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Found 67 results

  1. I've been thinking lately, who would win in a fight? Cupcake's Pinkie Pie or Pinkamena Diane Pie? You can use anything from the fandom about them BUT it has to be about that version of the great Butcher; for example: You can't use information about Pinkamena for Pinkie and vise versa. Now then, let the battle begin!
  2. Hello guy/girl who just saw this and click on it i dont have many friends cause they all think im crazy 4 liking this show and well i could use some new friends cause most of my good friends turned into total assholes when i started high school last year and the ones that are still nice to me and people moved away so im looking 4 some new friends will u be my friend random person
  3. If you don't like either, what do you like? My favorite is....
  4. Pretty simple topic here: how do you like your pizza? Pizza is serious business and tastes in it are very different. For some people it's all about the toppings, while for others the type of crust makes all the difference. And then there are those who care just as much about both or don't care much about either, because they love and will eat anything. My preferences have changes a lot since I was a kid. Back then I preferred deep dish or pan crusts, whereas these days I'm all about the thin crust. Toppings should ALWAYS include copious amounts of mushrooms because mushrooms are the best thing in the universe, and you know it. :V Other good toppings for me includes onions, bell peppers, and at least one kind of sliced meat (because sausage bits have a terrible texture to me). This could be pepperoni, salami, capicola, or sliced meatballs. Pepperoni would be my last preference of those, but it's the most ubiquitous. Go light on the cheese, please. Hey now, I love cheese passionately, but it shouldn't be the primary ingredient of the pizza, it should accent everything else and simply help to hold it together. A mouthful of gooey cheese, the taste of which overpowers everything else, isn't my idea of a good time. And while we're at it, do you have a favorite pizza franchise or a local place you love to frequent? We have a few Italian places here that make good pizza but no true pizzerias.
  5. During my company's potluck, we had the oppritunity to raise funds by buying tickets to throw a pie at a supervisor's face. Needless to say I chipped in and will be throwing it in the face of the supervisor of the 2nd shift, who've been a pain in my backside since day one. So have you ever thrown a pie at an enemy? A friend? A stranger? Ever had a pie thrown at you?
  6. I would be a Peach Cobbler! Oh yes...I love the aroma of it, the taste of it, the warmth of it! Simply a divine treat for any occasion!
  7. If you don't already know, you can go to to find out. Average human I.Q. is 100. My I.Q. is 134, considered "Gifted". 2.5 percent of the population scored this high.
  8. With Thanksgiving being tommorrow, I would like to ask...what are your favorite kinds of pie? Apple, pumpkin, pecan, etc? And what kind of pies do you have during the holidays, if any? We always bake an apple and pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, and every couple of years we might make a cherry or pecan pie along with it as well. And my favorite pie? Apple, of course! Now for Christmas, we sometimes might have a key lime pie. Which is always sooo good!
  9. Heya everypony, so I tried to listen to the critique yall gave me earlier and I came up with this I gotta say I'm a lot more happy with this than the other one!
  10. So... Yesterday, I rewatched The Best Gift Ever (because I had enjoyed it so much), and I spotted something that I completely missed during the first go-around, something that totally blew my freakin' mind. It was a quick shot during the "One More Day" montage. It was so quick that you could easily miss it. (Obviously, since I did the first time.) Perhaps I'm the only one who didn't catch this, in which case I'll look the fool. Fillies and gentlecolts, set your faces to stunned: BOOM! Big reveal! Marble likes Big Mac! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?! So, the whole freakin' fandom shipped MarbleMac after they met in Hearthbreakers on account of how adorable they were around each other, but y'know, it was just blushing because they were both so shy. There was no solid canon evidence that it was anything more than just a one-off gag....until now. So....Marble likes Big Mac, and now she's heartbroken that he's taken! Wow. Mind blown. And that poor thing! I feel so sorry for her. She should have made a move when she had the chance. Somepony needs to tell her that it's not too late. It's not like Big Mac and Sugar Belle are married. And between you and me, I think Sugar Belle is an airhead. She's weird and ditzy and I don't like her. Frankly, I wish Big Mac would tell that bimbo to take a hike and start dating Marble instead. So, this is just another little teaser that makes me love the lesser-known Pie sisters all the more. I really like Marble and Limestone, and I wish we could see more of them. I find them to be two of the most intriguing characters on the show, probably because I relate so strongly to them. We know that both of them are lonely, and wish they had coltfriends. Limestone said as much when she adamantly insisted she wasn't jealous of Maud's new coltfriend, despite that fact that nopony so much as even implied that Lime was jealous. And now we know that Marble's heart is aching. I'd absolutely love to learn more about these two . One of my very top S9 wishlist items is a Marble and Limestone spotlight, but I seriously doubt it will happen. We sure as Tartarus don't need any new characters for S9. We have enough! What we need is deep dives and development of great existing characters, like these two. Pinkie left the rock farm at a pretty young age. She knew from when she was a filly that rocks weren't her destiny. Maud stayed on the farm for awhile longer, but eventually left as well to pursue her own [rock related] life. But Marble and Lime never left, and now they're quite lonely. My headcanon is that they're extremely close, inseparable, though each wishes she had more of a life. I imagine them feeling jealous of Pinkie and Maud for moving away and making something of themselves. I imagine them feeling somewhat trapped and frustrated. I feel so sorry for both of these beautiful mares, as they seem like the only characters who aren't happy with their lives. Limestone is perpetually angry, but I imagine her actually being a very warm pony who is just misunderstood. She doesn't exude a cheerful demeanor like Pinkie, so ponies push her away, which makes her angry, which makes ponies push her away more. (I see a lot of myself in Lime, here.) Every time we see Marble, no matter where she is, she looks sad. Oh, we've seen a brief smile from her now and then, usually a "Mm hmm" in response to something Pinkie said, but she never seems like she's truly happy. She had a sad look on her face from the moment she arrived at Sweet Apple Acres, long before she saw Big Mac with Sugar Bimbo. Perhaps Marble suffers from depression, too. (I see a lot of myself in Marble, too.) Both of them seem unhappy to me. Imagine both of them leaning on each other for support, holding each other together. They'd be completely lost without each other. I imagine them having no friends, nopony but each other (not counting their other sisters, when they visit). I imagine Limestone being the "strong" one, the rock that sensitive Marble leans on. Despite her rough exterior, I picture Limestone being extremely fond of her baby sister, and doing anything to protect her. Limestone wants nothing more than to see Marble happy, but doesn't know how to help her. Marble's depression makes it more difficult for her to get through life, and she needs more help, and relies on Lime a lot, and Marble sees the emotional toll that takes on her sister. She wishes she could help, too. I picture countless hours and many untold nights of long talks, long hugs, and shed tears. I imagine many times that Marble knocked on Lime's door late at night and woke her up just because she needed a hug and a shoulder to cry on. Limestone, being the rock that she is, never minded, and just held her baby sister until she was cried out. Both wish they could find happiness... for each other, and for themselves. These are just my wacky headcanons, though. I wish they'd do a deep-dive into the relationship of these two. I want a S9 episode that revolves around them, preferably without sight nor sound of the mane 7. Perhaps just a brief appearance by Maud and Pinkie, and that'd be it. And it would simply be called Sisters. How about y'all? What are your headcanons about the lonely Pie sisters? Anything you want to say about them--just throw it in here!
  11. Which is the best dessert? Cake or pie?
  12. Hello Bronies and Pegasisters! So, I don't know if any of you have seen the promo of MLP: FIM - Season 7 Episode 4 - Rock Solid Friendship, but shortly in the episode there is actually......
  13. Yes, the title reference was intentional. Yes, I kinda like a lot Littlest Pet Shop. I was thinking about making a reference about David Bowie's Let's dance song, but I think this one's a little more related Maybe tomorrow I'll make a Bowie reference with the Crusaders. Or not. I just love seeing ponies dance. ♫ Twitter! deviantArt!
  14. Hey everyone! Did a cute little Pinkie Pie drawing today, and thought I'd upload it here So far, I've also drawn Twilight Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer and Fluttershy! Hope you guys like them! Feel free to let me know what you think!
  15. Hi all! Last night we hit over $1500, so we have a new goal for ya. A pie to the face challenge. On a riff of an ice bucket challenge suggested by @DerpyFIM4. To help raise awareness of our drive for charity: water, brave volunteers will film themselves striking themselves in the face with a pie. Put it on your facebook or youtube channel and share below to help spread the word for our charity drive. And bring on the lols. I know that Jonas Darkmane () has a video waiting to share, so he'll probably be the first. I can't wait to see what you guys come up with!
  16. I made a simple drawing of Pinkie Pie yesterday. Here it is. Diviantart: Speedpaint:
  17. Balareth

