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Found 25 results

  1. Since My Hero: One's Justice has been out for about a month. I thought it would be cool to make a discussion for others, who may have the game, or those, who may be interested in said game. I like the cast of characters you get to play from the anime. Even certain dlc characters that are available are interesting to play as. Some characters seem to be overpowered in how they play, but they aren't unbeatable. While there is only one button for combos, I like how the game allows you to extend your combos throughout the fight. Whether it's canceling a button press or adding support sidekicks into the combo. It makes the fighting unique and interesting to make a combo seem stylish. I'm not really a fan of the online system. When playing ranked, you get paired with someone at random instead of finding someone to fight. There's only ranked and player matches. I felt there could have been more options to play online, but I guess it's better than having no game at all. Hopefully, if there's ever a sequel, the creators can fix up the online mode. I'm also surprised they didn't add a lot of music to the game. At most, I believe there is about 3 to 5 songs. I felt there would be different songs, while on a certain stage. However, I guess there may have not been enough time to make different songs for other stages. At any rate, I do like how we get to fight at certain places from the anime. What are your thoughts of the game. Have you enjoyed playing the game, so far? Hopefully, we can have a fun discussion and learn to play and have fun on the video game. I've hard from others that this game is somewhat similar to Pokken Tournament and the Naruto Storm series. Speaking of the game, who are your mains and/or what would your main be in the game. So far, my only main is Kyoka Jiro. I like her style of play and her way of fighting is pretty cool.
  2. -I see no need to buy an XBone or a PS4 in the near future, not even their souped-up versions. -Actually, I'm feeling like I'm losing interest in Big-boxed systems(Consoles, and in some cases, PCs) -Thanks to the upcoming lineup coming to the Nintendo Switch, I'm now weary about all games coming out because it's becoming too much. -On the other hand, even before the Switch announcement, I've been more into mobile/handheld gaming because of the fact that you can take it on the go. -Indie games and smaller, more 2D games, are starting to catch my attention more than big budget 3D Games(I've enjoyed Sonic Mania and Steamworld Dig 2 on the Switch. I also plan on getting Cuphead on PC. But this game really needs to come to Switch) -I like my Raspberry Pi, and the ability to play my old games -Despite that, I have an NES Classic Edition(didn't pay scalper's prices. XP), and I might get the SNES Classic Edition -I'm gonna get a Win GPD this weekend because I still like the idea of your own personal computer in handheld form(Lighter to carry than a laptop) -I'm double dipping on Doom for the Switch because I love the idea of taking Doom on the go. And so far, from what I've heard, it's gud. -I'm not ashamed of modding my games for more....cosmetic reasons. XP -We're getting closer to gaming nirvana on the go with the Switch. I hope Microsoft and Sony follow suit. In fact, give it the option to plug wirelessly into a TV set will suffice.
  3. Ok, from my general knowledge from working in the gaming industry, just from sales I can see that Sony is biting it pretty hard right now. I'm actually a Sony supporter and am deeply disappointed with how they released the next-gen console with almost NO exclusives to keep the supporters going. I had even set aside enough finances to purchase the console but changed my mind due to the lack of games. Right now, Microsoft's XBOX ONE is rocking it hard, especially with the release of Titanfall. How in the world is Sony going to be able to recover from this catastrophe. It doesn't help that one of their exclusives (Driveclub) had been CANCELLED/severely delayed due to in-game errors. As gamers, we do appreciate when companies take quality into consideration, but when there's HARDLY any games to go on as is.... this is seriously a predicament for the Playstation 4... What is going to happen? D:
  4. So I went to PAX South yesterday. I tried out some games, didn't get a chance to try out the Nintendo switch. But the one VR game I tried stood out among the rest. A puzzle box game with PlayStation 4 VR. The controller acts as the characters hands stuck inside a puzzle box. It operates by figuring out what buttons on the controller change the parts on the outside. Some gameplay I recorded on my phone. ↓ So what do you guys think?
