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Found 86 results

  1. Hello all! I'm quite curious to see how many of you have gotten tattoos inspired by the show, or would like to one day, or just your thoughts on the matter. I personally have yet to, but do plan on it some day soon(I'm pretty indecisive, so many options!). Currently have three tattoos non-related, one in the works, they all mean something special to me which is why I have them (and take so long to decide. It's a big decision!). I only became a brony/discovered the show back in October in one of the lowest points in my life and even almost became homeless, and it and the community have made a serious positive impact on me. I literally may not have made it through if not for this show, and I haven't been happier in years. This is why for me I want to get a MLP tattoo(s). Anyway definitely didn't mean to make this about me, just wondering about those who have MLP tattoos, why they got what they got/how it came about, what it means to them, etc. I wanted to make a thread where people can post pictures and stories of their lovely pony-related body art, and others can get inspiration and maybe even some help turning their ideas into ink. Soo have at it! ~V
  2. When I post a picture, it appears to have worked at first. I go to the thread and I can see it. But, when I log out and return to the forums later, the picture is gone and there is just text in its place. Can someone please help me fix this, and show me how to properly post a picture?
  3. Approximately 5 billion years ago, there was a supernova. Supernovae occur often throughout the universe, and are believed to occur somewhere on the order of once every 50 years in our Milky Way. Supernovae help illustrate the stellar circle of life. When one star dies, it can bring about the birth of many more. It may be odd to think of such a violent death bringing forth life. Indeed, if a supernova occurred too close to the Solar System, it would be lights out for us Earthlings. And yet, it was thanks to a supernova occurring reasonably close by that our solar system exists at all. Our story begins at the end, with a star dying in a massive explosion. The explosion generates a shockwave, this shockwave slams into anything in its way... Like a cloud of dust and gas, for instance. This shockwave can result in the cloud "clumping" together in places, and these clumps begin to attract more gas and dust. This process continues until they begin to heat up. As time passes, a star is born. Like this one, for instance: This is our sun. Some call it Sol. It is from this name that we derive Solar System. It may look quite brilliant now, but the sun is actually a relatively dim star! Here is what it would look like from about 40 light years away: It's hard to believe that speck is responsible for life here. And yet without it we're nothing. There are 8 planets (that we know of) in our Solar System, all born from the same cloud as our sun: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. But that list says nothing of asteroids, comets, dwarf planets, ices, or moons. It gives no indication of the immensity and relativistic small size of the solar system. There is so much to talk about, but we must start somewhere. So why not start close to our Sun? Mercury is the closest planet to the sun, the smallest in the solar system, and as of this posting, the least explored planet in our stellar neighborhood. At approximately 46.6 million km (28 million miles), Mercury completes an orbit around our star once every 88 days. It boasts extreme temperature differences, little to no atmosphere, and an unusually strong magnetic field for its size and history. Did I mention its also quite toasty on the day side? The side facing the sun enjoys a warm 700K day. This works out to approximately 427 C, or 800 F. And yet, on the night side things are not so hot. In fact, they're quite cold! Bone chilling, even. The side not facing the sun is usually around 100K (-173C, -280F). The poles are always below 180K. (-93C, -136F). These temperature variances are the most extreme on any known planet in our solar system. So, quite hot in the sun! The hottest in the solar system for sure, right? Wrong. Mercury may be the closest to the sun, but the hottest planet in our solar system is this beauty: It's Earth's sister planet, and the second from the sun, Venus. Named after the Roman Goddess of Love and Beauty, Venus is often considered Earth's sister planet. Before we got around to further studies of it, there was a popular theory that Venus' surface was a gorgeous and comfortable paradise of water, extraterrestrial grass, insects, animals and just life in general. It was, we supposed, a beauty both inside and out. Venus' surface is rendered above. Not a drop of water. The temperatures are a scathing 462 C (863 F, 735 K), atmospheric pressure at the surface is 92 times that of Earth, it rains sulfuric acid, and as of early 2020, evidence has emerged that Venus is volcanically active. Due to some type of uncertain event in its past, Venus is the only planet in the solar system to rotate clockwise, and it rotates so slowly that one day on Venus is longer than its year. With extremely hostile surface conditions, a remarkably slow rotation, and a toxic atmosphere, survival time at the surface of Venus unprotected would most likely be less than two minutes. There is a reason Carl Sagan referred to Venus as "the planet most like Hell." Our next stop is going to be a place you may have grown somewhat familiar with. Earth! (You are here) What is there to say about Earth? Well, do you have the whole day? No? You've got things to do? Well, in that case, let's just talk a little about it and a little friend of ours too. Spoilsport. The Earth is the veritable Goldilocks planet, in the Goldilocks zone. This basically means it's got just the right temperature