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Found 112 results

  1. Hello! For weeks I have been working on a story about ponies, I am still creating the characters and this led me to wonder what makes the personalities of each of the Mane Six different? For example I know that the characters are usually classified by 'extroverts' and 'introverts', Rarity, Rainbow and Pinkie are the first, and Fluttershy, Twilight and Applejack (although I'm not sure about her) are the second, but still within those groups, personalities are different, for example Rarity is what society considers as feminine, and Rainbow what is considered masculine, Pinkie is also feminine but not in the same way that Rarity, in introverts, Fluttershy is considered as femenine, Twilight and Applejack as masculine. What do you think? What makes their personalities different?
  2. This was just posted to YouTube a few hours ago. It shows a animation test of the show that was done in July 2009. Clear differences here is that there's no background music and the voice acting of the main characters in particular. I wonder if this scene was added later on in the early seasons. REDACTED
  3. Happy Holidays y'all! I did a redraw of one of my old art from 2015 and I think it turned out pretty great! Also, Twilight's experiencing the first snow! lolol
  4. Heya everypony, so I tried to listen to the critique yall gave me earlier and I came up with this I gotta say I'm a lot more happy with this than the other one!
  5. Hiya! So I drew this little Pinkie Pie and I figured I'd post it
  6. This is art I made last night of Pinkie Pie and my OC MoonPetal!
  7. Just uploading a few more things. The comic and the picture of Rarity and Sweetie Belle in Titanic-style dresses were commissions I did over on Derpibooru. The one of Pinkie was just for fun. Also, an explanation for why Sweetie Belle and Rarity have such weird-looking ankles/feet. I did this commission back when the character designs of the movies made it look as though their feet/legs were supposed to be this shape. I guess they were going for more of a "pony" look to their limbs, before they just went with more natural human feet. You can see the change in the comic strip with Applejack and Apple Bloom.
  8. So if Cheese Sandwich came back to ponyville and asked Pinkie Pie out on a date a they started dating think they would make a great couple
  9. Next up, Pinkie Pie, the prancing party pony people particularly find polarizing. Who should we do next? Let us know!
  10. Yep..... I guess it is the first time doing a pinkie voice.... (Don't have a mic, though) trim.88ADA48A-3249-48B5-BCCF-6E3B6385EA99.MOV
  11. So that scene when Twilight snaps at Pinkie... I keep seeing A LOT of people saying that the scene bugs them. I figured it's worth discussing. Think about it; Twilight DOES NOT DO WELL with FAILING or F@#&ing things up. Now add on top of that the fact the princesses are stone and it seems more likely by the minute that she's going to be next. Then bye bye Equestria. She also really doesn't know what to do anymore at that point in the movie. As their journey has been going on, friendship seems more and more to be an Equestria only thing. So she's backed into a corner and now it seems like her friends are starting to go against her too... BOOM- Involuntary magic reflex. I found the scene fine- But I actually think they could have gone a little further. There could have been more of a magic buildup. She could have been walking more towards Pinkie (with Pinkie crouching down more) and then when she was just about to "zap" her, Rarity could have stepped in, forming a magic shield or something and then yelling at Twilight. I think it would have taken the scene up a notch. I don't think it would have really "realistically" (aka beyond the TV Y rating) been out of character for Twilight given the circumstances. I also think it would have been an even more powerful scene when Twilight realized what almost happened. Too Dark? So what did you think of the scene? Did they go too far? Did you think it was fine? Should they have handled it differently?
  12. Tune in next week for Live chat on Facebook with Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie!
  13. I made a new MLP IRL video recently, and it turned out pretty silly but I enjoyed doing it. Please check it out, I'd appreciate any support! Thank you very much! <3
  14. Is she a pony? Is she a pig? Those are legitimate questions!
  15. Yes, the title reference was intentional. Yes, I kinda like a lot Littlest Pet Shop. I was thinking about making a reference about David Bowie's Let's dance song, but I think this one's a little more related Maybe tomorrow I'll make a Bowie reference with the Crusaders. Or not. I just love seeing ponies dance. ♫ Twitter! deviantArt!
  16. Oh, Sunset. Even if you're not technically canon on the main series, you're a part of my heart. The image is not Sunset focused, nor Twilight. It's about the feeling and the spectrum of emotions that means to have someone to care about. The decisions we make are all we are, and the way we express our love and care is what defines the relations we make on this terrifying world. Don't let your love fade. Feed it. Make it grow. Maybe you'll save someone else's life. Twitter! deviantArt!