  5. so recently persona 5 hit store shelves in japan (Please, no spoilers) And i was wondering for anyone who hasn't played or seen in it. and are a fan of the series, whats one thing you hope? I hope for a lightly darker story then persona 4 (it' a bit to cheerful sometimes, but still, love the game) and also i would enjoy seeing gay relationhips, since it's well known originally Yosuke was goin to be a boyfriend option. which. well is awesome. what about you/
  6. A couple of the lovely ex-Rareware employees are working to bring us a new title, or "spiritual successor" to the classic game Banjo-Kazooie that they were previously responsible for. Not everyone who worked on the beloved Nintendo 64 classic is back for this game, but the key people involved in its making are supposedly behind this brand-new game entitled Yooka-Laylee. Read more on the official site: As someone who just recently discovered the greatness of this Nintendo classic, I'm in full favor of this game happening. However, there's a small detail that's bugging me based off of a gut feeling I have, but I won't share it because I know I'll get called dumb more times than I can count. Now, what I want to know do you feel about it? What are your concerns? General thoughts? Do you think it'll be a worthy successor? Personally, I think Banjo and Kazooie will make a cameo... *Cue someone telling me it's unlikely because they need to buy the rights to our old pals and they probably won't have money or Nintendo won't agree or whatever.*
  7. Hey I just started a community on PlayStation for LGBT+ people who like Overwatch. I was wondering if anypony had a cool community that they would like to share.
  8. It has been released. Resident Evil 6 is out now for the Xbox One and PS4. This is the first of 3 titles being re-released this year for these systems, with RE5 and 4 to follow later this year. This is the first time I have properly played this particular game and this release has all of the DLC and it is only $20! Of course, the game is still getting tons of hate from the extreme RE faithful, but honestly, I am enjoying it thus far. The gunplay is very solid and Mercenaries mode is really fun, I need to play more of the campaigns though. Any else picking this up? What are you thoughts on it?
  9. No thread for this? What?! Meep. I shall make it then! Pinball FX 2! Or Zen Pinball 2 for Playstation gamers. :3 A game that is pretty the ultimate Pinball experience, with Pinball Arcade being a close second for me. The amount of tables and properties that are available for these games is astounding and while I do think pinball can be kinda cheap at times with the back lanes and whatnot, it is good fun and a nice break from other types of games. We can discuss this game here! What tables do you own? What is your favorite table or tables if you have more than one? What is your least favorite table or tables? What kind of tables would you love to see? : D Of course I know many would love to see pony tables, I do too. *-* I would also love to see a table for The Wolf Among Us since TWD already has one. I would also like to see a Katamari Damacy table and maybe tables based off of more Capcom franchises, like Megaman X. :3 I recently purchased the Star Wars The Force Awakens tables and they are pretty awesome. :3 If I had to choose a favorite table though, that goes to Plants vs. Zombies, which is fantastic and soooooooo fun. My least favorite table is The Walking Dead. While I love the style of it, the outer-lanes in this one are insanely brutal and ruin the experience for me.
  10. During the Paris games week PlayStation's conference there show some new stuff but its suck out... While I was watching this I was remined of an old tech video years ago. Then it stuck me that its made by the same Devs.
  11. With the release of the closed beta stage of the game coming up soon, I was wondering what you guys think about the game coming to the Playstation 4, and how it will compare to the PC version of the game. Also, what do want in the Playstation 4 version that isn't in the PC version. Beta Sign-up: I was also wondering if any of you guys wanted to play when it does come out. PSN: discorded_who
  12. Hey, is anyone here getting Little Big Planet 3? The game comes out tomorrow in the U.S. If anyone doesn't have a PS4, you can still get the game on PS3. Although the graphics, textures, detail and features from the Dualshock 4 controller won't be available. I have been excited for this game simce the summer. It has been nearly 4 years since Little Big Planet 2 came out. I'm really liking the new characters, new creation tools, Co-op and the amount of depth to the levels since It has 16 layers of planes now which will make level creating levels a lot more fun I like creating things, so i will be making Little Big Planet My Little Pony costumes for Fluttershy as well as the rest of the mane 6 and i will be making MLP games and levels There have been no reviews yet, but i will update when the scores come. Anyway what do you ponies think?
