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Found 15 results

  1. Pretty self-explanatory. Post a picture of a weird pirate toy, a strange app that is obviously virus 100% free, or just a creepy DVD ROM that has "MLP season 1" labeled on it given to you by some old man who said: "Goodbye, Ben." As you left. Wait! I gotta good one! MAI ALICORN OC IS MOAR POWARFUL DAN CLESTYA SO OP!!!!!!!!
  2. I know these are usually for members but I thought it was fun to do one with my OC. So if you want to ask any question towards Captain Caramel, go ahead. She will answer any question you have for her. (link for her is in my signature) If you tag me, I'll respond sooner!
  3. Another part of the adventures of Captain Vinyl Scratch ^^ YT:
  4. We hit $2500! This is popular for some reason. You all know what I feel about shipping, but the public demands it. One staff member or donor, who is willing, will put themselves up for vote on who will read a shipfic (following all the rules of the forums of course). How about we vote all of next week. Monday Dec. 12th at 10AM to Friday Dec. 16th at 10AM. I’ll open the polls – if you’re want to participate, please PM me or respond below so I can add you to the poll on Monday. Yay Shipping......
  5. Hello, today i wish to know if anyone can help me design my pirate oc? I've been a huge fan of pirates, but sadly the one pirate that is..sorta..almost kinda canon is the one in the comics (which i can't read them.) So it's difficult. I have a pirate oc named Vlad, yet the more i look at him, the more i notice he isn't..really a pirate. more of an explorer. anyway, i was asking if anyone can assist me in designing's the oc? i've already got the somewhat look down looks and colours: he is a somewhat decent looking Stallion, a scar over his left cheek. His eyes are a deep brown, His mane colour consists of Golden yellow hair, with a single silver streek along it. His hair hangs over his eyes, and his fur colouring consists of a cobalt blue. His cutie mark consists of a map with Two scimitars piercing through it. (Kinda like an X. or skull and cross bones ^^) thats about it *Squee* Hope someone can help me out ^W^
  6. How's it going, everypony? My name is Crimson Grinn, pirate captain of the fine ship, known as the Blaze of Glory! I got really bored of sitting around drinking rum, mapping out the destination of my next adventure, and counting my (ill gotten) loot I've collected, so I decided to spend some time answering random ponies questions. Ask me anything, it could be relevant, or non-relevant, perverted, or pure, violent, or down right innocent, I don't really give a damn, just ask me a question!
  7. Croaker John Come listen here to a tale of fear; it’s worth at least a penny, and pass it on to all your friends, (assuming you have any.) His mates can call him Croaker John, but his mates are very few. He's Captain John Crocutamon, nothing else, to the likes of you. Now Croaker John likes a jest, he does. He dearly loves a jape. And if you laugh and roar with him your life will be shipshape. Now the captain's laugh is the queerest thing, a mix of giggle and squall. But don't be afeared young sailor, he's a hyena, after all. Another thing about his jokes, my fine and fair sea-rover, if they're funny once, they're funny twice, and over and over and over. So don't forget, me hearty, loose your laughter in a flood, for if you don't give a great guffaw, the price will be your blood. For though our dear old Croaker John has a laugh you'de call a boomer, in some ways, (just 'twixt you and me,) he has no sense of humor. He laughs and chuckles all day long as if his life's a lark, but mayhap you put one foot wrong, he'll feed you to a shark. The captain keeps a brindle hound, a fierce and surly tyke, which trails him like his shadow, and her name is Marlin-spike. She has a nose for mutiny and lads who shirk their duty, and well she knows if a jack-tar's mind dwells on the captian's booty. Beware her eye if she comes anigh and fixes it upon you. Ill deeds she'll find deep in your mind, she'll know them afore you do. If loyalty she finds in thee, with sharp fangs she’ll defend you. But never forget; treat her like a pet, and she'll use those teeth to rend you. Old Croaker John’s the master of a sloop called Nightingale. In a swifter, trimmer craft my lad, you'll never hope to sail. But you'de better be the captain's man if you step upon her deck, and be quick and true and trusty if you value your young neck. For our captain John Crocutamon and his canny Marlinspike are a pair not to be trifled with, but this bargain they will strike: Do your duty well, and laugh like hell at whatever John finds funny, and you're bound to land in adventure grand and have pockets full of money. poem and artwork © Geonni Banner
  8. Rules: This is a story game. YOU decide what happens next. Each poster posts 1 paragraph. No double posting allowed. Editing for typo errors is allowed. Keep it within the universe of the story. Here goes! --- "Once upon a time, Captain Neckbeard and the crew of the Cellar Weasel plundered cities and towns throughout the disasterous nineteen seas, buryin' treasures here and there for. He made landfall on a tropical island, rumoured to be the 'Island of the Bronies', a dreadful army of horse riders and pillaging corsairs, worse than the galleon known as the Mushroon Troll. He and some of his hairy buccaneers walked up a port, confronted by two fair-faced guards wearing cold Tartar armour, drawing scimitars at the pirates' necks. 'Stop right dere, pirate,' one boomed in a rough accent of the steppe dweller, 'vat brought you and your voul krew khere?' The Captain replied, 'To take from you that golden booty known as "The Unicorn's Cane"' He and the two rascals with him drew their swords to fight their confronters ... "
  9. Hai there! Oh god, how I love how it turned out! If you're reading the comics, there's something familiar you may recognize. I loved that scene so much I had to re-draw it I think the shadows on the floor would need more tweaking, but I can't seems to make it better. Believe it or not, I have some difficulties to know how light react on certain sometimes, and complicated positions doesn't help Anyways, there it is! I think it's my best so far :3 Source: Opinions are much appreciated. It only makes me get better!
  10. WARNING: The following video is not intended for for anyone, The video consists of Cursing, Ranting, Screaming, and Excessive Anger, You Have Been Warned. Also the Ending Sucks. Super Mario 4 is a Pirated Game Boy Game that pretty much is good for a Pirate, but for the sake of the video, Pancake the cat Yells at it. In future episodes i hope to make the cat parts better, and have a story. But this episode is not that episode. I sincerely apologize of the lack of funniness in the Ending with the cats.
  11. Briny Blue is the fearsome, one-winged first mate (and future captain) of the Mother of Pearl. When she isn't practicing her swordplay, Plundering merchant ships, and looking for treasure, she may just take the time to answer some of your questions about what life is like for a Pirate in Equestria. (I may occasionally answer in Pictures)
  12. Hey Everypony, I'd like to hear your opinions on not just pirating in general, but more specifically the download of MLP: fim episodes seasons etc. No links to downloads please
  13. How do you all like this one? > Comment, fav, do whatever heehe. Closeup!
  14. Good day dear bronies. Many of you asked for a Derpy, so now you can get her I hope that you'll like our brave Derpy. link to Google Play: Soaring Pony LW Free http-~~-//
  15. This will be the Ask thread for Naughty Bear, and all the other bears of Paradise Island! It's a place full of happy teddy bears! And ninjas! And the army! And zombies, S.W.A.T., robots, aliens, super-heros, pirates, and even vampires! Either ask a question for a specific bear, or just ask, in which case it could be any of the slightly-over 100 bears available! Maybe even the twisted mind of the Narrator...but enough of that I suppose. I will draw as many of the responses as I can, so I might be a tad slow on returning questions with answers. But alright! Any questions?