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Found 74 results

  1. Hi there! I decided to open commissions here on mlpforums. Below are my latest works, I hope you'll like it! *** COMMISSIONS ARE CLOSED *** Prices here: IF YOU WANT TO PURCHASE ACCESSORIES, PLEASE CONTACT ME FIRST - I WILL TELL YOU HOW MANY ITEMS YOU SHOULD ADD TO CART! I ship worldwide!
  2. Hey, I'm trying to find affordable life size pony plushies. Does anyone know of a good place?
  3. Hey fellow Bronys what do you think is the best Company that makes plushies? I just want to buy some but I doesn't know where I should buy it and need some good advices. Thanks to all answers. Love you all Bronys <3
  4. Since I now have a sewing machine again (goodbye overly long hems) I decided to get crafty with it Step 1) pattern Here's parts of the pattern I'm using made by BeeZeeArt Step 2) cut out the pattern Here's part of it cut out onto some white fleece from Ikea Polisomething blankets, they're relatively cheap and inexpensive for crafts. Steps 3) Pin it, coming soon Step 3) pin it So basically just pin the sew lines together. I suck at seam allowances and stuff like that but if you can do it consistently, you probably won't even need sew lines Then you wanna stick needles in perpendicularly
  5. I'm just starting out making plushies so I want to commission a plushie from someone of a friend's ponysona who is more experienced. So is there ANYONE open?
  6. It's her left eye and I just noticed it a few minutes ago. I thought it was a piece of hair or something, but it was actually her eye. I just got her for Christmas today and I have 7 other plushies by funrise and Lyra is the first one to mess up on me. I don't know what I did or how I can prevent this from continuing, or if I should just get another plush instead. Is there any solutions to what I can do? The entire middle white part is gone and it's beginning to go into the blackoutline. I do sometimes cuddle my plushes, so should this be one that should be left on the shelf?
  7. RD: Hehe...s-stop it Mesme. T-That tickles. Me: Hehe, it's over soon. if you behave, you'll get a nice lollipop in the end. RD: S-Stop Patronizing me... Just a silly idea i had. Yes, i am turning 27 in 9 days. Yes, i obviously play doctor with my plushies. No, i don't have any regret, eventhough i probably should.
  8. Her eye is literally peeling off. I don't know what happened. Has this ever happened to you and how can I stop AJs eye from peeling off!! P.S. It is a Funrise 20 inch plush.
  9. How many different character plushies do you Own only one. Per character .If you own more than one of a character. It only counts one
  10. Would you buy this Applejack plushie for 400$? Im thinking of doing it, but I don't know if it's gonna be worth it NB! Im not trying to sell anything here! Im just getting some free advice if I should buy this or not!
  11. I don't know why Bronies like Plushies. I don't see the appeal for a stuffed toy. Why are they popular in the fandom.
  12. This guy has some guts to stick out. What's your take on this image? Bear in mind that a motherload of hate has been spewed all over this image on Buzzfeed, Cheezburger, Reddit, and multiple cringe websites (stay away from 'em )
  13. Oh, man. This one brings me back. I like to consider this story as my "true" brony origin story as it was the first time I "crossed the line" and wasn't planning on going back. Certainly, I have another story where I "officially" discovered MLP, but I like to call this one the superior. The day was October 11th, 2015 and I had finally finished watching Season 1 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. In all honesty, I thought it was a bit bland and I was eagerly waiting for the suspense of Season 2 after hearing all the talk about Discord and other events that took place. Now, I wanted to really, truly enjoy MLP for what it was and without criticism or spoilers from anyone. I knew Twilight grew wings at one point, and I knew about Discord. But that was it. I went so far as to avoid clop that had Twilight's wings so I could avoid a spoiler. Looking back, I'm glad I did. I later found that second season to be tremendous; it was something I hadn't seen in a long time. Unfortunatly, by the time I'd finished Season 1, a little ticking clock slowly grew in my head; and, just as Hasbro intended, I suddenly wanted merch. Now, I was always a fan of plushies. In fact, when I was 10, I used to make movies with them! So me buying a few horses from the local walmart would create no suspicion whatsoever... well... at least that's how I think now. Those early months of a Brony's life are mostly about tip-toeing and sneaking around corners like some kind of spy, and this was especially true with me. I felt I'd be disowned if my parents ever found out. Of course, I had my arguments to defend myself all lined up like some kind of defence force, but I really didn't want it to come to that. I rationalized for about an hour, constantly telling myself that if I did buy this plush, there would be no going back. There'd be no returning to a state of loneliness. I'd be stuck in the Brony Fandom until the end of its days. I shrugged it off and went to buy it anyway. It was 12.95, and I was returned, what I call, "Hasbro's Mighty Nickel". Seriously, am I the only one who is always returned a nickel? Anyway, the time was about 3:20 and I needed the extra time to... scale my building. Yeah, I scaled my building for the means of a 13 dollar plush. Maybe not the best rationality, but at the time, I can see why it was the only available option. I think the worst thing about this story, was that I had to do everything all over again because I found a Rarity Plush hiding behind the nightmare-fuel Rainbow Rocks dolls. It was another 13 bucks, but it was totally worth it. About a week later, my mom was digging through my room and found my Rarity sitting on the bed. She came downstairs and asked me about it, but I just shrugged and told her I picked it up a month ago. She believed me, but my Brony secret didn't last very long. I had to tell her because I was aiming on getting the Starlight Glimmer and Twilight Sparkle plushies and I needed the "waterways" unlocked so I could order online. I told both my parents months later; after I'd collected four of the seven. Wow, that's my longest blog! Congrats, me! Lesson of today is to swim. Yes, swim gud. -RealityPublishing
  14. I own a plushie covered in polyester, and I find it uncomfortable to the touch. Could someone point me in the direction of companies/people that sell plushies covered in other materials? Thanks.