  17. You know... Time flies by. We learn new things, experience new situations, know new people, but at the same time, we forget about the past, we tend to overlap the old with the new, and we lose people around us that once cared, or to which we cared about. And that's okay. That means you're acting in your life. You make decisions everyday, even if they contradict what you stand for in the past. Nothing remains, and never should. What you are now, is the most complete version of yourself that ever existed. You should be proud. You exist. You're a human living in the most advanced world that ever existed, too. And because of that, we should learn by now that society changes constantly because people change. We discover something new on the realms of science, or a new talent hits the stage like never before. Nobody exists without the rest. And that's what brings us here today: Larson isn't writing for the show since season 5, and Polsky isn't involved on season 7. The last remaining "veteran" is Meghan McCarthy, and that mere fact seems to have divided that part of the fandom most involved on knowing who wrote what. Y'know, all of us that spend our free time on forums and news blogs, as we should. They have given us great episodes, and so many topics of controversy through the seasons. They were fun, they were interesting, and kept that inner light inside the fandom so bright that the memes were all over the internet, even until now. Some took them humorous, and others personal. Good writers tend to take risks because of their hyperactive imagination. Their talents and their creations are just consequences of it. sometimes it goes right, others not that well as we could expect. A person can't stand out without making noise, and a creator will drown it they don't emerge and give it it's all. In moments like this, is when things like Ren and Stimpy, the Powerpuff girls, Avatar, and the recent Steven Universe goes to light. But even with the alarms and the outrages and worries that it generates, we should reconsider that our world isn't ending by any means. Media changes, entertainment will not be the same tomorrow. But that moment isn't today. Today we have a chance to move on, let go, and see what the new faces have to offer. I see so much disgust about Starlight, for taking an example and jumping right into MLP. She seemed so powerful, so clever, that even the Mane 6 couldn't outsmart her, that alone without taking in consideration her immense magic talent. Half of the fandom hates her, and I don't share that opinion. I understand that she could be "better" than any of the main characters until then, but I don't consider a physical characteristic enough reason to be objectively a better character. Titles and attributes don't make someone more or less likeable. It's their actions and how they develop in a story what defines them. Alicorns would be best pony all the time if it goes down to "talent" or "inner power". In all honestly, I have enjoyed her a LOT. Her episodes are fun to watch, the lessons we learn from her example are good, and her personality and relationship with Trixie makes me enjoy her even more than some of the remain 6 in the last seasons. I still remember what happenned about Twilicorn, and the memories about Flurry Heart are still fresh in the memory. We used to hate the Equestria Girls franchise, and today Sunset Shimmer is one of the most loved characters even surpassing some of the Mane 6. That's so much to say. We simply refuse to the change because it's new, and because is not what existed before. We fear that Starlight will steal the spotlight, but there is no spotlight to steal. She has her episodes, and still have an arc to accomplish. She's also relatable, likeable and interesting. Sounds familiar? It's like you, me, the Mane 6, and many "minor" characters on the series that have yet to have their own centered episodes. With enough exposition, we can learn to love anybody. We have Slice of Life to prove it. It's not that episode what makes us love these characters, it's all wrong; they were nothing but mere gags on the background. The thing with starlight is that we happen to know her better. We can adopt her too. And for many more reasons. I think that we have very, very high standards of the main characters. We like to think that in the end, they will be the bests. Twilight will be the more talented magic student, Rainbow Dash will be forever the fastest, Pinkie Pie the best at party planning, Rarity the best designer, and so on. We have Sunset and Starlight to prove Twilight's talent wrong (what I mean with this, is that Twilight's talent isn't absolute nor unique), Lightning Dust to slow down Rainbow, and Cheese Sandwish to put Pinkie's hooves on the ground. The only thing that can make them win in the end, is their attitudes. That's one thing that Starlight will never own. So don't fear. Everypony has much more to show. Let her tell her story, and then we can move on to the next character arc. I enjoy My Little Pony because the episodes are great, not because they center on one or two characters. That's not the important thing here. Let me ask you, the first season was that great after all? Before bronys existed, all the characters, all the writers, and for so many people, Lauren Faust herself were mere strangers. Then Friendship is Magic happenned to exist. We fell in love for it. And I don't know you, but I personally, still feel that rejoice whenever a new season is announced. Season 1 is my least favourite, but that doesn't mean that the series will end. They didn't. They won't. Unless, of course, everything we know about it vanishes, and only a few bronys remains. We should see first the episodes, and then, judge if they were good, bad, boring, and why. It's too soon to say that the series will end without Larson and Polsky. Don't remain on the Status Quo. It seems that the series ends every time there is a new season, even a new episode. It's laughable. We still have the memories, but we shall not remain in them. We need to move on, and be open minded. If so, then let go. The only thing safe to say is, we shall see. I have high expectations for the next seasons. It depends on the end result and not on the speculations to whether or not it'll be worth the time. To end with a happy note, my favourite Larson meme is still Princess Big Mac. Behold, everypony!
