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Found 5 results

  1. I've had on my mind the idea of making a discussion and support thread for Raspberry Pi users, so here it is. If you don't know what a Raspberry Pi is, it is a small, single board computer from the UK that's around the size of a credit card. It was mainly made for educational uses, but has evolved into many more applications, hobbies, and projects. Look up some RPi projects, people have made arcade cabinets, FM transmitters, robots, and more. The small computer primarily uses Linux distributions adapted for the RPi, such as Raspbian and Arch Linux ARM. Other OSes can also be used. I have only less than a month of experience messing with a Raspberry Pi, but I've learned alot more about computers (and Linux for that matter) than I have since I was in grade school. Discuss the Raspberry Pi, projects, and more.
  2. So. I drew a thing. Yes, that's a pi symbol cutie mark. What did you expect?
  3. ask pi questions and pi will answer BTW: my profile pic is Pi-Pie
  4. If you have been in the chat room lately you know that i there have been people with dark in there name taking/giving each others "shadow", anyways soarin the dark threatend to kill us all, i stepped in we traded words and both succumbed to vashta nerada (yes this is a kinda doctor who fan fic since in the role im kind the docter) we both died and we were revied by super muffin derpy, but he limited soarins powers so he is but mortal, not a day later dark whooves says he will hurt those who hurt him, i engaged here was our chat also some other users are involved (dont read the notes that are in (( these )) but you can after): [facehoof warning] King Dr. Dark Whooves I don't make me jeffJeff The Killer LXI darkyou need to knowKing Dr. Dark Whooves I come on I like you and killing is...beneath me...Jeff The Killer LXI [shouts] IF YOU EVER WANT TO CONTINUE EXISTENSE THERE IS ONE THING YOU NEVER PUT IN A TRAPKing Dr. Dark Whooves I you think I exist?AAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!Jeff The Killer LXI do you know what it is?King Dr. Dark Whooves I I CONTROL ALL! YOU THINK SUNNY IS A GOD! YOU KNOW NOTHING OF MY LINE THEN!Jeff The Killer LXI and you know nothing of me so we are about evenKing Dr. Dark Whooves I WE CAN NOT DIE, WE CAN NOT BE TOUCHED, AND WE CAN NOT BE AFFECTED BY YOUR REALM!Jeff The Killer LXI kingeven gods dieeverything dies at one pointKing Dr. Dark Whooves I I am no god. I am higher than that.Jeff The Killer LXI HAKing Dr. Dark Whooves I do it Jeff. I dare you.Jeff The Killer LXI that is funny12:10 AM King Dr. Dark Whooves I **smiles** you may be a time bender but there are things you do not know of Jeff.Jeff The Killer LXI by the way remember what i said before about traps and what you never put in them? well do you know what you never put in them?King Dr. Dark Whooves I I honestly don't care.Jeff The Killer LXI the awnser is: medoc i know when i dieand its not nowif i die noweverything including you will dissapearKing Dr. Dark Whooves I I'm not going to kill you Jeff.I'm going to make you suffer.Jeff The Killer LXI doc i dont have to kill you or get rid of youi just ask you dont hurt anyponythat you*King Dr. Dark Whooves I **lets vashta nerada loose on Jeffs legs**Jeff The Killer LXI oh docyoure funnyKing Dr. Dark Whooves I YOU TELL ME NOT TO HURT ANYONE WHEN ALL WAS TAKEN FROM ME!?!?!?!Jeff The Killer LXI YES INFACT I DOKing Dr. Dark Whooves I HOW DARE YOU!Jeff The Killer LXI HOW WAS ANYTHING TAKEN FROM YOU?King Dr. Dark Whooves I I WILL MAKE THEM ALL SUFFER UNTIL THEY HAVE FELT THE PAIN THEY HAVE CAUSED ON ME!Jeff The Killer LXI NO ONE HAS DONE ANYTHING TO HURT YOUKing Dr. Dark Whooves I then you truly know nothing of me.Jeff The Killer LXI THEN WHO WAS IT? WHOAND DONT SAY EVERYONEI NEED TO KNOEKNOW*King Dr. Dark Whooves I you want to know?Jeff The Killer LXI yesi doKing Dr. Dark Whooves I First it was Holiday bending me around her finger LIKE A FUCKING RING!WE HAD A SON AND FOR ONCE I WAS HAPPY!then she left and took BOTH of my sons with her and she ran away with who? ONE OF MY OWN SONS!Jeff The Killer LXI i need to know who as in one personwho may have caused ALL of thisKing Dr. Dark Whooves I Nopony caused all of it. but they put all the pieces of the puzzle together!Jeff The Killer LXI ((this is real