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Found 18 results

  1. Ex. I say Talonflame Next poster says Swampert Next poster says Ivysaur Etc. Doesn't matter if it's the Pokémon's primary or secondary typing, as long as one type is super effective against the previous Pokémon's type(s). Ready? I'll start. Chatot
  2. I got bored of my old safe file and didn't have anything productive to do, so I restarted the game. (Without giving away a masterball and a level 100 Pokemon to a random person. Oops!) I decided to start over and play as Rainbow Dash. I got Greninja because it had the best speed, and I got Pokemon to form a Rainbow Dash team. I trained them in primarily attack and speed. Things I noticed: "Frog Ninja's speed harshly fell" (Still goes first.) Frog Ninja is Greninja's nickname. (All my Pokemon are nicknamed) This was against a Pokemon who wasn't too much weaker than me and not a slow Pokemon. (I don't remember the exact Pokemon.) This also happened with my Talonflame (Speed Flame) My Pokemon so far: Frog Ninja (Greninja): Level 68 Attack: 183 Defense: 108 Sp. Atk: 164 Sp. Def: 115 Speed: 219 Moves: Return Extrasensory Surf Smack Down Speed Flame (Talonflame): Level 62 Attack: 130 Defense: 120 Sp. Atk: 125 Sp. Def: 117 Speed: 181 Moves: Steel Wing Flame Charge Return Fly Pyrodraco (Charizard) Level 57 Attack: 133 Defense: 115 Sp. Atk: 132 Sp. Def: 133 Speed: 154 Moves: Rock Smash Strength Flame thrower Wing Attack Storm Cloud (Emolga) Level 56 Attack: 118 Defense: 95 Sp. Atk: 102 Sp. Def: 94 Speed: 155 Moves: Electro Ball Thunderbolt Agility Cut Krystal (Gardevoir) Level 53 (This is based off my girlfriend, so not a Rainbow Dash team Pokemon) Attack: 95 Defense: 91 Sp. Atk: 173 Sp. Def: 121 Speed: 109 Moves: Magical Leaf Dazzling Gleam Psychic Teleport Lucus (Lucario) Level 57 Attack: 164 Defense: 89 Sp. Atk: 161 Sp. Def: 102 Speed: 154 Moves: Power-Up Punch Swords Dance Close Combat Bone Rush As you can see, I don't have a good team for competitive battling, but I was pretending to be Rainbow Dash. I imagine her ignoring defense because she would be too fast to get hit. Return is very strong because I'm loyal to my Pokemon and show that I care about them a lot. (Rainbow Dash would do that, so I did that.) I played as Rainbow Dash because Rainbow Dash is awesome, and I wanted to. I just wanted to share that.
  3. Hi everybody! In here, you can just talk about Pokemon! Please put your favorite Pokemon at the end of each post (pics if you like!). Enjoy! Cresselia All The Way!!! - Starlight Aura
  4. Just a place to talk about all the Pokemon games and the metagame. I'm full of helpful hints and tricks if anyone has questions. I am just hoping for a place everyone can come share anything from battle strategy to things found in game.
  5. Quite simply, which generation of Pokémon do you think is the best one, in terms of story, gameplay, music and new Pokémon? For me, it'd have to be a tie between generations 3 and 5. (I included X and Y for when it comes out in October)
  6. Here it is, the Pokemon X and Y discussion thread! Many people have been wondering about the new games and this is the place to discuss them! Check out this link for the Pokemon X and Y official site: Need some videos to satisfy your Poke-needs? Here's the first trailer: And the second: Third: Fourth: Fifth: And up next is a sixth: That's all of the trailers we have for now. Release date: October 12th 2013, worldwide! Check out the official site to stay up to date and discuss the latest news here! Latest news: Mega evolutions are here! Mega evolutions are a special form of Pokemon that can be activated during battle. It will allow certain Pokemon to become even more powerful to make for even bigger and better battles! It has also been said that mega evolved Pokemon change abilities and even types! The current list of Pokemon with mega evolutions is: Mawile Lucario Mewtwo Absol Ampharos But, to transform into Mega form, Pokemon will need to hold a Mega Stone! Take Lucario for example. Before a battle begins, their trainer will need to equip them with Lucarionite, a special type of Mega Stone that will only work on Lucario. Aparently, there are more conditions that may need to be completed for a Mega Evolution to take place, but no one knows just yet. There is also a new way to help your Pokemon grow, Super Training! Super Training is a mini-game type feature that allows your Pokemon to effectively train themselves! Now, because I'm far to lazy to spend ages attempting to explain this, I'll just give you the link to the official Pokemon X and Y website for a quicker look: New gym leader! Korrina's gym looks to be some kind of roller skate obstacle course, with the gym leader herself donning a pair. The type of Pokemon that this gym leader deals with isn't exactly known, but I'm guessing at either Fighting type or Flying type. This leader also seems to know some facts about Mega evolution. HOLD ON A MINUTE! Sorry about that, but I just found out that, starting from October 12th (The games' launch date) players can receive a free level 10 Torchic! With a special ability, Speed Boost! This ability allows Torchic's speed stat to raise every time a turn ends, making them incredible speedy later on. This Torchic will be holding Blazikenite, the Mega Stone needed for Blaziken to reach it's Mega form. The Torchic's starting moves will be: 1) Scratch 2) Growl 3) Focus Energy 4) Ember This special Torchic will be available to download via the Nintendo Network, don't miss out on this opportunity! That's it for now, Trainers. Stay posted!
