to be clear, I am not saying the arguments are stupid or worthless in any way. I simply think they are flawed and heavily influenced by tunnel vision, often missing the point or easily supporting an alternate conclusion when viewed in the right context. By this I mean a few things: for one they take a lot for granted, are based highly on inference and as such can be interpreted differently, and lastly the interpretations drawn by the other camp are largely inconsistent with the show and characters as a whole. The last point being the major sticking point for this blog post. Before beginning with the specific arguments one should put forth the evidence in favor of Rarity being the prettiest. As I mentioned earlier it is supported by the show's creator. A weak example could be her interview with Ms. Magazine where she describes all the traits each pony is meant to convey, Rarity's being "artistic and beautiful". A better example is seen when Faust answered twitter questions and explained the reason she originally thought of Spike's crush was to convey that Rarity was exceptionally beautiful. Which is also an in show method of conveying this quality, not just Word of God. Both are linked below. Additionally, I pointed out that official material supports her beauty. Examples can be seen here,, where one can see that in nearly every single entry she is described as beautiful and the other 5 are not because it is not a trait they are known for. Not to say that they are ugly in any way but simply that she is known for her beauty. Most importantly, male characters are frequently attracted to her, usually only her (and men do decide what is attractive for a woman let's be real), and even males of other species or high station showing that her allure transcends various boundaries. Notable examples include Blueblood, the stallions before the Grand Galloping Gala, Hayseed from the comics, the spider on one of the variant covers for the first arc was offering her a flower, the Dragon in Dragonshy, the nerd stallion in Putting Your Hoof Down, the Diamond Dogs in the Rainbow Rocks short, and Spike of course. As can be seen this is consistent with all representations of her, from the show to the comics to Equestria Girls. This consistency is important because it is what the arguments to the contrary need to be checked against. And as a brief aside I do lump all three together when discussing her character. Because while they may not be the same individual, or are in different continuities, they are all meant to represent her character in each instance and in terms of characterization are the same character simply reacting to different situations like in the comics or in a different station like in EQG. For example EQG Rarity would have been prom queen over Sunset if it were not for underhanded tactics on the part of Sunset, so one can infer that being a social butterfly is consistently shown as a trait to her character and use that as evidence. Like a restaurant franchise there may be minor differences but still essentially the same menu and corporate culture, and can be used to make judgments on the company as a whole when aggregated. I suspect lots of people may not like this attitude of mine but it never extends beyond using evidence from all three sources to support arguments. The arguments to the contrary of my opinion typically fall under these two camps: Rarity relies on cosmetics and therefore is not naturally pretty, and In Green Isn't Your Color it is confirmed that Fluttershy is the prettiest. Generally these arguments are used together, usually the former being used to support the latter. I say this because it is rarely seen on its own whereas the latter often is. The latter being the more important argument in my mind so we will focus on that first. In regards to Photo Finish picking Fluttershy as a model, I do think it was made abundantly clear by both Rarity and Photo Finish herself that Fluttershy's talents as a model are related more to her performance than her looks. Rarity compliments Fluttershy on her grace and poise when she asked Fluttershy to model for her at the episode's beginning, and Photo Finish never states Fluttershy's allure is her beauty. Instead she uses vague allusions to something not physical, such as "de magicks" or "graceful." For a similar example, it's like Trenderhoof preferring Applejack. In no way is it presented that this is for any other reason than Trenderhoof's preference. Again this is not to say that Applejack doesn't have admirable qualities, she has them in spades, just that Trenderhoof was only looking at one specific dimension to who she is. The lack of direct confirmation does not refute this possibility but when weighed against the evidence in Rarity's favor it is lacking. And potentially on a meta level, Fluttershy being picked to be a model and becoming famous due to Photo Finish always struck me as a dig at "appealing to authority." After all, at the end Rarity is able to convince the crowd to support Fluttershy. They went along with Rarity because a mare pointed out that because Rarity had good fashion sense she "must know a lot about fashion." And while this is true, there was no way those people would have known that and furthermore Rarity was making what she said up for the benefit of Fluttershy. As such they simply saw her as an authority and went along with her words. Moreover, they thought Rarity's fashion was excellent whereas Photo Finish did not. So it's not too hard to see this as an instance where an authority mistakenly dismissed someone with promise and elevated another who did not want the attention. Making Rarity overlooked (which happened in the scene with BonBon) and Fluttershy