life i have to record this give me a sec)) Top of Form Jeff The Killer LXI WELL EVERY PIZZA IS WITH A CHEF, A PERSON WHO PLANNED IT TO HAPPENKing Dr. Dark Whooves I LET ME FINISH MY DAMN BACKGROUND STORY!Jeff The Killer LXI OKWHY ARE WE YELLING?INNNNNSIDE VOICEKing Dr. Dark Whooves I I HAVE NO BUCKING CLUE!fine!Jeff The Killer LXI Igoodgood*(( ))King Dr. Dark Whooves I the second! was my own son! I raised that child and he took MY WIFE AWAY FROM ME!Jeff The Killer LXI have you seen her in court for custody?King Dr. Dark Whooves I and told me to go to hell because he said I cheated on her! WTB! I never cheated on her! and no I don't want the little brat!Jeff The Killer LXI again court?King Dr. Dark Whooves I NO! I DON'T WANT TO DEAL WITH IT SHE IS HER PROBLEM NOW!HE*the third was Soarin!Jeff The Killer LXI the shadow-mortal?King Dr. Dark Whooves I my own little brother who I taught all that I knew! who I made and gave his very own shadow! betrayed the family and KILLED our eldest sister!Jeff The Killer LXI i killed him...King Dr. Dark Whooves I he is still immortal sadly.Jeff The Killer LXI nothere were witnessesKing Dr. Dark Whooves I like I said we only stay dead if we wish it.he put that on as a ruse we can die. but we don't stay dead.Jeff The Killer LXI dark, i pratically deleted every bit of his existenceexcept for his essencesmd resurected us but made him mortalKing Dr. Dark Whooves I that is a FACT of the family...the only way we can truly die is with an ancient sword of our forefathers he took it and killed DS with it!do not contest me on my own family!or now...lack there ofJeff The Killer LXI dark, have you heard of the time-void?it was on my home planetKing Dr. Dark Whooves I MOVING ON! and I could handle all of that, all of it.Jeff The Killer LXI it is literally a hole in everythingi held him in ithis life writhed away including his historyhe was almost just deleted all toghtheri dont beleive in death though12:35 AM King Dr. Dark Whooves I in your plane of existence. we are not bound by the laws of this may have deleted all he was here but you never thought "what if he came from out there?"Jeff The Killer LXI this sword you speak of?i beleive i know of itKing Dr. Dark Whooves I it is one you shall not have any knowledge of other than what I have told you! it is our most guarded secret!Jeff The Killer LXI when i fought soarin, he tried chocking me to death, a older me went back and stavved myselfstabbed*i used a sword, given to me by a close close friendKing Dr. Dark Whooves I what did it look like?Jeff The Killer LXI she is a archiolgist she gave it to me and said it didnt feel naturalKing Dr. Dark Whooves I WHAT DID IT LOOK LIKE JEFF ANSWER THE QUESTION!**bangs staff on ground**Jeff The Killer LXI it was a longsword with a shiny blade, it had a golden hilt with a strange looking mineral at the base, it somehow felt aliveit almost seemed to surge with energyKing Dr. Dark Whooves I ah that is one of our creations but not the one that can kill us.Jeff The Killer LXI when i stabbed myself it went through soarin when i stabbed myself, i dont know how but it felt like it weakened him(( i notice that i said when i stabbed myself twice))King Dr. Dark Whooves I the sword you describe was ther'droc the champion sword. it was forged by the first king of our order to wage war against all will hurt us...but it will not kill us.((I know I know))Jeff The Killer LXI is it possible that i weakened him enough for the time-void to effect him?King Dr. Dark Whooves I no. the effects of this realm have no effects on us... you would have to come into this realm to do any real harm with it but, that is impossible.Jeff The Killer LXI the time-void is not from our realmit is differentstrange to explainKing Dr. Dark Whooves I nor is it of ours. and that is my point, nothing but the weapons of our realm can hurt us...not even the time void...we are getting off topic though...Jeff The Killer LXI a galifreyan myth i learned when i was a child was it was like a rip in the fabric of everything, your realm and ours,even othersKing Dr. Dark Whooves I and nowno. a myth it was and is still. just that Jeff...a myth.Jeff The Killer LXI not a myth, wrong word, a better word is a theoryyesthats itdark i have lived a long time not as long as you but 925 yearsi literally travel in a portal simaler to the