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Found 64 results

  1. Luna's game a scary game that you needed to download in order to play, I first discovered it when I was looking up on of my favourite youtubers "some ordinary gamers" he is into creepy stuff so I watch him play it and first pops up a creepy applebloom but I was not scared by it, the only thing that got me good was when pinkie pie popped up when the game closed saying "this isn't over". the rest to me was not scary. what did you think about it.
  2. How could anyone look at this: and see a deluded monster? Sure, it looks like it, on the surface. But you know the saying. There's something more here. "My friends don't like my parties and they don't want to be my friends anymore." Pinkie Pie's existence is defined by how happy she makes the people around her, her friends mean everything to her. Pinkie Pie, unfortunately, has spent so much time giving to those around her that she forgot to keep some for herself. The pony who remembers the birthday of every pony in Ponyville can't remember her own because in her mind, it doesn't matter. She hardly matters; she's happy just giving herself to those around her. But this presents a problem, since she's limited in the number of ways she can really communicate with other ponies. While they can talk about politics or their personal hobbies, Pinkie can't do that. When she tries, she often ends up confusing ponies, who often find her random, confusing, or over the top. If she can't talk to people, how else do you get them to know you? How did Pinkie Pie, of all ponies, solve such a complex problem? She threw a party. Parties,telling jokes,practical jokes...they're more than just Pinkie's pastime, they're her identity. It's an ultimate form of expression, a telling of who Pinkie really is beyond her ability to communicate via mouth. A party from Pinkie means many things, chief among them being: I remember you. I want you to remember me. I want you to be happy. I love you. I want you to love me. So imagine one day your friends just decide they hate your parties with no warning. When Pinkie Pie says "they don't want to be my friends anymore", she means it. Not liking Pinkie's parties means you don't like Pinkie; you can't like pinkie. It's an essential part of who she is; it's like liking Fluttershy, but hating animals. But it gets worse. Pinkie Pie now has no way to even express herself to them anymore, since the biggest part of her life is an offense to them. Parties weren't just their happiness, it was hers as well. Through making other ponies smile, she finds her joy. If she can't do that, what can she do? She'd have to spend every waking moment of the rest of her life drowning in sadness and anger at the friends who rejected her. She'd bottle up all that negative energy until she couldn't contain it anymore, and then she'd completely lose it In that situation, she might really do something bad, to herself or to others. Pinkie Pie loves her friends, and she would never do anything to hurt them. But she can't keep holding on to all of this negative energy. So,true to her form, stuck between a rock and a hard place, Pinkie finds a third option. She shuts down. In an attempt to make the pain go away, she closes herself off to anything that might be a threat to her emotionally. That's what "Pinkamena" is; a last ditch attempt created in order to preserve what's left of Pinkie Pie. In a way, her "insanity" was created to prevent her from going insane; drilling a hole into Pinkie Pie's "volcano" to let the magma out before the whole thing explodes. She recreated a world with her friends in it because of how much it hurts to live without them. At her party, she harshly rejects her "old" friends not because she hates them, but because seeing them causes her pain. She desperately wants them to be friends, but she thinks they don't want her anymore. When she's told otherwise, she turns back into happy, bouncy, Pinkie Pie in the blink of an eye. Knowing that her friends still need her is all it takes to turn her back to normal. That was always what it took; Pinkamena is the lock, and her friends are the key. In essence, "Pinkamena" is not some psychotic twisted version of Pinkie; she's not even a bad thing. She's simply a panic button, closing Pinkie off to anything that might hurt her until she's ready to smile again. Pinkie Pie will always be Equestria's happiest pony, but there are sometimes things even she can't just laugh at. When that happens, and she needs extra help, Pinkamena steps in to protect her until her friends can come save her. Because the softest hearts sometimes bruise the hardest.
  3. Within the show, "Pinkamena" is just simply either a very sad Pinkie, a Pinkie with an alternate hairstyle, or a Pinkie who instead lived like Applejack. But sad Pinkamena's wild face, combined with an association with the murderous Pinkie of "Cupcakes", made such a cute, long-maned pony into a ridiculous little horror. This resulted in three interpretations of the Pinkamena character: "Pinkamena the Monster", as in the grimdark Pinkamena that sends chills up some bronies' spines "Pinkamena the Punk/Emo", apparently a bit influenced by fanon Pinkamena's sombre, moody attitude "Pinkamena the Sweet", Pinkamena minus the horrific parts of her fanon -- now she has become into a cute character, like Pinkie. (As for me, I imagine Pinkamena to be like Rarity, due to her mane being a bit stylish.) Which of these do you imagine Pinkamena to be?