overexposed (which was made very apparent during the episode in its entirety). Which anyone using this episode as an argument for Fluttershy being prettier could also be seen as being guilty of. However that is possible sophistry on my part and not necessary for this post. Just a thought that I will not labor further. The second argument, that Rarity's beauty comes from skillful cosmetics use, is on its own is very weak since the obvious retort is to point out that there's no reason to assume anyone else in the Mane 6 is prettier. But when paired with the above argument it becomes much more convincing. Maybe Photo Finish saw that Fluttershy was a natural beauty hidden behind her shyness and brought it out, whereas Rarity is not as naturally pretty and needs cosmetics more. In addition to supplying the above point in regards to Photo Finish and Fluttershy I will also offer this observation. As best as I can remember, even when dolled up as a model Fluttershy didn't have any male suitors or interest. While not my whole argument on this front it is worth pointing out that Rarity still has that in her favor. Not to be outdone, the hypothetical proponent of this may point out that at the beginning of Green Isn't Your Color, Fluttershy did not want to have a lot of green goop put on her face. The implication presumably being that Fluttershy doesn't need it. This is incorrect. Fluttershy did not want as much of the green goop, yes, but she also wanted less work done on herself in general. Work that was not actually related to her physical appearance. This makes sense, Fluttershy is shy and would feel self conscious about being pampered and given so much attention. A microcosm of her feelings for the entirety of that episode. However to deal with the argument that Rarity needs cosmetics to be pretty on its own I point out that there is no good evidence that she is not naturally pretty. After all, all high class and fashionable ponies wear makeup and often have styled manes. So Rarity doing the same could simply be her putting a lot of effort into her appearance as is appropriate for her role as the pretty and proper character in the Mane 6. As well as Rarity being persnickety about looking good and a perfectionist who would put forth the maximum effort. So it can be seen as justified by her role and characterization. This being what was meant by many of these arguments being susceptible to different interpretations. Moreover, in Sisterhooves Social Rarity is seen playing in the mud with Sweetie Belle while it is raining. This would no doubt be disastrous for her appearance if she did need cosmetics so much but in fact she looked very good with her hair wet and normal style ruined. This is called Unkempt Beauty and nearly always indicates a natural beauty in media/fiction. A similar thing is seen in Simple Ways where Rarity purposely dresses poorly and stops taking care of herself and she looks much the same. Although to a much lesser extent. On the other side of the spectrum there have been scenarios where every mare would be wearing makeup and Rarity still received male attention. Instances like the Grand Galloping Gala. Being a classy event, one could reasonably expect all the female attendees to be looking their best. Especially since even Twilight Sparkle is seen powdering her face at the start and as I earlier pointed out high class mares almost always have visible makeup on, most of the mares at the Gala probably being high class. And of course, during this episode Prince Blueblood approached Rarity. And he probably did it because of her looks, there being no other reason to from his perspective. Truthfully this is inference but it is what the writers of the show chose to communicate to us, just as they made subtle suggestions towards Fluttershy's ability as a model being for something beyond appearance. For some minor analysis into Rarity and her looks while all of that has been said, they do play an important role in her character. Not just as a requirement for her role as the fashionista but deeper than that. Rarity can get what she wants using her looks. She's used it before to do just that but for the benefit of her friends. She even managed to seduce a Prince so Rarity would not have a problem being a trophy wife if she wanted to. But she still runs her boutique, even starting her work on fashion before she received her cutie mark. This is important for her character since it sets her apart from the stereotype characters like her usually are, for obvious reasons. Furthermore her vanity also reinforces her preference for form over function and her naivety when it comes to high society where she seems drawn in by the glitz and glamour from time to time despite the personalities of the Elites. And as some final food for thought with no real conclusion, Rarity is inspired by Audrey Hepburn more than anyone else. This is probably in reference to her idealism and charity but it is possible that she looks something like Audrey in the sense that she's not a standard beauty queen but has her own unique appearance. This could say something about her character as well but I personally don't think any answer I have is supported enough. But the overall message is clear: beauty is integral to Rarity's character. Before closing this out it is worth pointing out that while my evidence is also based on inference to some extent it does check out with the evidence in Rarity's favor at the start of this blog. Whereas the interpretations of the other side are largely inconsistent with that evidence. In my opinion, that is the difference. Faust's rebuttal to Ms. Magazine: Faust twitter questions: Faust saying Rarity was most inspired by Audrey Hepburn:
  7. I arted a Photo Finish. I think it turned out alright.
  8. I've seen some fans who disliked iron will for turning flutter shy into a jerk. It's flutter shy who ultimately how she acted to iron wills lessons not iron will. now i'm going to get into the dangerous territory of saying something speculative and negative about rarity (BOOOO, booo, you suck, get off the forum, get a rope!), oh shut up. lets look at green isn't your color. the reason why flutter shy didn't become a worse "pony" (person i'm still fighting pony speak) is she didn't care about that whole mess. Rarity really wanted photo finish to use her product. Now photo finish kinda seems like a demanding ass. Am i entirely wrong? Suppose she would have gone with Rarity? Wouldn't have photo finish had a corrupting influence over rarity? More likely than not? I guess the point I'm trying to make, given the chance Photo finish would have been just a bad influence as iron will. (booo you vaguely implied rarity might do bad stuff if attention, and social grace was dangled in front of her) oh shut up.
  9. I had a mighty need to draw a headcanon of mine! uwu I really like the idea of Doctor Whooves having a variety of companions, and in my Photo Finish ask blog, I kinda delved into an idea that in her youth, she tagged along after him. I would have gone with the Nine version of Doctor Whooves, but I felt like this version would be more recognizable to the fandom. Either way, I'm really happy with how this turned out. I wouldn't mind hearing any critiques though? imgur messed up the image a bit though, so if you'd like to see a nicer version, you can go here for a better version. (Link's safe, it's just to my pony art tumblr!)
  10. So which one ya'll did this?!! I saw this sign in Auburn ME today so I took a quick snap for posting
  11. first I saw this picture of photo finish without the dress and glasses. Then I saw this of twilight. Then I realized that they have the same cutie mark. Except photo finish has a camera on hers. I think the first one is just a fan made picture but there are others from the show where you can see her mark. I wanna know what you guys think about the simmilaRaritys (see what I did there!) and the differences. (Nothing done there.) Also if you have other pictures that show Photos cutie mark in the show than that would be nice of you. Thanks for viewing.
  12. About time I updated my blog. Anyway, just got this: I wanted my own little Rarity and this was the easiest way. The Photo Finish and Hoity Toity figures are also great and a nice bonus. Not bad for 9 bucks.
  13. ( seems I got bored enough to make an ask thread...and who better to ask then Photo Finish!) I, Photo Finish, have arrived! Ask me any q'vestion you may have. I am a busy pony.
  14. I'm intrigued by the pony celebrities. Not sure I would include Trixie because she seems to be more of a fairground act than an Equestria-famous star, but you get Photo Finish Rather obnoxious IMHO, only seems to think of herself even tho she has the ability to turn others into stars its all subsumed by her own focus on herself Hoity Toity Seemed genuine and honest, didn't like the first lot of dresses but was willing to give Rarity a second chance, and then a big order once she had proved herself The popstar - was it Sapphire? Seemed down to Earth and friendly, approaching Rarity without too much fuss and happy to give her a big order Any others? Any different thoughts on them?