  13. In case if an one miss it, the PlayStation Experience is happening right now happened (on twitch).
  14. Gameplay of Uncharted 4 has been uploaded. What's your opinion on it?
  15. This guy makes portable consoles in a laptop style manner more suited for travel, and they're pretty awesome. Not CHEAP, but still awesome. If I could afford it, I'd have one of each in a heartbeat. Xbox 360 Slim Xbox One PS4
  16. So I recently sold my 360 to help pay for a ps3 slim and as such I'm getting some ps3 exclusives: unchartered, Metal Gear Solid 4, Heavy Rain, Beyond Two souls, The last of us etc. Anyway I also want to get some RPG's but only the best (I've played or know about all the 'WRPG' so recommend me the JRPG). Before anyone says I know the tag JRPG is meaningless but I can't be bothered to say Role playing game developed in Japan, that may or may not have game mechanics representitive of those released elsewhere, I also can not be bothered to seperate RPG's by sub-genre as we would be here all day. So with that in mind what would you recommend me a PS3 RPG? include anything available in the PSN store of any generation. If possible bear in mind my over-elabourate preferences: combat system is not overly complex, doesn't have to be n00bish but I like to zone out and do a lot of casual grinding in rpg's. Game stands on it's own, I don't need to have played magic sword fun time 1-4 to understand #5. No Strategy RPG's. Turn-based is fine but I can't stand some shitty tile based movement system no matter how well regarded. An extension of point 3: Action RPG preferred, anything where combat feels more dynamic than moving chess pieces. I love grinding, gaining levels is why I play JRPG's but no high ecounter rate, I can't attest to having 50,000 battles just to get the other end of the map. Game mechanics in general are inuitive. Again I'm not a n00b, but I'm not going to study 15 tutorials in order to learn how to do win a battle. You can ignore some or all of the preferences if you like, I'm happy with TL:DR lists because I do come back and read them and research each game individually..and in extreme detail anyway. Thanks in advance ponies, I know I'm hard to please but I assure you Gamer Twilight is worth it.
  17. Batman: Arkham City, Stealth Inc.: A Clone in the Dark, Mercenary Kings, Velocity Ultra, PixelJunk Mosnters: Ultimate HD and Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse are available for PS+ as free games. Castle of Illusion comes with the game, the Sega Genesis orignal, and a dynamic theme as a free bundle. Batman: Arkham City comes with the automatic Catwoman bundle, but we all know about that game. Castle of Illusion is not that bad of a Disney game; it's a multi-scroller (side scrolling and other scrolling, so it's not side scrolling through the entire game) and it has an interesting plot. Any thoughts on COI or the lineup in general? I'm disappointed in PSVITA's lineup this month.