  15. Hello everypony! I hope i'm not annoying anyone with this handmade staff, but today i have something REALLY interesting and mind-blowing.. Who in earth will decline GLOWING PONY PLUSH? Yeah, it's not like LED glowing in the dark, but her hair was so bright.. If only you could see it in real life.. But don't worry! I brought some pics with me as a proof, and here it is: WOW, am i right? No filters, onlyy good moment, good moment and good camera. Honestly i was so bloody amazed with that staff so.. She is pretty big, just because it's no "stop" with magic glowing. This cutie's height is 50 santimetres, She is VERY cool, believe me! Even if her eyes look angry - don't worry, she'll never punch no one, even a fly! Heh, if you're okay - i'll show you more photoes, here we go: As to me - i like her legs, they are so squishy and soft! Not as soft as her hair is, but however. Every single detail is handmade, that's why i am proud with this beatufil and craxy eyes and her cutiemark. That's all was made with tonns of love and patience please leave your comments below, i'd love to know what's good and what's not! Thanks for listening, everypony!
  16. First canon character done! Figure plushies are a nice thing to see every once in awhile. Think if I get going a little faster I'll just make one master thread of all of em. Enjoy my blurry photos: Her horn is so much less obnoxious in person, although I think i'll rip that one off and give her a better one sometime. My love for miss Rarity didn't make her mane and tail any easier. I wish there was an easier way to do her hair portions without wire, since it ruins the cuddliness a little bit. I really love the leaps of improvement visible between Rarity and Sea Shanty, and even to the next plush I have cooking. I'm still at that point where I'm learning major flaws and I can fix em right up a plushie or two later. Got a whole bunch of fabric over spring it's bat-pony time!
  17. Hay, whoa, hay. My first Tavi plushie is now for looks on DA. She's a classy girl, and will be up for auction in a few days.
  18. I baught this plush last year and I have yet to find out who he or she is. Is this character from the comics?
  19. Hi guys, I wanted to show you my works :3 Just few recent things: [oopsie, looks like I'm not able yet to post photos, so just few direct links] Fluttershy OC Mare OC Stallion Beanie OCs Beanie Derpy Beanie Luna Hope you like it ^_____^
  20. I really want to get a plushie of my oc made, but I don't know where to go. Can somepony help me?
  21. Krystal is Krystal's OC, not mine. (Krystal is my best friend. I made this for her as a surprise.)
  22. (A sequel to my Doctor Twilight story. After i was totally cured from my Tummyache and i got the okay from Twilight to stay up from my bed, i stood up and my back gave out a light pop. Twilight took very good care of me and now i was hungry for some real food. I immediatly called for my local burger place, which made the best burgers in town. After 30 minutes, they stood at the door and i took my food. I was already trying to grab one of the burgers, but Twilight literally came out of nowhere, screaming "MINE" and digging deep into those Burgers. I wanted to say something, but the way she was eating them and the way she smiled at me with her messy face was just too adorable and i can not be mad at her. I love you Twily. <3
  23. I was waking up this morning with a stomach ache, as i was eating a bit too much yesterday. Twilight was asking me if i was alright and i said that i am fine and i just had a stomach ache and it would go bye. Twilight wouldn't take that nonsense from me and would lock me on my bed with her Magic. She said that it might be serious, since she has read alot of books about medicine and diseases. For the rest of the day, she would check on me and take care of me, just giving me light food like Soup and always making my bed fluffy. I was feeling a bit like a little kid, as i was pretty much forced to stay helpless in my bed all the time. But it felt quite nice being treated like that. I love you Twily. <3 (BTW, i took this Photo. This is my plushie and Stethoscope. )
  24. Hey It's Feather Hooves, So i've been looking into getting an OC plushie made and i was wondering if anyone knew someone who doesn't charge insane prices. I'm wanting just a small plush no bigger than my hand of my OC laying down. She's white and has hair the same color as my font. She's also my avatar. Thanks for the help! Feather Hooves
  25. Hello, everypony! I have a field dual-purpose aesthetical problem that I have been unable to resolve by myself. I have been attempting to locate MLP plush backpacks or purses which will both serve my utilitarian needs and aesthetical preferences, and thus signal my affiliation to other bronies. I have run into failure every time. I can't seem to find a prospect here, or on Etsy, or Google, and other places. I thought I had found a suitable purse, but I was mistaken. I have been searching for something in the shape of the ponies, has a pleasing and adorable face, an actual, full mane and tail, medium-size, and either a backpack or a shoulder purse. Unfortunately, every single example I have come across did not meet one or more of those requirements. Some were basically a head and legs attached to a large central pouch rather than a pony, some had a creepy or repelling face and eyes, many had little hair or used large pieces of cloth or felt in lieu of hair, and some were too small. There are very few plush bags (though there were many non-plushie bags and non-bag plushies), and every single one was unsuitable. I thought I found a solution at last and ordered this from Ebay. I opened the package tonight. It's so small, that at best, it would be ATTACHED to one of my bags rather than be worn as one. It's otherwise suitable (though the mane and tail were corded and the hair's therefore not as straight as the image depicts), but the strap and bag are much, much smaller than I had expected. I don't have any options now besides asking you all if anyone knows of bags similar to the above which I cannot find with various forum and internet searches, preferably Twilight Sparkle. I would also entertain the option of hiring an artisan to create something like this if any of you are or know of such a person, though the fair price for such a thing might or might not be excessive for me.