for liquid water to exist, just the right magnetic field to help protect it from the solar wind, and just the right satellite to help stabilize it on its axis. Earth's official name is Terra, but its most used name is Earth. And nobody's quite sure who named Earth "Earth" for that matter. The average distance between the Earth and the Sun is a cozy 150 million km, or 93 million miles. Because distances in our solar system become quite vast, I will also include AU measurements from here on out. An AU is an Astronomical Unit. 1 AU is equal to 1 Earth-Sun distance. Our Earth is a beautiful place, and life is quite strong as our home is quite durable. But even our mighty Earth can be wounded or changed forever. Lest we regret it, it's in our best interest to do what we can to preserve its beauty, preserve its health, and protect its ecosystem. Except for mosquitoes. They can go. In the distance towards the bottom, we see Earth's most famous satellite: The Moon. It was given the name "Luna" by the Romans, and "Selene" by the Greeks. It is from the former that we derive the name "Lunar eclipse" or "Lunatic." The Moon is responsible for our tides and is also known to help stabilize the Earth's axis. If the moon was not present, Earth would wobble much more than it does now. It has been suggested that, the last time the Earth's axis altered a tenth of a degree, the Sahara Rainforest became the Sahara Desert. This, however, should be taken with a grain of salt. Bold claim! The moon is essentially tidally locked to its parent body. This means the moon rotates at just about the exact speed required to ensure the same side is always facing its parent body, save for the occasional libration. If it didn't rotate at all, we'd see the back on occasion! The moon's sunny side enjoys a toasty daytime temperature of 260 F, or 127 C (399 K). It's night side can dip to -280 F, or -173 C (This works out to about 100 K). The Far Side (not the comic) was first directly observed in c. 1959. The Moon's formation is likely to have been caused at least in part by the collision of a roughly Mars-sized planet with the Earth, known as Theia. We may cover Theia and the impact hypothesis in the future. For now, it's time to say farewell to our home and one of our best planetary friends, and say hello to our final inner planet... Mars. In the above picture we have the Martian family portrait- the planet itself, and its two moons: Phobos, and Deimos. Named after the Roman God of War and affectionately nicknamed "The Red Planet" Mars and Earth have a long history together. Mounting evidence suggests that, early in its existence, Mars hosted liquid water on its surface. But something happened to the planet, and it's now an inhospitable place. The mean temperature on Mars is around -80 F, -60 C, or 210 K. The poles can get down to -195 F, -125 C, or a little under 150 K. However, Mars has been known to get above freezing. Sometimes the temperature can be like that of a spring day on Earth! Mars averages approximately 142 million miles from the sun, or 228 million km. This works out to 1.5 AU, so 1.5 times the average Earth-Sun distance. We will cover its periapsis (closest point) and apoapsis (farthest) as well as go more in depth another time. In the meantime, there's more to this beauty we have to talk about! Did you know that Mars is home to the largest known volcano in the Solar System? This is Olympus Mons, an enormous shield volcano that makes Earth's own Mount Everest look like an anthill. At nearly 22 km (13.6 mi) in height, Olympus Mons is about two and a half times the height of Mount Everest at sea level. This is the volcano itself from a distance. Olympus Mons is a relatively young volcano, and it may still be active and have the potential to erupt in the future. This is the sky from the top of the volcano. I don't know about you but I spy Earth waving to us from the horizon! But we're not through yet! Did you know that Mars is also home to the largest known canyon system in our solar system? It puts the Grand Canyon to shame! This is Valles Marineris. It stretches more than 4,000 km long, 600 km wide in parts (average width is 200 km), and up to 7 km deep. For the imperial readers out there, that's almost 2,500 miles long, 372/124 miles wide, and almost 4.5 miles in depth. The Grand Canyon is around 277 miles long (446 km), 18 miles (29 km) wide, and its depth is a little over a mile (1.8 km). Valles Marineris positively dwarfs it! Finally, we have the moons. Phobos And Deimos There is an old myth that they were named such because their discoverer's wife threatened to keep supper from him if he didn't locate something interesting in the sky. So he named them after his wife: Phobos, meaning fear, and Deimos, meaning terror/panic. In reality, however, their names are derived from the chariot that the Roman God Mars was said to ride into battle. It was guided by two horses: Phobos (again, "Fear") and Deimos ("Panic"). Phobos and Deimos are two irregularly shaped objects whose origins remain controversial. Some think they accreted together, and others believe they are captured asteroids. Phobos has a radius of approximately 11 km, or 7 mi. It orbits very close to Mars at approximately 6,000 km, or 3,700 mi. Deimos is smaller and considerably more distant. Its radius is around 6.2 km (3.9 mi) and it orbits at an average distance of almost 23,500 km (approx. 14,500 mi) from the Martian surface. Both Phobos and Deimos are orbiting too close to Mars, and are expected to either collide with the Martian surface in the next 30-50 million years, or will be torn apart by tidal forces into a ring system. This whole thing has gone on for quite a while, wouldn't you say? I think it's time we call it for now. But above we see our first visit for the next entry. Some call it Earth's big brother... I hope to see you guys then! Until then, keep looking up!