    Ask a Cake!

    Ask me anything! ill be more than happy to answer you! best regards from the Curiosity Cake!
  18. Pinkie Pie might be a great baker, but could she give Applejack a run for her money when it comes to apple related deserts? What do you think Applejack or Pinkie?
  19. It failed mostly because of the background Any opinions, mostly advice and tips? Its fun to make wallpapers, and I might open a request shop for making wall papers, but, I need practice! Im just going to upload a few wallpapers here and then until I get better and get more advice Here are two more:
  20. Why is she bright pink when the rest of her family is boring amish -rock inspired colours and hues? Is she supposed to represent gems, and isn't she one of triplets, and thus should represent her sisters colours more? Also does happiness in their family equate to curly hair, and would the others have curly hair if they suddenly became as cheerful as her, as she has straight hair when she is of the same mindset as the rest of them..?
  21. So I'm really bored. Redoing some of my older stuff. Doodled this in my sketchbook with one of my colored pencils. Kinda messed up the hoof but it's just a doodle so whatevz. Then Now
  22. Seems like a lot of people like this pairing but I just don't see it. My thoughts is that they're too similar and that there's not really any chemistry. Please try to change my mind. :3
  23. I have always felt that while Pinkie is really valuable to her friends, for the purpose of the show, she's only ever served as a comic relief for the main cast. Her element is laughter, but that seems just so ambiguous- it's not like "happiness"/"joy", and most of the time she expresses her element through parties and her personal energy. But in the context of Equestria and its actual problems, it seems like the Element of Laughter isn't one that really helps the team all that much. I have always felt that the elements are rather mis-weighted (kindness vs. generosity? Loyalty vs. honesty? and then LAUGHTER??), and I just find it hard to say that laughter/joy is technically virtuous. The other 4 (minus TS) have character traits, but Pinkie has more of a "talent" or a mood. How often has Pinkie's element actually helped the team? :okiedokielokie: What do you guys think about this? P.S. I don't mean to bash on Pinkie- I still love her!
  24. wah! i worked so hard on this.. gosh.. i love her oc toooooo muuucchhhhh i have so much more to work on... opo
  25. Pretty much anything said by Pinkie Pie becomes a famous quote, I'm trying to remember them, here's one "Oatmeal, are you crazy?" What ones can you think of?