voidin my tardisanyways anything can get through these "rips"anythingKing Dr. Dark Whooves I Jeff. you can't comprehend our world. it doesn't obey any of the laws of anything you have come to know that is why it is so hard for you to understand...we are new to you.Jeff The Killer LXI that is true but understand this, i have seen race after race you name it ((tons of text warning))Adweam Ageless Alien Ambassador's species Alpha Centauran Anchrola Anubian Arar Jecks Arkonide Arucha Ascinta Astracane leech Atraxi B Balhoonian Balumin Bandersnatcher Bane (Dominion) Baracta Basprali Benelisan Berrus Berserker Boekind Boor Breeble Builder Buukvirm __N,N__ Caballan Callicon Canisian Caskelliac Ceccec Cerulian Chaktra Chantri Golem Charon (species) Chlorian Chorodoron Chronomite Cimliss Cineraria Citdbtbed Clockworks Collector Concepton Constructors of Destiny Council of Eight The Cran D Dark Dark Horde Deathsmiths of Goth Decevion Demon (Dalek Empire) Dentraal Devgherrian Dibinian Doovari Drexxon Drolag Drornidian __N=N__ Elemental Shade Ellillian Eskoni Esqueekeemmian Euterpian Eyeless F Feathered people Fleshsmith Flower Cultures Fodoran Fostarone Fushari G Gaijin Galatean Gandagum Garynth Gastronaut Gell guard Gendhi Geomatide Macros Glasseater Glob Go-Ray Goblin Grace Grelladian Grellig Grilon Grutcha Guldreasi Gumpii H Haemogoth Halldon Hanakoi Harrowkind Haxalian Hedenexian Hipocci Histrix Huduct Hufko Hurgalnook Huskian Hussuloofian I Iarcho Iq-Qaba Isari Iska'lanz'rm J Jagdagian Jariden Jathaa Jax Jell Jullatii Julsaen K Kaftakkrofakian Kagananaga Botizoid Kaldarean bedmite Kapteynian Jal Karath Keltan Khameirian Khorlthochloi Kladdavoreesh Kolranis Kork Kosnax Krakenite Krampus Krashok Kreech Super Krillitane Kulan K cont. Kusk L Lacaillan Lamadine Lammasteen Lava Snake Leppo Lom Lords of Jelsen Lurlak M Malakh Malevilus Mange Mites Mantocristolian Martian (The Last Resort) Medes Medusoid Melkene Mim Mirrorite Monasticy of Slom Monopod Moog Mutagenic protobioform Myakian Myloki N Narg (Tempest) Nekkistani Nerauinan Nightmare Creature Null O Oblongooni Okk Onihr Ontraag Oolian Oon Ooolatrii Oraapi Oroborous Worm Oshakarm Osirian __N%N__ Padrivole Pallushi Pantachian Rock Skipper Paragrolli Pen-Shoza Perganon Pipe person Plasmaton Plath Plutonian Plutonian microbe Posicarian Process Profiteer of Ephte Psionovore Pyron (species) Q Qetesh Quarsian Quintani Quirkafleeg Ralafean Raltean Ranfo The Remote you get the point right?but never have i seen a race like yoursKing Dr. Dark Whooves I you haven't. Jeff The Killer LXI how old is your species?King Dr. Dark Whooves I hmpf not to be biblical her butJeff The Killer LXI i know the weeping angels are as old as the universe and some olderKing Dr. Dark Whooves I we are form ever lasting to everlasting we always are and always were, we, are true gods.I don't remember how old I am lost count in the trillions of billions of millionsJeff The Killer LXI even gods die though like in greek myhology how the gods could kill one anotherKing Dr. Dark Whooves I haha they were but enlightened beings toying with the lives of mortal men. You know Zalgo won't admit it but he is a part of our race I doubt he even remembers.Jeff The Killer LXI that almost makes your race seem bad, no offencehe can only destroy a measly planet like earth and he is part of your raceKing Dr. Dark Whooves I he is a sheep lost from the herd. a youngling he doesn't truly know anythingJeff The Killer LXI also does your species have a name? its annoying to refer to it as "your species"King Dr. Dark Whooves I ...we are Dark...names do not suit us.Jeff The Killer LXI a bit dramatic, dont you think?King Dr. Dark Whooves I names would imply something singular we are not.