  4. So, not really sure how 'in control' this will stay, but yeah. Basically, you have to post what the user above you says you post. Like I'll say, 'Post the 10th photo that you have in your camera roll' and it can be on any device. If you don't have, like, the 200th photo or something on that device, than say you don't have any 200th photo if you have only, like, 12 or something. Idk, it's just something I came up with 'cuz I was bored. So, Post the 50th photo you have on your camera roll!
  5. You basically answer the question above with either a picture of GIF or ask a question using one. It doesn't have to say the question as long as you just ask one and use a related picture. This includes memes. Starting with something silly and simple:
  6. Title says it all folks. Just post a cuter picture of our favorite Apple horse than the one above you. I'll start....
  7. Here are some of the pics I took during my trip to Disneyland. I haven't been to the resort in over 15 years so a lot has changed... Disneyland Hotel Disney California Adventure entrance Cars Land Paradise Pixar Pier under construction Me and my sister in front of the station Looking down Main Street Big Thunder Mountain Disneyland Railroad Sleeping Beauty Castle and Matterhorn Me posing by the castle Small World with the train passing by Sleeping Beauty Castle at night
  8. Image one Image two CLOSED Submissions will be open for 3 (three) months from today so Submissions close on the 2nd of March PLEASE READ THE RULES I have to make edits on my own time please follow the rules Applicant requirements: You must meet one of the following. (of you will be rejected) 1. Must be a Member for a least 2 months. (as of closing date) 2. Be a Sub/Donor or member of staff (including any Poni staff) 3. have the rank (post rank) of a bunny 4. actually have either roleplayed or other active posting (subject to me checking) Image requirements: Now for the Image rules: your Image must adhere to all of these rules (or you will be rejected) A) NO AND I MEAN NO sexualised images B ) any 'Canon' race will be accepted (anything seen in the show, film or comics hell even made up ones ) C) Transparent background D) PNG!!! E) Don't post large Images keep them under a reasonable size F) Only one pony in the image no pairs of couples/groups G) appropriate stance (examples below) H) Full body shot with no background Now apart from that PM me with questions. All images will go through a vetting process 1. I accept the image 2. I vet your account If your image is rejected you will be notified in PM as to why and given an opportunity to correct it. If accepted I will update this topic that you are in and brohoof your submission. PLEASE READ THE RULES CAREFULLY So apart from all that shoot me your Images people! Last years effort on my part: First years work:
  9. Hello, I'm starwantrix (yesh sounds like ObiWanKenobi, it's ok, I'm jedi too). Here's my stuff. Great and Powerful stuff, be awared of that. (Only my favorite ones will be here, if you want some other pics check my deviantart - That's all for now.
  10. So here goes nothing this is the original project below The goal of this project of for the community to submit their OC's or ponysonias for a 'class' photo style thing, made by me (looking for more talented artist to make the collage) Only accepting Canon races and styles no half n' half Submissions will be open for 1 (one) month from today so SUBMISSIONS CLOSE 26/2/2016 (26th of February 2016) APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED!! Ok first things first there quite a few rules to go on: PLEASE READ THE RULES CAREFULLY You must meet one of the following. (of you will be rejected) 1. Must be a Member for a least 2 months. (as of closing date) 2. Be a Sub/Donor or member of staff (including any Poni staff) 3. have the rank (post rank) of a bunny ​4. actually have either roleplayed or other active posting (subject to me checking) Now for the Image rules: your Image must adhere to all of these rules (or you will be rejected) A) NO AND I MEAN NO sexualised images B ) any 'Canon' race will be accepted (anything seen in the show or film) C) Transparent background D) PNG!!! E) Don't post large Images keep them under a reasonable size F) Only one pony in the image no pairs of couples/groups ​G) appropriate stance (examples below) H) Full body shot with no background Now apart from the PM me with questions. All images will go through a vetting process 1. I accept the image 2. I vet your account If your image is rejected you will be notified in PM as to why and given an opportunity to correct it. If accepted I will update this topic that you are in and brohoof your submission. Examples: So apart from all that shoot me your Images people! PLEASE READ THE RULES I have to make edits on my own time please follow the rules Night theme
  11. I have now made a couple of other ponies as Wonderbolts. Of course I would like more images in the form make. if you oc's considered Wonderbolts want like the only rule I do not alicorns. I'm going to see you so here are some pictures Rein items you can order exactly what I mean. I got on deviantart already a lot of good criticism. So I just hope that it you also like. Of course it is also possible to donate whom you like it but as I said there is no obligation or something like that For more pictures of me coming on my deviantart profile link :
  12. hello! I want you to post pictures of your oc, in the weirdest picture they've been in, along with a normal version. It's simple, to tart a conversation on how fun it can be to have an oc. I'll go first First; a picture i got for a thumbnail for youtube 1 (weird) : If you know who he is dressed as, you get a cookie. 2: (Normal):
  13. i worked really hard on a signature and it wont let me upload it. i used imagur like a previous resolved question said to n tried the link but i think they changed their site since then and the link wont work.