  7. After a long time, i finally made another one ^-^
  8. Just started, so I can't really trade anything "worthy", but trust me, lol, I'll forever be in your debt! Even if there's no offers, here's my friend code: 4897-6263-8435
  9. Welcome to Equestria! In Equestria, there are eight Pokemon Gyms, just like in any other region. Do you, Trainer, have what it takes to earn all eight badges? Challenge to find out! Rules: Trainers who defeat the Elite Four (once we have one) will be given a shiny Eevee. It won't be easy, though, so be prepared. Gyms: Floret Badge: Gym Leader: Firebolt (Leafeon) Friend Code: 0275-7774-9769 Type: Grass Featured Pokemon: Lilligant Opium Badge: Gym Leader: Don'tDropThatDedenne (Sylveon) Friend Code: 0903-4058-5794 Type: Psychic Featured Pokemon: Musharna Ore Badge Gym Leader: Bard (Flareon) Friend Code: 4124-6408-3897 Type: Steel Featured Pokemon: Aggron Recipients: Twiliscael, Photon Jet Tusk Badge Gym Leader: (Umbreon) Friend Code: 2895-6828-9024 Type: Ice Featured Pokemon: Mamoswine Recipients: Twiliscael, Mikami Spectre Badge Gym Leader: (Vaporeon) Friend Code: 0946-2734-2738 Type: Ghost Featured Pokemon: Aegislash Gym not ready for challengers yet Phoenix Badge Gym Leader: (Leafeon) Friend Code: 0275-7774-9769 Type: Fire Featured Pokemon: Chandelure Talonflame Recipients: Photon Jet Fist Badge Gym Leader: Bard (Flareon) Friend Code: 4124-6408-3897 Type: Fighting Featured Pokemon: Primeape Beelze Badge Gym Leader: Lhee (Umbreon) Type: Bug Featured Pokemon: Pinsir Navi Badge Gym Leader: (Leafeon) Friend Code: 0275-7774-9769 Type: Fairy Featured Pokemon: Whimsicott Cuddle Buddy Badge: Gym Leader: Don'tDropThatDedenne (Sylveon) Friend Code: 0903-4058-5794 Type: Electric Featured Pokemon: Electivire Special Rule: Double Battle Splash Badge Gym Leader: (Vaporeon) Friend Code: 0946-2734-2738 Type: Water Featured Pokemon: Azumarill Gyarados Spine Badge Gym Leader: (Umbreon) Friend Code: 2895-6828-9024 Type: Poison Featured Pokemon: Nidoking Kabuki Badge Gym Leader: (Leafeon) Type: Normal Featured Pokemon: Furfrou _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Challengers and their Progress: Some gyms are still being set up, so challenge the ones that are available. Set a time with the Leader using this thread. We are hiring Gym Leaders! If you're interested, talk to Bard. One of the other gyms will move up to the Elite Four to grant you a spot. Good luck, trainer!
  10. There are the really annoying moves in pokemon like Fake Out, King's Shield, Protect, status, attract, Confuse Ray, Encore, flinch haxes like Togekiss Airslash... Then there are the really fun moves to use like Play Rough, Brave Bird, Foul Play (against Aegislash is so satisfying)... Then there the REALLY fun situational moves to use. Here's my favorite pokemon moves: Pursuit - Double damage when pokemon is switching Skill Swap - Switch abilities with target, I use it for my Truant Slaking in Doubles and it becomes god Destiny Bond - faints the opponent if self dies Boomburst - 140 base power with no drawbacks. Exploud and Chatot with STAB become beasts. Explosion - Self-explanatory. Too bad for the nerf on Gen V that made this less prominent competitively. Gravity - Brings all pokemon to the ground so they can get hit by EQ. Also increases accuracy of moves (Focus Blast will hit every time now) Snatch - Steals the opponents stat or healing boosts. Oh man I've used this and it destroys setup sweepers like DDance Dragonite. Retaliate - Takes double damage if pokemon recently fainted before. Also, amazing animation in X, Y. Powder - Vivillion's troll move against fire types. Negates fire move and returns with 25% damage. Not useful competitively, but results are hilarious. What's your favorite moves?
