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Found 43 results

  1. I've been thinking lately, who would win in a fight? Cupcake's Pinkie Pie or Pinkamena Diane Pie? You can use anything from the fandom about them BUT it has to be about that version of the great Butcher; for example: You can't use information about Pinkamena for Pinkie and vise versa. Now then, let the battle begin!
  2. No, this is not an Ask Topic but rather an Art Topic that i will update as soon as a new answer is drawn on my Tumblr Blog. It is a Blog About Pinkamena of Course but since my art is Pretty bad, it is just supposed to Keep the legacy of Pinkamena Blogs alive as soon as someone actually good tries to create something again. That is at least the Basic Idea. ( it is SFW, doesnt contain gore ) These ones were Doodles that i made: And These ones are random Images i made for a bad webside and a german Forum: And now the actual drawn answers: Oh yeah, the Candy mare also makes an appeareance on the Blog. Doodles: Actual Candymare ask: Dorufine also also occasionally makes an appeareance: Dorufine Plumina Pie Asks: By the way, someone else told me i should do this Topic ( okay fine they only told me i should post one Image ) otherwise i dont think i would have bothered you all, so it is all his fault. By the way you can all post critic if you like, even though i know my art is Pretty bad i dont have a delusion or anything.
  3. First question you may ask. What is P.T.P.D.? First off P.T.P.D. stands for Post Traumatic Pinkamena Disorder. Basically it's like P.T.S.D. but it happens every time you see anything relating to Pinkamena or the killing of ones own friends. I suffer from this and almost had a mental breakdown when one of my friends said he had dreams of him having voices in his head telling him to kill his friends. If you suffer from P.T.P.D. then just know you aren't alone.
  4. Hello everyone so I'm not 100% sure if this goes here so I apologize if its in the wrong place, but I am looking to cosplay as Pinkamena and will be having her notorious cutie mark dress made now that's where all you lovely ponies come in now if you would like your OC to have their cutie mark added to the dress leave the name of your OC and their cutie mark now its going to be randomly picked I am going to be using a random generator to choose who's cutie mark gets added so NOT everybody will be chosen, but if chosen your OC will be killed and their cutie mark added and also turned into a cupcake if chosen so that's everything I look forward to pulling some numbers out. RULES 1. THIS IS NOT A FIRST COME FIRST SERVE NAMES WILL BE RANDOMLY CHOSEN SO NOT EVERYBODY WILL BE ADDED 2.POST YOUR OC AND THEIR CUTIE MARK 3.IF YOUR OCS CUTIE MARK HAS ANY OF THE CANON CHARACTERS CUTIE MARKS ON IT THEN SORRY IT WON'T BE ACCEPTED DUE TO I AM ALREADY ADDING THE MANE 6S AND SOME OTHERS CUTIE MARKS ONTO IT SO I DON'T WANT THE SAME CUTIE MARK ON THERE TWICE.
  5. Within the show, "Pinkamena" is just simply either a very sad Pinkie, a Pinkie with an alternate hairstyle, or a Pinkie who instead lived like Applejack. But sad Pinkamena's wild face, combined with an association with the murderous Pinkie of "Cupcakes", made such a cute, long-maned pony into a ridiculous little horror. This resulted in three interpretations of the Pinkamena character: "Pinkamena the Monster", as in the grimdark Pinkamena that sends chills up some bronies' spines "Pinkamena the Punk/Emo", apparently a bit influenced by fanon Pinkamena's sombre, moody attitude "Pinkamena the Sweet", Pinkamena minus the horrific parts of her fanon -- now she has become into a cute character, like Pinkie. (As for me, I imagine Pinkamena to be like Rarity, due to her mane being a bit stylish.) Which of these do you imagine Pinkamena to be?
  6. Hello everypony as the title says you can ask Pinkie Pie, Pinkamena, Fluttershy and Scootaloo any question only rule is nothing sexual I actually did 2 videos on ask Pinkie Pie here is the videos if your interested ANY QUESTIONS ASKED WILL BE MADE INTO A VIDEO INSTEAD OF TEXT ANSWERS SO ASK AWAY.
