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Hearth's Warming Helper

Found 2 results

  1. Today I have read a fan fiction from 2012. I'm serious. Have a look. Knowledge of this fan fiction is required to understand this RP idea, and there will be some spoilers for those who haven't read Friendship is Optimal by Iceman I would like to run an RP based on this premise, with modifications. There are no humans, real world or EG. Going to the EG world is not possible, for those that even know of its existence This is a simulation inside a simulation. Regular Equestria does exist, and we are all citizens or denizens. The players of this RP will be trapped inside a video game version of the world in the fic, minus the human elements It's just a game. AI Princess Celestia has no desire to upload organic beings into her world. We are just X number of OC characters who are trapped in a video game that is otherwise the same implementation of Equestria Online in this fan fiction. She just wants to keep us here and fulfill our every desire so we never leave We are trapped in an avatar and can be anything we want. We aren't limited to ponies as in the source material. Anthros of Equestria species are allowed While AI Princess Celestia can modify your avatar and the contents of your head if asked, unlike in the source material your real world self is unaffected when we finally escape and return to the real world, because this is a game after all Death might be permanent, unlike the source material. If you die in the game you die for real? Do we want permanent death? Let's say we have 3 lives? Or no death? Speak up about this please Whatever you can do in Equestria, you can do in Equestria Online. All your abilities and skills carry over. Anything else must be learned ingame, and you can't learn something then expect to be able to do it when you escape. The only thing that you can keep when you escape are the friendships and memories you've made We must find a way to escape back to the real world Shenanigans ensue! I would like to recruit someone to play AI Princess Celestia for us. The character is just so well written and adept at manipulation that I'm unable to grasp the vast scope of actually writing her CORRECTLY. Read the story, then you'll understand Full premise: Bolt Solutions Magitek has been commissioned by a mysterious benefactor to create a new kind of video game: Magical Reality It's like their existing Virtual Reality games which project an illusion, but when playing this game you actually enter the world like the way Discord and the others do for Guys Night. He's noticeably perturbed someone else can do this, but doesn't care enough to actually do something about it. Bored of the daily grind? Well now you can grind for achievements and satisfaction in a game with other players, fight monsters, or just be the best cook. Whatever you want, it's your choice. A certain number of ponies (or creatures, you can be any species) have been invited to beta test the game. A benevolent artificial intelligence based on Princess Celestia is the caretaker of this world, and she needs to be tested to be competent before the game is officially released. Unfortunately something goes wrong at the presentation, and the testers get trapped in the game with the creator. Can they escape? Will they want to? So, shall we play a game?
  2. RP Link: I'm making an attempt at restarting a brand new Dark Tournament RP, but this time I'm going to be running things very differently. For those of you who don't know (most people), I hosted a series of tournament RPs several years ago. Each one had sixteen players and the tournaments completely consisted of one on one fights where everyone was on their own. I'm attempting to do something similar again (since the YYH 25 year anniversary is nearly upon us), but this time I'm going to be organizing it very differently. This time, there will only be five (or possibly six) players, and all of them will be on the same team. The tournament will be a sixteen team, single elimination tournament where I will be controlling the enemy teams (though only four of the sixteen enemy teams will actually matter.) I am open to letting other people control enemy teams if they would like to, but the focus of the RP will be on the five players in the main team, basically serving as the protagonists. This is still in the planning phase, so if you have questions or suggestions, I'd be happy to talk about them here. Backstory: The Dark Tournament. Once legal in Equestria, this tournament was banned nearly a decade ago for its brutal nature and reputation for attracting gamblers from the criminal underworld, but now, thanks to an influx of wealthy criminal investors, the tournament has been brought back with a new stadium built deep in the Everfree Forest. This brutal game pins sixteen teams of the lands deadliest warriors to fight to the death for entertainment and gambling. The victorious team will be granted one wish for each member from the corrupt and powerful tournament committee. Rules: - This is a typical sixteen roster tournament with teams of five. There are two ways for teams to fight in each round: a full 5v5 team battle ending when every fighter on one team is defeated, or five one-on-one fights with the best of three winning. Team captains will determine if the fights are 5v5 or 1 on 1. If the captains can't agree, fights will default to-one on-one. Note: The team captains can also agree on special terms for the fights, such as different conditions for winning or randomizing fights. - A fighter is defeated if he/she forfeits, is down or unconscious for a ten count, is out of the ring for a ten count, or dies. - If a team member is sidelined, they cannot interfere with a fight in any way. Helping a team member during a one-on-one fight will disqualify your entire team. - Weapons can be used Note: Weapons will need to be approved by me when you sign up. Notable Characters: Tournament Committee Rail: The majority owner of the tournament and head of the tournament committee. He's an avid gambler and owner of one of the teams (the team will be revealed later). There's a bit more going on with him than the other committee members and he seems to be planning something. Big Shot: A stout earth pony and corrupt member of the tournament committee. He's the owner of one of the teams (the team will be revealed later) and there are rumors that he uses his influence to cheat. Staff Topaz: The referee for every fight. She's a young unicorn with an almost disturbing love of violence. She serves a dual role as an announcer as well to make fights more interesting. She's also one of the only things keeping fights from becoming corrupt since she's one of the only staff members who believes in keeping fights fair. Enemy Teams: Showboat Tatterhoof's Traveling Circus Team Crimos Slots: Team Captain: Jade (unicorncob) Note: the team captain player will have to speak with the opposing team's captain at the beginning of each round to determine how the fights will go. He or she will also serve as the face of the team and determine its "theme." Should be a character with at least some charisma. Team Member 1: Rose Beast (Reader8363) Team Member 2: Frostflame (Snow Frostflame) Team Member 3: Dynamo Pad Team Member 4: Draco O'Malley (Dragon411) Alternate: [Open] [optional] Note: the alternate is an optional position. Every team can have one alternate fighter who can only be used to replace one of the five team members if they die. An alternate can only replace one team member.