  11. So in Pokémon Y version I unlocked every hair cut for my Furfrou. I personally love the look of the Dandy Trim and wished that the haircut would last for more than a week in the game. This poll/thread was made so that you could discuss your favorite Furfrou haircuts, haircuts you wish you could give them, or just your love of Furfrous (style, in battle, etc.) in general. For those that don't know here is what all of the furfrou trims look like: From top going clockwise: La Reine, Diamond Trim, Debutante Trim, Kabuki Trim, Dandy Trim, Pharaoh Trim, Heart Trim, Star Trim Center: Matron Trim
  12. So I got a new mouse and I'm starting to make art again. I take pictures of what I drew by hand and digitalize them. I'm not too great with backgrounds or very small detail. I will take request to make a certain pokemon or even turn a pony into a pokemon! Please feel free to suggest some tutorial videos for gimp or actual drawing on paper. Criticism is needed to make these better. And Now I present you with a piece recently made:
  13. This totally describes my obsession with the Pokemon games xD
  14. I stuffed myself big time in life. By that I mean I have a million things to do at once because I set myself up. One of the things is making art. Right now I'm doing pokemon and if there's any pokemon you want me to make in GIMP, I'll give it a try. If there's any recommended tutorials on shading you have that would be great. Blah blah blah, Trevenant: Goomina:
  15. Hey everypony! This is basically a dump of some of my favorite face paints that I've done in the past year or so, including my Pokemon face paints. The Charizard is my pride and joy, hahaha. My boss made me stop doing them after about two weeks, so that's why you have random X&Y characters and then a stop at Wartortle. Sorry for the body art spam everywhere! I promise this is my last thread for now~ Hahah.
  16. All right I felt like I needed to post my thoughts of X and Y in a blog. Well for starters I did enjoy X and Y. It was worth the wait to get and it held my interest until the end I liked the idea of having multiple friends kind of travel with you and be rivals. They weren't there all the time but they would stop you and battle you sometimes. My favorite of the bunch is Shauna. She seems to have a bubbly personality which I like. The 3d graphics were nice. It is cool that game freak is experimenting with 3d. My only complaint with the 3d is how much the camera can switch which can sometimes make me do something stupid like enter a building when I didn't mean to. Which brings me to Lumiose city. The city is so massive that there are 3 Pokemon centers. Though I did get lost there a bunch of times with how big it is. I also like how a Pokemon from every region can be caught in the wild. There is like 10 new Pokemon to catch every route. Leaves room to build any type of team you want. Also the mega evolutions are pretty cool. I like how they give you a free Lucario to use the mega evolution features. I've only used them on my Charizard and Lucario (haven't fully evolved the even Torchic yet.) but it's pretty cool. Also a little spoiler there are some bosses that use Pokemon that can mega evolve. One thing I did notice from battling and I don't know if this is just me, there would sometimes be some slow down with the battles. Maybe from how much is going on. I do like how the experience share is. You get it fairly early in the game and it gives experience to all your Pokemon. They even get experience when you catch a Pokemon. It does make raising my team's levels much easier, maybe a little too easy. This game I feel has quite a bit of references. Like one trainer when you beat them says, "Your Pokemon's power levels are strong, they are over 9,000 for sure." You would not believe my reaction to that Pokemon Amie was also pretty fun. It is adorable to feed your Pokemon and grow a bond with them. Though I'd wish there was more mini games than just 3. It gets a bit repetitive having to play the same 3 games. Finally, I do like the trainer customizations. I don't use it that often, but it's still cool. I really don't like how there is not much of an after game. The only thing I got out of it was one last battle with Serena and something to do with Looker (which by the way did have a cool story). Overall, I give this game a 9/10. It was an enjoyable and worth the wait.
  17. I want to support the waiting for Pokemon X & Y even though I'm clearly not a fan, I am really excited for this new generation of Pokemon and can't wait to get my hands on it. So I drew me with my favorite pokemon of all times, Chikorita <3 so cute love her. I used the new trainer outfit but I changed a bit the colors with other ones that I like more. post on Tumblr:
  18. so the trailer for X and Y just came out and as well as seeing the new graphics for the new generation we saw the three new starters: Chespin, Fennekin, and froakie. i personally am going with fennekin because it reminds me of a vulpix and i love fire types. which starter will you chose and why.