  7. A little song I decided to put together. Enjoy!
  8. I have decided that I am going to release the ask videos every Monday and Friday so all questions will be answered I do apologize for the wait of the videos, but I have decided to make a schedule for the videos so that way it gives everybody time to ask questions and once again the ponies to ask is Pinkie Pie, Pinkamena, Fluttersy and Scootaloo your welcome to ask any of those ponies and you can ask the same pony as many questions as you want. I HAVE DECIDED TO ADD MORE PONIES YOU CAN ASK QUESTIONS TO THERE IS 4 ALL TOGETHER SO YOU CAN ASK PINKIE PIE, PINKAMENA, FLUTTERSHY AND SCOOTALOO SO ASK AWAY. NOTICE: THE VIDEO HAS BEEN POSTED IN A SEPARATE COMMENT DOWN BELOW ENJOY THE VIDEOS EVERYPONY. Hello everypony I plan on making a video called ask Pinkie Pie or Pinkamena I can do the voice of Pinkie Pie its not perfect not exact due to I am not the voice actor for her, but I thought it would be fun to make a video answering questions using her voice I feel its a way I can interact with fans of My Little Pony so please do leave your questions below when there is enough questions I will start on the answers then post the video on here once done. Rules: Do Not Ask Anything Sexual
  9. Here is a Video of 2 cancelled Animation Projects and some crappy random Bits, that are only partly animated from some deleted Troll Video. And here is the Pinkamena Flash in a better Quality : Thats it. Im now gonna continue, to fall into obscurity again for the next months.
  10. Hello One and all, it is I Professor Clockwork of The Clockwork Complex. What I am bringing to everypony here is that I am looking for a few people for a backup chorus for a new song parody that I am currently making called Actual Cannibal Pinkamena. What I am looking for are about 5 Girls and 5 Guys who have at the least a decent mic and dedicated. Here is the link if you want to check out the lyrics: And use the actual song that im doing the parody as a reference: You will be credited when the final product is completed. SO until then, I hope to hear from you.
  11. This is going to be [my] official dumping page for all MLP related drawings. Only a few for now. add more as i make them. made using my tablet. made for the pure sake fun. I need the practice. (2nd image) Sovereign from mass effect. (3rd image) Rough draft of my avatar picture. Fallen Deity- Maintains the power of a pegesus. Physical power is average or above average but below most earth ponys. The remains of the horn allow magic, albeit severly hampered and heavily drains the bodies natural energies. prolonged use of magic could result in death if maintained for extended periods of time. Name is undecided like most of my drawings. For now its Ava pony. Personality is semingly split. Dominate side: apathetic, kind, lonely. keeps to himself and avoids other ponys. has a fear of becoming "excited" and switching to other persona. Second persona: Aggresive, cocky, destructive. Power is increased during times of stress. becomes the dominate personality when hostile or competative behaviour is detected. all out beserker that never stops trudging forward even when severly wounded. maintains a "technical pacifist" attidude unless conciousness is lossed. In this state subject shows extreme unpredictable behaviour with no mind to sort information the body acts on instincts alone thus becoming feral, and highly unpredictable. The split personality debatable, as he expresses knowledge of knowing what his other "self" is thinking. However the 'blackout syndrome' is very much a threat. It is recomended all ponys maintain a healthy 300 meters away while in this state, as too reduce the liklyhood of injury, and or death. Ponyduty (4th image) I made quickly. Its a ponified version of someone i know whom hates MLP. He seems preety happy about it
  12. Most of Pinkie's fans will agree that her cheerful personality and ability to make them smile is her most endearing quality. And while I agree with this 100%, I have to admit that I also find her to be just as lovable when she's sad and depressed. Now, I'm not saying that I enjoy seeing Pinkie unhappy. No no no no no. But I have to admit that during Party Of One I quite liked it when she was speaking in a more low-key voice and acting a little less spastic than normal. Plus she looks adorable with straight hair. Is there anyone else who thought the same thing as me?
  13. Hi Ive been working on a mlp fan game called Five nights at Pinkaminas if anypony Wants to try it Early Game footage here Note this isnt one of my official games and thats why I made the video Unlisted I prefer to not have any horror games on my channel set as Public For I prefer to keep all my content non scary and kid friendly.