  4. A quick depressing but beautiful piece I made in Photoshop! "When there is sadness, friends will always be there. But when your friends aren't there, sadness is your only friend." Brony.memes is my Instagram page in case anyone asks about it.
  5. Just finished this orchestral piece, inspired by that crazy, straight-haired pink horse.
  6. This was just something I did. It was originally gonna be Starlight as Barbie(As a voice actor joke). But it turned into something like this. I didn't like how the lighting came out, sadly. This is what I get for using Artrage over Photoshop. XP
  7. When I was just randomly looking up cute Pinkamena pictures for some reason I really thought that she may have some potential in some kind of way. Giving her an episode dedicated to this split persona of Pinkie pie would be nice but I think having some spin-off type thing that has her as a separate character instead of a split persona would be much better. I thought maybe it would be a really creative idea to give her an 8-10 episode mini-series about some other more depressing world she has to face. What do you guys think? Do you think having a short mini-series for Pinkamena would be a good idea or do you think some character should get a mini-series instead?
  8. Desc from da: Been feeling a bit down lately, so I animated Pinkamena. Done in Sai. Took me a little over half-a-day, but sooo worth it This was at 24 fps, but it was too fast; so I added a 0.1 sec delay in PS. This also has 11 frames, all are unique. Might add more frames to this later. Wow, it's been ages since I posted anything here, sorry guys:p I'll try not to let that happen again.
  9. Most of Pinkie's fans will agree that her cheerful personality and ability to make them smile is her most endearing quality. And while I agree with this 100%, I have to admit that I also find her to be just as lovable when she's sad and depressed. Now, I'm not saying that I enjoy seeing Pinkie unhappy. No no no no no. But I have to admit that during Party Of One I quite liked it when she was speaking in a more low-key voice and acting a little less spastic than normal. Plus she looks adorable with straight hair. Is there anyone else who thought the same thing as me?
  10. Roof, hanging from the stars on a blue night with a party cannon full of marshmallows and a mix of candy bars :3 P.S. Those with the best answears win a hug from the CMC
  11. Not happy with how Trixie and (especially) Pinkamena look, but I like how the others came out. Anyway, more to come soon, cuz I gotta learn this style:3
  12. this is a comic about a 'pony' named scare effect on a mission to hunt down the evil sides of the mane 6. this takes place in another world opposite to Equestria in every way. i hope you enjoy. fyi.Scare Effect is insane and psychotic
  13. Yup, its a thing. Have never really done anything with Pinkamena. Now I have.
  14. So, I hope you like it... It's a chibi Pinkie with a knife in her head (not serious blood) and confetti!!! I also censored the nudity, so I wouldn't exactly call it "inappropriate" and if you're interested... I have a speed paint on it
  15. Pinkie Pie wont smile. So i guess i'll do it for her.
  16. I don't cry anymore. Don't feel bad, or sad. Or happy, or mad. I feel nothing. And that's exactly what i have left. Alternative:
  17. I was experimenting with darker atmospheric synth sounds and breakdowns, one thing led to another and this happened
  18. Zero


    So one of my online friends is heavily into Pinkamena and he seems down from time to time so I tried drawing him a pic First time drawing without a base as well Some parts noticeably need work but since I didn't use a base for a change I think it's average.
  19. So, I don't know if this has been suggested or not or if it is just too stupid for forums or something but what if you could make/have/be in groups? Like you could make a Derpy and Luna Fan club or A Brony Group or something? I don't know if it would just be to contributing to the fact that you can make groups discluding people and you could make them upset or whatever or if it's just too stupid for forums or whatever. I don't know.
  20. Short and simple. Someone should make a game where you play as Pinkamena and go on a killing spree. It should either be a 3D game or a top view game. I think it would be better as a 3D game.
  21. this topic is where all my art work and ideas for my comic that aren't in it go i will leave a link below to it's forum page(keep in mind its not finished it is still a work in progress.).also i'm including characters i cut this was the original villian. then i realized i should use her in another comic.
  22. WARNING: THIS GAME HAS JUMPSCARES BUT IT'S FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSE. SO IF YOU DON'T LIKE BLOOD AND HORROR THEMED MLP GAMES, AND FOR SOME REASON YOU DO THEN ENJOY. I sure wish that Rainbow Dash would just wake up to end my nightmare of facing Pinkie Pie again. This is a Freddy Kruger style exe game! COME ON GIVE ME A BREAK! Or maybe she can just wallow on this nightmare forever! I'm so negative hahahaha! I play these exe games to expose the evil that they are! Never trust any exe games even if they meant to show that they are fun.