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Found 36 results

  1. Between the two Pegasus in the mane 6, they both are in the top 3 ranks, and possibility still are. I just want to know on your opinion. who is the cutest? Fluttershy or Rainbow Dash?
  2. What region of the world do you live in? Just curious as to where most members of MLP Forums lives. Choose N/A if the question doesn't apply to you. Some questions have more than one possible answer, so answer the ones that you feel works for you. I know that the U.S. and Canada have many different ways to divide them into regions, so I gave the option to select more than one choice if you wish. The poll is broken down into the U.S. states and regions, Canadian states and regions, European regions, and world continents. Choose more than one if you are away for college or temporarily living somewhere else. If you want to, that is. I would have loved to put every country and place on the poll, but that would take waaay too long. I hope I was thorough enough. XD ----- I've always lived in Oregon, but I'm currently in Oklahoma for college. My favorite state is Washington, hooves down. Map I used for Europe: Map of Equestria:
  3. Hello all! I'm quite curious to see how many of you have gotten tattoos inspired by the show, or would like to one day, or just your thoughts on the matter. I personally have yet to, but do plan on it some day soon(I'm pretty indecisive, so many options!). Currently have three tattoos non-related, one in the works, they all mean something special to me which is why I have them (and take so long to decide. It's a big decision!). I only became a brony/discovered the show back in October in one of the lowest points in my life and even almost became homeless, and it and the community have made a serious positive impact on me. I literally may not have made it through if not for this show, and I haven't been happier in years. This is why for me I want to get a MLP tattoo(s). Anyway definitely didn't mean to make this about me, just wondering about those who have MLP tattoos, why they got what they got/how it came about, what it means to them, etc. I wanted to make a thread where people can post pictures and stories of their lovely pony-related body art, and others can get inspiration and maybe even some help turning their ideas into ink. Soo have at it! ~V
  4. If you don't like either, what do you like? My favorite is....
  5. I would say that I love fedoras but I know there is a lot of different opinions both being positive and negative. I made a small poll on this subject and like to hear the opinions that surround the idea of fedoras. GO!
  6. How would you define those three types,what do you think it means to be a true friend, or best friend, or friend.
  7. So I've seen a lot of fan art that shows the mane 6 as humans but all of them are always white. I don't know why, but it just looked so strange to me - expecially with Twighlight Sparkle! I just assumed she would be dark skinned. Then I got to thinking about the others. Here's what I think would look about right to me: Twighlight Sparkle: Very Dark Skinned Pinkie Pie: Brown (Indian?) Rainbow Dash: Light Brown Apple Jack: Tanned FlutterShy: White Rarity: Very pale (Japanese?) Anyway, I'm really interested to see what everyone else thinks. Have you thought about it or not? Did you think it looked strange seeing one or more of them as white? <3
  8. Soooooo which is it? Which one do you respect the most? Choose wisely...
  9. So I want to stream about how to make donut cats but, I don't know which time would be best for others to join in. I'm making this poll so people can choose. Can you help and vote?
  10. This poll is for how many episodes each of these characters you think are gonna play a leading role in season 7 - including episodes that's shared with another character. Let me know what you got in the comments!
  11. I am visiting this forum on an iPhone and I don't know how to answer polls in topics. Is it part of posting a reply or something else? Thank you for helping me.
  12. So out of sheer boredom Iv decided im gonna make a series of threads asking between two main ponies, which has the better episodes, I kinda decided with coin flips and other random arbritary things like that so don't put much stock in this, I just thought it'd be fun to do. ANYWAY, ROUND ONE! PINKIE EPISODES VS TWILIGHT EPISODES.
  13. Any reason why so many official toys and vectors portray Rarity with pink accents in her hair? Is this intentional or just a mistake? Perhaps they're trying to emulate the lighter areas of her mane and tail as seen on the show. What are your thoughts?
  14. Hi there! I'd like to do some research on if there is a correlation between things as age and gender, and who you think best pony is. Also I'm curious who the most people think is best pony in general... I haven't really seen any threads here that give me these answers, so I'll just do it. Please answer to these questions in a reply below: 1: How old are you? 2: What gender are you? 3: Who is Best Pony? (Mane 6 only!) I'll put all answers in an Excel sheet, and I'll work with percentages to get some averages so that I'll have some cold hard DATA!! So, please contribute. Ohke! Here are the first results! Graphs: I hope this makes sense to you guys... Oh well. I hope more people would vote though...
  15. Who is the best Siren? Vote in the poll and tell us why in the comments!
  16. So if you haven't seen it here's the latest poll: Anywho, I'm fascinated by headcanons and there reasons/explanations. The mane 6 ages are one my faves. So why did you answer how you did? Is it their size, mannerisms, responsibilities? Go forth and discuss!
  17. I been trying to vote in polls since I joined the site but it won't let me at all is it because of the device I am using or is it the site? By the way I am using a ipod
  18. Today I drew 9 different wings as practice drawing them. I did nine types because I knew I should practice drawing wings, but I didn't know what kind I should draw for my style. That's where you all come in! I'm very indecisive, so I need you to vote for which type of wing or wings you think I should keep doing.
  19. Hi,I am having some trouble with figuring out how to make a poll in a topic that you can make. How do you do so? Thanks! ~Lunar Glow
  20. After a quick search I didn't see this anywhere but my suggestion is a simple one, an option to make poll results to remain hidden for a period of time, like a couple of hours, a day, a week, up to like a month. I think this could make some contests and other things a lil more interesting if people didn't know what the current tally is. And hidden so not even the op can see the results till the predetermined period of time is up, then when it is over it'll show the results I dunno if this can be done but I think if it can be implemented it can make for more interesting polls and contests in the future
  21. I have a poll set up in the following thread: It was suggested that I make the poll public so other members can see the results, but when I go into "Manage Poll" there is no option to make it public, as stated in the forum help topic regarding polls. You can optionally enter a title for the poll in the "Poll Title" box. You may then also be able to set it as a public poll by checking the "Public Poll?" box. In public polls, all members will be able to see who voted for which option. I feel like I'm missing something really obvious here.
  22. Guest

    Favorite comic arc

    Yep. Out of the following comic arcs, which is the best? 1) Chrysalis ARC 2) Nightmare Rarity ARC 3) Reflections ARC Don't forget t give out reason about why you like them!
  23. Pretty much what the title says. Would you want MLP: FiM to keep turning out new episodes forever, or not? I understand that (usually) when a show plays for too long, the quality tends to take a long, hard dive. However, on the other hand, I've only been a brony for about a month now, and I already can't envision my life without ponies! Its such a good show, and I'd be sad to see it go. I'm really torn on this, so I want to know what you think below too!
  24. It's pretty simple, the choice is your's
  25. Just came back from another Hasbro owned movie that was saturated in Product Placement *Cough* Transformers: Age of Extinction *Cough*, and I was wondering, would it bother you if MLP:FiM started to have product placements (like Coca-cola, Victoria's Secret, Mcdonalds), ponified and/or nonponified? Man I thought the product placement in the Transformers movie was distracting. That's what I think of this. Agree? Disagree? Please share Source Source