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Found 2 results

  1. Ok so pretty simple game. Below is a list of countries. Every country starts with 50 points and it is the job of you to decide who wins the next world war. So here's how it works. READ THESE RULES BEFORE YOU PLAY! ---------------------------------COPY FROM HERE--------------------------------- 1) Copy the list and these rules from the person that posted before you. 2) Protect ONE country. (Place an asterisk * next to a country. A country with an asterisk cannot be harmed by yourself or the next person.) 3) Attack ONE country. (Remove one point from a country of your choice that hasn't been protected.) 4) Heal ONE country. (Add one point to a country of your choice.) 5) Remove the asterisk * from the country that was saved by the last person. 6) If a country has 0 points, it has been defeated. Remove the country from the list. 7) The country that wins is the last country standing OR the first country to reach 100 points. So here's the list: [ ] Australia - 50 [ ] Bosnia - 50 [ ] China - 50 [ ] Denmark - 50 [*] Equestria: 50 [ ] France - 50 [ ] Great Britain - 50 [ ] Germany - 50 [ ] Holland - 50 [ ] Iran - 50 [ ] Japan - 50 [ ] Mexico - 50 [ ] North Korea - 50 [ ] Poland - 50 [ ] Russia - 50 [ ] Spain - 50 [ ] Sweden - 50 [ ] USA - 50 ---------------------------------COPY TO HERE--------------------------------- I have saved Equesria! Enjoy!
  2. Well, Shall I just say that Twitherine Spakuus (Twi-th-er-ien Spah-kuss) is Para-dimensional Twilight Sparkle. Who would have thought, right? Twitherine is a jolly ol' boy who literally never loses his smile. He lives in an ignorant world as a mentally disabled boy who always thinks that people are good. He thinks that when people are laughing at him, they are laughing with him. He met his pet dog, "Dull Point," at a young age. He named his dog "Dull Point" because the dog hasn't had any intention on hurting anyone, like a dulled point. As things are now, he likes to write notes to King Silus explaining what he did on days where something relatively interesting happened. However, Silus never cares about these messages. He tosses them the instant they arrive, after Dull Point brings them to him. On the contrary, Satyr began to take his messages from the trash and often reads them. He practically created a relationship between himself and Twitherine just by reading the messages. The way he states everything in the messages, where most things are spelled wrong and are grammatically incorrect, it seems like he is having a grand time with his five other friends. In reality, though, his friends just use him. He never cares though, If he feels like he is having fun, he accepts any task. That is why he isn't too interested in learning, or trying new things. He doesn't consider reading or learning in general as "Fun." This might be because he has been led to believe that learning isn't fun, by his so-called "Friends."