· we are everything but nothing, large but small, a shout of life and the whisper of may call us that is the only thing which relates. · Jeff The Killer LXI does your species have anything planned, i mean on a large scale · like the destruction of, oh i dont know? everything · King Dr. Dark Whooves I no. we aren't violent unless we are pushed if we wanted to we could destroy everything. but what is the true point I have become violent because I was wronged. and I am done with the injustice of this was not an "easy" choice... · Jeff The Killer LXI let me askk you a few things · King Dr. Dark Whooves I proceed. · Jeff The Killer LXI is this universe a threat to the dark? · King Dr. Dark Whooves I no. · Jeff The Killer LXI ((awnser with yes or no)) · has this universe violated the laws of the dark? · ((say no)) · King Dr. Dark Whooves I no. · Jeff The Killer LXI okay one last one is this world protected · hello im the doctor · basically, run · King Dr. Dark Whooves I if my enemies come here, no if they stay away, yes · Jeff The Killer LXI ((yay epic moment )) · am i enemy? · for i am not hostile nor friendly · and not nutreul · ((fail spelling)) · King Dr. Dark Whooves I AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA you don't know enough or have done enough to be an annoyance to me! · Jeff The Killer LXI oh please, there have been SO MANY · i have killed a dark before · and if it comes to it i will do it again · King Dr. Dark Whooves I like I said. it twas a ruse. you still can't comprehend that which can not die unless by it's own hand! you. are. nothing. · Jeff The Killer LXI and it doesnt help that i have a friend who was informed about that bit of your races "exit" sword · and she just so happens to know how to fly the tardis · ((yay river )) · King Dr. Dark Whooves I you are but a speck on the existence of this universe, and we are a force greater than you can imagine, come, bring your tardis to my realm you will not survive. · Jeff The Killer LXI like i said i dont want to kill you or anyone · but if i have to, i will · King Dr. Dark Whooves I as nothing survives in your universe survives against the might of a black hole you will be crushed if you enter our world, the pure overload of knowledge in your brain will kill you. · Jeff The Killer LXI heh kill · what a funny word · its a roll of the tongue · *makes clicking noises with tongue* · King Dr. Dark Whooves I so many neurons making new connections, burning their way through your brain will...quite simply, "fry it" as you might say · hmpf you are amusing. · Jeff The Killer LXI as to you, anyways like i have mentioned i am not human, im not saying i will survive, but i will have time · and time is in my races name · King Dr. Dark Whooves I but I will take my revenge, first upon the traitor, then up on the royals who destroyed my trust! then...I will leave, you may not even see one of us ever again. but it is possible you will. · Jeff The Killer LXI no · i dont want one being to be hurt · even if its but a single celled oraganism · i dont want anything hurt · King Dr. Dark Whooves I well then you should have worked harder to save me. · Jeff The Killer LXI (thinks: i have to buy time where are you river?) · King Dr. Dark Whooves I I have wasted my time with you long enough, this conversation is over. **disappears** · Jeff The Killer LXI what if your race was not meant to tamper with my demension · perhaps only to moniter · NO · get back here · King Dr. Dark Whooves I (whispers in Jeff's mind your thoughts are no secret to me can not save these people, they will not die, but they will wish for it. the time has come for me to retire I am truley sorry we could not be allies) · Jeff The Killer LXI *the tardis appears with river song stepping out of it carrying a broad sword * · GET BACK HERE YOU COWARD! · i did not want it to come to this but it must · my friend here is the archiologist i mentioned earlier · King Dr. Dark Whooves I **reappears** let me show you my pain for a moment then! · Jeff The Killer LXI **unshealths sword** · Jeff The Killer LXI is this the so called blade of your race? · King Dr. Dark Whooves I **floods Jeff's and river's minds with so much information they are both stunned** · Jeff The Killer LXI heh · funny · alot of this i know that is what we have so far, me and soarin are making the sereis into a fan-fic
  5. So, if you live in any place in the world where the month is listed before the date (so basically the U.S.A.) then today is 3/14, or March 14, a.k.a. Pi-Day! This comes of course from 3.14, the rounded version of a rather important mathematical constant, being the date! Pi is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, and an irrational(non-ending) number. If you want to know more about what pi is, here is a link to enlighten you! So remember to have a good Pi-Day, find the circumference of a circle, recite pi to a thousand places, and of course, eat lots of pie! Pinkie approves of Pi-Day!