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Found 8 results

  1. As a football fan, I've recently become a fan of the 31 members of what is known as the 100 Sacks club. The NFL players who have performed at least 100 sacks throughout their NFL career. Unfortunately only 12 out of the 31 have managed to get into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. (Possibly 13 if Jason Taylor manages to get in this year) The ones who are in are: Bruce Smith Reggie White Kevin Greene Chris Doleman Michael Strahan John Randle Richard Dent Lawrence Taylor Rickey Jackson Derrick Thomas Charles Haley Andre Tippett 5 are still active: Julius Peppers DeMarcus Ware Robert Mathis Dwight Freeney Terrell Suggs As stated before, Jason Taylor is entering his first year of eligibility, so he could be there soon. 2 had just recently retired will have to wait a few years: Jared Allen John Abraham And 11 have still not yet been inducted despite being eligible for some time: Leslie O'Neal Simeon Rice Clyde Simmons Sean Jones Greg Townsend Pat Swilling Trace Armstrong Neil Smith Kevin Carter Jim Jeffcoat William Fuller Which are your favorites? Which ones would you like to see inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame that haven't been inducted yet?
  2. Recently, I got a raspberry pi 2, and have loaded IoT to it. There is an internet radio app that I got for it, and it asks for a station URL. I want to add PVFM to it, but I just can't find the silly URL for it. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  3. So, I was happily running around on WoW, minding my own business, then suddenly a character named; Youavinagiggle approached me. Luckily he was asking for directions and when I asked on inspiration for his name he said, "You avin a giggle there chummy?". And walked off XD. Anyway, whats the funniest name you've seen someone have in any video game every? NPC's and players
  4. Anyone plays WoT Blitz, the USA region? I'm searching for someone to make a platoon with.
  5. Hello friends, I would just like to congratulate our dear Poniverse staff member, Nas, for becoming a professional hockey player for the Winnipeg Jets. His jersey number is #69 and you should all believe in your dreams, because Nas' dreams came true. His words that struck me the most were, "Otty.. Stop. :l", which is how he responds to everything I say. :') Nas, I hope you become the very best hockey player ever. "Believe in yourself, because you can overcome mountains." - Nas "Dew or Dew not, there is no Dr. Pepper." - Nas
  6. So yeah, some kid lost a game in Call of Duty and got so pissed off, that he called the S.W.A.T. team on the guy that beat him as some cruel joke. My reaction:
  7. After the database crash, I noticed that youtube videos, soudcloud/ players are no longer embedded in posts. When will this be fixed?
  8. I've run into this a couple times when linking to mp3's streamed from other servers, (including,) that only the first two links receive players, the rest are just click-on-me-and-open-in-a-new-tab links. I was wondering if this might be able to be increased. This would be helpful for, (including but not limited to) : For having a listing of one's music on one's profile page For actors submitting multiple mp3's for auditions Just wondering!