  18. Hey everyone! Did a cute little Pinkie Pie drawing today, and thought I'd upload it here So far, I've also drawn Twilight Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer and Fluttershy! Hope you guys like them! Feel free to let me know what you think!
  19. This is a crazy thought I recently had, wondering how did Pinkie reach Ponyville. I used to think she was kicked out of the farm, but... What if her parents/father were insane? I'm starting to believe that Pinkie got away because her parents were starving her and her sisters. Maybe they got taken to a mental hospital, and Pinkie was left alone with her sisters. Maybe they even snaped and murdered her sisters! The point is, her parents were insane and got taken away, the rock "farm" was closed, and Pinkie wandered into ponyville, where she was found by a young Cakes couple. I started to believe this cause you must be pretty insane to believe you can grow rocks. Looking at Pinkie's farm, it didn't look like if it was actually a mine and they were selling the rocks, so if they weren't then they must have been starving! Well that's my crazy mind
  20. Hello everypony! I hope i'm not annoying anyone with this handmade staff, but today i have something REALLY interesting and mind-blowing.. Who in earth will decline GLOWING PONY PLUSH? Yeah, it's not like LED glowing in the dark, but her hair was so bright.. If only you could see it in real life.. But don't worry! I brought some pics with me as a proof, and here it is: WOW, am i right? No filters, onlyy good moment, good moment and good camera. Honestly i was so bloody amazed with that staff so.. She is pretty big, just because it's no "stop" with magic glowing. This cutie's height is 50 santimetres, She is VERY cool, believe me! Even if her eyes look angry - don't worry, she'll never punch no one, even a fly! Heh, if you're okay - i'll show you more photoes, here we go: As to me - i like her legs, they are so squishy and soft! Not as soft as her hair is, but however. Every single detail is handmade, that's why i am proud with this beatufil and craxy eyes and her cutiemark. That's all was made with tonns of love and patience please leave your comments below, i'd love to know what's good and what's not! Thanks for listening, everypony!
  21. ----------Deleted----------
  22. I made a simple drawing of Pinkie Pie yesterday. Here it is. Diviantart: Speedpaint:
  23. This thread was inspired by A Talking Dragon's thread "After Fluttershy, rank the mane 6 in terms of kindness" List the members of the Mane 6 from least to most emotionally stable, in your opinion. My list is: 1. Pinkie Pie 2. Fluttershy 3. Rainbow Dash 4. Rarity 5. Twilight Sparkle 6. Applejack (Note: this is subject to change)
  24. Throughout the TV series, movies and comic books, Pinkie Pie (both Pony and Human versions of her) have shown proficiency and talents at many tasks. In fact, Pinkie Pie seems to have the skills and potential to be the greatest at any task or endeavor she would ever want to take. In one of the early comic issues, we see that Human Pinkie Pie did try outs for every single club at Canterlot High and was so good that each and every one of them wanted her to join AND be their most important member. Pony Pinkie Pie has ran as fast as Rainbow Dash can fly, can play any musical instrument, or all of them at once, has knowledge of creatures that not even Twilight knows (like the Parasprites), the list could go on forever. So, the question is, why isn’t Pinkie Pie, either of them, interested in using her hidden potential to its maximum? Why isn’t she inventing new things, discovering new things, etc? Instead of any of this things, Pinkie Pie in any of her versions, seems to seek only one thing: having fun, being happy, and making everyone else around her have fun and be happy as well. Thought history, philosophers have tried to answer several questions, like what “is” and what “is not”, what does it mean to be “good” or “evil”, and other questions regarding the meaning of life and the universe. But then we have Epicurus, a greek philosopher from 341 B.C. Unlike other philosophers, Epicurus didn’t focus his philosophy on existentialisms, or good and evil, he focused on what was fun, on what made a person be happy. A question that he spent all his life trying to answer as good as possible. Unfortunately, even back then the world was a bitter place always trying to bring people down, and when people heard that Epicurus had set up a SCHOOL to study happiness, there were all kind of rumors about it. Some rumors said that the school would have orgies every night, or feasts where people would eat until they were full and even more, or both. One of his critics even said that Epicurus had orgasmed 18 times in a single night in a room full of virgins. Of course, none of this things were true. Epicurus, and the rest of the staff in his school of happiness, were indeed studying happiness, but were very serious about it. Epicurus only owned two pieces of clothing, and would eat only bread, olives and an occasional slice of cheese every now and then. As for his sexual habits, he usually answered that philosophy was his only love. Having patiently studied happiness for several years, Epicurus finally came to a conclusion of what exactly a person needs in order to be happy. He first concluded that everyone usually made three mistakes when thinking about happiness. First, people usually think that being happy means having a romantic, sexual relationship. But Epicurus only had to look around to notice that there were many unhappy couples, who had their unions tainted by jealously, misunderstanding, cheating