  18. I'm much happier with how this one turned out. Constructive criticism is open!
  19. I Have created a CoD Ghosts Clan For any Brony that wants to join. Its for the PS4 I don't care how good your skills are (I Suck) The clan name is RainbowDashArmy My PsN name is Cody1Meadows Right now the only way I can figure out how to invite someone to my clan is to befriend them. You also need to have a COD account. This is my first clan so I may need a before I get the hang of it. just send me a message telling me your from the mlp fourm so I know. Thanks
  20. Well, the new year has begun and all three next gen consoles are out (making it the current gen). This is as good a time as any to speculate on how they will do in the year 2014. First, to clarify how they are doing as of last year. Sales WiiU: 4.75 million units PS4: 2.76 million units Xbox One: 2.13 million units Game Sales WiiU: 15.98 million units PS4: 6.53 million units Xbox One: 5.2 million units Exclusive Titles WiiU: 20 games (8 notable) Xbox One: 9 games (2 notable) PS4: 5 games (1 notable) Info found on Wikipedia and VG Chartz. My speculation: This year will be kinder to the WiiU than the last one was. For one, Nintendo's marketing department finally has it's flank sorted from it's front left hoof, and that will certainly help. There's also a lot more big market exclusives coming out for the thing this year: Donkey Kong Country, Smash Bros, Mario Kart, and a new Zelda. Third party support will depend heavily on sales. Even then, they will take a while for developers to make their games for the thing. Activision is already investing heavily in Nintendo, so at least one big publisher isn't trying to throw Nintendo under a bus. The key is for Nintendo's marketing to stay strong and focus on what makes their console better than the competition. The WiiU is offering service that the competition is not and allows free online play. If they make a few commercials featuring their multi-media functions as well as games, they could make a killing. The PS4 will have a drop in sales like the WiiU, but not as bad. Sony has been making some efforts to avoid the low after-launch sales the WiiU suffered from. They are offering several freemium games and fixed some of the backwards compatibility issues to keep the console useful in the dry period. However, this is not as good as actually having a new game released every two months or so. Couldn't they have delayed Knack a few months to make sure it wouldn't suck? As for the Xbox One, OH MY CELESTIA! Any mistake a company can make at a console launch, Microsoft has made. Releasing the most expensive console? CHECK! Boasting technological superiority no one cares about? CHECK! Not having said technological superiority but boasting it anyway? CHECK! Boasting features the console really doesn't have? CHECK! Forcing stuff on the consumers that they don't want? CHECK! Releasing all your exclusives at launch, leaving most of them unpolished and giving you nothing to release next year? CHECK! Cudos, Microsoft, I didn't think it was possible to hit every single one of those. So yeah, not going to do well this year with no games. And before anyone embarrasses themselves by talking about "online community" or something; even if Nintendo doesn't boast about free online play, Sony is still offering it cheaper than Microsoft. And multiplatform games have been selling better on the PS4 than the Xbox One. That's what I think, anyway. What about everypony else?
  21. Before going into this, I will state right off the bat that I know that some people won't agree with me. I'm just going by what I think. Platformers are my favorite video game genre, and I just feel they should be focused on a lot more during this next generation of consoles. Now, I'm gonna be really frank; I don't the like the truckload of FPS's and shooting games of the such that we get nowadays. I understand that they're the big money-makers these days, but I honestly think that there is an extreme lack of creativity and real innovation in gaming companies these days. Though, there is one genre that never fails in creativity; Platforming. It's a gaming genre that's existed since the beginning. It's likely not gonna go away. There are classic games that lots of people absolutely love like Mario Bros. 3 and Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Those games are platformers. Games like that can take a level and just go all-out with their imaginations on it. I think that there should be more games like this during this new generation of gaming. With the newer technology and tools we're working with nowadays, companies can make more solid modern platformers like Rayman Legends or Sonic Generations and such. I still believe that game companies still can be inventive. I think Platformer games are where they can truly express it. (Don't think that I'm biased towards other genres, though. I LOVE branching out in the gaming community.)
  22. We all know what's coming out before the holiday season; The Xbox One and the Playstation 4. I've already concluded that I'm not getting the Xbone, but I'm torn between the Wii U and the Playstation 4. There are so many games I want for the Wii U, such as Sonic Lost World, Super Mario 3D World, and Pikmin 3. Though, I know that there are plenty of games that're going to come, such as inFAMOUS Second Son, The Order: 1884, and others. Jeez, so much to choose from...