  14. Yup, its a thing. Have never really done anything with Pinkamena. Now I have.
  15. So, I hope you like it... It's a chibi Pinkie with a knife in her head (not serious blood) and confetti!!! I also censored the nudity, so I wouldn't exactly call it "inappropriate" and if you're interested... I have a speed paint on it
  16. Thank you WheatleyCore for the image ^^ Hey-lo everypony! This is my newest track based on Pinkamena Diane Pie. It's a jungle-ish DnB track I made using one of my favorite sounds of all time, The Amen Break. I just love it so much. I was inspired to make this song while I was playing The Sims 3 with the Showtime expanson pack. There was a DJ Booth in it that allows you to play music for tips. One of the hidden options unlocked by leveling up a hidden DJ skill was Drum n Bass. The tunes were so hype that I just had to make another DnB song which imo turned out really well. As usual, if you use it give me credit lol, but you can do whatever you want with it. Hope you enjoy ^^ Oh and you can give harsh criticism if you want, I don't mind you being honest if you feel you need to be.
  17. Well i tried made somenthing This is my first animation that is not just a test, and it's not huge or super detailed, just an animation ... I hope you enjoy. Complete Animation Flash and Others of this Oc
  18. Hey guys this is just a humorous sketch I did for my friend void crawler, I thought it would be funny if I replaced jack Nicholson with Pinkemena, because why not. Done in pencil. Enjoy! Edit: Why does it always upload the image sideways?
  19. "As I stare down my disdained reflection; There's always you" So this is an ask blog I made a month or so ago, just waiting to post this here until I got enough content up for it to be worth checking out. The concept spawned from the above render of Pinkamena via the "ponymania" toy thing that happened. I thought, "what if I made an ask blog of a super edgy-hipster pony?" The content has partial-censored NSFW language similar to above, but not NSFW content itself, so if you don't wanna see that though, stay away Also I try not to be meta, whenever possible, outside of the blog (certainly not inside the blog). This post is about as meta as its gotten. Gotta have that immersion. CLICK HERE TO ENTER
  20. In our soul we find our two sides, who never got angry, hate something that's normal since it is part of us, I decided to do this drawing to show that we all have a dark side, unlike many drawings of Pinkamena, I consider it nothing more than a part that we all try to hide ... But what I think unlike Creepypastas, Pinkie has never and will never be a murderer, and each like your kind of art and I see things that way. Excuse me if I opened a little trouble with this design, because all of my drawings I do based on me and how I feel ... I hope you enjoyed, and before you ask a Wall Mirror ...
  21. I drew this just recently on my computer of pinkamena. I am really proud If you cant read what it says, its says," My dreams shattered, as my heart broke." Sorry, i am bad at writing when using a mouse I used to do OC drawings but i dont feel good, but you can recommend a drawing of somepony, but not your OC and i MIGHT do it.
  22. I've been wondering about something but also interested in seeing an episode in which Pinkie Pie and her alter personality Pinkamena somehow split into two different ponies. It could be by twilight causing the change or something along those lines or something within the episode causing such a change to occur. Sure I understand that Pinkamena is Pinkie Pies' younger self when she grew up with her family and that side of her changed when she discovered her true meaning in life. However I think it would make for one interesting episode to see the two interact with one another somehow... Pinkamena does not have to be the "crazy, lunatic" a lot of people portray her to be of course. She could be more calm and maybe more pessimistic than Pinkie Pie but could be closer to how Maud Pie was but not to that extreme. What would you say to an episode like that? Where somehow Pinkie Pie had her alter personality split into another pony? Would you like to see an episode like this happen?
  23. In my own mind, I sometimes imagine scenarios where Pinkamena's the true self/sane one, while Pinkie's her insane alter ego (or something like a Ms. Hyde). What do you think?
  24. So I don't know what I'm doing but I just drew a Pinkamena Art with shadings on MS Paint... I know... Just random...But tell me what you like and dislike about it. I'm not going to fix it 'cos I'm lazy, just deal with it... 100% Original, the proof is my signature. (FaceWhamArt) I hope u like it! And..I'm too lazy to make a background
  25. This is the humanized version of Pinkamena I drew Sorry for the poor quality in advanced, I had to take these from my phone. I took it in three photos; full body, body close up, and head close up. Please, tell me what you think