  14. I didn't find any forums like this, so I thought that I would make one. So it's simple, just post pictures of things that make you happy. It can be about anything even if it's not pony related. I'll go first. What makes me happy are pictures of Rainbow Dash dressed as Scout from TF2, mostly because I love Rainbow Dash and I love Scout.
  15. The person above you will post two pics! guess which one is the actual person, and put two of your own! Mine's pretty difficult!
  16. Hello! I see you were curious to see what was inside my blog Here, you will find what seems to be my storage full of pictures of Stormlight Credit goes to the awesome people I mention below :3 First Five Made by Venomous Made by Aapplooza Made by Aminentus Made by Vital Spark Made by WheatleyCore Made by bambiki Click for Cuteness! Made by Auriel Click for sly posing Made by DJ Spacer Click this one for Pic! And another version here Made by Prypriat Pony Equestria Girls version Equality Pony version If my OC had a snooty personality Made by Prophet Now with headphones! To Be Continued...
  17. I am trying to add a few more pictures and gifs to my profile. However, they don't show up and turn into either text or links. Is there a limit to how many pictures you can have on your profile (I also put the pics into spoilers)?
  18. Hey guys! I'm new here, but I've seen a problem I've been having the past few minutes of me being here - Especially on the more popular thread. I've noticed that there are a lot of problems with the pictures. Now, my computer isn't old, but sometimes I'm doing other things, and sometimes these other things MAY take up a lot of computer usage. This can make me lag and such when it's loading 10 large sized pictures at once, and can make it confusing. You could make it where pictures that are SMALLER than a certain pixel size (Im not good with pixels) can be made without spoilers, but anything larger than that has to be. I'm sorry if I sound rude posting this >3<
  19. Hey everyone! I'm back in town and I thought I'd share some of the photos I took while I was in Alaska. I have to say, without a doubt, the dogsledding was my favorite part. I managed to get my sister to hold a puppy below a sign I thought was funny. I had also managed to spot a moose. Admin Edit. Alaska is gorgeous. Anyone else have any interest in visiting? ~ Jeric
  20. Hi there, not sure if there's someplace I was supposed to put this kind of thing already or not, if there was I'm sorry and please direct me to the proper place. So I was looking around on my computer and found some sort-of older nature pictures that I took, and some were pretty cool. I separated most of the good from the meh and decided to show what I've got. To give you a general idea of some of the pics: I got some nice pictures of things like: Just nature, a small whirlpool (in a stream) that you could see almost all the way down to it's end, birds(Some common ones(One of which stole nearly an entire tortilla) and some not so common), and a couple of insects(Butterflies and a Dragonfly).
  21. Pardon me dearly if this has ever been done before, but back on my 'home' forums, there's a "Post Pictures About Your Life" thread and it worked really, really well! So, I'm starting one here! You're allowed to post anything related to your life, of course, if it fits in the guidelines of the rules! Selfies, pictures of your dog, Starbucks, the sky, anything relating to you! To start off, I'll post a selfie!~
  22. Does anyone know how I can add pictures and where I can add them?
  23. Whenever i go to put an image in my signature (it is 600X100) it comes coming up with something about the image extention. I've tryed wth .png and .jpg and neither work. Please help someone D:
  24. Post in here, pictures from where you are! Don't need to name your area, just pictures will do. Like this.... Pictures of my house in Summer: Pics from the 2011 Blizzard: Pics from the forest preserve by me. Pilcher Park: My area last Fall:
  25. You all are most likely better than me but I'll post some of my stuff. I hand drew them then transferred to the computer to Outline and Color them in. Critic as much as you want! Also I'm tired so I didn't add spoilers. I also don't know how.....ehh. He has a cigar.... Magic Time! (Without Improved Jacket and Eye) Standard Look Heh... I didn't draw that. How'd that get there?