and bitterness. At the same time, he noticed how much nicer friendships are, how people tended to be so decent and unpossessive with their friends. Friendship, he concluded, was where human nature was at its sweetest. The only problem with that, according to Epicurus, was that we don’t hang out with our friends enough. The second thing that people usually think is that happiness means having a lot of money. But, again, Epicurus noticed the big flaw here: that people tend to miscalculate the tremendous amounts of sacrifices we need to do in order to obtain said money. To get money we have to endure a lot of jealously, backstabbing, long hours of hard working effort, and so on. Epicurus concluded that what made work really satisfying wasn’t money, but it was when we were able to work alone, or in small groups, like a bakery, or a repair shop (ancient Greece had plenty of repair shops for merchant ships, for example), and also when we feel that our work is truly helping others, and in our own, small way, making the world a better, happier, place. Deep down we don’t really desire wealth or status, what we desire is feeling like we are making a difference. And third, Epicurus saw how people seemed to be obsessed with luxury and having a lot of things, especially houses in great locations, the bigger and better looking the better. But beneath our desire for luxury, what we really want is to be calm, we want our minds pure and free, free of all the bother and chaos of the rest of the world. So, did luxury actually make us calm? Epicurus wasn’t convinced about that. And so, his studies on happiness concluded that a person only needed three things to be happy. First, you needed to have your friends around you. No sex, no orgies, just your buddies, and not only seeing them every now and then, it had to be regular contact. So Epicurus purchased one big house and moved in with all of his friends. Everyone had their own bedrooms, but there were also big shared areas, like the kitchen, there was always someone nice that you could talk to. Second, everyone started to take it easy or take it down a couple of gears, or however you want to call it. They stopped working for someone else, they took big paycuts so they could have more time to do their own things, some took up farming, some took up cooking, or crafting, or writing. And third, Epicurus stopped thinking one could be calm just by having a beautiful scenery around you, and focused on trying to find calmness in their own minds, spending some time by themselves, reflecting on things, writing things down, reading, meditating about things. Epicurus little experiment was so successful and the members of his little commune were so happy, that his ideas spread like fire. Communities just like the one Epicurus had formed started to appear all around the world (which, back then, was basically all the land around the Mediterranean sea). At the height of the movement, there was an estimate of 400 thousand people living in communes from modern day Spain to Lebanon. This movement was actually ended by the Christian church in the 5th century, but they must have had some respect for said communities, because all of them were converted into monasteries. In fact, what we today know as monasteries were really “Epicurian” communes, with a Christian topping. Another little tidbit is that Karl Marx did his college thesis on Epicurus, and what we call Communism, that joyless and failed system is actually just an unsuccessful, and corrupt, version of Epicurus’ ideas. The real legacy of Epicurus is that people aren’t very good at making themselves happy, mostly because we believe that being happy its easy, we all believe happiness is having lots of sex, lots of money, lots of luxury, and all we have to do is find a way to secure all of this things. Epicurus says no to all that, and ask that we reflect in the moments that really made you happy, and they have nothing to do with these things, and to have the courage to change one’s life in accordance to the moments that actually gave us satisfaction, this means that you might end up living in a very different way, in a very different place, with just a couple of cloaks, some cake, some nice books, and all your friends. This is basically how Pinkie Pie lives her life, she doesn’t seek to use her talents to become rich and famous. All she cares about is being with her friends, be it baking a cake, having a party, playing games, or anything else they might want to do together. Sure, she could become the best whatever in the world, with customers and/or fans coming from far and wide, willing to pay her a lot of money for whatever it is she does. But she just doesn’t want that, because she’s not after money, wealth or fame, she wants to play music with her friends, not be on tour all over the world and be rich and famous. She wants to make cupcakes for her friends and eat them together, she doesn’t want to have a five star restaurant with thousands of clients and her own reality cook show. She’s not even seeking a romantic relationship, all she is looking for is more friends, to have more fun moments. Pinkie Pie is, basically, the best student Epicurus could ever hope to have. A pony (or person) that simply understood that what she wanted from life was to be happy, and understood what she really had to do in order to be happy. So, what do you think? Is Pinkie Pie's way of life what we should all strive for? Or is she a fool for wasting her talents on banal things?
  25. Wanted to try painting Pinkie Pie on my face today.... It came out cute! And a smidge creepy....? Oh yeah...and her cutie mark!