  23. So, with Battlefield 4 quickly coming up over the horizon and Battlefield 3 fading rapidly in the rear-view mirror there is never a more questionable situation I find myself in than in fact whether or not to purchase this game, or what to think of it, or just the game in general. I would discuss it on the Battlefield 4 forums but if they're a sign of anything the average intellect of a member of the BF4 community is not polling in the triple digits as of current. Now, Battlefield is one of the few reservations I still make for FPS games in the current market, and while no doubt the series has left much of what made it Battlefield behind many years ago it still continues to entertain and provide a reasonably entertaining if not a bit untapped shooter to the market. Battlefield 3 to me was a giant dissappointment, but it was by no means a particularly bad game, and Battlefield 4 looks like a vastly upgraded version of that, however here lies the problem. Battlefield 4, simply looks like more BF3, and while no doubt the improvements to level design, weapon and vehicle customization, and general gameplay fluency speak for themselves, I largely feel that it could do so much better. Considering recent statements on what the developers want in Battlefield 5 it's almost brought to question whether these games are increasingly built to become obsolete. Don't believe me? March on over to Battlefield 3's extremely promising but poorly taken advantage of vehicle and weapon upgrade system and then look at Battlefield 4's vastly upgraded but also not properly taken advantage of version of the same system. I had my fun with Battlefield 3, we all did, but I like my Battlefield 1942, Vietnam, 2, and 2142 a lot hell of a lot more than I like Battlefield 3. So, the good, the bad, and the morally questionable. Well what's arguably the bad and good has been fairly well covered and we come to the inevitable business model. Battlefield 4 barely interested me until E3 2013 in which my interest shot into low level orbit, but since then it has fallen and fallen, climbing slightly in the beta only to dive off a cliff to several developments shortly after. Battlefield 4, or more specifically EA, have gone out of their way to pull out all the stops in combining everything people hate into one simple package. Pre-order DLC? Yep. Timed exclusive console DLC? How about that kids. A premium service which also nullifies the entire point of pre-ordering? Present and accounted for. Ingame microtransactions with a dubiously questionable system about how they're earned through legitimate play? You bet your ass they're there. So, what's excited you about Battlefield 4? What's left a sour taste in your mouth? How do you feel about the business model? Are you getting the game? Or do you just not give a shit? I'm interested to hear so get posting.
  24. Me and my friends all love the Kingdom Hearts series. Because of this, we were super hyped when Sony announced that Kingdom Hearts 3 was going to be released on their new PS4. Yes, this game is only going to be single platform, which I'm bummed about. But, I guess it makes sense. Kingdom Hearts is usually released on the Playstations, so I guess they're trying to stay with the program (Yes, I know about the Nintendo exclusives.) Anyways, the game itself looks awesome. The trailer shows all of the Kingdom Hearts game that have been released since Kingdom Hearts 3. And, I have to say; they're finally getting to 3? I mean, jeez, you've had all of these different adventures and stories with and without Sora over the years, and you're finally getting to number 3? Eh, whatever. Kingdom Hearts 3 is said to be the end of the Xehanort Saga, as well as some incredibly miniscule tid-bits on what Sora's quest in this game will be about. It then shows the Master Keeper keyblade on the shore of Destiny Islands, where Sora picks up the keyblade and seems to be inspecting it. Then, fancy logo entrance. But it isn't done yet. We seem to get a small bit of gameplay footage, too, and I mean VERY small. We see Sora in Twilight Town, a major landmark in the Kingdom Hearts series, being chased by a giant swarm of heartless. After a few seconds, Sora jumps off the wall of a nearby building and rides the swarm into the air as if he was surfboarding on a giant wave. After a few seconds of the heartless swarm flying around in the air, the heartless then gain their focus back to Sora and he jumps into the swarm with the keyblade, cutting to a "Now under development" text with a black screen. The trailer may be as brief as brief can be, but I'm enough of a Kingdom Hearts fan to realize what exactly Square-Enix is trying to go for. Like most Kingdom Hearts fans, I'm excited for Kingdom Hearts 3 (Even though it took them long enough to get this far.) Still, I'm not going to be playing it, because I will not be getting the PS4. If I ever hope to play it, I'll just have to hope one of my friends picks up a PS4 and happens to have this game with it, too. NO BREAKS ON THE HYPE TRAIN.
  25. Hey guys, I'm kinda' stuck on what to think of, the next gen consoles. So, just tell your thoughts on the future generation. Xbox One, or PS4?